11 Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games for Android & iOS

Multiplayer games are a great reason to get together with your friends online, talk, and play something interesting.

You don’t have to play shooters or different RPGs for that – not everyone likes those genres, especially if your whole group of friends has different interests. But there is a type of game that is sure to please literally everyone – a puzzle game. You can also look at the 21 Free Puzzle Game Apps for Android & iOS if you are interested not only in multiplayer games.

Gathered at home in the evening with family, with friends online after work, or even at a party, you can easily start solving some puzzles with a trick. They’re great for relaxation, and also for enjoying time among your loved ones and family.

You can even compete in who will solve more puzzles or offer the most unusual solution. If you and your friends want to warm up your brain, we’ve put together 11 Free Multiplayer Puzzle Games for Android & iOS.

Infinite Word Search Puzzles by Random Logic Games

Infinite Word Search Puzzles by Random Logic GamesThe classic word search games are usually not perceived as a competitive game. People usually play them when they have nothing better to do, or when they want to relax. But Infinite Word Search Puzzles is another matter.

There are many different levels of difficulty as well as more than 100 different puzzle categories. You can choose one of them and start developing your brain by moving through the letters in a certain direction. The rules are incredibly simple, so the difficulty will be in the puzzles.

For people who like to compete with each other, in Infinite Word Search Puzzles you will be able to use the Multiplayer mode. Here you will be able to play either against your friends or with random rivals, that the game will choose for you.

To find the maximal number of words you need to be the fastest because it is a word-racing game. If you don’t register in Infinite Word Search Puzzles you will only be able to play with random people – you will need to be logged in on Facebook to be able to play with random players.

Infinite Word Search Puzzles by Random Logic Games1 Infinite Word Search Puzzles by Random Logic Games2

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Words With Friends 2 – Board Games & Word Puzzles

Words With Friends 2 - Board Games & Word PuzzlesWords With Friends 2 is the second part of the popular Words With Friends game. The developers upgraded the previous version and made it even better and more complicated. Here you will have perfect brain training while having fun with your friends and solving different crosswords together.

You’ll be able to challenge one friend or more, as well as compete with family members who love crossword puzzles. Words With Friends 2 allows you to play board games with words while having only a smartphone in hand.

For each word you find on the board or solve, you get points. Accordingly, the longer the word you find, the greater the reward it will bring you. For these rewards, you can unlock different collectibles, as well as participate in various competitions.

For example, in Words With Friends 2 there is a speed game mode, where you will compete with other players – you will be given mini-crosswords to work with. Test your spelling and language skills right in the game.

Words With Friends 2 - Board Games & Word Puzzles1 Words With Friends 2 - Board Games & Word Puzzles2

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Brain Buzz: 1-on-1 Quick & Fun

Brain Buzz 1-on-1 Quick & FunBrain Buzz is a one-on-one intellectual game where you can exercise your brain in a little competition. There are new tournaments and winners every day, and even the pickiest players celebrate their interest in the levels.

Brain Buzz features many tricky challenges and puzzles that are designed to develop your logic, memory training, and overall thinking skills.

Brain Buzz can be played with more than just your friends or random players. You can get daily individual assignments with which you can practice or just kill time. Brain Buzz can really be called one of the best puzzle games, with over 50 different mini-games: you don’t have to stop at one type of task.

Especially because the game constantly features tournaments that will push you face to face with other players who can master even the difficult tasks. You, on the other hand, only have to unlock your potential in puzzles.

Brain Buzz 1-on-1 Quick & Fun1 Brain Buzz 1-on-1 Quick & Fun2

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GrabbyWord by PlayZot

GrabbyWord by PlayZotGrabbyWord is another game whose actions are directly related to words. It represents something new among simple word games because you will need to think about each word you compose.

You’ve played GrabbyWord in real life, composing words from the offered letters and competing with your friends and family. Now you will do it on your smartphone screen, and the opponent can be not only an acquaintance but also an absolutely random player.

In GrabbyWord you will be rewarded for your active play activity, which you can later spend on hints. As soon as you achieve the goals – for example, successfully compose words of a certain length or win several matches, you will also be entitled to bonuses.

GrabbyWord has tournaments that unite all the players – you can take part in them together with your friends. If you create an account, you can continue playing on all your devices.

GrabbyWord by PlayZot1 GrabbyWord by PlayZot2

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Puzzly Words: Play Multiplayer Word Puzzle Games


Puzzly Words Play Multiplayer Word Puzzle GamesPuzzly Words is a game that will train your brain regularly. You can play against other people, against your friends, and even against the computer – can you beat them all or will you give up at some point?

Puzzly Words is very easy to learn and the rules are simple, making it addictive for a long time. To become a master of words you will have to win several times in a row and also have a big vocabulary with unusual and unfamiliar terms.

In Puzzly Words you’ll have to think fast: you can’t come up with the word before your opponent. The challenges you will face will never end: the game literally goes on and on forever. At the beginning of the game you will need to choose random letters from the set and make a word out of them – it may not be as easy as you expect.

It’s also worth remembering that Puzzly Words may have a time limit – so you only have 1 minute to make a move. If you don’t make a complete word in a limited time, your turn goes to your opponent.

Puzzly Words Play Multiplayer Word Puzzle Games1 Puzzly Words Play Multiplayer Word Puzzle Games2

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Brain Wars by Translimit

Brain Wars by TranslimitBrain Wars is a fun game that will keep you in suspense all the time. You will be able to compete with players from all over the world, testing your intellectual abilities and logic. Brain Wars appeals to all those players who really like puzzles, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and charades.

