11 Best Basketball Manager Games for Android & iOS

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to rule over an entire basketball team? Well, it’s time to find out!

There are lots of basketball manager games for Android and iOS that empower you to lead your own virtual team to the championship. These games aim you to take care of all the aspects of your team — from training and matches to reputation and souvenirs. Plus, the majority of these games come with a multiplayer mode so you may compete with your mates to find out who’s the best manager.

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Here’s the list of the 11 best games in that category you should try. Take a look!

Astonishing Basketball Manager 21- Simulator Game

Astonishing Basketball

Let’s start with the game called Astonishing Basketball Manager. This is a basketball simulator that empowers you to feel like a real basketball team manager.

The main goal of this game is to win the Cup, but there’s way more than that. This game is more than stats, leaderboard, players trading, and all that. You get to make your own manager story in this one. Although the main mode is not multiplayer the world in it is developed with so many details that you won’t feel the difference.

The developers have done a lot to make the whole experience as realistic as possible. Thus, you’ll get regular calls from your team members asking you to cope with various stuff. The problems you’ll need to solve may vary — from signing an important contract to finding a chief for the team dinner. There will also be an opponent team with an evil manager you will always compete with.

As you’ll move through the levels and develop your team’s skills and success you will be able to ask some players to retire and hire new ones. You may also customize the way your team members train and live. In case you’ll ever want to add some spice and competitive spirit to the game you may switch to the multiplayer one.

Astonishing Basketball 1 Astonishing Basketball 2


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Basketball Dynasty Manager 16

Basketball Dynasty

Basketball Dynasty Manager is another game that empowers you to lead a virtual basketball team.

Along with its sister games, this one empowers you to recruit a team of young basketball players and lead them to greatness. Therewith, the game gives you various adjustment options from the very beginning — you get to pick the name for all your team players and settle their ratings. Next, you’ll need to control your team’s training while trying to make a trade for them to play somewhere that may be noticed.

It needs to be said, you get to build a whole unique training strategy for your team and change it any time you want. You may also ask some members to retire and trade some new ones if needed. You may even hire scouts to find you, talented guys!

Plus, when you’ll start to earn money on games you may spend it on improving your team’s uniform and the gym they’re training in. You may also move from one city to another to find new members and compete with other teams. Besides, as you’ll start to move up on the rating board you may rate and explore the opponent teams to figure out the best playing strategies against them.

Basketball Dynasty 1 Basketball Dynasty 2


Basketball Legacy Manager

This app is dedicated to all basketball fans. The Basketball Legacy Manager is created for those who want to feel like a manager or an agent, whose work is connected with basketball teams.

The game is a convenient and multifunctional tool for managing your team. Now all the information you need is in one place. You won’t have to worry about creating an up-to-date schedule and important competition dates. Download the app to your electronic device and solve complex tasks in one click.

Communicate with the coaching staff, interview candidates, and negotiate draft picks and their costs. Have dialogues with team members and improve their ratings.

The app does not require a constant connection to the Internet. You can immerse yourself in the game anywhere at a convenient time. Your contact list will contain the contacts of real basketball stars, newcomers, and retired players.

Control your teammates every step of the way – make basketball history yourself. Start your career in the 1950s or find your calling in the modern world. Lead your team to victory through all obstacles and doubts.


Ultimate Basketball Manager – Basketball Sim

As its name suggests, Ultimate Basketball Manager is the basketball management simulator that empowers you to guide your own team.

At the beginning of the game, you get to form an authentic team of talented basketball players. Therewith, you’ll be able to sign and trade some famous players along with training gifted amateurs. Then, you may mix all of them together to create a unique powerful team.

Along with that, you can hire trainers that will keep all your players in a good shape. Plus, you can make deals with agencies to participate in games around the globe. All the financial activities are under your full control as well. Thus, you may switch the uniform of your players, upgrade the gym they’re training in, and all that. You may even make events for fans.

Besides, you may find investors for your team to make sure your players won’t have to worry about the financial part. As for the playing modes, you can rather play offline or try a multiplayer mode to compete with real players. Each mode contains a detailed world and powerful teams to compete with so it’s up to you.

Ultimate Basketball Manage‪r‬ 1 Ultimate Basketball Manage‪r‬ 2


College BBALL Coach 2

Congratulations! You’ve been named head coach of a college basketball team. Now you are not just a coach, but a mentor and role model for young basketball players.

With the College BBall Coach 2 Basketball mobile app you can feel like a real coach and start a battle for victory. The simulation game differs from the first version with its realistic graphics and enhanced features. Take the game into your own hands and get into action.

Get all the features a real college team coach has to offer. Keep up-to-date statistics on your performances, plan important games and change the main roster as you see fit. Nothing is impossible for you.

Develop a strategy that becomes a guiding star. Take note of your opponent’s weaknesses and strengths, and work on your players’ fitness.

You can become the coach of both men’s and women’s teams. More highlights that will take your breath away. How stress resistant are you? Do you have the skills of a true leader? With College BBall Coach 2 Basketball you will find out the answers to these questions.

This high-quality and functional simulator allows you to experience emotions that are only available on the basketball court. Let your team feel the taste of victory.


