15 Free Apps to Read Comics Online for Android & iOS

It is generally agreed today that the comic books are on their top popularity level. And it’s also well-known that before all of these movies there were paper graphic novels that are now gone digital. So if you’ve ever been wondering which app is the best for reading comic books on the go, this article is for you.

Comics reader apps are incredibly convenient because they give you quick access to your favorite graphic novels and organizes your comics collection.

Furthermore, it might contain some exclusive and old-school releases that you won’t be able to find in your local bookshop. Here’s the list of 15 free apps to read comics online for Android and iOS users. Check it out!

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Madefire Comics & Motion Books

Madefire Comics & Motion Books is a nice comics reader app that will pleasantly impress you with its concept and unique features.

Let’s start by considering the advantages and disadvantages of this app. To begin with, the concept that goes through the whole app is quite interesting and unusual. In other words, the first thing you expect from an app like that is for it to give you digital copies of papered comics, right?

Well, the Madefire Comics app does a little more than that – it turns your beloved comics into motion comics with transitions and sound effects. Besides, it makes comics dynamic so that the process of reading could be more authentic.

Speaking about the cons, there’re some comics you’ll need to pay for, but that being said, the experience you’ll get worth every penny. Furthermore, the majority of comics are free so you can easily skip paid ones.

In addition to that, the app has a large database of top publishers including DC and Marvel, so you’ll always have something to read.

The library of comics is also constantly growing so you’ll never miss something good and fresh as it updates every week. Moreover, there’re some exclusive comics releases where you can even choose how the character should react.

To sum it up, Madefire Comics & Motion Books is a great app for comics lovers that brings something new to the comics reading game. Give it a try!

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Bilibili Comics

The Bilibili Comics app provides access to the comic book community of the same name. The utility has an extensive collection of graphic novels, a built-in reader, and an episode schedule.

The app contains and regularly updates a collection of Asian, American, and European comics. There is a home tab with trends, new episodes, selections, and popular novels. A search by title is provided here. There is sorting by genre: romance, teen, sci-fi, mystical, historical, horror, comedy, and others.

Each comic is accompanied by a cover, description, and some episodes released. It is possible to add manga to favorites. You can send a link to your favorite work via social networks.

The app offers a schedule of new episodes for the week ahead. It holds votes to determine the order of translation of Asian stories. You can download a single episode of a comic book or an entire manga in the app.

It is possible to set a limit and download only when using a WiFi connection. There is a special reader, adapted to the graphic works. In it, you can scroll through pages, adjust the brightness, and zoom pictures. The app automatically saves the history of views and downloads.


Chunky Comic Reader

For those who want to read comics on iPad, this app will be a perfect choice because the resolution of comics here is optimized for this device. On the technical side, Chunky supports CBR, CBZ, and PDF comics, as well as metadata tags from ComicRack and ComicBookLover.

The app also has the smart upscaling mode that does its best to render even low-res files as crisp as possible, and the multiple view modes (single page, two pages, and right to left) let you read how you like. For a better vision, you can also adjust the contrast of the picture while you’re reading comics.

With Chunky you can also download comics from your cloud storage services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, straight into the app’s self-organizing library. What is more, the app has a parental control lock, that gives you a chance to set the passwords on some comics, so only you have an access to them.


Perfect Viewer

Although the Perfect Viewer app is not a specialized comics reader, it fits perfectly for that and definitely worth mentioning.

The first thing that needs to be said is the speed of this app will be a pleasant surprise for you. Every new page loads almost immediately so you won’t face any long delays here. Frankly speaking, it might even be faster than if you’ve read paper comic books.

In addition to that, this app has a huge variety of reading modes including full-screen and a night mode. Besides, you’ll be able to customize the way of page-turning, the brightness, the contrast, and even the fonts. Furthermore, there’s an opportunity to leave bookmarks and use a balloon magnifier.

However, there’s another side of this app – you’ll need to spend your time figuring out how everything works and try out all the features. It should be mentioned that you can also create your own bookshelf with comics sort it by genre. The picture quality is also perfect for comic books so you won’t have problems with that.

To sum it up, Perfect Viewer is a great reader app that will be great for comics reading. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

comiXology – Comics & Manga

comiXology – Comics & Manga is one of the first comics reader apps on the market now owned by Amazon.

To tell the truth, the ComiXology app is kind of an iTunes but for comics. This app has a large database of publishers and comic books so everyone can find something for themselves. Besides, using this app you can not only read new releases but also take a look at the archive of old graphic novels that are also constantly growing.

In addition to that, this app always has something exclusive for you whether its Marvel, DC, or exclusive rights of The Walking Dead comics. Apart from that, this app is a great place to search for young talents, as it releases the whole series of young authors comics.

