11 Free Football Manager Games for Android & iOS

Soccer, and especially the UEFA Champions League tournament, attracts the attention of millions of people around the world every year.

In addition to such major tournaments, there are also simple friendly matches of popular teams, other tournaments, championships, and even national cups. In each of the competitions, there are many teams, many of which are already loved by all soccer fans.

If you are weary of waiting for the next game, or you do not have the opportunity to fully observe the competitions, it is not a reason to despair. Probably, you just like soccer as a game, but you don’t play on the soccer field in real life. You can play it on your smartphone with the list of 15 Best Soccer game apps for Android & iOS.

In this case, you can try to become a real soccer manager or coach even sitting on the sofa in your living room. We have collected for you 11 Free Football Manager Games for iOS & Android, which will brighten up any of your evenings.

Top Eleven 2020 – Be a soccer manager

Free Football Manager GamesTop Eleven is the most popular soccer manager simulator for mobile. Every year the developers update their application, and not release a new part for the new season. More than 200 million people all over the world play in Top Eleven – the numbers are really impressive and it means that there is a reason for this.

Here you get the opportunity to plan special training, develop tactics, and place players in a certain way, as well as to choose more simple details – for example, the form for your team.

In Top Eleven you will find the best players among thousands of others and try to sign a contract with them. Only the best players can lead you to victory and give glory to your club.

In the 2020 update, the main innovation is the youth academy, which gives you access to young and promising players. Since they are just beginning their careers, their contracts will not cost you too much, and the skills can be excellent.

Also in Top Eleven, you will be able to change all the details of the design – for example, the stadium, the form, and many other minor points.

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PES CLUB MANAGERPES CLUB MANAGER is one of the competitors of Top Eleven. These two games compete with each other for the attention of users – and some even prefer PES CLUB MANAGER. The broadcast of your match here is not only in text mode, but also available in 2D and 3D format.

During the game itself, you can change tactics, replace players, monitor the status of each team member, and react quickly to everything that happens.

Of course, PES CLUB MANAGER is not a simulator of the soccer match itself and you do not have the opportunity to play for your team, but you can still influence the outcome of the match.

In PES CLUB MANAGER you have to create your own soccer club and lead it to victory even in matches against the strongest teams. As a real manager, you do not only manage the players’ training and their contracts.

You are responsible for the contracts with sponsors, finances, infrastructure, scouts, and other things that an ordinary manager does.

It should be noted that the best teams are owned by those people who invest real money in PES CLUB MANAGER – it significantly simplifies all the adjustments. At the same time, each player can set the game and play for a long time without the slightest financial injection.


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Online Soccer Manager (OSM) – 20/21

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) - 2021Would you like to choose players from hundreds of teams from a huge number of countries? If your answer is yes, then you can try your skills as a sports strategist in the game Online Soccer Manager.

This is a free application in the genre of soccer management, which has real soccer leagues, clubs, and players.

You will be responsible for all the parameters and capabilities of the team – the starting lineup, their tactics, the purchase of new players and work with old players – you will need to think about all the nuances that occur in the real everyday life of the sports manager.

Since Online Soccer Manager is a management game, you will not be able to relax in the learning process. At some point, you will discover a lot of information that you need to apply in the right direction. The game has a beginner’s guide that will introduce you to the details of the OSM universe.

Here you will focus on game tactics and financial issues, rather than playing a classic soccer simulator. To start with Online Soccer Manager offers to choose a country and a league in which you will participate.

The game will involve other teams, managed by real people – usually, they are much stronger and more experienced than you. If you are a newcomer, we recommend you to choose a strong team in the top-level leagues to make your first games a little easier.

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) - 20211


Top Football Manager 2020 by Gamegou Limited

Top Football Manager 2020 by Gamegou LimitedTop Football Manager is a popular game, in which even soccer stars play. Some of them are so passionate about the process that they may not even comply with their regime – they themselves confess to it in their interviews.

