7 Best Mobile Scanner Apps in 2024 for Android & iOS

Now all paper-based media are moving to digital format since it is the most portable. Before, this could be done with special devices that scanned each sheet separately. Many people still use them, but they have lost their relevance.

To replace them now come special services, which you can use directly on your phone. Thus, we have reviewed these best mobile scanner apps in 2024 for Android & iOS. They have all the necessary functionality and will help you to get excellent results.

For all business persons, we recommend using these best business card scanner apps for Android & iOS to get rid of old-school visit cardholders.

Adobe Scan

The Adobe Scan app is designed to scan documents through your device’s built-in camera. You can convert them into electronic PDF files.

As the camera scans, special image processing algorithms enhance the quality of the original document. It detects borders and adjusts the analyzed frame to the format of the scanned sheet.

Besides, a system is implemented to analyze the boundaries of printed characters – text and numbers. It is able to find pixels of insufficient quality in the image and apply graphic recognition to them.

Another interesting feature of Adobe Scan is the text recognition function. For example, when scanning a document, all graphic areas with printed data will be converted into an electronic form. Selected text can be copied to the clipboard or edited directly in the app.

You can then save the edited document to your device’s memory or cloud storage. In some cases, it is possible to export the content into office document formats.


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The ScreenOCR app is designed for scanning documents. It allows you to extract text from photos and images.

There is a built-in translation option from different languages. This service works with ready-made pictures from the gallery and captured photos. It provides not only text recognition but also its translation.

You need to select the area to be read and click on the Scan button. The recognized text appears at the bottom of the screen. You can save or copy it. The app supports saving the results as PDF or TXT files.

There is an option of automatic recognition of the text language. Besides, you can select the desired one from the drop-down list. In total, about 50 languages are supported.

In addition to scanning and recognition of text, translation into 20 languages is available. You can select the desired one from the appropriate list.

Translation results can also be saved or copied. It is possible to edit the text. The app stores the history of scans.



TapScanner is a document scanning tool. With the help of the utility, you can save photos in JPG or PNG format.

Built-in filters are supported to improve image quality. You can send files to Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox cloud storage.

To use the utility, you need to allow access to the camera of your mobile device. Then it is necessary to point the lens at the document so that it is completely in the frame.

After taking a photo, you need to select an area of the sheet by moving the blue dots on the screen. The tool will automatically crop the photo and offer to use a filter to improve the image quality. It is possible to adjust the contrast and sharpness. A monochrome color scheme is also available.

When editing is complete, the app allows you to save the result in JPG, PNG, or PDF format. Users can also choose the quality of the image.

The function of synchronization with cloud storage is supported. It is possible to use a text recognition tool.


Simple Scan

Simple Scan is a mobile scanner for documents, receipts, photos, and barcodes. It is possible to save multi-page files in PDF format. Automatic edge detection is supported.

You need to point the camera lens at the document so that it does not go beyond the screen. Next, you should create a snapshot. After that, the choice of color scheme will be available.

It is possible to scan documents consisting of several pages. To do this, you need to choose the appropriate mode using the switch on the toolbar. The utility also allows creating folders for storing scans.

With the help of the app, it is possible to scan QR and barcodes. After reading the information it will be possible to copy the text to the clipboard. The function of creating a password to protect the files is supported.

Furthermore, you can customize a template for naming new documents. The app allows you to connect file synchronization with cloud storage. Text recognition is available for all documents.


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Microsoft Lens

The Microsoft Lens app allows you to scan documents and photos with your mobile device camera. It supports automatic page border recognition.

The utility permits you to convert photos, business cards, and documents into electronic form using your phone camera. You will also be able to adjust the level of brightness and contrast.

There is an option to save the image in the gallery or send it to the OneDrive cloud storage. To use the app, you need to provide access to the internal memory and camera of your mobile device. Then you should point the lens at a sheet of paper and take a picture.

The utility automatically recognizes edges and crops the image. It is possible to set the borders manually. The scanning mode of multipage documents is also supported. After scanning, you will be able to select a color scheme and add filters.

The app allows you to change the orientation and format of the page. Moreover, the function of signing documents is available. To do this, select the color of the pen and draw a signature with your finger or stylus.

Once processing is complete, you can save the scanned document in JPG or PDF format. The utility also contains a built-in text recognition tool. It is possible to enable voiceover by selecting the reading speed and voice.



With the Notebloc app, you can convert documents and notes into electronic form using your smartphone camera. You can customize the color scheme and add text.

The utility supports the function of automatic data synchronization with Google Drive. Besides, you will be able to convert multipage documents into electronic form by saving them in PDF format.

To use the app, you must provide access to the camera of your mobile device. After that, you should take a picture of a sheet of paper. The utility will automatically determine the borders and crop the photo.

It is also possible to resize the image manually by dragging and dropping points. In the case of shooting in low light, you can use the flash. After that, you need to select the color scheme and add the necessary filters.

The app allows you to save the original document in JPG or PDF format. Sort files by name or date of creation. You will also be able to create folders and send documents for printing.

The utility contains a built-in tool for text recognition. You should select a language and wait until the processing is finished. Then you will be able to save the text file or copy the data for transferring to other apps.


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Document Scanner 

The Document Scanner app is designed to scan documents and save them in PDF format.

The utility features a built-in editor, automatic edge detection, and a photo converter. One of the main advantages of the app is the built-in scan optimization function.

You can create the most compressed image in the correct format that looks crisper and clearer than the original. It is possible to manually adjust the quality of the scan.

The app has various filters and effects to change the color correction and stylization of the photo. Scanning in transparent and sharp PDF format is supported.

To use this program, all you have to do is open it, click on the button with the image of a camera, and point it at the document. After taking a photo, the utility will automatically offer to select the area with text, color, rotation, and other parameters.

The app provides a lot of modes for different purposes, such as scanning books, photos, QR codes, and so on. It is possible to download and process the ready image from the gallery.

The utility allows adjusting the resolution of the scanned document. Thanks to this it is possible to prepare in advance a file for printing in the size of a postcard, letter, or note.

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