Needless to say, the number of comics on comiXology’s library can be counted in millions of graphic novels and it’s constantly growing. Besides, there’s an opportunity to download a comic book to read it without an Internet connection. Furthermore, you can sync your account with different devices to be able to read comics wherever you are.

Moreover, there’s a guided view mode that enables you to experience comics in a whole new way. This mode includes transitions between pager, visual, and sound effects so you could fully feel the atmosphere. To sum it up, ComiXology – Comics & Manga is a great app that will cover all your comics needs, so try it out.


Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is a must-have app for fans of the Marvel universe and comic book collectors. The first thing that needs to be said is that this app has augmented reality tools that will bring your reading process to a whole new level. In other words, this app can revive your favorite printed comic books including its covers.

The bottom line here is some pages of comics have special hashtags that you can scan and see the animation, a character’s biography, an illustrator’s comments, and even interviews with creators. Speaking about the cover of the comics, it will tell you a description of what the comic book is about.

In addition to that, there’re also some sound effects like a voiceover or the sounds of battle. However, you might face some problems with very old Marvel comic releases and products that the company has no rights.

Apart from that, this app enables you to read and download thousands of comics including exclusive ones. An even when the majority of comics you need to buy before reading, there’re some you can read and download for free.

To sum it up, Marvel Comics is a unique app that enables you to experience augmented reality in all its glory. Try it out, you’ll be impressed!



The Pixiv app contains a large database of comics and Japanese animated images. It’s easy to navigate thanks to its intuitive interface.

The database is regularly updated with new illustrations, comics, and stories. To be more precise, it’s uploaded by users themselves. For convenience, the content is divided into categories, which you can switch between directly from the main page.

Additionally, there are small tabs with popular, recommended, and other publications. It is noteworthy that the app is a kind of social network.

Here, users can subscribe to each other’s pages, leave comments and give likes. It is possible to share pictures via messengers and social networks. All images in the app can be saved in the internal memory of the smartphone.


Manga by Crunchyroll

Manga by Crunchyroll is a must-have app for manga comics lovers. However, this is not a full-on standalone app, it’s only for those who have a Crunchyroll subscription.

The first thing that needs to be said is this app has a huge library of manga comics from different publishers and authors. The app includes plenty of new popular comic books and also some old collective ones.

In addition to that this app gives you the opportunity to read the newest manga the same day, it releases for the bookshops so you won’t miss anything good and fresh.

Besides, the searching process does everything for you to be able to find something quick and easy. That way, you can sort manga comics by genre, publishers, and the most popular ones.

Moreover, you can create your own collections of manga and sort it however you want. Besides, every manga is split into chapters and contains some information about the author and every character.

The library of the manga is also constantly growing and updating so even if you didn’t find anything you want to read make sure to come back later and check it out again.

Overall, Manga by Crunchyroll is a great app that is worth trying for people who already have a Crunchyroll subscription. Otherwise, you can find something similar for a lower price.


Shonen Jump Manga & Comics

Shonen Jump Manga & Comics is pretty much the same as the Marvel or DC comics but with manga. Shonen Jump is a company that has been releasing manga comics for almost half of a century and now it has its own app with digital copies of their paper manga.

Frankly speaking, it’s another narrowly targeted app for a special audience. This app is your guide into a world of old-school manga comic books that is constantly growing and adding new releases in its collection.

In addition to that, this app gives you access to some exclusive mange comic books that you won’t find anywhere else. It should be noted that alike other similar apps the majority of comics in this one area need to be paid for.

The good news is you won’t need to buy every mange individually, it’s a monthly subscription that costs less than $2. As you can see, it’s a very symbolic price for the content you’ll get.

Speaking about the reading process, there’s a full-screen and a night mode and also the opportunity to change fonts and scale of a page. Besides, you can play with brightness and contrast. Along with that, you’ll be able to create your own collections of mange and discuss it with other users.

To sum it up, Shonen Jump Manga & Comics is a great mange app with a huge library and various ways of customizations. Give it a try!


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Astonishing Comic Reader

Astonishing Comic Reader is a so-called e-book for comic books. This is a useful comics reader application that enables you to read comic books in different formats.

Ti should be mentioned that the app has an extremely simple user interface, that is aimed for comfortable reading on any device. As you install the app, it’ll scan your phone’s memory and display every file in a supported format on the main menu. Furthermore, you’ll be able to import files from Google Drive or Dropbox services.

In addition to that, this app enables you to create comics collections that can be easily accessed in the side curtain. Speaking about the reading process, it’s very simple – there’re to keys that will turn pages and also the keys that regulate the brightness. Besides, there’s also a night mode that will take care of your eyes if you’re reading in the dark.

