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Right here and right now you will find an interesting selection of apps with gun sounds that you can download for free.

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Weaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol

Weaphones ™ Gun Sim Free Vol is a weapon simulator, or rather a weapon sound simulator.

Good fun with a fun company. Or a realistic sound for children’s games. Interest the boys by downloading this application to their phones and teach them to use, and for the next couple of days, they will be able to shoot at the street instead of sitting at the computer.

In the application, there are more than ten different types of weapons, different countries, different models and different calibers, which makes this application not only amusing but also quite informative. Each model is worked out in detail, and created with 100% similarity with the original.

In addition to the fact that the application can imitate the sounds of shots, it also shows the device structure of the weapon, both external and internal, as well. You can disassemble or assemble your machine gun, or a pistol.

In addition, there is a weapon modification function – you can select the “gun” you are interested in and proceed to add or replace certain parts. Suppose you can change or add a sight, change or remove the butt, add or remove an under-barrel grenade launcher, add or remove an under-barrel flashlight, and much more in the game Weaphones ™ Gun Sim Free Vol 1.

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Ultimate Weapon Simulator

Ultimate Weapon Simulator is a unique weapon simulator for mobile devices. This application will be especially relevant for lovers of various firearms. Special effects are incredibly realistic in it.

The application interface is simple and even a child can understand it. Do you want to hold a weapon in your hands and try in practice its firepower? Then Ultimate Weapon Simulator is what you need. Install the game on your gadget and run exciting gameplay.

At your disposal, there will be a huge arsenal of weapons. They are various models of pistols, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, and their most up-to-date modifications. Try in action any weapon you like. The stock of ammunition is limitless, which allows you to train in shooting for as long as you want.

Turn on the sound on your mobile device at full volume and enjoy the realistic sounds of shots. Visual special effects are also amazing – the fire and smoke from the shots look quite real. Enjoy the realistic physics of owning a real firearm.

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Guns Sound

Guns Sound – scare your friends or classmates with the sound of shots. A large variety of weapons is available in this application.

Choose from almost a hundred different samples of pistols, grenades, and even machine guns. All those who are interested in weapons will be interested in this application: a brief description and endless ammunition are attached to each sample.

This is just a godsend for lovers of jokes. Press and hold your finger on the gun to make a shot. Now you can terrify the people and animals around you with your smartphone or tablet. Become a thunderstorm area with Guns Sound.

100+ Weapon Sounds & Buttons

100+ Weapon Sounds & Buttons – an application with a huge collection of sounds of various guns.

Here, the user has the opportunity to listen to the sounds of shots of a huge arsenal of weapons, including hundreds of them. There are various pistols, machine guns, rifles, grenades, and even a bazooka.

The collection includes Medieval and futuristic, military and improvised weapons. There is something from every era. By selecting one of the many copies available, you can listen to the realistic sound when you shot.

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Real Gun Sound

Real Gun Sound is a weapon sound simulator. Here, you can try a new set of various “guns”, listen and find out which ones sound like. Each weapon has mentioned the name, description, and ammo detail.

This is a very good imitator of gunshots and sounds, so be careful with them in the presence of nervous armed people, because you can get into big trouble. But for children, it will be a great toy.

If you download such an application for them, you can either forget about the children for a couple of days or, again, make problems for yourself, because the gunfights will not stop until the guns are in their hands.

An interesting and functional application, beautifully designed, and most importantly – qualitatively voiced. It can be both an entertainment for children or a company or just a killer of time.

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Gun Sounds: Gun Simulator

Gun Sounds: Gun Simulator will allow you to scare, surprise and prank your mates. You only need to shake your phone to play the shooter, which activates the gun simulator.

To use the program, you can choose about 100 different sounds. This will allow you to choose any weapon you like to prank your family and friends. Also, the assortment of effects is regularly updated. The sound is of the highest quality and cleanest possible, so it is hard to distinguish it from the real thing.

The app also allows you to capture the process of the prank, as the shooting starts automatically when you shake your smartphone. Explore in detail the description of each weapon, the sound of which is present in the range.

The functionality and features of the service are available to users absolutely free of charge. Updating also requires no extra payment.

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Real Gun Shot Sounds Simulator

Real Gun Shot Sounds Simulator will allow you to experience the sound of real weapons in a game or prank. It has a huge number of different effects, each of which simulates a different weapon. There are also extra flash and vibration functions available. They are activated during the virtual shooting.

With this app, you can play hunters, robbers, and other games without any harm. The sound effects are as realistic as possible, so it is difficult to distinguish them from real weapons.

In the app, you can read the description and history of the weapon whose sound effects you want to use for your entertainment. There are also many models of famous pistols, assault rifles, and other weapons in the range.

Such virtual weapons do not need to be reloaded, because this process happens automatically. Ammunition is provided to users in unlimited quantities.

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