11 Best Mobile Games Based on TV Shows (Android & iOS)

We all like to watch different shows, soap operas, movies, and other entertainment content. There’s nothing better than spending an evening with friends or family in front of a TV set with popcorn, watching the story on the screen.

You can even go on alone watching your favorite cartoon or TV series, watching the characters in each series, and the list of 15 Best apps to watch TV shows for free on Android and iOS can help you. But even this way of leisure can be annoying – or perhaps the show will just end.

If watching your favorite show has become a little annoying, or you just watch the same series already in 10 times, then we suggest you continue to get acquainted with the characters in a different format.

Some of the content creators run their own mobile games that follow the plot of the movie, there are the same heroes, and you can get a little closer to them. If you are interested in this way of entertainment, we will now tell you about the 11 Best Mobile Games Based on TV Shows (Android & iOS).


KIM KARDASHIAN HOLLYWOODIf someone does not know who Kim Kardashian is, it is likely that this person has been in isolation for the past 20 years. The celebrity has become so popular around the world that few of her admirers will be able to remember exactly what the girl became famous for.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians show is watched by millions of people, and the famous family did not miss the opportunity to launch another product – the application. KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD allows you to create your own star and conquer Hollywood under the patronage of Kim.

During the game you will have to create your own character, building it from hundreds of different styles. Real fans will even be able to recreate the image of Kim herself, using it in the game.

You will find yourself in the world of celebrities, where you will be chased by fans, paparazzi, as well as will visit various social events.

KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD is easy to synchronize with your Facebook account, so you can pass the game together with your friends, in the process of developing your character as a model, designer, and so on.


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America’s Next Top Model Mobile Game: Full Edition

America's Next Top Model Mobile Game Full EditionAmerica’s Next Top Model is the most popular show on TV, where hundreds of girls dreamed to get into. It was a reality show where participants tried to conquer the best podiums in the world and to prove themselves as real professionals.

Tyra Banks was the host of this show, helping some models to become the best version of themselves. In the game, this detail is preserved: here your developments will continue to be carried out by the famous model, and you will have to use this chance at 100%.

In addition to America, in America’s Next Top Model you are invited to become a global star and visit shows in different countries. As you move up the career ladder of the model business, you will meet in the game various celebrities who are recognized as the most fashionable.

When you become a real star, America’s Next Top Model will offer you to choose your own style and models with which you will work in a team. Follow the dream in the fashion world – at least on your smartphone screen.

America's Next Top Model Mobile Game Full Edition1

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Stranger Things: The Game

Stranger Things The GameIf you expect that absolutely all games will repeat the plot of a series or show, it is not true. A vivid example of such a change in the plot is the game Stranger Things, which is not a copy of the series.

The application immerses you in the prehistory of the series, offering to get acquainted with the story much better. It should be noted that this game is officially presented by Netflix, which can be considered a guarantee of the quality and reliability of everything that happens.

In Stranger Things, you will be a researcher and explore all the surroundings of Hawkins yourself. This way you can see famous and favorite places on the screen, such as Mirkwood Forest or Hawkins Lab.

Although the game does not yet have all the dynamic and scary events that we have seen in the last season, you will still meet with your favorite characters.

For example, Lucas and Nancy will accompany you throughout the game. Also in Stranger Things there are interesting and funny moments from the movie: you will need to collect all the Eggos that Eleven loved so much.

Stranger Things The Game1

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BRITNEY SPEARS AMERICAN DREAMBritney Spears has long been a famous girl around the world, with talent and fame. In the light of recent events, she has become even more popular, and fans with renewed vigor began to show interest in her.

Since Britney has repeatedly appeared in many shows and is a permanent figure in Hollywood, her team also released the game BRITNEY SPEARS: AMERICAN DREAM. In this game you can immerse yourself in the fabulous life of a star, trying to make your way to the top of the glory of pop music.

In the game, you will create your own hits, design albums, and conduct photo sessions of the singer. In the world of stars, you need to match the level of celebrities, so you will also try yourself as a stylist, creating new and bright looks.

With Britney, you will be able to make the American dream come true, advancing higher and higher in your career and gaining more popularity. Since BRITNEY SPEARS: AMERICAN DREAM is an online game, you will be able to communicate with other players and connect to your social networking account.


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Desperate Housewives: The Game

Desperate Housewives The GameDesperate Housewives is an iconic series, whose development was followed by millions of women. If you were among them and also waited for each new series, then we suggest you try the game Desperate Housewives, where all your favorite characters are collected.

According to the game’s plot, you move to Wisteria Lane and get to know all the characters in person, building friendships and evolving the plot. It’s time to unravel a few secrets and take all dirty secrets out while remaining in the center of events.

To be a perfect hero, you need to create your own story in the game and build your reputation. To do this, you need to upgrade your home, paying attention to the interior and furniture, expand your closet, and much more.

Of course, the most prestigious items of clothing and furniture are very expensive, so you need to save on them. If you do not want to do this, you can easily buy them for real money. Desperate Housewives will help you find your true love and be in the world of gossip.

Desperate Housewives The Game1

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KENDALL & KYLIEThe Kardashian family also consists of girls who have another last name. Kylie and Kendall Jenner are no less popular than their older sisters and are just as fast winning the hearts of fans.

