11 Free AI Garden Design Apps & Websites

In the digital age, garden design has transformed with the advent of artificial intelligence, making it accessible to both green thumbs and novices alike. This article introduces 11 free AI-driven garden design apps and websites, offering innovative tools to visualize, plan, and manage garden spaces efficiently.

These platforms leverage AI to provide personalized recommendations, plant care tips, and layout options, ensuring your garden flourishes with ease and creativity. More free garden planner apps you will find in this article.

From Seed to Spoon

From Seed to Spoon transforms the daunting task of gardening into a simplified and engaging experience, suitable for those with little to no gardening expertise as well as seasoned green thumbs.

This app distinguishes itself by leveraging artificial intelligence to provide users with personalized gardening guidance, from choosing the right plants to offering detailed care instructions tailored to each user’s specific location and climate. Its database includes over 100 different fruits and vegetables, each with comprehensive grow guides that cover when to plant, how to care for them, and the optimal harvest times.

The AI analyzes personal preferences, local weather patterns, and soil conditions to offer custom recommendations, ensuring garden success. Additionally, From Seed to Spoon offers features like disease and pest identification, using AI to suggest eco-friendly solutions. This holistic approach not only makes gardening more accessible but also educates users on sustainable practices, making it a pivotal tool for anyone looking to grow their own food efficiently and healthily.

Seed to Spoon1
Seed to Spoon2

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SmartPlant is an app that encapsulates the essence of having a personal gardening consultant in your pocket. By integrating artificial intelligence, SmartPlant personalizes the garden care experience for each user.

It begins with a plant identification feature: users can upload photos of plants, and the AI quickly identifies them, providing a wealth of information including care instructions, watering needs, and optimal sunlight exposure. This app goes beyond mere identification; it learns from the user’s interactions and garden details to offer customized care schedules and alerts for each plant in your collection.

The AI-driven diagnostics tool within the app can identify potential issues from submitted photos, advising on treatment options for diseases or pest infestations.

SmartPlant’s partnership with local gardening experts and nurseries further enriches its database, ensuring that the advice provided is not only tailored to the user’s environment but also up-to-date with the latest horticultural practices. This blend of technology and expert knowledge makes SmartPlant an indispensable ally in achieving a healthy, thriving garden.



Gardenize goes beyond traditional gardening apps by offering an innovative platform where gardeners can not only plan and design their gardens but also track their plants’ growth and health over time.

Utilizing artificial intelligence, Gardenize analyzes the information input by users—such as plant types, location, and specific garden conditions—to provide customized care instructions and reminders for watering, fertilizing, and harvesting. The app’s AI capabilities help in identifying plants and diagnosing common plant diseases, offering solutions and preventive tips to keep gardens thriving.

Gardenize is designed to act as a personal gardening journal, allowing users to document their gardening journey, including photos, notes, and specific care routines for each plant. This feature enables gardeners to learn from their experiences and make data-driven decisions for future gardening endeavors.

With its emphasis on tracking and personalization, Gardenize is an invaluable tool for gardeners looking to deepen their understanding of their garden’s ecosystem and improve their gardening skills over time.



Plantix stands at the forefront of agricultural innovation, offering a powerful tool for gardeners and farmers alike to diagnose plant diseases, pests, and nutrient deficiencies. The app harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze photos of affected plants uploaded by users.

Within seconds, Plantix can identify the problem and provide a detailed diagnosis along with treatment recommendations. This instant feedback mechanism is invaluable for preventing the spread of disease and mitigating damage in a timely manner. Beyond diagnostics, Plantix offers a wealth of gardening knowledge, including best practices for plant care, soil management, and crop rotation, tailored to the user’s specific location and conditions.

The app also fosters a community of gardeners and experts, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Plantix’s AI-driven approach not only empowers gardeners to maintain healthy gardens but also contributes to sustainable gardening and farming practices by promoting the use of eco-friendly treatments and minimizing the reliance on chemical pesticides.

Plantix is an essential tool for anyone looking to harness technology to enhance the health and productivity of their garden or farm.

Plantix 1
Plantix 2

Garden Tags

Garden Tags is an innovative gardening app that combines the power of community with the intelligence of technology to help gardeners of all levels grow their plants successfully. The app employs artificial intelligence to offer plant identification and care advice, making it easier for users to understand the needs of their plants.

Users can snap a photo of a plant, and the AI technology quickly identifies it, providing detailed information on care requirements, common issues, and solutions. Garden Tags stands out by integrating a social networking feature, allowing gardeners to share their experiences, successes, and challenges with a global community.

This exchange of knowledge is complemented by the app’s AI-driven recommendations for plant care, pest control, and watering schedules, tailored to each user’s garden. The app also encourages users to document their gardening journey, creating a living diary of their garden’s growth and changes over time.

Garden Tags is more than just a gardening tool; it’s a platform where technology and community come together to inspire and support gardeners at every step of their gardening journey.

Garden Tags1
Garden Tags2

My Garden: Inspiration to Grow

My Garden: Inspiration to Grow is a digital sanctuary for gardeners seeking both inspiration and practical advice. This app serves as a comprehensive guide, encouraging users to create and manage their dream garden with ease.

