11 Best Apps to Unblur Photos for Android & iOS

It happens, that you take an amazing photo, but it looks unclear and blurry. Unfortunately, it is of common occurrence. Your last recourse will be the deletion of the image, which will surely flag the spirits. But it’s all in the past now.

At the moment everything can be corrected, even blurry photos. Special apps for mobile phones will help you in this matter. They are considered to be the most suitable tool by increasing photo quality.

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The freeappsforme team has chosen and reviewed the best apps to unblur photos. Trusted by many users, they are capable to sharpen your image and avoid its deletion. Read this post, select several apps, and find them on the App Store or Google Play.


This is one of the most popular apps for editing photos on the market. This is a photo editor in a broad sense so here you will find not only the tools for un-blurring photos but also for layering filters, changing the exposition of light, adjusting lines, erasing objects, removing imperfections, adding stickers and so on.

Considering the function that we observe in this article – unblurring photos, you can choose the “grain” feature and adjust the crispiness of the photo this way.

Or, you can go for a “sharpen” adjustment – this will also make any photo look ten times clearer than it was before. Plus, you can use one of the presents in the app to make the process of unblurring more automatic. The only drawback of the app is that it doesn’t allow to work on the part of the image.


Google Play

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Photo Focus Photo Editor

This app will also be suitable for enhancing image quality. Use one-tap auto-enhance or do it manually. Photo unblurring is very powerful here. Spare it a few seconds and make a well-defined image.

By the way, there are many other features available for you: photo effects, frames, photo filters, temperature control, auto-focus, cropping, rotating… The capabilities of the Photo Focus Photo Editor are endless. This app will not only deblur the image but edit it as well.

Photo Focus Photo Editor

Google Play

Remove blur from Picture – Enhance Image

If you are focused just on removing blur from photos, install this app to your device right now. It is a very powerful tool in this matter (just look at the photos below). Use it and have your photo improved. Now you are able to see every little detail of it.

After finishing work, share the image to social networks directly from the app. Remove blur from Picture-Enhance Image is a lean and mean app, it is just deblurring one.

Remove blur from Picture-Enhance Image

Google Play


To be completely honest, this app is good for layering filters on pictures and making them look more polished and glamorous. However, there are some special nuances that make PhotoDirector a really good choice for unblurring the pictures. By the way, it is a relatively new app in the market, but it is already a super-popular one.

There is a tool called “remove” – you can use that one on the blurry spots of the photo. Apart from that, there are lots of presents in the app, you can choose one of them and they will automatically make a picture more clear. In general, PhotoDirector is super easy in usage and won’t take you long to understand how it works.


Google Play


Blur Photo – Portrait Mode Blur

Do you have a great photo, but it is blurry? Download this app and increase its quality. We assure you, Blur Photo- Portrait Mode Blur is a highly effective app in this matter.

By the way, it has the capability to blur photos as well. It is a very nice feature that will make your photos look like made with a professional camera.

The app has very convenient tools – brush or eraser. By using them you can adjust a depth selection without difficulty. The user interface is very simple, which will simplify your working process a lot.


App Store

Photo Blur Background Editor’

This app is highly appreciated by many iOS-device owners. Enhance blurry photo quality at once. You need just to install Photo Blur Background Editor’ and set a Sharpen intensity.

By doing this, you are able not only to deblur photos but blur them as well. This feature is very popular among app users. You can blur your photo’s background and the image will look like a pro-quality one.

What about the app’s convenience, it supports undo and redo. Also, you can share the images with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram directly from the app. That’s very reasonable.

Photo Blur Background Editor'

App Store


For those who are looking for a photo editor that will help them to make portrait pictures less blurry, the Fotogenic app will be a nice choice. This is a general photo editor with an accent on the face tune functions. What makes this app completely suitable for our list is the fact that it includes powerful deblur features in it.

There are dozens of editing function and if you spend some time studying how this app works, you will find out how to make a portrait photo look ten times more clear. It works almost automatically.

If you want roughly and quickly to unblur your image you need to choose the “detail” function. Then just swipe your finger on the spots that you want to unblur on the picture.


Google Play



If you arent’ looking for a general photo editor, but you just need the app that will allow you to unblur photos, then this is a nice choice for you. With the Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, and Shadows adjustments you will be able to bring the best out of every blurry picture.

The editing process in PhotoSuite is an extra manual so you can add the tiniest details and adjustments yourself. At the same time, for some people, it can become the biggest drawback of this app, because compared to other photo editing software, PhotoSuite is the least intuitive one.


Google Play

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Adobe Lightroom

Well, in terms of editing pictures this can be one of your main apps. Nowadays most of the users have Lightroom on their phones. If you still don’t have it and you want to make your photos look cleaner you should check this app out. This is the ultimate tool for editing any picture and make it look like in a professional magazine.

In Lightroom, you will find several filters and adjustments which will make all the photos look many times clearer than they were before. By regulating the light exposition, you can change the overall crispiness of the picture and add the grain effect that usually makes everything look clear. Moreover, you can always increase the sharpness of the pic.


Google Play



We guess everybody knows about this brilliant app. Have you ever been thinking that it can also remove photo blur? Well, let’s discuss this Snapseed’s feature.

Here you can improve the quality of your photos by choosing Sharpen degree or using auto-enhance. The app was developed by professionals, so be dead sure of its capabilities and trust it. The app will do its best to remove the noise of your photo.

By the way, there are many other tools in this app, that can make your photos sharper. For example, it can be “Brush” that will let you selectively retouch exposure, saturation, brightness, or warmth.

Besides, you can use the “Details” option and bring out surface structures in images. These and many other indirect features will also unblur a photo.


Google Play

App Store

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Photo Editor-

It is one more multifunctional app that is able to unblur photos professionally. Photo Editor- will let you Sharpen your blurry images by choosing the degree or using auto-enhance.  You can adjust brightness, saturation, a contrast to make your photos sharper as well.

In addition, you are able to blur your photo background, which is very suitable for a portrait or selfie. Or just blur any other part of a photo that you want to be unfocused. After finishing editing, you will be able to export high-res images to all your favorite social media platforms.

Apart from this, with the help of this app, it will be extremely easy for photographers to not only unblur but also edit their photos. Hundreds of photo effects, dozens of stickers, various vignette tools, frames, and collages will let you create a really unique photo.

There are endless capabilities and you can study them only when using. But we were interested in unblurring photos, and yes, the app can cope with this problem as well.

Photo Editor-

App Store

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