11 Free Bluetooth App Senders for Android & iOS

Remember how we used phones a couple of decades ago. There was no Android or iOS yet, and in order to have music or games on your phone, you had to use special ways to transfer files. Special apps like 7 Best apps to share files & games with friends (Android & iOS) can help you with such a task.

Perhaps you remember not only the Bluetooth but also the IrDA – when you use it, you had to put the devices next to each other, because the transfer was carried out only in the proximity of the phones.

At the moment, any application can be downloaded via the Internet – just go to Google Play or App Store and hit the name in the search bar. But it may happen that you simply will not be able to connect to the network – and the application is really necessary.

In such a situation, you can use special services that transmit not only files but also games and applications via Bluetooth. We found for you 11 Free Bluetooth App Senders for Android & iOS.

SHAREit – Transfer & Share

SHAREit - Transfer & ShareIf you have never heard of the SHAREit application, then it is a big surprise. It has millions of downloads on different platforms because it really does its job quickly and efficiently.

In total, more than 600 million users use SHAREit regularly – you have to admit, these are impressive figures. The point is that it allows you to transfer files in a convenient way without using the Internet – you can be anywhere, but still, get a new game on your smartphone.

You can exchange applications with SHAREit between different devices, no matter on which platform it works. You can transfer any files – not only applications but also archives, photos, videos, and much more.

SHAREit is also perfect if you bought a new phone and want to transfer all the data from the old device to it. With these images, the service will simultaneously move not only the files from the memory but also all the applications that you are constantly using.

It should be noted that the transfer of the file can be different: for example, SHAREit will allow you to control your presentation on the big screen during a speech in public.

SHAREit - Transfer & Share1 SHAREit - Transfer & Share2

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Zapya – File Transfer, Share Apps & Music Playlist

Zapya - File Transfer, Share Apps & Music PlaylistZapya is another popular service for transmitting data and applications via Bluetooth. You don’t need Wi-Fi, data transfer, or even a mobile network – all you need to share is 2 devices with the Zapya app installed.

You can exchange files between different devices – computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Zapya is absolutely free to use and doesn’t even have any advertising, so this is another advantage of this service.

It is worth noting that the application has been translated into 20 different world languages for your convenience. Zapya will automatically look for people nearby who want to transfer or receive files – you just have to choose whose device to connect to.

By the way, the connection is established in an interesting way – you are offered just to shake your smartphone. If you need to transfer many apps, automatically install them on another smartphone, or transfer large folders, Zapya is ideal.

Everything will be almost instantly downloaded and installed on another device – without your personal involvement.

Zapya - File Transfer, Share Apps & Music Playlist1 Zapya - File Transfer, Share Apps & Music Playlist2


Apk Share Bluetooth – Send/Backup/Uninstall/Manage

Apk Share Bluetooth - Send Backup Uninstall ManageApk Share Bluetooth is a simple yet truly effective application for transferring applications and other files to other devices.

You don’t need to download the application from Google Play if your friend has already downloaded it – just use Apk Share Bluetooth to get the file and you can already assume that it is in your device memory.

This application works seamlessly on all devices that support it, regardless of the amount of free memory or model of smartphone.

You can send, delete or receive multiple applications in one click. You simply select the apps from your smartphone that you would like to share, and the service will automatically link them together and send them to the recipient.

Among the many applications, you can find the one you are interested in directly in Apk Share Bluetooth – enter its name in the search bar.

You can also sort them all by size, name, or download date – this is very useful if you are going to remove the heaviest or unnecessary applications. Quick and easy – this is how Apk Share Bluetooth transfers applications from your smartphone to another device.

Apk Share Bluetooth - Send Backup Uninstall Manage1 Apk Share Bluetooth - Send Backup Uninstall Manage2


ShareMi – Fast Transfer File & Fast Share File

ShareMi - Fast Transfer File & Fast Share FileIt will not be difficult to share any files – especially if you have ShareMi application installed on your smartphone. It is considered one of the best in the field of sharing and transferring files without a network connection – it uses only a Bluetooth connection.

In fact, now you or your friends can receive applications downloaded from the Internet, without the use of mobile data and Wi-FI – however, in this case, your device will act as an intermediary.

One of the main advantages of ShareMi is that the application is cross-platform. You will not need to look for those devices, between which you can establish a pairing – the main thing that it has Bluetooth, and the other differences are no longer interesting.

Even if there will be errors in the process of sending applications, you do not need to worry – ShareMi allows you to resume the transfer of the file from the moment you stopped. Even standard Bluetooth transmission does not have this feature!

All files and applications will be sent in their original quality and with no loss, while the transfer speed will be as fast as possible. So from ShareMi you will get an extremely pleasant experience.

ShareMi - Fast Transfer File & Fast Share File1


Share Apps – APK Transfer, App Sharing & Backup

Share Apps - APK Transfer, App Sharing & BackupFound an interesting application and would like to share it with a friend? Just try the Share Apps application, which will simplify this task to the maximum. If you are in an area where there is no mobile network, the Internet, and Wi-Fi access, this service will be a great option for you to get new applications.

You can share APK files with anyone and anywhere – the main thing is to have Bluetooth technology on your smartphone, and the memory of your smartphone has a little space for a new application.

Also, Share Apps supports the transfer of multiple applications at the same time. They can be sent to another device to your friend, or to the SD-card for backup or transfer to your new smartphone. You can also share apps when you have an internet connection.

It will be enough to copy the link to the application from Share Apps, and your friend will get a direct link to download from Play Market. All applications, which are on your device, can be administered using Share Apps.

