15 best apps to buy clothes on IOS & Android

If you want shopping to bring even more fun, use the mobile app. Which? There are the most convenient and useful in this article. A smartphone in the hands of the buyer is the seller-consultant, and an expert for discounts, and a girlfriend.

But this is only provided if the phone has the correct apps. Today let’s talk about apps that will help you to be aware of new products and to find the right products at competitive prices. We represent 15 best apps to buy clothes on IOS & Android.


We live in an era of giant corporations. They swallow the smaller companies, first by defeating them in the price race, then buying them, thus, turning the market into an oligopoly. The future will show if it’s good or not, but today we know a simple fact – Amazon is the number one place for online shopping.

You can buy here clothes as well – and it can be both second hand or new collections. Moreover, here you can find the wides variety of brands, starting with the luxury ones, such as Dior or Versace adding with rare vintage pieces. To find the best offer, just go to the section “Deal of the day” you will find decent things at the sale of 30-60 percent.




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This application has been proven as a great online shoe store. However, this store is ready to offer you much more. Clothes, bags, jewelry, watches, baby products, and more – these all you can open on the spaces of Zappos. A distinctive feature of this app is that all products on the website are described in great detail.

So that you can immediately determine if the item fits you or not. If you received the product but you don’t like it, Zappos will return you money or will make the exchange. Zappos trusts its customers. There is also free shipping.




This app is suitable for men or women who want to make a gift for their second half. Most fashionable clothing websites focused on a female audience, but JackThreads is changing the stereotypes. This app will help men to look stylish every day. Here are the latest fashion trends, and also the clothing of their own production.

jackthreads-3 jackthread-3



Another corporation that has become a true corporate monster and its owner was the richest person in the world in 2017. Well, Zara chose the right strategy in the fashion world providing the “fast-fashion” or a higher quality what allowed it to beat their competitors.

In their online shop, you can find any pieces of clothes you might ever want – starting from beautiful gowns for women ending with tracksuits for men and boots for kids. The prices are a little bit higher than is such brands, as, for example, Bershka, but the range of clothes is wider and the style is more official.





If you’re planning to buy completely new clothes, then this app is not for you. It is more a second-hand app. However, there are lots of cases when people are selling something they have never actually worn. You are probably familiar with eBay – it is the largest “yard sale” app that allows people to sell the things they don’t need.

 Often it happens that the item you were planning to buy in some store is sold out too quickly. But wait to get upset – you will probably find it on eBay. In fact, here you can find literally everything, including the rarest pieces of clothes – at really affordable prices.





Wallapop is an app for online purchases and sales. This application, unlike other similar services, allows you to deal directly with other users and not to pay the commission to the mediator. If you want to buy something, you can browse the offers, use the filter by category of goods and not only.

So, if you are looking for clothes, you can limit your search by category of clothing, and if you’re looking for computer games, you can choose the category of the game.

The price of each item is displayed next to it, however, many sellers prefer to set the contract price. In fact, when it comes to having to buy something near you, you will be able to offer something in exchange instead of money.

Wallapop will tell you how far away a potential seller is. Because of this, you will always be able to decide which seller to deal with. Wallapop is an intriguing service for purchases and sales, which allows you to deal with other users without having to pay any commission on profits.

wallapop wallapop





Tradesy is a marketplace for buying and selling designer goods between individuals. For sellers, the service offers a small commission for selling — only 9%, for buyers – 100% guarantee of authenticity and a flexible returns policy. It looks like Tradesy figured out how to deal with fake designer goods.

First, each seller company sends its own materials for the packing of goods. Thus, Tradesy receives the actual address of each of the sellers. The company believes that it should reduce the likelihood of unfair transactions. More than that a flexible system of refunds helps to fight fraud.

tradesy-3 tradesy-3




Gilt is another app for those who want to buy designer things at huge discounts. The distinctive feature here is that the app doesn’t provide the second-hand sales, but it works as an outlet. It is an official distributor of many fashion brands and it sells them with great discounts.