However, you are unlikely to be a professional sportsman and have a strict daily routine – so Top Football Manager will not harm your usual life. Here you will be able to compete for both with live people via the Internet and with the computer, honing your skills and using tactics that are still unexplored.

At the very beginning, all players know whom you can buy into the team. Even if you are far from the world of soccer, you know very well that Ronaldo in the team is the key to success.

All players in Top Football Manager are initially given the potential, which is the maximum for their development. You can understand that adult male soccer players are unlikely to advance too far in their development – so it is better to bet on younger athletes.

It should be noted that in Top Football Manager there are rather scarce dialogues with players (usually they are limited to “Let’s play” or “Give money” requests) and the atmosphere of communication is lost. In this case, the game is ideal for those people who would like to try themselves as a chief strategist in a team.

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Pro 11 – Football Management Game

Pro 11 - Football Management GameYour favorite soccer club can be in your pocket. In the game Pro 11, you can become a soccer manager of a legendary team, such as Madrid or Barcelona, and perhaps even enhance their success in the international arena.

In the game, you will compete with other users in your strategy and soccer skills, as well as try to win the best national leagues or other major competitions. To see the life of the team not only on the field but also from the inside, at a normal time is so interesting, especially if you watch them for a long time.

In Pro 11, you will have to pick up the entire team, manage their flights and accommodation, as well as to be present and supervise training sessions at all times. Do not forget that the game is multiplayer, and hundreds of people will do it simultaneously with you, but with their team.

You all develop the skills and abilities of athletes to find out in the future who is the best soccer manager and coach. Note the excellent graphics in the game, thanks to which the figures of the athletes on the field look realistic and of high quality.

The developers used the real movements of the best soccer players for the most realism. All you have to do is be a good manager – maybe you can even find young talent among hundreds of candidates for the team.

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Soccer Manager 2020 – Football Management Game

Soccer Manager 2020 - Football Management GameIf you are not attracted to the pure strategy and tactics, it is unlikely you will like the schematic game about soccer. You’ll rather like something like Soccer Manager 2020, a game that contains a realistic soccer simulator.

Here you will see your team on the field, watch how each of the players moves and how the spectators on the podium react to any of their actions. In the game, you will be able to become one of the best soccer managers – if you put enough effort into it. In order to prove your professionalism to everyone, you will need to lead your team.

In Soccer Manager 2020 there are 800 different clubs to choose from, among which you will find even those that are known even to people who are far from sports.

If you want to change your team completely or find new faces, just use the Scouts – they will work for you to get a new star in your club. Your team will train regularly and you will watch the whole process.

Thanks to this, you can make operative decisions in Soccer Manager 2020. You can also influence the board of directors, who decide how much money to allocate to the team and players, as well as can help you in team development.

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Club Soccer Director 2020 – Soccer Club Manager

Club Soccer Director 2020 - Soccer Club ManagerThe sport games have a huge number of varieties. For example, you are very fond of soccer and would like to have some fun, while not just watching the players’ actions on video. An excellent solution would be to download Club Soccer Director.

This is a team manager simulator, which is very convenient for playing on your mobile phone. You have to create your own soccer club or go the easy way and take control of an existing team.

In Club Soccer Director you will raise your income or incur huge losses (depending on how successfully you build your business), as well as look for sponsors and new players.

In the game, you are promised to choose from 38 different leagues from 14 countries around the world. You can manage your club in absolutely all spheres – choose stadium and training grounds for them, create your youth academy on the basis of the team, and so on. You can also hire assistants.

Club Soccer Director offers you to make purchases inside the game, which will significantly accelerate the growth of your profits in the future. It should be noted that you can achieve success even without investing real money – just make the right decisions.

The game is mainly designed for real statistics, so you can just use your knowledge in mathematics and probability theory and become the best manager in Club Soccer Director.

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Champions Manager Mobasaka: 2020 New Football Game

Champions Manager Mobasaka 2020 New Football GameCollecting soccer superstars on your smartphone is easy enough. You can simply play in Mobasaka Champions Manager, where your team will consist of the brightest and most famous players from around the world.

