12 Free Mobile Party Games to Play with Friends (Android & iOS)

No party is complete without music, dancing, and games. If you dream about an amazing party and spending time with your friends, that’s why we offer you a selection of free mobile party games to play with friends.

More free party games can be found in this article.


Alias is a famous board game that is now available on your phone. The app also has the second name “say otherwise”.

This game will let you have a great time with your friends and make your party a real battle of wits. You need to define and form teams so that there are more than two people on one team.

You can play for yourself, but this form of play will be very difficult and uninteresting. The more a person plays Alias, the more interesting and fun the game becomes.

The rules of the game are very simple and will be clear to everyone, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time explaining the rules and you can start an exciting game almost immediately.

Your goal is a description of the word that will be shown to you on the screen, and the other participants in the game must guess the word according to your description. But the main difficulty lies in the fact that you cannot name the word itself or its synonyms. You must use only the description.

In the settings, you choose the number of teams, the time of each round, and the required number of words to win. And also set the function of penalty points for missing a word. You can optionally make the last word public so that all teams can guess the last word.

Choose one of the presented categories, set the difficulty of the game, and make your party amazing. The winner is the team that managed to describe the most words and scored the maximum number of points.

And in order to keep the best memories of your party, you can use the audio recording feature of your game.


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Evil Apples: Funny as____

“Evil Apples: Funny as____” is a card game that you can play with your friends directly from your phone. This app will give your party a vibe of fun and make everyone laugh.

The basis of the game is a variety of humor, from cute and funny to vulgar and dirty. Make sure there are no small children near you because the game has an age limit of eighteen and over.

The game requires more than three participants, one of which will be the leader in this game. Also, each of the players must have a phone from which he will play. The rules of Evil Apples: Funny as____ are completely easy to understand, so you won’t have any trouble getting to grips with the amazing and interesting game.

At the beginning of the game, a leader is determined, whose task will be to control the gameplay and select the winner. The game begins with the fact that a card with a certain question appears on the gaming table.

Each player has a certain number of cards with answers, you need to choose the best answer to the question presented. After all, players have made a move, the judge chooses the best answer and gives the player a point.

The winner is the player who has collected seven victory points.

The game has over six thousand different answer cards and over six thousand question cards. With so many cards, you can create many situations on different topics, so the game will never get boring for you.


Heads Up!

“Heads Up!” it is a mobile analog of well-known games such as crocodile or charades, without which it is difficult to imagine most parties and celebrations.

The game was created by famous TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres and her team. Those who watched the Ellen show know that this girl is able to cheer up absolutely everyone and create a festive atmosphere in any place where she is.

“Heads Up!” is suitable for a small company of two people, and for a huge company of guests at a party. For this game, you need to work as a team, which will allow you to get to know each other better and create an atmosphere of fun at your party.

The rules are very simple and do not require complicated explanations. You can start the game if your team has more than two players. One of the players takes the phone and turns its screen to the rest of the participants.

Everyone who sees the word on the screen has to explain the word so that the first player guesses it as quickly as possible. You can do everything: dance, sing, make faces, but just do not name the word or its synonyms.

You can also play in a slightly different format. The player with the phone must ask questions that will help him guess the word. But the difficulty of this format is that the rest of the players are only allowed to say “no” or “yes”. You can try to come up with the rules yourself. Fantasize and have fun with your friends.

An important point in the rules is the time limit. You have exactly sixty seconds for everything. During this time, you must guess or describe as many words as possible.

If the first player correctly guessed the word, he tilts the phone with the screen down, but if not, the participant has to tilt the phone with the screen up and proceed to guess the next word.

You can choose the category of words you want to play with. For example, famous personalities, animals, professions, etc. And a funny video that starts automatically after the game starts will leave funny and bright moments about your party.


Card Twister – Fun Party Game

Card Twister is the most ruthless mobile party game that you can play at any party, gathering or event to turn it into a wildly memorable night!

