11 Free Apps To Add Audio To Video on Android & iOS

Surprising Internet users with content is now quite difficult, although all the tools are available for that. Video is the most common format because it’s the content that allows you to share the most important things.

Most of the really versatile video editing programs are paid and free apps don’t have all the tools you need. Especially the ability to add different sounds to your clip.

We decided to dig deeper into this problem and found a great solution. We recommend you choose the best option among these free apps to add audio to video on Android & iOS.

For all of those who want to make their content eye-catnimg we recommend using these free video overlay apps.

Video Editor – Video Effects

The Video Editor – Video Effects app contains a large number of advanced special effects for video processing. Users can add filters, captions, and stickers.

The app’s functionality includes bright effects that help to draw attention to the video and achieve popularity.

After launching the utility, import the video from the gallery or record the clip with the mobile device’s camera. Next, users can trim the clip, and change the aspect ratio and playback speed.

It is possible to choose the background color and orientation of the video. In the next step, special effects and filters are available. Users can create a vintage effect or add noise. Tools to adjust the color scheme are also available.

The utility allows you to add musical accompaniment. The built-in catalog contains several sample soundtracks. It is possible to adjust the volume and duration of the audio recording.

The function of adding text and stickers is supported. After processing is complete, you can save the video in your mobile device’s memory or publish it on any social network.


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The VideoShow app is designed for photo and video editing. This utility lets you quickly and easily trim any video, attach stickers, and add subtitles.

You can add background music by downloading audio recordings from your phone’s memory or by selecting from the built-in catalog.

The app supports a large number of effects. You can add transitions, change the position of the video and draw any objects by adjusting the color and thickness of the pen.

It is possible to convert video to audio. The utility has a function to move and delete elements of the track. You can swap individual scenes or cut them out of the video completely.

Moreover, this app allows you to download a video for processing from the gallery or capture a new one right away. All the clips and photos edited with the utility are saved in a separate tab.

Thanks to this you can continue working on the desired project at any time. The video editor is distinguished by its flexible customization.

The app interface supports more than 30 languages. Manual and automatic mode of video quality adjustment is provided. Three shooting resolutions are available.

In the app, you can activate hardware acceleration and enable notifications. It is possible to track all changes after the update and view editing tips.


VMake: Video Maker With Music

VMake is a mobile app for a quick video and photo editing with music and effects.

The easy-to-use built-in photo, video, and music editor make it easy to trim, change and augment your media files. The gallery contains an impressive set of transition effects, stickers, and other functions.

In the main window at the top, there is a help button and program settings. Below are the “edit” and “slideshow” buttons.

Then you will find a list of categories: themes, effects, and stickers. Each category has a table with items that can be downloaded for free. By clicking on the theme element, the user can view a short video with an example of how to apply the effect and download it.

The “edit” button opens a selection of video files from the phone’s memory. After selecting the desired file, the user opens it in the editor. In the working area of the editor there is the clip itself, below the button for playback, then many frames.

This editor also allows you to trim the clip. For this purpose, there are areas with arrows on the edges of the row of frames, by moving them, the user shortens the duration of the clip.

Below the frames, there are buttons to rotate them, select the trim area on the frame, and buttons to trim and add more ones to the clip. The slideshow editor allows you to select several photos to create a small clip.

Below the editor workspace, there is a button for changing the duration of the photos, a scroll bar, and available templates. There is also a button for inserting music, effects, and editing.


GoPro Quik

The GoPro Quik app is designed to create videos with music. The utility lets you find popular songs to suit any mood and download them for offline listening.

You can add text, graphics, audio, filters, and more. The app has over 20 styles of video editing. Overlay music by selecting audio from the built-in catalog.

Use the service to listen to new releases and popular hits. Downloading songs and sounds from your smartphone is supported.

The utility automatically applies transitions to the musical rhythm in any video. If you want, you can independently set the moment of the track with which the video will start.

The app allows you to add up to 50 photos to your video. It is possible to upload images from a mobile device. You can quickly cut and add frames from the finished video.

The utility is able to recognize faces and colors on its own to ensure that each photo is optimally framed. If necessary, you can manually adjust the focus, and change the order of images, videos, and titles.

Created videos are saved in HD and Full HD quality. You can select the widescreen or square format for quick upload to Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks.


Movavi Clips

Movavi Clips is a handy video editing program. This free app contains fascinating features for video processing that will be understandable to any user.

From a simple video, the app will help you make a professional video. The recording editing process is as simple as possible and understandable even for a novice.

At the same time, the functionality of the app has many features. For example, creating slideshows, working with video and music, filters and effects.

Here you will be able to edit video frame by frame, trim video of any duration, swap frames, and work with frames separately. Deleting unwanted parts will come in handy if you want to remove a part of the video. Popular filters are superimposed on the video and then you get the most colorful video clip.

Zoom and panorama effects for photos in your video will give your creation even more personality and brightness. Allow the insertion of music from the app’s collection and from your device’s memory. You can also remove the original sound and leave only the music.

Add and format text, there are a variety of fonts in all colors. Adding stickers, available in the app, will make the video groovy. Attach your own watermark or logo. If you’re a blogger, you’ll get noticed thanks to your own watermark.

