7 Free Harmonica Tuner Apps for Android & iOS

Do you play the harmonica? Are you only at the beginning of your journey or you’re already a pro? Well, it is never extra to use some additional tools to take your music to the next level. In the following article, we have collected free harmonica tuner apps so you could easily play beautiful melodies on this amazing instrument.

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Harmonica Bending Trainer

In case you are looking for a specific harmonica tuner then this app for Android devices is a perfect option. It doesn’t have any extra features except turning mechanisms for the harmonica. It has a super simple interface and several sections to tune the harmonica in several ways.

You can check the riffs and pitch, and you can also use the overbending trainer to find that perfect unique sound. There is also the possibility of a half-valved diatonic. You can use it also as a warm-up exercise in case you are a pro. There’s not much to say about this app, it’s extremely simple.


  • Several ways to pitch the harmonica
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • No extra features and ideas, boring
Harmonica Bending Trainer1

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Perfect Tuner

This is a universal tuner that will help you to set up any instrument, including the harmonica. You need only to select the type in the main menu and then the app will provide the necessary tools for that. Use the chords and notes to check out if your harmonica is good sounding or not.

The advantage of this app is that it has a detailed tuner that you can scroll and choose any type of note. The name and the number of the note will be highlighted at the top of the screen. Another cool thing is that all the types of tuners are divided into separate sections.

The app will suit both beginners and pros, but it will be more difficult for the first ones to navigate here. It has a great interface design which is unusual for the tuner apps and great usability. Perfect Tuner also contains no ads. It almost has no drawbacks, but the latest update started causing bags in the app.


  • Universal tuner
  • Great user-friendly interface design
  • Accuracy of pitch


  • Bugs
  • Not easy for the beginners
Perfect Tuner1

Tuner T1

Chicken or T1 is a basic chromatic tuner app that has an interface of a simple type. At the same time, it includes all the necessary features that you need in a harmonica tuner app without extra bells and whistles. The advantage of this app is that it shows the sound wave of the audio.

That will be useful for musicians who want to get a really accurate tune. Even when the app lights up green to signal your instrument is in tune you can still get an even more accurate tune by centering the sound wave even closer.

There’s also the pitch playback feature and it includes the entire musical to bed with Sharps and flats. This picture will be helpful for beginners that do not remember which notes have sharps or flats between them. It will help them to tune their harmonica faster.

The app almost has no ads, just a small Banner on the home screen, but except that there are no locked features or other ads.


  • Universal tuner
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Simple design


  • Quite a basic app with no extra features
Tuner T11

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insTuner Free – Chromatic Tuner

We would recommend insTuner as a good basic bare-bones chromatic tuner app. In general, there are two main functions. The first one is a tuner itself, and the next one is a tone generator. You can also use the ladder function to tune a specific pitch.

The app also has a graphical circle of the music alphabet that all beginner musicians will find helpful. This is basically for those who do not know yet all the sharps and flats. InsTuner makes it easy to switch between octaves using the numbers below the wheel.

And one of the best features of this free app is it doesn’t include any annoying ads. Even though it’s quite simple, it’s quite versatile and performs all the necessary functions.


  • Easy in usage
  • Best for beginners
  • Nice design
  • No ads


  • The features are limited
insTuner Free - Chromatic Tuner1

Harmonica tuner

This is one of the most simple apps for harmonica tuning on our list, and as you can see from the screenshots it simply imitates the shape of the harmonica and therefore allows you to tune it. Just tap on the buttons with certain notes and tune your instrument.

You can also adjust the sensitivity level and detect multiple overblows. There are no extra features except this one. Users appreciate it because it’s simple to use, lightweight, and has no ads.

Harmonica tuner1

Pitch – Tuner & Metronome

This is a universal tuner app that will be suitable for harmonicas as well. It has a great interface design and a bunch of useful features that any musician might need.

Here you can quickly tune any musical instrument or even your voice. There are 4 tuner display modes and you can pick up one that you feel more comfortable using.

Pitch also includes the metronome with downbeat, upbeat, subdivisions, and 30+ sound options which is convenient – you don’t need an extra metronome app anymore.

What is more important, the app is capable of doing detailed analytics so you can track your progress over time. The feature of a live-tuner view allows you to make recordings and play them back and see the note-to-note analytics for each new recording.

The tone generator will help you to hear individual notes or chords. There are 14 options, including the harmonica. In addition, the app works great even in noisy environments. The app can use every pitch standard and transpose to any key.

The response speed is adjustable and it can work with external microphones. We were quite surprised that despite such a broad functionality the app doesn’t eat that much of battery power.


  • Beautifully design interface
  • Lots of options and features
  • Suitable for all types of musicians
  • Accurate notes
  • The help of the AI
  • Additional features, such as a tone generator will help you to make your tuning process more individual


  • Some functions crash
Pitch – Tuner & Metronome1

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Harmonica Tab Pro

This is a more or less decent harmonica tuner app. It includes several ways how you can tune your harmonica. What is more, this app allows you to learn how to play harmonica on your own. The music recording feature will help you to play your favorite songs.

Here you will also find a variety of harmonical styles: tremolo, diatonic, and chromatic. Tone transferring is also possible. You can also increase or decrease the tempo of tuning. The app always contains its own song list and if you find one that you already know there you can practice with it.

Harmonica Tab Pro is not the best app ever but it also has a more or less user-friendly interface. It can be tricky to navigate at first, but it provides quite a convenient model of the harmonica and that makes this app worth using.


  • Several harmonical styles
  • Provide two optional tabs: tab number and tab note
  • Tone transferring
  • Possibility to do music recording and overplay


  • Not really convenient
Harmonica Tab Pro1
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