It uses artificial intelligence to offer personalized plant suggestions based on the user’s climate zone, soil type, and sunlight availability, ensuring that every recommendation is tailored to the unique conditions of their garden. The AI-driven feature extends to pest and disease identification, providing users with instant solutions and preventive measures.

My Garden also offers a virtual garden planner, allowing users to visualize their garden in different seasons, aiding in strategic plant placement for year-round beauty and productivity.

The app’s community feature connects users with fellow gardeners, facilitating the exchange of tips, experiences, and inspiration. With its user-friendly interface and AI-enhanced capabilities, My Garden stands out as a source of both inspiration and invaluable gardening knowledge, making garden design accessible and enjoyable for everyone, from novices to expert gardeners.

Grow Garden App
Grow Garden App

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Moon & Garden

Moon & Garden takes a unique approach to gardening by combining traditional gardening wisdom with modern technology. The app is based on the concept of biodynamic gardening, which considers the lunar cycle’s influence on plant growth and development.

It uses artificial intelligence to analyze the moon’s phase and position, providing users with timely advice on the best days for sowing, transplanting, harvesting, and performing other gardening tasks. This AI-driven guidance helps gardeners harness the power of the lunar cycle to enhance the health and yield of their plants.

Moon & Garden also features a comprehensive plant database, complete with AI-powered identification and care instructions, allowing users to tailor their gardening practices to each plant’s specific needs. The app’s calendar feature integrates lunar insights with personalized reminders, ensuring gardeners can plan their activities in harmony with the moon’s cycle.

For those interested in exploring the symbiotic relationship between the lunar cycle and gardening, Moon & Garden offers a blend of ancient wisdom and AI innovation, making it a fascinating tool for eco-conscious gardeners.

Moon & Garden
Moon & Garden


Planta is not just a gardening app; it’s a personal plant care assistant that brings the benefits of artificial intelligence directly to your indoor and outdoor gardening spaces.

With its smart care reminders, Planta ensures that each of your plants receives exactly the care it needs to thrive, based on a sophisticated AI algorithm that considers factors such as plant species, size, and environmental conditions.

The app features a plant identification tool that can recognize a wide range of plants from a simple photo, providing users with instant access to a wealth of care instructions, watering schedules, and light requirements.

Planta’s AI also offers personalized advice on how to treat common plant problems, from pests to diseases, making plant care less intimidating for beginners and more efficient for experienced gardeners.

Additionally, the app includes a feature for planning and organizing your garden, recommending plant placements based on light exposure and watering needs, ensuring a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing garden design.

Whether you’re a novice hoping to keep your first potted plant alive or an experienced gardener designing a complex garden, Planta’s AI capabilities make it an invaluable companion.


Garden Planner by SmallBluePrinter

Garden Planner by SmallBluePrinter is a web-based tool designed to revolutionize the garden design process. It incorporates artificial intelligence to help users create detailed, scaled layouts of their future gardens. This application excels in offering a user-friendly interface where one can drag and drop a variety of plants, trees, and garden structures into a virtual plot.

The AI element comes into play by analyzing the chosen elements to provide feedback on the feasibility of the garden design, considering factors such as plant compatibility, seasonal changes, and sunlight exposure. It predicts the growth of plants over time, allowing users to anticipate and plan for spacing and shading issues.

Additionally, Garden Planner can simulate different lighting conditions based on the garden’s orientation, giving users a realistic expectation of how their garden will look across different seasons. This forward-thinking tool is invaluable for both DIY home gardeners looking to visualize their plans and professional designers seeking an efficient way to draft and revise garden layouts.

Garden Planner


Gardroid is a user-friendly app designed to democratize gardening, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone from novice gardeners to those with a green thumb. The app leverages artificial intelligence to provide personalized planting calendars and care instructions tailored to the user’s specific location and season.

Gardroid’s database includes a wide range of vegetable and herb plants, and its AI algorithms analyze environmental conditions and user preferences to recommend the best plants to grow at any given time. This ensures that users have all the necessary information to start their planting journey, including sowing depth, plant spacing, and expected harvest time.

The app also sends timely reminders for watering, fertilizing, and harvesting, based on the growth stage of each plant. Gardroid’s AI-driven features aim to optimize garden productivity and user satisfaction by simplifying the gardening process and making it more intuitive.

By providing a comprehensive guide to growing edible plants, Gardroid encourages sustainable living and brings the joy of harvesting home-grown produce within everyone’s reach.


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Agrobase is a powerful tool primarily aimed at farmers, agronomists, and gardening enthusiasts who seek a scientific approach to plant care and pest management. The app uses advanced artificial intelligence to diagnose plant diseases, pests, and weed problems through photo identification.

Users can upload images of affected plants, and the AI quickly analyzes them to provide an accurate diagnosis along with treatment recommendations. Agrobase’s extensive database covers a wide range of crops and includes detailed information on chemical, biological, and cultural control methods to manage plant health issues effectively.

The app’s AI element extends to offering personalized advice based on the user’s crop selection and specific problems, making it a valuable resource for precision agriculture. Furthermore, Agrobase continually updates its database to include the latest research and solutions in plant protection, ensuring users have access to cutting-edge information.

By integrating AI technology with comprehensive agricultural data, Agrobase empowers users to make informed decisions, optimize their gardening or farming practices, and achieve better yields while minimizing the impact on the environment.

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