9 Best Kanji Apps in 2023 for Android & iOS

Wanna learn Japanese kanji scripts? Then keep reading this article!

There are plenty of kanji apps in 2023 for Android & iOS that will help you master your Japanese language. These apps let you learn kanji scripts in interactive forms like mini-games, quizzes, graphics cards, and all that.

Plus, there are apps to master your Japanese writing, and some classic flashcard ones as well. These apps will work equally for the amateurs and experienced learners who want to test their knowledge, so there’s something for everyone.

We’ve gathered together the best 9 apps in that category you may try. Have a look!

Learn Japanese Language

learn japanese language

Let’s start with an app that will help you to master Japanese vocab.

The concept of this app is quite simple—to bring entertainment into a casual learning process. The education will turn into a fun game filled with countless tasks (aka levels). Plus, in case you didn’t know, it’s much easier to memorize something via graphics and mini-games, and this app operates on this rule pretty well.

Thus, the app is fully illustrated and all the pics carry the direct definition of words. As for the mini-games, they are not pointless at all—they will help you memorize scripts and all, so on. Herewith, you need to keep in mind that this app fully concentrates on vocab and comes with zero grammar tasks. It covers over 2K words in more than 100 topics for you to learn for free.

Beyond that, this app takes your busy lifestyle into account and tries its best to incorporate language learning into it. It will only take you 5 mins a day with this app to boost up your performance of Japanese vocab. It sounds crazy, but this principle will help you to stick to education and not skip days.

Learn Japanese Language 1 Learn Japanese Language 2 



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Infinite Japanese

infinite japanese

Next, we have a user-friendly app for kanji recognition.

Just like the previous one, this app is all about turning education into a fun little game. Sooth to say, this app has got rid of all boring things such as flashcards, numerous-choice tasks, and all that. But the fact that this app is based on games, doesn’t mean that it’s not effective. More to that, it may be even more effective than the old-school methods.

The thing is, this app lets you learn kanji effortlessly, without using English. That’s because all the scripts are shown in the form of images and graphics. Overall, each question comes in 3 orders—text, image, and an audio translation which lets you memorize the materials way better.

For now, the app covers over 200 words in multiple categories such as food, animals, cars, countries, and all that. Herewith, you may rather learn the words by categories to not get confused, or go for a random mode (which is more effective to repeat the scripts and test your skills). The app also covers romaji and kana if needed.

infinite japanese 1 infinite japanese 2



Kanji Study 

Kanji Study

It’s a simple kanji education app that will help you remember Japanese terms in the most effective way.

For now, the app lets you learn over 2K kanji scripts, and its number will grow with time. It covers all the essential characters, so you can be sure you’ll get the right base. All the scripts are categorized by levels—you start with the easiest and move to the more complicated ones later on.

Plus, there are over 3K compound words for you to practice. This app uses interactive teaching methods that help you not get bored with learning and not lose your enthusiasm. It covers writing quizzes where you’ll need to quickly write the symbols, compound ones, and more. You’ll also need to find the definition of scripts and representations, and all that should b done in a limited time.

In case you have diction issues, the app covers audio translations as well. The lessons include both On and Kun reading, so no concerns about that. You’ll also get to quickly switch between translating from English to Japanese and otherwise. Plus, the app lets you view all the learned sessions and re-do the training sessions if needed.

Kanji Study 1 Kanji Study 2 




MochiMochiThis is an educational app that helps you increase your kanji recognition results.

This app is fully focused on providing you with a joyful education exp, and you won’t get bored out of it. It comes with a bright design that brings a positive vibe so that you won’t feel like learning smth—you’ll feel like playing. The app also has its own cute mascots Mochi and Michi that will follow you through the entire journey.

According to claims, this app lets you memorize over 1K kanji in a month, which is a pretty great result. It covers hundreds of lessons dedicated to multiple topics, so you’ll learn all the essentials and basics. Plus, it covers over 6K kanji characters in various categories for you to learn.

Beyond that, the app runs on smart algorithms that analyze your progress and history. It lets you avoid repeats and get more effective with understanding new scripts. Besides, the app will send you regular reminders to repeat the vocabulary, so you wouldn’t forget it. The app is fully free with no sub-packs, which is great.

MochiMochi 1 MochiMochi 3 



Kanji Dictionary

kanji dictionaryAs you may guess by the name, it’s a dictionary that will help you with kanji education.