Download the app, add your friends and hit play! Card Twister will give you a huge variety of hilarious party games, from Charades to Most Likely To.

Reveal juicy secrets with the Never Have I Ever cards and test your tongue with the original Tongue Twister cards (this gets harder the more you drink, if you play it with alcohol, which you don’t have to!) The Truth or Dare cards can lead to dramatic moments and hilarious photos (let’s hope you don’t use these as blackmail!!)

Card Twister’s app contains lots of games that can be played with only two people, but you can play with as many as you want.

It’s easy to use design and very easy instructions make it a great game to download now and play. You can download and play for free, and once it’s all set up you won’t even need an internet connection!

The creators loved our community so much they wanted to give out ten iOS coupon codes for free full access, first come first served, grab them by clicking the link below (sorry Android!)

Summarizing all the points, Card Twister is truly one of the best mobile games that can bring the endless fun to your party!

Card Twister - Fun Party Game1

Triple Agent!

“Triple Agent!” is an amazing detective game in which you have to play as one of the proposed parties, agents of a secret organization, or double agents. The whole game is based on trust, deceit and your detective skills.

To play you will need a team of five to nine participants. The game does not require an additional participant as a leader. All you need is one smartphone and a group of friends.

In the beginning, the game automatically distributes roles among the participants, and no one knows what role you play, because the phone is handed over personally to each player in turn. There will always be fewer players with a “double agent” card than members of a secret organization.

The main goal of the game is to find and arrest the other side’s members. To do this, with each move, the game will provide certain information about other participants, but the information will be available only to one player.

Telling everyone the truth or lying, so as not to arouse suspicion on their card, depends on the player.

At the end of the round, players have to choose one contestant to be revealed and arrested. For example, if that player is a member of a secret organization, then the side of double agents will win.

Each round lasts exactly ten minutes and has unique interesting combinations and puzzles.

Playing “Triple Agent!”, you have to remain calm and not show your emotions. Keep your anonymity, cheat, doubt other members, turn players against each other, and win together with your allies.

Game “Triple Agent!” is very similar to the famous classic card “Mafia”. Therefore, if you love detective mysteries, revelations, and non-standard interesting situations, then you will definitely like “Triple Agent!”

Play with your friends, and test your detective skills, coolness and teamwork. Fill your party with mysteries and secrets with “Triple Agent!”


Five Second Guess – Group Game

“Five Second Guess – Group Game” is an intellectual team game that will make you remember something specific in just five seconds.

To play, you will need one phone and a fun company of two to fourteen people. The rules of the game are very simple and understandable to every participant. For each player, a task will appear on the phone screen that must be completed in just five seconds.

All tasks are in the format “List three types of something specific.” All questions are very different and affect various areas of life.

If the player coped with the task, he receives one point, but if not, then the move passes to the next member of the game. The one who scores the most points wins.

In the settings, you can specify the number of players, and the required number of rounds and select the category of questions on different topics. The game is suitable for children and adults, just select the required category of questions and make your party unforgettable.

There are many questions in the game that are most often not repeated, so you will never get bored.


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Truth Or Dare: Party Game

“Truth Or Dare: Party Game” is a game that will let you get to know your friends better and have fun. Many people know this game and have played it orally. But sometimes it is very difficult to come up with a question or a task, in such a situation the “Truth Or Dare” mobile app comes to the rescue.

The game has a lot of cards with interesting questions and unimaginable actions on different topics, so you don’t have to come up with something yourself, the app will provide it all.

The whole point of the game is that one of the players has to answer a random proposed question but only tell the truth. If a person cannot answer this question, then he chooses a card with an action that the player must perform. If the player did not answer the question and did not perform the action, then he lost.

The time of the game and the number of participants are determined by you. The game only provides question and action cards.

You can choose the category of questions you need to match the theme of the game to your party and the age of the participants. So the game offers categories of questions for young children, teenagers, and adults (there is an age limit of eighteen+), as well as for love couples.

The atmosphere of the game depends only on your choice. You can make your game romantic, funny or crazy.

