11 Best Free Caller ID Apps for Android & iOS

These days smartphones can do lots of things for us but still, the basic purpose of a phone is to make and to receive calls.

In our daily routine, we receive and make lots of calls but sometimes it becomes annoying when we continuously get calls which are not important to us.

If you are annoyed by such calls, then having the best call blocker app is a must for you. Call Blocking apps can easily identify unknown numbers, giving you a name as well as location data on who is calling.

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You can easily find plenty of such apps but let’s talk about the best of the best. Here’s the list of best Caller ID apps for Android and iOS users that are available for free.


Truecaller is a great caller app that offers you way better functionality than the one that comes with the basic operating system. It identifies all the phone numbers that try to call you.

As you’ll start using this app you’ll notice the beautiful minimalistic design, useful features, and high identification skill. All-in-all, this app does exactly what it requires to do it recognize unknown numbers, and classify them.

Using this app you will have the capability to add specific callers to the blacklist of spammers so that you won’t be bothered with unneeded calls.

This app aims to be a full-fledged dealer replacement. It will replace the built-in Android calling system and will give you all the features you might need in one place. That way, you will not only be able to block undesired calls and SMS messages but even make calls straight from the app.

Truecaller is working based on a large spam list of numbers that gives enables it to match almost any number with the person or a company, That way you will always know who is calling you.

This app also gives you the opportunity to add the list of spammers to your phone. That way Truecaller will be able to block every number that can potentially be spam.

However, one of those numbers could get through, and then you will need to report about it. After that, the number will be added to the spam number database and you will never get a call from it again.

Truecaller makes it easy to search for a hidden number. Basically, all you need to do is to type the name you want to call or block, and Truecaller will take care of it.

To sum it up, Truecaller is a great app that enables you to easily ignore unneeded calls. Using this app you can keep yourself away from the calls you don’t need. Give it a try.

Truecaller screenTruecaller screen1



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Hiya: Caller ID & Spam Blocker

Hiya is an app that is quite similar to Truecaller. It has lots of comparable features such as a scammer block–list, a caller ID feature, and more.

Apart from that, Hiya also enables you to not only block unneeded calls but also block SMS spammers once and for all. Sounds great, right?

Overall, Hiya was made to help you to identify the unknown calls and immediately block the ones that could be identified as spam. That is why this app has such a massive database of numbers. That way it can identify millions of calls every month and almost a billion detected threats in total. Impressive, isn’t it?

One of the best features Hiya has is that all the phone calls and messages will be automatically compared with its large database of spammers. That way if it’s even a chance that it is a spam call or SMS, it will be blocked. All those numbers are matching with the spammer lists so that you can decide if you would like to accept the phone call.

Using this app you will have the ability to add individual or the company numbers to the blacklist so you could never receive a call from them again. Apart from other apps, Hiya also controls all incoming SMS to see if there are any viruses or dangerous links.

Moreover, when you are on the go and immediately need to call a specific person but you don’t know the number, you can also get access to Hiya’s large database of numbers to look for it.

This app also has a great design, and it’s easy to use thanks to an uncluttered user interface. Overall, Hiya has many amazing and helpful features, so you should definitely give it a try.

Hiya screenHiya screen1



Showcaller – Caller ID & Block

Showcaller is a great caller id app that works on a large database of phone numbers and already has millions of people using it.

Using this app you can figure out who is calling you and then decide if you want to accept the call or not. The app can give you information about the city from where the incoming call is coming from, a carrier of the number an even the particular address.

Showcaller gives you an opportunity to simply recognize the numbers that are trying to call you. This app is always here for you to give you precise information about an unknown caller.

This app is also capable of identifying spam numbers so you will be awarded if the telemarketers will try to reach you. However, if it will miss the number you will need to report about it and app to your own database.

Along with that, the app store every number you search so that you can quickly find these numbers again if you need it. That way you can easily reach all of your friends that you are in contact with the most. You just need to tap on the photo and customize them as you like.

This app also enables you to record calls that are high–quality. That way, you don’t need an extra app to do it and if you’ve ever need record a call – Showcaller is got you covered.