New offers appear every day. Moreover, the app shows you the hot deals depending on your location. For example, if you’re in New York or Miami, Gilt will show you the best sales around. So you can shop both online and offline. Another interesting feature of Gilt is that it provides not only clothes but some home accessories as well.





VINTED is the best app for purchases and sales. It is the largest market in the fashion world. Do you want to find the best deals on branded goods? Welcome to Vinted. There is a good system of protection for the buyer. The team of VINTED is always ready to help and support you.

You can filter the product in sections, brands, colors, and prices. One of the features of this app is the ability to watch a video advertisement for a product. Convenient system of payment. You will have the opportunity to discuss fashion and your purchase on the forum. Download VINTED and enjoy shopping!

vinted-sell-buy-swap-fashion-style-3133_5 vinted-sell-buy-swap-fashion-style




The app of the popular British online clothing store asos.com. The application has a smart design, each product has detailed photos. Some products have videos. Asos’ stock presents more than 850 brands of clothing. Also, it has its own brand ASOS specialized in the production of beautiful and expensive clothes.

Features of the app:

  • a full range of asos.com optimized for iPhone and iPad;
  • synchronization between the website and mobile app;
  • all your bookmarks available on the website and in the app;
  • ability to share with friends via social networks.
    For your pleasure there is free shipping, waiting time is about a month. So if you order now, you can catch the new year’s holidays.





Macy’s is an American internet-shop of clothes, shoes, and accessories for the whole family and home goods. Born in 1858 as a small store of affordable clothing in new York, the company Macy’s quickly gained popularity.

It was the owner of Macy’s who devised to sort the clothes by size and to return the money for clothes which didn’t suite you. Today it is one of the most famous trade chains from 800 stores in America.

macys macys-2




Urban Outfitters is an American fastest growing online store of clothes, shoes, accessories, and home goods. All the things presented in the catalog are focused for progressive and open-minded people.

Here you will not meet strict office dress shirts, tuxedos, and dresses-cases. The store breathes youth, joy, and freedom! Looking here for a couple of minutes, you can surf the site for hours.

Even walking around the store will bring a lot of positive emotions! In addition, among clothes, there is a huge selection of rare and original things for interior design: vinyl toy, tableware with exclusive drawings and ornaments, and more.

urbanoutfitters-3 urbanoutfitters-2




GAP is the online store of clothing, shoes, and accessories for the whole family. Striking design, natural fabrics, and excellent sewing quality are probably the main advantages of Gap clothing. Wear such clothes for a long time, until it becomes small.

To book Gap items is better in the period of seasonal sales, when discounts on t-shirts, jeans, jackets reach to 50 or even 70% of original prices.

There is a large selection of colored jeans in different colors: green, yellow, red, orange, etc. (according to the designers, people are in need of bright colors all year round). Enjoy a pleasant shopping with GAP.

gap-4 gap-3




YOOX offers a wide range of products from the best Italian and international designers. Clothing, footwear and accessories, interior design and art, books, etc. – all these you can find on Yoox. You can easily find what you need with the ability to sort products by type, designer, material, and so on.

The application offers acceptable terms of delivery and the service track of your order. Do you want to discuss your purchase? The blog is at your disposal! Discover bright children’s clothing and accessories on YOOX. There is a wide range of products from top designers!

yoox-3 yoox-2




There are lots of things are said about the desire of some people to buy luxury and expensive clothes… But do they really care? As we can see, luxury fashion items are still as popular as ever. And it’s not a secret that lots of people want to buy expensive clothes but they don’t have money for that.

That has led to the occurrence of such apps like eBay and Poshmark. They allow to resale pieces of clothes, but the distinctive feature of Poshmark is (you guessed it) that it works only with luxury brands. Have you been dreaming about that Gucci bag, but don’t want to pay $2000 for it? Check out Poshmark – you will probably find someone who sells it for $1000 or less.




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