7 Free Muscle Anatomy Apps For Android & iOS

Looking for a simple and handy way to learn muscle anatomy? This article has you covered!

There are plenty of free muscle anatomy apps for Android & iOS that lets you explore body structure in an interactive way. These apps include atlases and compressive 3D models you get to spin and zoom in on. All the models come with explanations and tags, so you’ll get a full picture of a human body.

We’ve gathered together the 7 best apps in that category you may try. Let’s dive in!

Complete Anatomy

Complete Anatomy

Let’s start with an anatomy app that lets you explore detailed 3D models.

First o all, the app has newly added a female model, which is quite rare among such services. The quality of the models is great, and you get to zoom them in for more details. The app is great for learning, and it’s absolutely essential for students. Herewith, it’s not just a regular atlas, but an ultimate edu source with unique tools.

The models in this app come with loads of individual structures that give you a full understanding of anatomy. The structures even include a beating heart in 3D. Plus, there’s an atlas with over 700 screens along with a radiological pic. The app also offers its own dissection course If needed.

It also displays real-time muscle motion, a 12-layered system, and more. Besides, thee’s an AR mode that lets you see every little detail eleven better. The app also covers over 1,5K clinical vids translated to several languages if required. Yet, the app runs on sub packs, and you only get a 3-days free trial.

Complete Anatomy 1 Complete Anatomy 22 

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Teach Me Anatomy

TeachMe Anatomy

Next, we have an app that provides you with interactive body models.

The app comes with a textbook, plenty of 3D models, and a wide lib of anatomy flashcards to help you study and get ready for exams. It covers plenty of anatomy articles (over 400) dedicated to different topics and themes that may be valuable for students. The bank of articles gets updates from time to time, so you won’t miss anything important.

As for the prototypes, the quality is on the lvl, so you get the best possible exp. You may also zoom the models in and out and turn them around to view all the details. Above that, the app retains over 1K HD pics and clinical images about all elements of anatomy. The app covers both regional and systematic anatomy, so no worries here.

As it was mentioned, the app also comes with a bank of cards that help to pep for the exam. For now, the bank includes over 1,7K questions, and it gets regular updates. You may also take an online anatomy quiz to check your learning if required. The app has a free pack, but the pro one gives you entry to advanced tools.

Teach Me Anatomy 1 Teach Me Anatomy 2 

Anatomy Atlas

Anatomy Atlas

This is a fully free app to learn about muscle anatomy.

Shortly speaking, it’s an anatomy atlas that lets you view the entire anatomy layout of the body. It covers skeletal, muscular, nervous, and more systems, so you’re all the way covered. All of them come with detailed definitions and tags, so no worries. You get to scroll through the systems and mar some of them at faves if needed.

In case you need to find smth specific, just use an in-app searching engine. All the images are HQ, and you can zoom them in to view the details. The app runs offline, so you can learn wherever you are. Plus, the app covers various anatomical positions of the head, skeleton, neck, and more.

Along with that, the app lets you take a medical anatomy quiz to check yourself on various topics. There’s a cardiac quiz, first aid one, liver one, Glasgow coma one, and more. In case you’ll get some questions wrong, the app will provide you with answer details. The app pals include an anatomy dictionary with terms and phrases.

Anatomy Atlas 1 Anatomy Atlas 2 

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Visual Anatomy

Visual AnatomyIt’s an interactive anatomy tool that helps you learn all the aspects of the body.

The app includes various 3D overview prototypes you get to zoom in and out and spin to get all the components. The prototypes contain all body anatomy systems with over 500 feature points. Herewith, you get to customize the points to be shown if needed. All points come with labels and definitions, which is incredibly handy as you have it all in one place.

Beyond that, there’s a realistic muscle animation, so you could understand how everything works here. The muscles also come with a characterization, which is pleasant. The app runs on sub packs, and the free version gives you additional images from Gray’s anatomy textbook. In a pro version you get over a thousand images, so maybe consider getting it.

All the educational info comes with an audio addon and it is multilingual, which is pleasant. More to that, the app has a quiz mode that lets you test your abilities. The test includes multi-choice queries and gives you tips for all the ones you’ve got wrong. There’s also an ultimate anatomic dictionary if needed.

Visual Anatomy 1 Visual Anatomy 2 

Anatomy 3D Atlas

Anatomy 3D Atlas

As its name suggests, it is an anatomy atlas that will help you to get into the body system.

The main goal of this app is to help you study anatomy interactively. It has an intuitive UI, so you’ll quickly figure out how to cope with it. It lets you observe an HQ 3D replica of a body from various pitches and zoom it in and out for more info. All the prototypes are highly detailed and have textures in 4K.

As for the systems, the app covers all the essentials from muscle and respiratory to the endocrine and lymphatic systems. You may also hide some parts o the models if needed. Plus, there’s a transparency mode that lets you see through several parts of the body and view the covered ones.

The app was originally made for professors and students, but it also works well for sports trainers, medics, and everyone else who is curious. Plus, this app is a nice addition to a classic anatomy book as it visualizes everything and lets you interact with models. The app is also multilingual, which is nice.

Anatomy 3D Atlas1 Anatomy 3D Atlas 2 

3D Bones and Organs

3D Anatomy Learning

It’s an app that lets you learn about body construction in detail.

The app is fully free ad covers interactive models that let you visualize theoretical knowledge. The models are highly precise and cover every bone and organ. The prototypes include skeleton, muscle sys, circulation one, and more. You get to spin the prototypes from any point and zoom in to get more components.

The app even has bookmark options that let you save a particular view of the prototypes. Besides, you’ll get to do a dissection by pulling the layers of muscles to view the structures underneath them. In case you’re only interested in a particular system, you may switch the rest of them off with one tap.

Beyond that, the app comes with an audio assistant that will pronounce all the bones and organs for you. You’ll also get to take 3D location examinations to test your understanding. The app is also multilingual, which is nice.

3D Bones and Organs 1 3D Bones and Organs 2 

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BioDigital Human

BioDigital Human

And lastly, we have an app with a detailed comprehensive anatomical prototype in 3D.

In the first place, the app runs on sub packs, and the free pack only includes 10 model views for a month and lets you store 5 models n a library. The sub is quite expensive, but it gives you entry to over 700 prototypes of structure and health issues. The app is used in over 5K institutions and schools worldwide, so you can be sure all the info is accurate.

It covers over 20 regional and system-based prototypes with over 600 models for health conditions, which is pretty impressive. All the models are fully interactive, so you get to spin them from any point and zoom in and out for more info. You’ll even get to draw notes on top of the prototypes, dissect the layer and save particular angles.

Plus, the app retains info about various diseases and therapies. The app is also multilingual and contains 8 languages. You may also create a personal library with models and educational materials you’re most interested in.

BioDigital Human 1 BioDigital Human 2

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