The catch here is you need to make sure that it is legal to record a phone call in your state. Because some states require it as a crime and if it does you should disable this feature in the settings. To sum it up, Showcaller is a caller ID app that can cover all your needs. Definitely worth trying.

Showcaller screenShowcaller screen1



Me – Caller ID Spam Protection

Me – Caller ID Spam Protection is a great caller ID app that enables you to know everything about the unknown numbers that are calling you.

As you understand, this app does pretty much the same thing that any other caller id app does. That way, any unknown number that is trying to reach you will be identified. After that, the app will give you the name of a person or a company of an incoming call and even the location.

Apart from that, Me – Caller ID has a unique feature the enables you to see how your number is saved in the contacts of other people. So that you can exactly know what your name in the contact of your friends. Another cool feature allows you to see whether the incoming number is from a landline or a phone number.

However, Me Caller ID’s number database is not limitless so it might not recognize every number that is trying to call you. That way if any telemarketer gets through, you will need to report about this number and it will be immediately added to a database.

Besides, this app also enables you to send WhatsApp messages during the call even if the number is not in your contact list. Sound great, right?

Using this app you can even get the opportunity to hear the name of the person who is calling you. The app has a feature to say it out loud so that you won’t even need to look at the screen. Overall, Me – Caller ID Spam Protection is a great basic caller ID app that also has a few unique features that might get you interested.

Me - Caller ID screenMe - Caller ID screen1



CIA – Caller ID & Call Blocker

CIA is a great caller id app that enables you to identify unknown numbers. Along with other apps, it also has some unique features that give you the opportunity to back up your contacts massively block the numbers from particular countries and ranges.

Speaking about the ID backup function you can decide if you want to use it or not, it’s up to you. This feature works simply – it uploads all your contacts to the servers of this app and this information is being stored on your account. It includes all the names of your contacts, their numbers, and much more.

The interface of this app is actually very pretty and minimalistic. It contains a beautiful and easy–to–use interface. Besides, the CIA app enables you to block plenty of phone numbers whether its a call or a text.

This app will keep you safe from any spammer or bill collector that will try to reach you. In addition to this, the CIA gives you the opportunity to reject messages or phone calls with pre-made texts and also block international calls.

CIA has a large database so its able to aware you of more than a million spam numbers. This app’s database is made of plenty of different data sources so the level of recognition is incredibly high. That way you can be 100% sure that you won’t receive even a single spam call. Moreover, this app enables you to customize its options in lots of ways.

CIA screenCIA screen1


Whoscall – Caller ID & Block

Whoscall is an app that will help you to identify the number of unknown call or a message. This app enables you to take the full control under the list of people who are calling you to avoid spammers. This app is one of the most popular apps for call recognition.

Even though it offers similar features as any other apps it still has a more strict privacy policy so that you can feel completely safe. According to that, your data in this app is being collected but then anonymized.

This app gives you the ability to use the same in the online and offline mode. That way you will still be able to identify unknown numbers even without an internet connection.

Along with the other similar apps, Whoscall is able to block messages and calls from spammers or telemarketers. So using this app you can always identify the caller and decide if you want to add him to the blacklist or just report of spam call.

This app also has a connection with plenty of social networks like Facebook and Twitter so that you can share spam numbers you’ve discovered with other people.

Along with that, Whoscall has a calling card that enables you to customize your caller id. That way you can be sure that the calls or messages from your friends are not treated as spam.

However, WhosCall contains some ads but you can easily close it. Speaking about the interface, it’s quite minimalistic and easy to use.

Whoscall screenWhoscall screen1



Mr. Number – Caller ID & Spam Protection

Mr.Number is a caller id app that enables you to block the unknown callers that could be identified as spamThis app gives you an opportunity to block SMS messages from a single persona particular area or even from the entire worldit is up to you.

Using this app you can whether redirect some calls directly to your voicemail or to simply hang up the callThe app also gives you the opportunity to look through the reviews about the particular number left by other users.

Besidesthe app is capable of automatically blocking any unknown messages and numbersYou will also be able to report spam calls and SMS yourself and leave comments about your experience with it to warn other users.

MrNumber app gives you the ability to look through all the numbers in your phone’s history so that you can block any number you want at any time.