Basketball Fantasy Manager NBA Live Game

Basketball Fantasy Manager is the game that gives you realistic basketball manager experience.

The coolest thing about this game is that it empowers you to try being a manager for famous NBA teams such as Bulls, Lakers, and all that. Thus, you’ll get to sign all your fave players to be a part of your team. Plus, the game may run offline so you can play in any conditions. However, if you like to ply with your mates the game does support the multiplayer mode.

The game does everything for you to feel the whole team manager’s life as realistic as possible. Thus, your team will go through drafts, play-offs, a summer league, and all the way to the finals. You may even take part in other games in between the All-Star ones to give your team extra training.

Besides, you get to hire pro coaches and staff to help your team stay in great condition. At that, you also get to work on your team’s strategy. To do so, you will be able to explore their future opponents to be awarded their weak points and strength. You may also sign new players to the team and ask some of the older ones to retire.

Basketball Fantasy Manager 1 Basketball Fantasy Manager 2


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Basketball GM

Want to try your hand as the general manager of a basketball team? Do you see yourself as a sports director of a basketball club, but in real life it is impossible? Install Basketball GM and show the whole world what you can do.

Only you will determine the success and achievements of the team. Choose in which direction your players will move. You will have to make major decisions and take responsibility for what happens. The destiny of the whole team will depend on your decision.

Manage the coaching staff and players, sign new contracts with promising players, and help veterans to finish their careers.

Basketball GM is a high-quality simulation of the real job of a sports manager. You can even be fired for making the wrong decision if it leads to the team’s downfall. Have an interesting experience and play for free.

The app will appeal not only to true basketball fans but also to those who are far from sports. The game has a bright interface and features unexpected twists and turns, so you won’t get bored. Try to be the best and get a well-deserved reward.


Basketball President Manager

Basketball President Manager

Basketball President Manager is the game that puts you in charge of a virtual basketball team.

This game is the classic representation of the genre — it covers all the team development stages and pro events. However, the game is not overloaded with annoying features and it doesn’t aim to give you a realistic experience. According to the game’s plot, you get to lead the basketball team in a pro league for a couple of seasons. Obviously, your goal here is to make them gain a championship.

Thus, your first step in the game will be picking a team — you may go with one of 30 teams from various cities or create your own. Then, you’ll need to hire pro coaches to train your terms and start attending basketball games. Each team member has his own skills that you can level up along with improving his weak sides.

As your team starts to develop, you’ll be able to travel around the globe and compete with popular teams. You may also sign contracts with sponsors to provide your team with money and trade the players if needed. You may also work on your team’s uniform, upgrade their training place, and open souvenir shops for fans.

Basketball President Manager 1 Basketball President Manager 2


CyberDunk 2 Basketball Manager

CyberDunk 2 Basketball Manager will give you a real opportunity to feel like the head of an entire basketball team. You can create or choose a team from the offered options.

If you wish, you can become the personal manager of one player. You’ll have to deal with such organizational issues as manning the team, keeping up-to-date schedules, and buying equipment.

Adjust ticket prices and advertising costs. Become an indispensable team member with CyberDunk 2 Basketball Manager. 

Choose from elimination, endless, or one-on-one play modes. Improve your players, hold strategic meetings and reach unprecedented heights. You can do most of your work in the app offline, but periodically you need an internet connection to save your changes.

The app is designed for a wide audience and is entertainment for more than just basketball fans.

CyberDunk 2 Basketball Manager only takes up 5.5 MB, so it does not affect your phone or tablet. Install the app and enjoy a productive game.


Basketball General Manager

Basketball General Manage‪r‬Basketball General Manager is another manager sim that empowers you to lead your team to greatness. This is quite an average game based on NBA rules. You get to experience what it’s like to rule over a basketball team trying to become successful. The fun thing is you may even do coaching duties for the team if needed.

Speaking of the manager duties, you get to plan the crew’s games for the season, set goals, and all that. As for the team, you may rather pick one of the 30 pre-made ones or start your own. In case you don’t want to go with the pre-made team but don’t really know which members to pick you may try a random mode. When your team starts to develop you will be able to trade and sing new players and set rotations.

You will also need to take care of the financial side of management. Thus, you will need to find sponsors, sign contracts for the games, merch, and all that. It’s also possible to switch your team’s outfits and sell souvenirs for fans. Each win will bring you awards and money you may spend on improving your team as well.

Basketball General Manage‪r‬ 1 Basketball General Manage‪r‬ 2


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Are you a real basketball fan? Know all the NBA stars and want to try yourself in their shoes? Install the NBA Now app on your cell phone and start a vibrant game.

Choose the player you like the most and start the hard road to success. The app is as easy as it gets. There are no age restrictions. You do not need special skills and professional knowledge. It is enough to have a strong desire to win.

Experience the full range of emotions, from euphoria to frustration. In the app, you can not only play as a basketball player but also get acquainted with one of the most famous coaches of the NBA league.

The program allows you to reproduce the atmosphere of a real basketball game as accurately as possible. The real achievements of the players affect their rating in the app, so you need an internet connection to play.

You can choose the single mode to fight with an artificially created team. Or you can try yourself in a battle with another user.

Invite your friends and have a world competition. More than a million players worldwide have already installed NBA Now. See if you can become a true legend in NBA.


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