The girls take part in modeling demonstrations, produce their own cosmetics lines, and excite the media with each of their releases. Now you can join them and feel like a real star who is friends with celebrities like Kendall and Kylie.

The game is made in the same style as the application from their sister Kim Kardashian. Avatars in the game are very similar to sisters in real life. You will also meet other celebrities, who can be immediately recognized in person.

You will go on dates with different guys, listen to the advice of the famous Jenner sisters, as well as try yourself as a model on the big podium. It’s best to play KENDALL & KYLIE on your tablet or iPad to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay.


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Dancing With The Stars


Dancing With The StarsOn television, thousands of viewers gathered on shows in which people just dance. For example, you already have an idol that you adore – it can be an actor, singer, screenwriter, or host. In Dancing With The Stars, he appears to you as a dancer – as you have never seen him before.

Now you can feel yourself a part of such a show, learning new dance moves every time you start the game. Dances in Dancing With The Stars are very similar to those that were actually shown in the show!

First of all, in the game, you need to choose a celebrity, as which you want to continue the game. Next, you will only need to develop her skills and practice, as well as to keep an eye on her appearance.

For example, Dancing With The Stars has an extensive collection of costumes and dresses for stage performances, and you will need to choose from among them specific ones.

Remember that you are not the only one who wants to win awards and show the best dance – other participants go to the same goal. Try to prove to everyone that you really are the best.

Dancing With The Stars1 Dancing With The Stars2

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Heads Up! – The Best Charades Game!

Heads Up! - The Best Charades Game!The Ellen Show brought a lot of trends to the modern world, which became incredibly popular very quickly. On this show, celebrities come to the studio of Ellen DeGeneres and talk on various topics, and sometimes even play and conduct interactive games.

One of these games was Heads Up!, which absolutely all the spectators of the show wanted to try. You have definitely already heard about it – perhaps, without even knowing why the game is so popular and where it came from.

The essence of Heads Up! is that a player holds a phone near his forehead, with the smartphone screen should be visible to all other people. The main goal is to unravel what character is riddled and who you are acting at the moment.

In Heads Up! there are many different decks of cards with characters and names that you can choose from depending on the company.

Heads Up! is great for playing with friends and parties with cocktails, and also will allow you to have a good time even at the saddest party. The game should be installed even if you do not plan any fun with friends.

Heads Up! - The Best Charades Game!1 Heads Up! - The Best Charades Game!2

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Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

Family Guy The Quest for StuffIf you don’t know who Peter Griffin is, you’ve definitely missed something in cartoons lately. Family Guy is a cartoon series about a family with which all sorts of ridiculous and funny situations always happen.

Since the cartoon has a lot of foul languages, adult and dirty jokes, it is perfect for an adult audience and can cheer you up after a hard day. In the game Family Guy The Quest for Stuff you can also have a good time with your favorite characters.

The essence of the game is that Peter Griffin has ruined Quahog during… the battle with a giant chicken! Now you have to help the protagonist to restore everything and bring the city in perfect condition while performing quests and tasks.

During the whole process, you will be able to have fun with Peter, dressing him in ridiculous costumes or taking part in new battles with strange creatures. In addition to him, you will also be in contact with the other main characters of the animated series, feeling in the center of events.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff1

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Animation Throwdown: TQFC

Animation Throwdown TQFCIf you watch a lot of cartoon series on TV or on the Internet, you will know exactly all the characters of this game. The developers have gathered together 5 most popular animated shows with the main characters to create a really interesting card game.

Animation Throwdown features The Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, King of the Hill, and Bob’s Burgers. If you know the names of all of them, you will have a wonderful evening with your favorite characters.

In Animation Throwdown you will collect a whole deck of characters while observing all the classic rules of card games. In fact, you are building a collection, trying to fit all your favorite characters in it.

It is worth noting that the game has no logical end – it has no end and you can just stay in this universe endlessly. Also in Animation Throwdown, there are funny moments that will make you laugh even in the most uncomfortable moment.

Animation Throwdown TQFC1


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Pocket Mortys

Pocket MortysA mad old man and his young friend amuse the audience every time with their madness and strange actions. In the game Pocket Mortys heroes also do not change the storyline – Rick has a new hobby, which is associated with the training of various Morty.

If you think it sounds too strange, then we agree with you. The point is that your team will consist of different versions of Morty – and there are more than 70 of them in total. Try to improve them all and gather the ultra army of the same person.

In Pocket Mortys you will not be the only Rick in the universe. Since you were able to find a lot of Morty, it is logical to assume that there is exactly the same number of versions of you.

You will have to fight with yourself from different parallel universes. In order to improve their own combat skills and develop the characters, you should perform all the additional quests that are offered in the story. Try to collect your own army from Morty – right in your pocket.

Pocket Mortys1

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Turning an interesting modern series or show into a video game is not an easy task. Fans can pick on any little things that will differ from the character of the hero or the general plot, so the developers will have to work hard.

To successfully maintain the quality bar of the show itself, they try to make the hero as much as possible similar to the real characters, to think over the plot, and even ask the audience for their opinion.

That’s why we can’t often hear about the loud releases of games based on the show and series, especially for smartphones. We tried to select the highest quality games of this segment in the article and hope that you will like them.

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