Form a team, play, have fun and get to know each other better. Make your party unforgettable by playing “Truth Or Dare: Party Game”.


Just Dance Now

It is impossible to imagine any party without dancing and fun, so the popular game Just Dance Now will make your party flawless and also make you compete with your friends in dancing.

Many people know the Just Dance Now app as a game for consoles, but few know that you can dance just by downloading the game to your phone.

In order to start a dance party, each gamer has to have a phone with the Just Dance Now app installed on it, and one large TV or computer screen, which must be synchronized with phones.

Team up to four people and dance, repeating the movements of the dancer on the main screen. Your task is to dance as close as possible to the original dance performance, and your phone will read your movements and give points for the performance technique. The winner will be the player with the most points.

In the app, there is music for any party of any subject, as well as for any musical taste. Just Dance Now offers a choice of over five hundred different hits from any genre.

If you’re playing on an iPhone, “Just Dance Now” syncs with the Apple Health app and shows you the calories you’ve burned while dancing.


inReverse Lite

As we have already mentioned, it is difficult to imagine a party without dancing, but also no party can be held without music. But what if you turn the music into a quest and bring all your friends together to solve it. This opportunity is offered by the amazing mobile app inReverse.

This game is an unusual karaoke in which you yourself invent and choose a musical composition.

The rules require some explanation, but they are easy enough to understand. One of the participants in the game goes to a place where other players will not hear him and record an excerpt of any song in a cappella format.

The app then splits your audio recording into several short parts from three to seven seconds and plays them backward. The goal of the other gamers is to repeat the distorted fragments, put them together and turn the audio recording over again.

After all these actions, the players have to guess the song that they thought of.

Play inReverse, sing, decipher, guess and enjoy your amazing party.


Undercover: the Forgetful Spy

Undercover: the Forgetful Spy is an exciting game that will turn your party into a real detective investigation.

The game has an offline mode with one phone for the whole company, and there is also an online mode where you can play on your personal phone, as well as invite strangers to your game.

At the beginning of the game, three roles are assigned to all players: Undercover Spy, Mister White, and Civilian.

Each role has a specific word that you have not to reveal to other players, but you must provide a description of the word.

When in doubt, try to improvise and adapt to the description of the other participants in the game. Your goal is to guess the roles of the other gamers, find allies among them and vote against your enemies.

Create your own strategy or use only your intuition to reveal the identities of your opponents. Win and spend time with your friends by playing Undercover: the Forgetful Spy.



This is another detective game that has similarities to the classic mafia, but Spy doesn’t last very long. All you need to play with is one phone and a fun group of friends.

From the whole company, the Spy game randomly selects one of the players who will be a spy in that game, but only the spy himself knows about this and no one else. The rest of the gamers are offered a specific location.

After the distribution of roles, the spy has to remain anonymous and guess the location presented to other players in the game. The goal of the other gamers is to find the spy by asking leading questions about the proposed location so that the spy doesn’t guess the location, but the other players understand you.

If the spy is revealed, then the other players will win, but if the spy can guess the location earlier, then he will defeat the rest of the participants.

Many different locations will allow you to play for a long time and enjoy your game.


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Drunk Potato

Drunk Potato is a game that is perfect for having fun with friends at a party or during any other meeting. It is essential to remember that one of the indispensable conditions for playing Drunk Potato is the presence of alcohol.

The essence of the game is that users must quickly answer random questions that are displayed on the screen. Then the device is passed to the next player. If the timer goes off and the player did not manage to answer the question, then he or she has to drink.

There are questions, such as:

  • Name three Famous Robots
  • Name three Things Wrong with Your Life
  • Explain Harry Potter as Fast As You Can.

The advantage of this app is not only its idea, which will amuse everyone at the party, but also the implementation of this idea in the app itself.

The design of the cards and the background pleased the users, as the appearance of the app is really simple and straightforward. In harmony with the name, the app is designed in the form of potatoes.

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