11 Free Apps That Let You Try Different Haircuts for Android & iOS

Sometimes we are afraid of changes. It makes our life extremely boring and full of routine. Our article will help you to break out of boredom. What is the most noticeable thing in our appearance? Of course, it is your haircut. Changing your hairstyle you are changing the course of your life!

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You are able to do it without leaving your home. All you’ll need is a smartphone and a little imagination. This top-list of applications for Android and iOS given below will help to choose the hairstyle that will actually work for youю

Hair styles and Haircuts

This app has an enormous number of haircuts for every person in the world. It will teach you how to make your own hairstyle with a lot of video lessons!

Watch and learn. Bobby Glam is a videoblogger who recorded video tutorials especially for you in this app. The big catalog of haircuts is always updated. Braids, ponytails, topknots, and other fantastic haircuts are waiting for you.

When you have chosen your favorite hairstyle, save it. It is very useful in the hairdressing salon. Just show favorites to your hairdresser and wait for a miracle. This app is a great assistant to find a new haircut. You will exactly find something suitable for you. Hairstyles and Haircuts downloaded more than 500 thousand people all over the world!

  Hair styles and Haircuts

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Cute Girls Hairstyles

Professional styling your hair without leaving home can seem like an impossible idea. Get ready for your phone and install Cute Girls Hairstyles. All the best hair transformations are in one app. It is full of video tutorials. You can learn how to do pigtails, waterfall braids, wavy hair, and a lot of hairstyles.

Moreover, you’ll know how to do Big Ballerina Bun! Don’t forget to upload your favorite pages and you will always see it in your gallery.

This app is a really good helper for busy mothers. You can change your daughter’s hairstyle every day because this app has plenty of styles for little girls and teenagers.

You and your daughters will be beautiful forever! This brand new app will teach you to make gorgeous hairstyles for your friend. With Cute Girls Hairstyles’ instructions, you will be a master of haircuts!


Hairstyle Magic Mirror

Sometimes it can feel hard to pick the dest haircut. Hairstyle Magic Mirror is a great online hairstyle changer for creative persons. The interface is so simple that you will orientate with no problems. Just decide what hairсге you want to try, press the button and it is done.

Choose ready color options or create your own one. Combs of colors are endless. Drag the curls to make your haircut realistic. You will be inspired by new ideas for a hairstyle. This app allows you to highlight, shade, and dye your hair without leaving home. If you buy a full version, you will get more options for hairstyle creation.

Take your own photo and change the hairstyle. Then you can save the result to your smartphone and share it with friends.

Hairstyle Magic Mirror      Hairstyle Magic Mirror

Hair Style Changer – New Look

From first sight, this app might seem too simple, but don’t be fooled by the first impression. In fact, the range of possibilities that it brings considering trying out a new haircut is quite wide. Maybe the end result is going to look not very natural, however here you can try a true diversity of hairstyles.

The most various options are available both for men and women. Just upload your photo and choose one of the styles in the bar on the right side of the screen. The only disadvantage of this app compared to others, here you can’t change the color of a haircut that you’re choosing.


Style My Hair

Are you looking for the ideal hairstyle to wear with a certain outfit on a special occasion? Style My Hair is all you are needed. It is developed by L’Oréal Professionnel. Don’t search the Internet for a new look. All trending hairstyles are in one app.

Style My Hair has a catalog of countless haircuts. Backcombing, bob, hair wave, and lots of professional hairstyles are waiting for you here. All hairstyles are selected by L’Oréal professional hairdressers. You can find one of your dreams.

Style My Hair has 3D hair color technology. Your dream haircut will come true. You can make movements of any kind with your hair. This app helps you to prepare for a salon.

Just save a hairstyle and show your hairdresser. One of the most useful options is the L’Oréal salon search. Enter your location and the app will show you the nearest L’Oréal salon. Style My Hair lets you have daily hairspiration. Find your favorite look!

Style My Hair      Style My Hair

Change Hairstyle

Do you like to experiment? Change the Hairstyle will exactly suit for you! People all over the world have already tried it! The new-look will instantly make you feel lighter and more relaxed but first, try it online. There are no drawings, all haircuts are natural hair.

If you are fond of the result, save it by tapping on the icon in the bottom left. Change Hairstyle has a lot of various hairstyles. With this app, every beauty session would be a pleasure. Long, medium, or short? You can try everything! Send your new hairstyle to friends via social media. They will be amazed!

Change hairstyle       Change hairstyle

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Fabby Look

Why is haircut so important? It shapes our faces and creates our appearance. Fabby Look is an outstanding color changer of your hair. It is online and free. It has silver, green, gold, platinum hair color, and 6 more. Are you in the mood for a change? Download this app.

A simple design won’t bother you using Fabby Look. It has video filters, that let you choose a hairstyle in real-time before taking a photo. Fabby Look can outline detection and surface distinguishing. Your photos will be adorable! Fabby Look allows you to save your new haircut. Show it in social media to surprise your friends.

Fabby Look        Fabby Look

Hairstyle Try On

This is rather a unique case, but it seems like there are more “try-on new haircut” apps for iOS than for Android. Here is another app that is quite popular on the App Store, because it allows you to see how you would look with different hair quite realistically.

Overall, this app is simple and its user interface is obsolete but here it doesn’t really diminish its functionality. You will find here hair cuts for men and women. In total, there are 36 hair sets of various lengths for women with customization possibilities. If you buy a premium subscription, you will get access to more than 800 hairstyles.



Hair Zapp

Do you have the same hairstyle for years? Lucky for you, here is Hair Zapp! This app will easily help you with hair transformation. Choose your photo from a gallery and start to create. You will never be bored with this app. After choosing a suitable hairstyles you can compare them and decide what is best.

Your new haircut will look natural. If you are satisfied with the edited hairstyle then discuss it with your friends via social media. Install this app and you will have pictures of high resolution. Hair Zapp will find your ideal hairstyle!

 Hair Zapp Hair Zapp

Hair MakeOver

It was only a decade ago when we could only try a new haircut by actually doing it or trying on a wig. Many people were dreaming of a technology that would allow us to try new hair just by looking at our reflection in the mirror.

Well, nowadays this wish has come true! The apps like this give everyone a chance to try a new fresh hairstyle without actually cutting the hair.

This is the specific app for trying new hairstyles only. Thus, if you are looking for a more multi-functional beauty app you should go for another app on this list.

As you launch Hair MakeOver, you need to upload your portrait and choose one of the hundreds of hairstyles that you will find on the menu. There are different options both for men and women. Each hair set is customizable – you can choose various colors of it.



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Hair Style Changer

Do you get used to your haircut? Then, say hello to a beautiful fresh hairstyle. This app will show you what your hair would look like with various hairstyles and colors. A virtual hair changer has lots of features to play with different looks.

Hair Style Changer gives you lots of ideas for any event. It is downloaded more than 1,000,000 times! Just upload your photo to an online Hair Style Changer and discover a new style.

Try mustache and beard. Rotate and zoom them without any problems! Hair Style Changer is full of items as beards, sunglasses, and mustache. You can try them all!

 Hair Style Changer      Hair Style Changer

Free apps for Android and iOS