You can voice-over your video right in the program thanks to the special tool. Thanks to these features, you can create a professional video from one simple video. The video can be previewed, and saved on your device, and the function “share on social networks” is available.



AndroVid is an image and video editor. Users have the ability to merge clips, change the aspect ratio, and add captions and emoticons.

With the utility, you can add special effects, change the brightness and contrast of the picture, and create a slide show. The function of quick publication of the result on the social networks TikTok, Instagram, and others is supported.

After launching the app, you need to provide access to the internal memory of the mobile device. Then a photo or video should be selected.

With the help of the editor, users can change the brightness, contrast, color scheme, and background. Besides, the ability to add a signature or smiley face is supported.

When processing a video, the utility allows you to cut individual frames. You can also merge several clips into one and add musical accompaniment. A large database of audio files is available in the app.

After you finish editing, you can save the result. At the same time, the app allows you to choose the format and quality of the photo or video.

Besides, you can publish the content to a social networking site right away. If you need to send a file via email, you can use the compression function to reduce the size.


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The GoCut app lets you add neon special effects and apply glow filters to videos. Brushes and stickers are provided. It offers many tools for editing your videos.

The app provides various features to process your videos. For example, trimming clips, splitting one clip into several, working with layers, speeding up and slowing down, adding music, and so on.

It is possible to apply text and filters to video clips. Besides, you can add transitions and use neon stickers. The editor allows you to export videos in 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolutions.

Save the processed clips in the internal memory of the smartphone. Moreover, there is a button that allows you to share videos on social networks.

The most interesting tool of the app is the neon brush. It allows you to add a glow effect to the frame. Create animations with it, as well as to apply effects in different forms.


V Recorder

The V Recorder app is designed to record and process video from the screen of your mobile device.

The utility allows you to create clips, use the built-in editor, and add voiceover. The app permits you to save videos in resolutions from 240p to 2K. You can manually select the recording quality, orientation, bitrate, and frame rate.

The utility supports abnormal stop protection and auto-correct system UI failure in case of crashes. Audio recording from the microphone, on-screen click display, time countdown, and more are available.

The app is able to work even when the screen is off. To start recording, launch the utility, provide the necessary permissions and click on the orange button with the camera image.

The program has a built-in editor with which any video can be trimmed, split, rotated, adjust the speed, and so on. It is possible to add music, use filters, and change the background.

The utility supports cropping, compression, and video to audio conversion. You can create clips from many images and use extra tools. For example, subtitles, mosaic, effects, stickers, sketches, and transitions.



CapCut is an amateur video editor that allows you to create clips quickly. It provides basic functionality for professional video editing.

When you start the app, the main screen appears where you can create a new project. You can also start a quick edit, open an overview of the functions, and change the settings.

The quick edit function allows you to create a clip in a few minutes. So, the user selects photos, videos, and processing templates. Then the content is compiled into a clip and effects are added.

The user can export the clip or open the editor and refine it on their own. The editor’s interface is uncomplicated, with a preview field at the top and a video feed below.

At the bottom of the screen, there is a horizontally scrolling toolbar. CapCut’s functionality is not bad for an amateur editor. You can stabilize video, change speed, use chromakey, and add text and stickers.

You can also apply transition animations, use effects, and adjust image parameters. For example, brightness, contrast, color, vignetting, and so on.


Movie Creator – Video Maker

Movie Creator is an app that allows you to automatically create video clips from new photos and videos. With the app, you can edit short video clips of about 30 seconds duration without any special training.

The program combines the latest recordings made on the device in chronological order and adds background music. The movie is created after a fixed period of time: a week, a month, or a year.

After editing is complete, a notification comes when the file is ready, called “Best Moments”. The user can edit the resulting video suggested by the program in a story format. It is possible to change the order of slides, delete unnecessary scenes or add new ones.

You can also change the starting point of the video playback and edit the trim area in the videos. Create a new video from scratch. Choose the material for the clip, set the filter and background music from the suggested audio recordings, and print the title and notes.

The duration of the video clip changes automatically depending on the number of slides. The length of the background music is fully consistent with the length of the movie.

The app offers three movie orientations: landscape, square, and portrait. Video files are exported and published in MP4 format, the user can choose the resolution size of the exported file.

The app does not upload user data to third-party resources and does not use it to identify the owner of the device.


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VideoPad is a mobile program specifically designed to perform video editing on your mobile device.

The app allows you to edit and convert videos directly on your smartphone. If you want, the user can add all kinds of fragments to the video, including various audio recordings, subtitles, and slides.

The program has 3 special tracks for editing. The main one contains the video, which can consist of a picture and sound accompaniment. The two secondary tracks are various overlays and audio/video clips.

You can apply various visual effects to the video recordings on all tracks, and add visual transitions between fragments. The following options can be applied to the audio: trimming, volume control, and sound effects.

To get access to these functions you should use the double-click, by which it is possible to trim a fragment of the selected video clip.

Images are edited through the “Tabs with effects and transitions”. When the work is finished, you should select the option to save the result.

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