11 Free Learn to Code Apps for Android & iOS

Our world is full of technologies and innovation. We and our children need to keep up with it. To do this we should understand coding. There are a lot of computer languages that need to be learned. Without coding, smartphones and computers would completely do nothing.

Studying coding you will improve your logical thinking, verbal and written skills. You can also become one of the best programmers and make a lot of money. There are many jobs that well paid. How can you start to learn to code? This list of apps will help you to make your first steps in a code world! You can choose one or try them all.

Try a new way of communicating with these best morse code apps.

SoloLearn: Learn to Code

Have you ever wanted to be a programmer? SoloLearn: Learn to Code will help you make your dream come true! It has a lot of information about coding skills. It doesn’t matter you are a beginner or pro. You will know how to code any kind of program. This app is full of code content for all ages. There are thousands of coding articles.

If you don’t know how to code, SoloLearn: Learn to Code is a perfect app to take your first steps in a code world!   You can create your coder profile and be in touch with 5,000,000 coders all over the world. Ask them for help if you have problems. Coders of this app are kind and friendly. This community is strong and responsive. Become part of it!

The most important thing for code learning is round-the-clock peer support. It can help you with any questions. Are you a pro coder? Then you can advance your career with this app! Coding topics are added with every upgrade. Find out the latest coding trends! You can also brush your knowledge up and improve coding skills.

Read different articles about coding and then complete quizzes. It helps you find out how do you understand this topic.

SoloLearn: Learn to Code is also suitable for children and students.

SoloLearn: Learn to CodeSoloLearn: Learn to Code


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Mimo: Learn to Code

This is one of the best apps for code self-education. Mimo: Learn to Code will help you to master coding skills, even if you have a little time. It creates a personal curriculum for every learner. You will learn basic computer language and get to know how to develop apps and websites.

You are waited for everyday bite-sized exercises to improve your coding skills. This app will show you your personal progress. You will always be aware of your coding advances. It has an easy and intuitive interface. As soon as you learn how to code, you will better understand modern Internet technology.

You will learn a lot of programming languages such as Kotlin, HTML, SQL, PHP, C++, Git. Each of them has special features. This is the best coding app of 2018.

Mimo: Learn to Code Mimo: Learn to Code


Pocket Code

Have you ever wanted to create your own program or animation? You can do this directly on your smartphone with Pocket Code! Making your own apps has never been easier. You can build apps that bring your ideas to life

This app has its own coding language. It is called Catrobot. If you have questions, use the help section. It is full of step by step tutorials and has an awesome article, that helps you create your own game in an hour.

This app has already been downloaded by 500,000 people!

All you need:
– Grab your smartphone or tablet.
– Start programming by snapping bricks together.
– Use your phone’s sensors.
– Use different kind of bricks and make a cool program!

After creation, you can share the result with your friends or the Pocket Code community. Look through already created programs by other people and find inspiration.

Pocket CodePocket Code


Lightbot : Code Hour

Have kids who love coding? The Lightbot: Code Hour is exactly for you. Technology makes our lives easier and we are surrounded by it. Let’s teach your children to code apps and programs.

This app will introduce children with the world of coding. They can learn a real programming language. It has more than 70 levels! It is allowed, multiple players. Every person has their own save slot.

The Lightbot: Code Hour is aimed at solving problems by using programming logic. Even if your children have never experienced coding. They will play puzzle games to understand the process of coding.

Most of the teachers recommend this app to introduce children with the coding world and master coding basics. Children will develop and strengthen their brains and thinking. It is translated into many languages To complete the level just guide a robot to light up tiles. It is always easy to learn to play games!


Programming Hub: Learn to code

Do you think programming is difficult and boring? Is it complex to learn? This is not true! You will master coding in an easy and fast way. Learn through playing games and looking at the pictures.

Learning code is like learning any language. That’s why you need this app. This app is full of more than 5,000 programs, 20 courses. You will learn about C, C++, Swift, R Programming, Java, and so on. Try their bite-sized and interactive courses to master any computer languages.

Every phone app and computer program rely on coding to work.  Basic coding knowledge can change the way we see the world. If you are looking for a coding career, you should also try this app.  Programming Hub: Learn to code is a fun and interactive way of learning.

