11 Best Single Parent Dating Apps 2024 For Android & iOS

In today’s world, almost everyone wants to find a worthy partner and create a couple that makes it easier to walk through life. However, the search for a worthy person is not easy, for so special apps were created. This article will describe the best single parent dating apps.

And we also wanted to offer you an interesting selection of the best astrology dating apps.

Stir – Single Parent Dating

Stir has every right to be called the leading app in the field of finding the other half thanks to its unlimited features. The utility has a wide range of functionality and user-friendly design. The program allows you to both find a worthy partner for life and just for a conversation.

Stir has the following advantages:

  • the ability to like other users and see those who reciprocated you without any premium subscriptions and other paid services
  • “increased attention” mode, which consists in raising the coverage of your profile or setting up limited access to view only those who are interested in you
  • a “Stir time” option, which allows you to find an interlocutor with the possibility of compromising your work schedules
  • collaboration with the Child Search and Protection Center, which constantly provides various tips to improve your child’s and partner’s contact
  • high level of tracking of fake and fraudulent accounts, thus taking care of the time and security of users
  • the ability to protect your account using two-factor authentication, as well as confirm the validity of all information in your profile

It is worth saying that it is in Stir that the presence of children will not be a negative factor, but rather even a positive one. Due to the fact that the utility gets a very high user reach, the app is becoming very popular among single parents.

Thus, we can conclude that this utility is worthy of your attention due to its developed functions. In addition, all algorithms of the app were developed by leading experts for comfort. Download Stir and discover new opportunities to find a worthy soulmate.


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Encore: for single parents

Encore is designed for single parents of both sexes, primarily to make new acquaintances create a serious relationship. It can be essentially anything: friendship, trusting relationships, or even family. Thanks to this app, spontaneous acquaintances turn into something interesting.

The utility has the following characteristics:

  • an abundance of utility user profiles with a detailed description of their interests and lifestyle, which allows you to more accurately choose an interlocutor
  • unlimited number of conferences on various topics, as well as the ability to send photos, video, and audio files for more comfortable communication
  • detailed selection of interlocutors when turning on GPS on your device, as well as a simplified circle of suitable people
  • the “Secret Like” option, which allows you to express sympathy anonymously to absolutely any user, as well as see if this sympathy is mutual
  • new acquaintances with educated people thanks to the developed algorithmization of the selection of participants in the conversation
  • a unique smart profile promotion features when connecting the appropriate service, which significantly increases the reach of your page

If you want to get a more detailed and advanced search for partners, then the app has a premium version. It allows you to find many more suitable partners, and also completely removes advertising and other annoying factors.

To summarize, it is worth saying the thesis that Encore will be an option for finding a worthy person in all aspects. The developers of the app have been connecting the hearts of people from different parts of the world for several years. If you haven’t found yourself the other half – that’s your chance.


Single Parents

If you are a parent who is somehow left alone with a child in your arms, then this is the app for you. Single Parents allow you to re-awaken already forgotten feelings, such as affection and love. Even if you cannot find a partner, then at least a good interlocutor will succeed.

The most important functions of Single Parents can be considered:

  • developed filter system for a clear selection of the interlocutor according to all criteria of interest to the user, including even a hairstyle
  • a unique chat option directly with the interlocutor you like, without the influence of any paid services or subscriptions
  • search for partners from all points of the world, be it Europe, Asia, Latin America or even Antarctica or a sparsely populated region
  • the opportunity to fill the description of your page with any exciting moments in your life, be it a video, photo, or even a recorded song
  • viewing those to whom you seemed cute, as well as the ability to like the same user

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the app can be used by people who profess various religious movements. The utility is made in such a way as not to hurt one or another faith, so it does not matter who you are – a Christian, Muslim, or adherent of any other religion.

So Single Parents are the best way to find yourself a worthy interlocutor after a failed relationship or divorce. Thanks to the advantages of the utility, you will be able to forget the sadness of losing a loved one and start a new chapter in your own history. Download the utility and try to do it now.


EHarmony dating & real love

Have you ever wanted to take any relationship to the next level and find exactly what you want? eHarmony will help you easily cope with situations of this kind. If you look at the functionality, you can declare that the utility has everything you need to solve issues on this topic.

 The developers focus on the following features of this utility:

  • a unique registration survey option that allows you to find out your best qualities, and as a result – to choose the most suitable interlocutor
  • a clear selection of partners individually for each user based on the survey results, as well as taking into account the activity and rating
  • countless ways to start communicating with your favorite interlocutor: lots of emojis, stickers, and even video or voice recording
  • the opportunity to see a person who is not indifferent to you and give him either like or disapproval

Today, the program has numerous reviews from the clientele, which are very pleased with the functionality of the app. As a result, we can come to the simple conclusion that eHarmony holds a high standard of quality.

To sum up, we can conclude that eHarmony combines the three most necessary qualities: reliability, comfort and focus. Thanks to this program, more than five million people have already found their soulmates. So, what prevents you from becoming another one? Download soon!


Plenty of Fish

This utility considers a lot of opportunities, including both finding friends and a soulmate. Since the app has been developed for a very long period, it is worth saying that its functions were worked out with a bang. Accordingly, thanks to this, it will not be difficult for you to find a worthy person.

