7 Best Beatbox Apps for Android & iOS

Have you ever wanted to try yourself in beatboxing? This article has you covered.

Nowadays, there is an app for almost any purpose you can think of. And there are lots of beatbox apps for both Android and iOS.

These apps teach you how to create music step by step and empower you to come up with something fresh and unique. Besides, most of these apps have a beginner mode which is perfect if you just getting started.

Here’s the list of the best apps that category that worth your attention. Have a look!

Combine the music you create and your memories using these best apps to add background music to video.

Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker


 Let’s start with an app called Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker. This is an app that enables you to experience what it is like to be a real DJ.

The main point of this app is to provide you with all the sources you need to create music easily and make your music dreams come true.

In case you haven’t tried these types of apps yet, the Groovepad will teach you how to produce songs and come up with unique music tracks. At that, you will need to go through a quick test and select your favorite music genres.

Along with that, creating a music track in this app is quite easy – you will need to tap on the colorful pads. All the pads make different beats and sounds. The app also empowers you to experiment with genres by mixing it and adding new beats.

Besides, the app includes a huge library of soundtracks and beats that you can use as a base to your melody. The sound quality is also high so you won’t have problems with that.

It also needs to be pointed out that the app provides you with lots of filters and templates that you can use for free. You can even add some effects at your favorites for easy access.

Once you’re done with your track you can save it on your mobile or share it with the world. You can also automatically post it on any of your social media accounts.

In the long run, Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker is a functional beatbox app that will be useful for the beginners and professionals DJs at the same time. Try it now!


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Drum Pad Machine – Beat Maker

Drum Pad Machine

 The second app on our list is called Drum Pad Machine – Beat Maker. This is another app made to develop your skills in making music tracks.

Along with its sister apps, this one also empowers you to create music in a few taps of your fingers. One of the best things about this app is it really eases the process of making music tracks.

At that, you can use the app’s large collection of HQ music samples to come up with your own ones. You can also make melodies in one particular genre or mix a few of them.

Besides, the app also includes a large base of music effects that can make your tracks stand out. The app also has a build-in trumpet made from lots of colorful pads.

Each pad creates a unique beat and the ones with similar shades play similar sounds. In case this is your first experience with this type of apps, Drum Pad Machine has several sound packs that will be your easy start.

What is more, the app also has an educational section with lots of detailed tutorials that will teach you how to create melodies step by step. Once you’ll be done with your track you can save it on you mobile or share it. You can even upload your personal account in the app to get reviews.

To crown it all, if you want to learn how to make music tracks, you should definitely give the Drum Pad Machine – Beat Maker app a try.


Drum Pads – Beat Maker Go

drum pad

 Drum Pads – Beat Maker Go is another app that empowers you to come up with unusual beats and make music tracks.

The main point of this app is to enable you to create melodies easily on the go. At that, the app has a huge collection of pre-made music samples that you can use as a base for your tracks.

You can also mix different music genres and add some sound effects to make your songs stand out. You can combine those effects and add for up to five different ones on your track. Besides, each effect can also be set up individually to fit perfectly for your song.

As it was already mentioned, the process of making your own melodies is quite simple – you just tap on colorful pads to make it sound in one rhythm. The pads with similar colors will sound alike.

Besides, all music presets in this app were recorded by professionals and have HQ sound. The same thing goes for your tricks – you can save them all in HQ and then share it with the whole world.

Along with that, the app also has a tutorial section with the advice that can help you get into music. This section includes videos and interviews with people working in the industry. Once you’ll be done with your track you can share it on your personal; account to get first reviews.

To crown in all, if you’re looking for a platform to create HQ music tracks on the go, you should pay attention to the Drum Pads app.


edjing Mix – Free Music DJ app


 And the last but not the least, edjing Mix – Free Music DJ is an app that will turn your phone into a pocket version of a pro DJ setup.

The best thing about this app is it gives you absolute freedom when it comes to creativity. At that, you can use music tracks from any music sources you use to make unique remixes.

You also have a large collection of various filters and effects you can add to make music tracks sound unique. To ease your future work, you can make playlists with songs you would like to remix and all.

At that, the app gives you access to twenty free samples you can add to tracks. There are also lots of crossfades you can use.

Furthermore, the app has an auto BPM feature that you can customize. The app also permits you to produce your own beats using drum pads. Similar to its sister apps, it includes lots of colorful pads. The pads of similar shades will sound alike.

The interface in this app is very user-friendly and it was designed in a collaboration with pro DJs. At that, you won’t get lost in dozens of instruments. Besides, once you’ll be done with your music mix you can save it on your phone or share it. All racks can be saved in HQ which is great.

In the long run, if you want to experience what it’s like to be a real DJ, you need to give the edjing Mix app a try.


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Beat Jam – Music Maker Pad

This is a virtual service for creating and making up new contemporary music . You can pick up any fancy instruments for your creativity, which are available to all users absolutely free of charge.

You can also try to make tracks with already formed packages of sounds and ready-made templates that correspond to the latest fashion trends.

You will be able to send the works that you have created yourself, not only to your loved ones, but also to other artists to compete with them and their works.

The app will give you a wide range of modern beats and sound effects that weren’t previously included in other people’s tracks. This is what will allow you to create your own unique masterpiece, which will be unlike the work of other artists.

The number of pieces you can come up with in this app is not limited by any limit. Choose any instruments and blanks for your lavish masterpieces that you like, and make your own tracks from the templates offered by the service. Its assortment is regularly updated with new beats.


Drum Pads 24 – Music Maker

This app would be a great alternative to the real DJ panel. With this virtual instrument, you can easily create your own unique beat that will sound at all parties.

The app can include a microphone, through which you can easily broadcast sounds, sing and play real instruments.

Also, the service, in the form of a virtual DJ panel, allows you to mix a variety of effects, sounds, and beats. All of this can be recorded and saved to your device. You can create your own compositions as well as edit the artists’ ready-made songs.

The virtual panel consists of pads, each with a different sound and color. By clicking on them, you can get a unique sound that will later become the basis or part of your track.


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Loop Maker Pro: Dj Beat Maker

With this app, everyone can feel like a real creator of music or a DJ. To do this, the service provides a handy panel with pads. Each one has its own unique sound, color, and lighting.

You can click on them to get unusual and interesting sound combinations. You can also open a large library of template tracks created in the app.

Edit them, customize them to your individual style, and add your own packages of sounds that you’ve gotten with the pads panel.

To make your audio files more original and unusual, you can add all the special effects available. They will allow you to create unique compositions that can be stored in the archive of your smartphone or shared on the Internet.

Make your own tracks in this app absolutely free.

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