It all starts with simple puzzles – at first, you will even think that everything happens too easily. But then you will understand how exactly you have to develop your own brain and thinking abilities.

The game requires you to compete in real-time – and players can come from all over the world. Simple challenges and riddles will help you develop mentally, and repetition will adapt your brain.

You can choose from different types of puzzles to test yourself intellectually. Brain Wars even has a world ranking among all users so that you can determine who is really the smartest. You and your friends can compete against each other and earn a ranking.

Brain Wars by Translimit1


ReBounce! – Multiplayer Puzzle

ReBounce! - Multiplayer PuzzleNot all puzzles will test your intelligence or knowledge of any world literature. In ReBounce, for example, you’ll be competing with friends in logic and reaction. There is only one simple action you have to perform – shoot the ball.

Let’s agree that it sounds too easy, but only until you try it yourself. In ReBounce you will compete with your friends or random players from all over the world and try to pass incredibly difficult levels before them. Keep in mind that the levels will only get harder.

The goal of ReBounce is to keep the ball bounce as long as possible. The ball itself should only be moved using simple controls – left or right. Not all players cope even with the simplest levels, but once you master the mechanics of the game, everything will become much easier.

Each level in ReBounce gives you a reward, with which you can buy new balls or special boosters that will give you an advantage in the competition.

ReBounce! - Multiplayer Puzzle1


Draw & Guess Multiplayer by OPENMAIGEIM

Draw & Guess Multiplayer by OPENMAIGEIMAmong all the games you can find several that are popular at many parties and holidays. You all know the game Draw & Guess – one player draws or depicts an object, and all other participants try to guess what he means.

Thanks to the fact that everyone now has a smartphone, you can play Draw & Guess remotely – just download the desired game for multiplayer mode. Now you can get together with your friends even at the moment when each of you is at home.

Draw & Guess is a social game where everyone interacts with each other, jokes and at the same time tries to solve a puzzle. Nothing changes with the use of a smartphone – one player will still try to represent the puzzling word with a drawing.

Believe me, in Draw & Guess there are no simple words! For example, how do you represent Hell? Or world events? For this you also need creativity, and the lack of drawing skills of the players will make the whole process even more fun.

Draw & Guess Multiplayer by OPENMAIGEIM1


Groops by Torched Media

Groops by Torched MediaWord games and quizzes often use patterns. They test your ability to think logically, test your own mind, and even group items by non-standard traits.

Groops is a puzzle game that relies specifically on patterns, allowing you to keep your brain constantly engaged and thinking outside the box. There are over a hundred levels in the game, whose difficulty increases exponentially.

Groops, just like any other puzzle game, has several game modes. For example, Time Attack, where you will make the patterns endlessly and try to get to the top in a short time. There’s also a multiplayer mode where you and your friends can compete in logic and try to get as many groups as possible.

Groops is more fun and challenging than you could ever imagine. You won’t even be able to tear yourself away from the game once you launch it. Match different tiles with identical ones, remove unnecessary groups, and try to overcome the strongest opponents.

Groops by Torched Media1 Groops by Torched Media2


Skillz – Logic Brain Games

Skillz - Logic Brain GamesYou can test how well your brain works in the game Skillz. It is an intellectual game that will test not only your intellectual abilities but also your memory, speed, attentiveness, and other abilities.

You can train your own thinking at any place and at any time, the main thing is to install the game on your smartphone. It is great for the whole family, as in Skillz presented different levels of complexity.

For example, children can learn to work with colors and distinguish them, which is very useful for the development of their abilities.

Skillz features many puzzles, games, and challenges, each of which will earn you extra points. You should just try to start playing, and you won’t notice how you’ll get sucked in. Skillz offers you to play with a group of 2 to 4 people, and you can choose both your friends and random players.

If you take first place in this group, you can earn extra points – and there’s a reward even if you get 2nd place. Your overall rating will depend on your total number of wins, and it doesn’t matter who you played with.

Skillz - Logic Brain Games1 Skillz - Logic Brain Games2


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Puzzle Pieces Mania

Puzzle Pieces ManiaNot all puzzles can boast that their difficulty is accessible to literally every player. Agree, when you can’t solve a puzzle or riddle for a long time, it’s stressful – like you’re not smart enough to solve it.

Puzzle Pieces Mania has carefully designed the difficulty for each level so that you don’t get overwhelmed and can pass the levels with effort. There are over 200 different levels in total in the game, each one manually created.

The entire gameplay in the game is simple and even relaxing – all you have to do is flip pieces of the picture and rotate them. You have to align all the pieces of the puzzle so that a complete picture is formed.

The multiplayer mode in Puzzle Pieces Mania is implemented with Game Center, but there is no time limit for the game.

After completing each level you will be given bonuses, and after a while, you will be given access to unique levels that are not available to regular players. Puzzle Pieces Mania will help you relax, but it will also help you develop your intellect and move your brain.

Puzzle Pieces Mania1 Puzzle Pieces Mania2


Puzzles don’t have a specific subject area or type. These puzzles can be charades, riddles, logic tests, and even attention tests – usually, in applications, it’s all mixed up and offered to you in random order.

Such games excellently develop your mental abilities, and the fact of competition with your friends only increases the excitement to solve another puzzle. Moreover, you can play multiplayer puzzle games from any place and device, even if you have no time to get together in real life.

Some games work even in 1 vs 1 – you can make an intellectual evening with your partner. We hope that our article has helped you because the choice of such games is small, but we have tried to collect the best among them.

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