Share Apps - APK Transfer, App Sharing & Backup1 Share Apps - APK Transfer, App Sharing & Backup2


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EasyShare – Ultrafast File Transfer, Free & No Ads

EasyShare - Ultrafast File Transfer, Free & No AdsWhen transferring large files, speed is one of the main criteria for assessing quality. You won’t wait for a few hours to send a game to a friend’s smartphone, will you?

EasyShare service boasts a really high speed of data transfer – you won’t need to connect to the Internet or look for the nearest Wi-Fi access point. The application can transfer files and APKs at speeds of up to 40 MB per second, which is a high rate for such services.

It should also be noted that in EasyShare there is no advertising and annoying notifications – you will use the tool only when you really need it, without viewing a huge number of ads.

Also, this tool is supported by different operating systems, so you can share files with friends on different devices. The developers assure that in this way you will be able not only to send interesting applications to your friends but also to fully copy data from your old smartphone to the new one – just using EasyShare.

EasyShare - Ultrafast File Transfer, Free & No Ads1 EasyShare - Ultrafast File Transfer, Free & No Ads2


AppSender – Share Apps

AppSender - Share AppsThe local exchange of applications seems to be something strange and unusual – all users are used to the fact that we get new tools when using the App Store or Google Play.

AppSender can help you exchange your favorite games or files with a friend without using the Internet or other connections. It is worth noting that AppSender can use to transfer applications not only Bluetooth but also a connection to one Wi-Fi network.

The application has a simple and clear interface, which is adapted for users of any level of smartphone use. In order to share the application, you will need to select a category of APK files and start searching for the file you need.

You can select several applications at once to send them to the same user – the transmission itself will take a little time, you will hardly notice it. AppSender allows you to share your files not only via Bluetooth but also with social networks, by mail, and other applications. You just need to choose the most convenient way for you.

AppSender - Share Apps1 AppSender - Share Apps2


Bluetooth App Sender APK Share by Clogica

Bluetooth App Sender APK Share by ClogicaIf you are looking for a convenient service that would give you the opportunity to easily share applications with friends, Bluetooth App Sender can be exactly what you need.

It is designed for sharing with Bluetooth, which allows literally every user to send and receive new applications. You can also use Bluetooth App Sender as an application and game manager, removing and sorting them as needed.

The application immediately provides you with a list of services that are already installed on your smartphone.

If you send the application to someone, just select it from the list and share it with Bluetooth. If you receive the application, then in general, you will not even need to do anything!

Bluetooth App Sender helps to share paid applications and games, old versions, and do not spend your mobile Internet on downloading additional applications. You can also send APK files in social networks, messengers, and even by e-mail.

Bluetooth App Sender APK Share by Clogica1 Bluetooth App Sender APK Share by Clogica2


MyAppSharer by Jones Chi

MyAppSharer by Jones ChiThinking about backing up your smartphone? Don’t want to re-download all the applications to your new smartphone? Simply use the MyAppSharer app and transfer all your apps to another device.

Of course, like many other similar services, this tool also offers you to share APK with your friends, share links to download applications, and even transfer all the data from your smartphone to your SD card.

MyAppSharer supports the transfer and copying of multiple applications simultaneously. It should be noted that Nexus smartphones do not support such technology to receive files via Bluetooth – but all other smartphones do a great job.

But if you have a Nexus smartphone, there is a way around this difficulty – you can archive the application file and send it in ZIP format – so MyAppSharer can help you. Even the novice user will know what to do with this application.

MyAppSharer by Jones Chi1 MyAppSharer by Jones Chi2


Bluetooth App Sender, Easy Uninstaller PRO

Bluetooth App Sender, Easy Uninstaller PROThis application has a clear function – it sends different files between users’ smartphones using different transfer technologies. So you can use not only Bluetooth, but also Internet connection, other applications, and e-mail.

Bluetooth App Sender quickly and practically sends the right applications to the recipient, without wasting Internet traffic and without requiring additional permissions. You can forget about the Internet or USB cable – everything is done without problems and without wires.

In order to send a certain application, you will only need to select it and click on the “Share” button. Next Bluetooth App Sender will offer you to choose the way you are going to do it – the fastest and most practical is Bluetooth, but you will need to have the recipient near you.

You can also use Bluetooth App Sender as an application manager to remove unnecessary services and fast transfer of data. However, we do recommend that you use the service to send files rather than delete them.

Bluetooth App Sender, Easy Uninstaller PRO1 Bluetooth App Sender, Easy Uninstaller PRO2


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Bluetooth App Sender, Apk Share and Backup by InShot Inc.

Bluetooth App Sender, Apk Share and Backup by InShot Inc.Many applications that help you send files also offer the option of backing up all the data on your smartphone. This is due to the fact that not all modern phones can immediately adopt the image of your old device – most often, users have to install all their own applications, re-enter accounts and confirm their identity.

Bluetooth App Sender allows you to create a backup of your smartphone and send all the applications that you use, to your new device.

You can send an image not only via Bluetooth and Huawei Share but also via email or cloud storage. Bluetooth App Sender can also collect all the links to download these apps to make your search and installation process easier.

However, the easiest way to transfer all the data will be to back up to the SD card of your current smartphone – run this process in the application, and after a while, all the data will already be on electronic media. Bluetooth App Sender will significantly accelerate any process of sending applications and data!

Bluetooth App Sender, Apk Share and Backup by InShot Inc.1 Bluetooth App Sender, Apk Share and Backup by InShot Inc.2


The tools that we have selected for you in this article may differ in their functionality, the platforms for which they are designed, and other characteristics. The main thing is that when using them, you will not need any additional equipment or special wires, because all data will be transmitted via Bluetooth.

So you will be able to download a certain version of the game from your friend, the application you need, or even just to transfer a large number of photos and music at one time.

We offer you a convenient way to transfer applications via Bluetooth is a great option without network access. We hope that our article has helped you to find the best tool for using Bluetooth technologies.

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