11 Best Gesture Apps for Android (Better Navigation)

Innovations and technologies are constantly evolving and some users do not even have time to learn them all in time. A few years ago, Apple introduced gesture navigation to replace the standard Touch ID.

Some Android smartphones have also adopted this technology, but it has not yet had mass success among the public. If you think about it, you will immediately realize that this technology greatly simplifies the work with a smartphone.

Now any user can feel that he is holding a modern device in his hands. It does not matter what version of Android stands on your smartphone – such applications will work in any case.

As long as your smartphones are not planning to get rid of the “Home” button, you can set up smart navigation for certain applications, fast features, and many other tasks. You may also use one of 21 Best keyboard apps for Android & iOS for a better experience.

You don’t even need to switch to your iPhone to try Gesture Navigation. We’ve decided to put together 11 Best Gesture Apps for Android for you – enjoy and choose the coolest one.

X Home Bar – Free

X Home Bar - FreeSmart navigation was one of the first to appear on the iPhone X smartphone. That’s why you can understand that the X Home Bar app will make you feel like a user of an Apple smartphone while you’re enjoying the gesture-based navigation.

It adds the main buttons at the bottom of the screen so you can easily and quickly launch the programs you want or navigate to other windows. These buttons are also present in standard smartphones, but they are not always easy to use.

X Home Bar gives you a few available actions that you will now be able to perform with the movements on the screen. These can be navigating to the last application you used (as well as navigating between active windows), opening the Notifications panel, or navigating forward and backward.

It is worth noting that if your smartphone already has basic navigation buttons, X Home Bar will place its bar under them.

X Home Bar - Free1 X Home Bar - Free2


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Fluid Navigation Gestures

Fluid Navigation GesturesA little fed up with your smartphone and you want to change something about it? Wallpaper changes can sometimes fail, but Fluid Navigation Gestures can do it.

This application is a special navigation tool that uses several basic gestures to quickly start or scroll through applications. All in all, there are many different actions like opening the keyboard, Google Quick Search, opening notifications and much more.

Fluid Navigation requires root rights from you in order to slightly change the current settings of your device. It won’t affect your device’s performance or other details, but you’ll get convenient features.

The two main gestures (fast scrolling and holding the screen) will trigger at the bottom of the screen or at the side, you set this option yourself. If you choose one of the options, you will still get access to other applications from the menu.

Fluid Navigation Gestures1 Fluid Navigation Gestures2


Infinity Gestures

Infinity GesturesInfinity Gestures is another standard app for adding some gestures to your smartphone. Once installed, it will take some time to get used to the new device mode – but it won’t take you long.

If you have previously had experience with gesture navigation, Infinity Gestures’ settings can easily set up the usual actions for standard gestures. This way, you can personalize your device even more.

Infinity Gestures is also a great solution in case standard hardware buttons fail. On some Android devices, this problem is not rare, and the application can fix it.

By swinging or scrolling the screen, you will be able to switch between applications, adjust the volume of speakers, as well as control the brightness of the screen. So Infinity Gestures can completely replace your regular buttons with features and capabilities.

Infinity Gestures1 Infinity Gestures2


Navigation Gestures - Swipe Gesture Controls!It’s not always possible for people to immediately purchase a new smartphone with the features they’re interested in. If so, you can try them out on your old device – for example, with the Navigation Gestures app.

This application will help you learn how to use gestures on any touch phone model and will also help you replace the standard navigation buttons. The obvious advantage is also that Navigation Gestures does not ask for root rights.

All gestures that can be used for smart navigation are simple and familiar to everyone. Just swipe your fingers up and down, double-tap the screen, and more. It’s worth noting that Navigation Gestures has both free and paid features.

In the trial version, you can navigate between applications and hide the standard navigation bar, and once you purchase a premium account, you can even navigate between tracks and control your music. It just depends on whether you really need this advanced functionality.

Navigation Gestures - Swipe Gesture Controls!1 Navigation Gestures - Swipe Gesture Controls!2


One Hand Operation +

One Hand Operation +Some people find it much more convenient to control all the functionality of a smartphone with one hand. Since most modern models are quite large, it may not be quite real.

Sometimes you only need to reach the other side of the screen with your thumb, and you can’t do it. One Hand Operation + will help you use your device the way you want – with just one thumb. Moreover, you will be able to adjust everything in detail.

As soon as you install the application, in one of the selected parts of the screen will be installed a thin and small panel. You can slide it out at any time to access certain functions or applications.

As soon as you get used to the basic gestures, One Hand Operation + will offer you more complex and functional combinations. Not only can you navigate between menu items or use the standard navigation, but you can also launch the applications you want or even make calls.

One Hand Operation +2 One Hand Operation +1


Edge Gestures

Edge GesturesYou don’t have time to look for the right application for too long? Edge Gestures can help you quickly and easily navigate between different applications, windows, and smartphone partitions.