Moreover, you can change the scale for a more detailed view of dialogs or drawings. The great thing is, the app is absolutely free. So basically the only feature that you’ll need to pay for is a Snapshot that enables you to share comic book pages and put pictures on your desktop.

To sum it up, Astonishing Comic Reader is an app that every comics lover should have. Give it a try!

Little Nightmares Comics

Little Nightmares Comics is an app that allows you to read comics based on a famous horror game. The episodes presented are accompanied by unique sound design, animations, and soundtracks. After launching the app, you can enjoy a new and distinctive soundtrack.

The melody is reminiscent of the music from the original game and instantly immerses you in the atmosphere of the universe. The main menu presents four episodes of the comic book. After launching any episode, a gripping story unfolds before you.

Events are accompanied by sound effects and animation of some image elements. Reading is done by swiping down, and the pages are fed as a continuous ribbon. It is worth noting the developers’ striking attention to detail.

You can hear the hurried footsteps of a running character, the hoarse breathing of monsters, the crackling of trees in the forest. All this is also complemented by intimidating and mysterious melodies. Fans of the game are advised to take their time while reading and carefully study each element of the story.



This is a small app for reading the comics, but it can still be useful if you have a lot of comic books on your device but your current reader can’t read all the formats. This is not the most popular and powerful app ever, and it is simply a comic reader. As you can see, from the first sight it looks like a standard Android app.

However, keep in mind that ComicScreen doesn’t do the best job in terms of comic book management – the number of features allowing to manipulate the books is quite limited. Instead, you get a capable reader interface that keeps a lot of options easily accessible so that you can quickly customize the reading experience.

The main menu is quickly accessible and there you also can find the standard settings, such as screen orientation, page layout, the contrast, the scale, and other properties, like bookmarks. And an interesting feature is that here you can apply filters in order to fix the color distortion. An in-app purchase removes advertising.

VIZ Manga

VIZ Manga is probably the best ap you can choose to enjoy manga comics on a daily basis. The first thing that needs to be said is this app is not uploading the latest comics releases full in one time.

In other words, you’ll get a new chapter every day like you’re getting a new episode of your favorite TV show every week. However, this is not the same for all comics available in the app, most of them are completed.

Speaking about the reading process, you can turn on a night mode if you read in the dark and also experience full-screen mode and customize transitions.

Besides, you can also create bookmarks and name it differently for quick later-on access. Furthermore, the app enables you to download manga comics to then read it with no Internet connection.

In addition to that, all comics are split into chapters for easy access to it. Moreover, the library of the manga is constantly growing and you can not only find some popular comics but also old releases and some exclusive graphic novels.

To sum it up, VIZ Manga is a great app for full-on manga lovers. So if you’re reading manga novels every day, this app will quickly become your best friend. Give it a try!


CDisplayEx Free Comic Reader

CDisplayEx Free Comic Reader is a fully-featured comics reader app that enables you to reed your favorite graphic novels in all formats you can imagine.

It should be noted that along with large functionality this app is also very lightweight so you won’t face troubles with the phone’s memory. As you install the app you can whether the search for comics on your phone yourself or turn on automatic mode and the app will do it for you.

In addition to that, the app enables you to create your own collections with comic books sorted by genres, authors, or any other category you want.

Furthermore, you can set up the page-turning process and change transitions, and also customize the scale and the font. Besides, you can even set up the app for a horizontal screen so there’ll be two pages displayed at the same time.

Moreover, you can also play with color correction, scale and the way navigation keys will be located. Although you save money on buying each comic individually, the app has some paid features like night mode and the opportunity to upload comic books from Dropbox.

To sum it up, CDisplayEx is an excellent comics reader that provides you convenient and enjoyable reading. Try it out!

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Manga Dogs – webtoon reader

Manga Dogs – webtoon reader is a cute little app for manga lovers that enables you to read manga series in several languages.

To begin with, using this app you’ll be able to download manga comics on your phone for later-on reading without the Internet connection. Besides, you can set up page orientation, color correction, and even the way navigation keys are located.

In addition to that, you’ll be able your own manga collection with your favorite comics. The app has a large library of constantly growing comics so you’ll always have something to read. The searching process can be filtered by genre, author, publisher, and even the number of pages.

Moreover, this app is a full-on manga lovers community where you can discuss your favorite graphic novels and find new friends.

Besides, as the app starting to know you better, it will recommend you comics you might potentially like. There’s also an opportunity to set up push notifications that will alert you when the new chapter of your favorite manga comes out.

To sum it up, the Manga Dogs app is a must-have for every manga lover who wants to enjoy reading on a daily basis. Check it out!

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