Speaking about the interfaceit is clean and intuitive so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or having any troubles with the appThat wayit will be easy for you to block all the unneeded numbers.

Howeveryou can only block the first twenty calls for freeAnd after thatyou will need to upgrade your account up to premium for further use.

Overallit is one of the best caller id apps that enable you to block calls and messages from particular areas or even the entire worldThat way you will be able to avoid telemarketers and spammers before they waste your time.

It has a reverse number lookup for both mobile and landline numbersSo give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.

Mr. Number screenMr. Number screen1



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CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder

This is not just an app for identifying the caller’s ID, it can become your ultimate manager of all the calls. You will see how managing all of that will become easier with this app. Starting with the fact that the app will always detect the ID of the incoming call, ending with the block of unwanted numbers.

Each time you get an incoming call you will be able to see the name and information about who’s trying to reach you. If you see it is a spam call there is no need to get distracted from work. Because this app is so multi-functional and useful more than 75 million users have already chosen it as their call management app.

Even all the missed calls will be saved in the app with detailed information about the callers. Another cool feature of CallApp that helps it to stand out from others is the video ringtone function. You can set the video ringtones for separate numbers, so each time they will be calling, the video will be played.

The dialer function will provide quick access to any of your contacts. The contact management is also very convenient and all the phone numbers are displayed in large font. What is more, there is a function of a call recorder – thus, you can record any call that you want, though this feature is usually found only in the specific call recording apps.

Create your own blacklist by adding the unwanted numbers in there. Customize the app by choosing different themes. By the way, one more interesting feature of CallApp is that it can conceal your number and gives you the possibility to make the incognito calls.



Call Control: #1 Call Blocker

Call Control logo

Call Control: #1 Call Blocker is a free caller id app that enables you to automatically block thousands of numbers from call centers and more.
Using this app you will also have an opportunity to block unknown calls, filter messages and even use “do not disturb“ mode to feel completely spam-free.

Besides, all the calls will be blocked silently so you won’t even need to get distracted to reject a call. This app also enables you to look for a particular number in its database.

Speaking about the interface, it is pretty minimalist and easy-to-use. That way you won’t need to worry about dealing with the app. By now this app already has millions of users that trust it to block their unwanted calls and texts. So as you start using this app you will be a part of a big community that is actively reported about all the spam numbers.

This app blocks all the calls silently without disturbing you from your daily life. Using this app you will always be protected from annoying telemarketers and call-centers. But if one of them will get through you can always add the number to your personal blacklist. As you can see, this app is definitely getting the job done so you should give it a try.

Price: free

Call Control screenCall Control screen1


Caller ID & Call Blocker Free

You will definitely appreciate having this app on your phone because it’s not just extremely convenient in usage, but very powerful as well. This is one of the few cases when you don’t need to get used to an elaborate interface to fight all these spam calls and learn the caller ID.

This app can easily identify the ID of any caller and it immediately shows it to you on the screen. When it is a spam call, the screen will turn red, so you will know that there is no necessity to pick up the phone even without gazing at the ID name.

There is also a function that allows blocking all unwanted numbers. What is more, the app allows detecting not only name and information about the caller, but their GPS location as well. All the missed calls will be saved in a widget, where all the calling numbers will be identified as well. Turning the app to a widget is optional.



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Simpler Caller ID – Contacts and Dialer

This app can basically become your call manager, not just a Caller ID identifier. To start with, nowadays the number of spam calls and all other digital rubbish that messes up with our minds is just excessive.

It is so great that the developers of this app have guessed all the problems and created the perfect solution so your phone space would stay private – just as it should be.

To start with, the app always identifies the ID of the ones who’s making in incoming calls to your phone number. And even more, the app identifies even the ID of the missed calls. Thus, you’ll be able to immediately identify and block the spam calls and all kinds of other intrusive calls.

Secondly, you can search the identity of the unknown numbers – all you have to do is to type in the number into the search bar of the app and it will find the number in the database. Since the app is already used by more than 8 million users all around the world, it is possible to identify almost everything and anyone here.

You can also use Simpler Caller ID to send emails and messages. The interface design is customizable and contains more than 40 themes.



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