The characteristics that deserve the most attention are:

  • implementation of completely free communication and exchange of contact information using text, video, audio, photos, voice input, and much more
  • viewing all reactions to your profile, be it like or indifference, and the ability to find someone of your own if sympathy is mutually
  • selecting the closest users to you from people at a distance using the “location” option
  • the opportunity to truly make friends and find yourself a person of interest who may be your future partner for life

Special attention should be paid to the function of selecting an interlocutor by the enabled GPS, which allows you to find a partner closest to you. When you are there, you can start communicating much faster and get to know each other, which can mutually help you get closer to each other.

As a result, today, Plenty of Fish is one of the worthiest options for finding a much-needed connection for many users. The program creates more than a million chats every day, which indicates increased user activity. Download this utility now and start looking for a soulmate.


Match Dating: Chat, Date, Meet

Match Dating can be safely called a very worthy resource for finding people close in spirit. If you check the statistics, you can see that more than ten million people use the utility every day. In addition, registration in the program is completely simplified, as well as the design.

The developers recommend paying attention to the following things:

  • selection of the ideal interlocutor taking into account literally all your wishes: height, hair color, weight, interests, yes at least age, in a word – anything
  • an incalculable number of different topics and areas for discussion in a wide range of users, among which you can find the person you need
  • simple but at the same time necessary video and audio chat capability to make communication more lively and get to know each other in more detail
  • useful tips from various sociology experts that will allow you to become more open, sociable and increase the opportunity to find the person you came here

Combining all of the above, we can argue that Match is a very good chance for you to find new acquaintances. Thanks to the developed functionality of the app, as well as constant improvements from developers, this process is quite easy. Try using Match at least once – and you will be amazed.


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A decent number of single parents were able to find each other thanks to an app like Swipe. Given the relaxed functionality and high productivity, as well as the ease of use, Swipe is what you need. In addition, the program has numerous advantages that will significantly speed up the process.

This utility is the easiest to characterize due to the following parameters:

  • daily, and on some special occasions, an hourly update of your matches that will allow you to find many new interesting acquaintances
  • reliable notification system, thanks to which you will not miss something important, say, a good match or a message from a newly acquired acquaintance
  • the widest filter system that allows you to find a partner for absolutely any taste, for example, in terms of orientation: relationship, friendship or business communication
  • full control over their profile, including location, network status, photo and profile content, nickname, and network ID

Summing up, we can say that Swipe will be able to help you for several purposes at once, without spending any great effort with all this. All that is required of you is to install the app and competently complete your profile. After that, you can start looking for people of interest.


OkCupid: Online Dating App

OkCupid is a program that will give you an unforgettable experience of how you can find a worthy person thanks to your personality. It is worth noting the painstaking and hard work of the developers in order to make the process of finding an interlocutor simple. This utility will appeal to many users.

A number of the most important options for this program are:

  • creating a unique profile that can only emphasize all your merits and unusual knowledge and skills, which can attract numerous people
  • the truly unique setting of the user orientation choice, from the most ordinary to all subspecies that humanity has just invented
  • the ability to find a suitable interlocutor not only by the filters built into the utility but also by the answers to a quiz in the app, as well as by going to various meetings
  • memorable elements from joint correspondence or broadcasts could be saved directly to your device

Summing up, we can say that OkCupid is an excellent app in order to find yourself good interlocutors and reveal yourself from different directions. Due to the fact that the utility is constantly improved by the efforts of specialists, the process of finding the other half becomes more comfortable.


Zoosk – Social Dating App

Over the years of its existence, Zoosk has managed to win the recognition of many users, which is not surprising. Thanks to this app, more than a dozen million people have already been able to find their happiness. In addition, the utility contains various meetings and gatherings that increase popularity.

The program contains options such as:

  • developed option of a kind of carousel, which allows you to start a dialogue with a random person who may turn out to be happy for you
  • countless different options to help communicate with another person – emoji, stickers, GIF files, animated stickers, tracks, and numerable others
  • the ability to send many invitations to several interest chats at the same time, who knows, perhaps one of the people will be able to find each other
  • ability to contact people who viewed your profile for twenty-four hours

To summarize all the above, we can say that Zoosk is a full-format app that can help a person in various directions. Perhaps you will meet yourself with a real friend and perhaps love. Who knows what will happen? Download and find out.


Hinge – Dating & Relationships

Hinge is the best alternative to Tinder and other dating utilities that offer most of their services for money. An example of an interesting function can be the selection of certain types of interlocutors for your personality type or simple design. In a word, everything is done clearly and tastefully.

In addition, the utility does not have a taboo on any prohibited topics because you can discuss religion, politics, inequality, and other things. It is worth noting that every day all partners who have not passed each other are shuffled, respectively, in the end, everyone will find the person they are looking for.


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Bumble – dating, and communication

So, this program deserves attention, if only because it has the highest standard for cultural
communication on the network. And it is not surprising because many worthy developers had a hand in the creation of Bumble. The daily reach of the utility has more than several hundred thousand views.

The most interesting feature is the fact that in this app, girls take the first step, not men. This approach has helped more than tens of thousands of people find happiness in each other. And you can be among these people – make sure when downloading yourself.

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