Your team can become a legend even without their participation – but still, the name Messi in the team will play its role.

In Champions Manager Mobasaka there are more than 2 thousand different players who already have achievements in the sports world. You will be part of them as a team that will win the most important tournaments.

Management in Champions Manager Mobasaka is a classic and does not differ from other games of the same genre. You will be watching your team’s game from the outside, perhaps changing the strategy or bringing new players to the field.

All figures are displayed in 3D and the players will have the exact form you choose for them. It should be noted that the game represents both a youth league and real soccer stars – you can try to educate the champions from the very beginning.

Do not forget to upgrade the stadium, where the matches will be held, when changing the game.

Champions Manager Mobasaka 2020 New Football Game1


True Football National Manager by MKR Studio

True Football National Manager by MKR StudioTrue Football National Manager cannot please all soccer fans – there is no bright animation, beautiful graphics, or convenient management. This game is designed for strategists who already have certain ideas on how to lead the team to victory.

True Football National Manager can also be called one of the few games where you will work not in the club, but in the national team of a certain country. Training, matches, and other settings are absolutely the same as in other simulators – you should make every effort to develop the skills of players.

Although it is useless to expect a lot of settings from True Football National Manager. When you choose the national team for your game, it is best to pay attention to already known and strong teams.

You should agree that the national team of Andorra is unlikely to become the champion of Europe, no matter how well you train them. Perhaps, for some people, such wording sounds like a challenge, but the best choice will be Austria or Sweden.

Training in True Football National Manager is designed as a strategy, where you have 30 points, which you categorize. You can increase your energy or stress resistance – this is where you have to do some thinking.

True Football National Manager by MKR Studio1 True Football National Manager by MKR Studio2


11×11: Football Club Manager

11x11 Football Club Manager11×11 is a network game about soccer, where you can become a manager of a team. Some time ago this game was presented only in a browser, and you had to constantly sit at your computer to play with your favorite team.

Now you can just install the application on your smartphone and start playing. In 11×11 is easy to understand, and to simplify your mission, you can immediately join the soccer alliance. After that, you will try to help other managers so that the improvement of the team performance will be much more effective.

Although 11×11 is positioned as a free game, developers are constantly trying to make sure that you invest in it. The money to build and improve the buildings, to buy players, and much more is difficult to earn.

You can get it for winning matches and tournaments, as well as by selling existing players – but in reality, the reward is not that big. You also have a manager level, upon which the maximum level of players depends. Try to develop all the skills in 11×11 without a coin – it will be difficult, be sure.

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Bemanager – Be a Football Manager

Bemanager - Be a Football ManagerBemanager is a strategic game where you can not watch the bright battles in 3D mode. In the game, everything is designed for your thinking and strategy, with which you will try to lead the team to victory.

In Bemanager you can compete with other players or friends in your skill, or you can even arrange a full friendly tournament, during which you can win all your friends. You can sign the best world players to the team – but it’s not just worth thoughtlessly adding all the celebrities.

In Bemanager, the competitive spirit is very vivid, where you can engage in plots with other managers. For example, you will steal players from other teams, offering them more money than your competitor.

All matches, although they are played in a schematic mode, have a little realism – for example, unexpected injuries and exceptions.

You will also be evaluated by major publications and sports newspapers – in Bemanager you will read what other professionals think about your work. During the game week, you will be able to make quick decisions to correct your mistakes and failures.

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No game can compare with the sensation of sitting on the podium, and your team scores a winning goal on the field. Unfortunately, not all fans have the opportunity to attend such events, and some do not even have time to watch the broadcasts.

In this case for soccer fans, there are many games and applications on different platforms, which are designed to entertain you. This is the famous FIFA, and simulators for smartphones, various football manager games, and so on – the list can go on for a long time.

We have tried to select for you really good and at the same time free games that will help you feel involved in the big games of world soccer.

Free apps for Android and iOS