Programming Hub: Learn to code Programming Hub: Learn to code


Grasshopper: Learn to Code

We all know that coding skills are in high demand in the technology industry. You can work at home as a coder. If you don’t have enough knowledge in this area or you want to refresh it then try to improve coding skills with Grasshopper: Learn to Code.

This app is suitable for beginners. You will know how to write real JavaScript by solving visual puzzles. Master each level and gain new programming skills.

You can track your achievements to know your progress. Star your coding adventure or solidify coding concepts. Grasshopper will teach you what is really necessary for beginners. You’ll be surprised by what you’re able to create after using this app. All exercises are easy to solve and understand.

It is a great resource to learn the basics of computer language. This app give you a solid understanding of how everything works. You can test your knowledge by passing mini-quizzes. Coding won’t be tough with Grasshopper: Learn to Code.

Grasshopper: Learn to CodeGrasshopper: Learn to Code

Enki: Learn better code

Do you know one of the best apps to create computer software and websites? It is Enki: Learn better code. If you don’t know the first thing about coding, this is the right app to learn it.

You will master Javascript, CSS, HTML, git, Java, and so on. It is a greatly improved learning app with more lessons and real practice opportunities. Just practice programming and answer questions. It is also full of coding mini-games. It really helps!

This app has been downloaded more than 500,000 times! You can fill in knowledge gaps or find new information. You’ll see the result of using this coding app after 1 week. Enki: Learn better code is an excellent assistant for all ages.


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Encode: Learn to Code

Sometimes learning coding languages is really hard. Don’t worry! Encode: Learn to Code will help you with it. You don’t need coding experience to use this app. It is your personal tutor that helps on your way to knowledge.

You will be surprised at easy bite-sized lessons. You will know the basics of how to code for beginners fast enough to be able to code your own simple programs. It is full of interactive challenges to improve your coding skills. You can quickly build your own app.

Step by step you can master 2 programming languages.

– Python.
It is a queen of programming languages. Using it you can create data analysis programs or reference books, and even artificial intelligence.

– JavaScript.
It is the most used programming language in the modern world. You can create almost everything with it. Java is usually used to work on the Internet.

You can learn to code even if you are offline. The lessons included are indeed simple, that’s why it would be a funny and easy way to master coding language.

Encode: Learn to Code



This app will be perfect for people of all the levels in coding and the range of programming languages that it can teach is quite impressive: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular 2, ES6, MongoDB, Node, React, Java, Swift, iOS SDK, Object-Oriented Programming, Computer Science and game development with Phaser.

All the learning process is built in the gaming mode which makes the app comfortable for “on-the-go” usage. It was developed by the industry experts in order to make the learning even more efficient and nowadays Codemurai is one of the most popular coding learning apps on the market.

You will learn programming through fun coding challenges and then have the ability to test your knowledge with quizzes. In total, there are more than 100 exercises.



SpriteBox: Code Hour

It is another cute programming app for kids. Your children can create their own characters and learn code! It is a puzzle-platformer that will motivate your child to use this app again and again.

SpriteBox: Code Hour is a wonderful adventure in a coding world. This coding game is so bright and funny. You can easily master sequence commands,  debug faulty logic, change parameters.
It is a revolutionary way of learning with visual code blocks.

When your child is ready, you can choose Java mode. It is the next step to introduce children with programming languages. Children will get stars for every level to track progress. And the graphics are extremely cute and gorgeous!


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Tynker will be more suitable for a younger audience – being more precise this is a learning coding app for kids.

However, unlike other apps of this type where developers don’t pay much effort into the app complexity and interface (probably thinking that since it’s for kids, they don’t have high expectations), Tynker has an amazing graphics, the whole learning system and bunch of fun coding games.

There are step-by-step instructions for each exercise that will be easy to understand for all kids. They will learn how to program games and apps, modify Minecraft, program drones, control micro:bit, and even explore STEM. And, actually, adults can find Tynker very educational as well!

This is a really nice start in coding if you are an absolute 0 but you are curious about this science – excesses in Tynker are a simple joy.


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