7 Free AI Movie Script Generators

Struggling with writer’s block or facing a deadline? In the era of AI wonders, scriptwriting just got a lot easier. Discover the magic of free AI movie script generators that bring your storytelling dreams to life, taking care of everything for you, from believable characters to compelling plots.

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AI Script Writer, Generator

The first app that caught my attention, AI Script Writer has been developed specifically for the purpose of supporting your scriptwriting needs. It promises to adapt to your unique requirements and to understand your vision, as well as provide expert screenwriting insights.

The app is a versatile tool, covering a wide range of works from film scripts to theatrical narratives – and, of course, YouTube videos. There are numerous templates that you can utilise at the start of your creative process. You can tailor the tone of your future piece in advance, be it witty, dramatic, informative, or heartwarming. Plus, there is an option for collaborative work – you can share your text with co-authors.

The app is fairly easy to use: it uses your textual input, understands your requirements, and generates the script. It can also suggest plot twists, character development, and dialogues. Visually, it’s well-structured and fairly intuitive. It’s quite lightweight and won’t bog down your phone.

The app is free, but there are premium features you can pay for – as for me, I decided to stick to the free version.

In conclusion, this app proved to be a handy little tool and indeed produced a coherent text for me. However, I felt like I still had lots of other tools to explore.

AI Script Writer, Generator
AI Script Writer, Generator

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AI Script Writer for Video

Next on our list is another app that has bee designed to aid with crafting video scripts. This time, the tool is focused on Instagram gurus and TikTok enthusiasts rather than professional or aspiring moviemakers.

Creating a script is as simple as hitting the ‘Create’ button, picking a template that suits your video, and describing whatever your heart desires – this could be as simple as a cooking video. Then, you get to set your tone, identify your audience, decide how long you want your masterpiece to be, and choose your language. After that, you tap ‘Generate,’ and end up with a set of custom scripts ready for you. In case you’re not impressed, you can repeat the final step for a fresh set.

The AI script generator promises to make creating compelling text easy, and in my experience, it works okay. Navigating the app is very easy, and while the first script that comes out of it might not be exactly what you need, after some fiddling with the tool I got a pretty decent text. Finally, the app is rather small in size and free to use.

So overall, this app, while a bit niche, proved to be a fun platform to play around with – for social media needs, I could probably recommend it, but there’s nothing too sophisticated about it.

AI Script Writer for Video1
AI Script Writer for Video2

Copy AI: Script Writing

The following app is much more than a simple script writer. It is rather like a multifunctional virtual assistant who not only chats with you but also plans your life, solves complex problems, gives advice, helps with recipes and dating tips, and of course generates amazing images and art.

This AI-powered chatbot aids to elevate your learning and working experience to the next level. It is also branded as a go-to tool for brainstorming, should you need insights into a new project or help solving a complex issue.

As for scriptwriting, the app works pretty well, generating characters, dialogues, and structuring the whole pieces. I couldn’t help but note that the creative process is really fast, unlike some other AI-powered apps.

As for the user interface, it’s convenient and comprehensive, and I dig the dark colour scheme. The app is not super small, but I guess most of modern phones can handle it without hiccups.

So overall, this app is much more universal in terms of its application, when compared with the previous one – and it can handle simple writing tasks without any problems.

Copy AI1
Copy AI2

DubScript Screenplay Writer

Now, for the heavy artillery – this is the app specifically targeted at professional writers. DubScript Screenplay Writer is an app for screenplay editors for film and TV writers. Now, I must warn you: it won’t generate ideas for you, but its AI can do pretty much all the rest to turn your half-baked ideas into a real screenplay.

The app supports Final Draft and Fountain script formats: you can read these formats and edit in plain text without formatting distractions. With a single swipe, DubScript has the capacity to format everything for you. You can save your work directly to your device, or to the cloud. Texts can be exported in a range of formats including PDF and FDX.

The app can offer auto-suggestions while you write. Spellchecking, scans for red flags and format problems – the app has it all. Plus, there are over 900 fonts available. Page numbers, centred dialogue, and notes are added automatically. When you’re done, you can add a title page to make it look like a proper screenplay.

The cutest feature, probably, is the typewriter sound effect which I found a great addition to the writing ambiance.

The user interface is simple and easy on the eyes, almost plain. You do get ads in the free version, or, you can choose to be a DubScript supporter and say goodbye to these distractions.

DubScript Screenplay Writer
DubScript Screenplay Writer

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Story Plotter

Story Plotter is another writer’s aide, working specifically with the plot. In case you can’t figure out how to organise your ideas, or create interesting characters and relationships with them, or if your existing plot seems like a mess – apparently, this app is here to help.

The platform supports various storytelling formats like novels, manga, movies, drama, and others. Its work is premised upon more than 15 script reference books on screenwriting, as the developers claim.

In addition to transforming vague ideas into coherent plots, the app can try and predict the volume of the end result, figure out and map the timeline of the events described, draw a diagram of the relationships between characters, and brainstorm with AI.

I like the interface of the app, with its functional layout and dark mode. Plus, you can turn on the password protection function if need be. Multiple languages age available: from English and German to Korean and Thai.

The tool is free, but the premium version is rather cheap and offers additional features such as data synchronisation across devices.

Finally, the app has the potential of hoggin down your phone: it’s not too small.

Story Plotter
Story Plotter

AI Writer

Another app that uses artificial intelligence to help improve your writing, this one seemed like a super convenient tool when I tried it out. It can be used for any type of text and even has a keyboard extension for generating AI-powered content on any app.

The AI technology behind it helps with brainstorming, organizing thoughts, checking for grammar and spelling errors, as well as provides suggestions for alternative words and phrases.

I guess this tool would be helpful for different kinds of creative folks, whether you’re a student, a business professional, or a writer – or just anyone looking to improve their writing skills and produce better, work. I do wish the interface was a bit cleaner, though, and that it had a plagiarism checker.

Overall, the app works great, but it’s still in the early stages of development so there are a few hiccups. But compared to other AI writer apps, it’s definitely one of the nicest and fastest I’ve seen.

AI Writer1
AI Writer2

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Novel AI – Script Writing

Finally, this AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT & GPT-4 has been designed to generate fast and accurate responses to any question you ask, ready to help with anything from writing articles and stories to solving riddles or planning trips.

The great thing about it is that there is not daily cap on questions and answers, and you can ask unlimited questions and get unlimited answers in over 140 languages. Plus, it remembers full chat history, so you can have meaningful dialogs with it.

The bot is also a great writing assistant, providing personalized assistance for all types of writing projects and serving as a proofreader to help check your style and grammar. If you’re just looking for someone to talk to, Genny is always available to chat and can recommend a book or movie based on your interests.

I liked playing around with this app. Funcionality-wise, its user interface design is comprehensive, with a clean and well-organized layout.

So I guess I could recommend this tool to anyone seeking to improve their writing skills with the help of artificial intelligence, as a fairly reliable tool. Plus, it is free, with some paid extra features.

Novel AI - Script Writing1
Novel AI - Script Writing2
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