In total, this service has many different gestures, which by default may have different functionality and purpose. So, for example, a swipe and hold can mean opening the phone book, and some other gestures will open the remote control of your system.

Edge Gestures can also handle the situation when the standard mechanical buttons on your smartphone have been disrupted. With it, you can turn the volume up or down, adjust the brightness, and quickly move to the very beginning of the text or site.

In the settings of Edge Gestures, you specify how exactly you will manage everything in your smartphone. Thickness, length, and even the position of gestures can be adjusted, setting them completely at your discretion. Some of the gestures may even respond with vibration to your actions.

Edge Gestures1 Edge Gestures2


Gesture Magic

Gesture MagicGesture Magic is a handy tool to reduce the time you spend on some standard smartphone functions. With its help, you can create special algorithms that will be automatically executed after certain gestures.

This way, you can quickly call your family or spouse, start a chat with someone, or launch an app. Gesture Magic also allows you to change the system settings for your convenience, fully controlling them.

It is worth noting that such an application has a drawback. Gesture Magic has a free version, which sometimes shows ads. It can only be cleaned when you purchase the Pro version of the application.

In this case, the settings remain the same and you do not need to change anything. Basically, Gesture Magic offers you to launch applications quickly, call certain subscribers, send SMS, or search in your browser. Each function is up to you to decide.

Gesture Magic1 Gesture Magic2


Gesture Control – Next level navigation

Gesture Control - Next level navigationNot every user can get the maximum functionality of his smartphone. Sometimes you don’t even know what your device is capable of and how to improve its performance.

Gesture Control will help you completely get rid of the old navigation panel and use modern technology to control your smartphone. You will soon get used to navigating with gestures and then will not be able to use your device in any other way – it is really convenient.

Gesture Control is designed not only for geeks in technology but also for ordinary people who are tired of working with keyboard control. You can even use your smartphone when you are wearing gloves – Gesture Control allows you to control the touch screen and the touch area.

You’ll find the most suitable panel and display size for you, so you can navigate without errors. All gestures are customizable and their functionality is personalized.

Gesture Control - Next level navigation1 Gesture Control - Next level navigation2


AUG Launcher

AUG LauncherAUG Launcher combines the functionality of several applications at once, forming a completely unique product. It is a kind of launch module, which has several interesting and unusual functions.

For example, you can block certain applications, as well as customize gesture control in just a few minutes. With AUG Launcher, many users have already taken their device to the next level, making it more functional.

The gestures that you will draw on the screen are accurately perceived by AUG Launcher and perform a certain function. It can be searching for a specific application, launching, making calls and even working with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks.

It may not seem so convenient at this time, but even after a short period of use, you’ll appreciate this kind of functionality. By the way, AUG Launcher also allows you to create separate categories of users, each of which will have its own access level.

AUG Launcher1 AUG Launcher2


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Full Screen Gestures

Full Screen GesturesLooking for a simple and standard gesture control application? Full Screen Gestures maybe your choice at the moment. The application has a set of standard features and gestures that Apple users are already used to.

Now you can try them all in work without changing your smartphone model. Swiping around the edges of the device or screen will completely replace the mechanical buttons with the interaction with the screen and sensor.

Full Screen Gestures lets you control the volume, move back and forth, open quick settings, and much more. For each gesture you have the ability to set sensitivity and size, personalizing each of your movements.

Also, Full Screen Gestures automatically recognizes near and far mode, while resizing the screen or image. You can even contact Google Assistant at any time using this service.

Full Screen Gestures1 Full Screen Gestures2


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WaveUpHow often do you leave your smartphone screen on without even using it? This is a problem many users face without even noticing that they forget to lock the device.

WaveUp helps you lock and unlock your smartphone all the time – only when you really need it. Even if you just want to watch the time or check notifications, you don’t have to press a button – just look at the screen.

WaveUp uses a built-in motion sensor in your smartphone. It helps determine if you’re really near your smartphone and looking at the screen. To turn the screen on, you can use a swipe – just swipe over the proximity sensor with your hand.

You can change this signal to pocket mode, for example. This way your smartphone will react every time you take it out of your bag or jeans pocket. WaveUp also does a great job of locking it down. It will be easy to close the proximity sensor and the screen will automatically go off.

WaveUp1 WaveUp2


Of course, you can be an advanced user – you may even have heard of such navigation for a long time. On Android, the most convenient and functional applications have already been released, but have not gained popularity.

Many people simply do not realize how much more convenient it will be to manage the functions of your smartphone and applications using such navigation. In some apps, you can even set certain gestures that are designed to start the device, lock, and even call.

Multi-tasking, quick access, constant routine – imagine how you can change them with modern technology. We hope that you will dare to try Gesture Navigation in the nearest future and choose one of the applications presented in this article.


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