First of all, as you know, kanji is normally composed out of other kanji (aka elements) according to strict rules. These rules defy kanji senses and speech, and this app is here to help you with it. It gets you to look up kanji details along with helping you to get into the kanji details and memorize them.

Besides, the elements list lets you subtract your mnemonic, which is quite helpful. To get more not features, this app lets look for English meanings, hiragana, katakana, kanji, and more. You’ll get to filter the kanji as needed and add some to your faves as well. The interface is quite simple, so no concerns about that.

However, there are some cons that have to be mentioned here. First, the app comes with no help system, so if you’re just starting to get into kanji it may seem a bit too complicated and overloaded with stuff. Plus, the app has loads of ads that interfere you from reading the definitions.

kanji dictionary 2 kanji dictionary 1 


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Kanji Memory Hint

kanji memry hintHere’s an app that will help you to study kanji the fun way.

That’s right—another app that practices interactive language teaching. To be more precise, this app uses mnemonic pics and simple mini-games to check how well you know the scripts. The app also uses sounds and animations that will help you get the stroke order of kanji scripts and example sentences.

More to that, there are plenty of games to check out how well you’ve learned the material. For instance, there’s a memory hint game with cards dedicated to various topics, a catch game, and much more. There’s also an explanation method that will help you to get the base of writing, and all that.

Is that effective, though? Yeah. Especially if you’re a beginner or interested in increasing your vocab. Even if you’re making your very first steps in learning kanji -this app will help. In case you’ve been learning Japanese for a while now and looking for some advanced knowledge—feel free to skip this app. The app is fully free with no sub-packs, so no concerns about that.

Kanji Memory Hint 1 Kanji Memory Hint 2 





This app is a different breed. Retaining Japanese vocab is one thing, but trying to write the scripts —it’s an even bigger challenge.

This app will be your personal writing trainer, regardless of your skills. It suits both advanced learners and complete beginners that don’t know where to start. The app covers all three different Japanese writing scripts, and you get to learn them via decks based on matters.

All the decks are also sorted by difficulty, so you’ll get a gradual education exp. The decks cover plenty of unusual topics that may be helpful in real life. For example, there’s a survival topic for traveling, the one for restaurants and stores dedicated to food and drinks, some cultural topics for day-to-day talks, and much more.

You start by learning the definition of the scripts and then move to practice its writing. Plus, you’ll get to regulate the subjects to learn along with the card types. There is a bunch of tests for you to check your knowledge, so no concerns about that. The app runs on sub packs, but there’s a monthly free trial to figure out if it is worth it.

Skritter 1 Skritter 2 



Japanese Kanji Study

japanese kanji studyIt’s a kanji study app that helps you retain kanji productively.

If you were scrolling through our apps list and thought—I don’t need a game-like app, I need something serious, this app is the one. It uses flashcards, challenges, tests, and much more to help you to get into kanji. The flashcards cover animation, reading, the meaning explanations, and all that.

As for the quizzes, you’ll get to adjust them to show the substances, reading, sentences, and more. You may also regulate the number of topics if needed. All quizzes come with autoplay audios and let you repeat the questions you’ve got wrong. The app also covers a word search with over 180K words and 6k kanji. Herewith, the app covers sub-packs, but there’s still a free version without any ads.

The free version is quite helpful for beginners—it covers an unlimited amateur kanji study, radicals, and more. Plus, the free version comes with a dictionary and info screens, so no concerns about that. In case you’ll want to go bigger—there are one-time payment options that will unlock the rest of the materials.

japanese kanji study 1 japanese kanji study 2 


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Kanji GO

Kanji GO

And lastly, we have an app that helps you mater your kanji in a boring-free way.

This app will help you memorize kanji from JLPT N5 to JLPT N1, and if you’re a beginner you can start learning from other characters. The app covers the entire alphabet of all the scripts, so no concerns about that. The app covers around 2K kanji characters, sorted by difficulty levels and matters. Plus, there are almost 6K vocab words for you to practice for free.

The app runs on a gradual progression system that will increase the difficulty of the tasks according to your progress. Along with that, the app comes with loads of audio exercises to train your knowledge. There are also drawing examples that help you visually memorize the words and enhance your skills.

Each level and topic ends with a final exam that will latest your entire knowledge. Then, it will analyze your progress with each kanji and point out your weak spots. Your entire earning history will be saved in your acc, so you could view it at any time. In case you’re one of those who enjoy learning at night—there’s a dark mode, especially for you.

Kanji GO 1 Kanji GO 1



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