13 Free Split-Screen Games for Android

Mobile devices have made a huge impact on the gaming industry. We can’t say that this is a qualitative push, rather an expansion of the “gaming” audience.

After all, the vast majority of people have phones and tablets. Thus, developers only need to “quench” the thirst of users, creating different games.

It would seem that on devices with a large display diagonal is quite convenient to play together, but this kind of game is quite a few. But, in this review, we were able to collect for you the best free split-screen games for Android.

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Red Hands

Red Hands is a dynamic game for two. See who’s faster and smarter! Cheer up and do not miss your turn.

The rules of the game are intuitively simple. Stand opposite each other. One will be the attacker and the other the defender.

The first one presses the button and makes a clap, and the second one withdraws his or her hand in time in the same way. Miss your turn three times – get penalty points. The one who gets ten points first wins.

The game is suitable for all ages. It perfectly trains dexterity and speed. Be careful, otherwise, your virtual hands will turn red from the blows. You won’t feel a drop of pain.

Play as much as you like. Choose a hand with tattoos, an animal paw, a skeleton, or even the green Hulk. Test the game with your friends and have fun.


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This is a simple and fascinating game that allows several users to have fun at the same time. It works without the Internet. Participants communicate via WiFi and Bluetooth.

The idea is that one player shoots from the phone screen to the other. Choose from 3 modes.

In the classic version, you need to defend yourself from your opponent’s bullet by tilting your phone at the right moment. Then reload your weapon and fire back.

In the next mode, you have to assemble a team and defend the headquarters from enemy attacks.

The third option is a ball game from your phone to your opponent’s phone. Be careful, the ball can bounce, fly away and take any trajectory.



Many people are familiar with this game because it has received many awards and positive feedback from players.

You play the role of a forest dweller – a mysterious creature with wings.

You can control it by touching on any point of the display, the more you press, the more force it takes off.

In this way, you move through a dark, but also beautiful and a fairytale forest full of dangers.

You bypass the traps, collect bonuses that change your size or shape and create your clones that repeat your movements with precision. The more clones you spend to the end of the level, the better.

The game captures with its “friendly” gameplay and the atmosphere created by the graphics and music.

The multiplayer mode is quite advanced – up to four players on one device. In this case, the screen is divided into several visual zones to control each individual character.

The purpose of the mode is to survive and go through to the end of the level.

The most interesting thing is that all the characters interact with each other. So, you can sabotage your opponents, pushing their bodies to the trap or beyond the screen.

BADLAND screen 1

Pocket Tanks

This game is familiar to many people from the PC version. The game is a turn-based strategy-platformer.

On a randomly generated map are two tanks, players take turns choosing their arsenal from the list and start the battle.

The tank can be moved only on four conditional cells, and the shooting is controlled by the angle of the trunk and the force of the shot.

The player who caused the most damage wins. The free version is available in 20 different weapons.

Each shell has its own features, one deals direct damage to the enemy, and another, for example, can dig a pit under it, thereby blocking its movement.

This is the most interesting element of the game. But a more experienced player who knows the behavior of all the guns has a significant advantage over the beginner. In this regard, the game has no balance.

You can play with artificial intelligence, two on the same device, on a local area Wi-Fi network, and the Internet.

Pocket Tanks screen 2

Mini Arcade

It offers a collection of classic arcade games, providing a nostalgic gaming experience to users.

This app provides you with a huge range of two players’ games and this way you have a chance to share the fun with friends.

The app features a diverse selection of games, ranging from Space Invaders to Pac-Man, giving players a vast variety of options to choose from.

It is also great to see that the games are responsive and perform well without any lags or glitches, making the overall gaming experience quite enjoyable.

While the app does offer retro-styled graphics that give it a classic arcade feel, they seem a bit outdated, especially when compared to modern games.

It is a great way to relive the classic arcade gaming experience, and the app’s variety of games will keep users entertained for hours.


  • Provides a collection of classic arcade games.
  • Simple gameplay.
  • Controls are easy to navigate.
  • Offers a variety of games.


  • Outdated graphics.
  • Frequent pop-up ads during gameplay.

IceRage: Hockey

This is a hockey game in which you can fight with another live player. The gameplay is as simple as possible.

There are two goalkeepers and two forwards on the field. Depending on the game mode, you can only control the forward or both the goalkeeper and the forwards.

The control works with the joystick and the kick button, the strength of the kick varies depending on how long you press it.

If you find it difficult to control the movement of a player, there is a simplified control.

In this case, the movement of the player will be controlled by artificial intelligence, and you only need to press the button on time to hit.

The game is free, but there is quite obsessive advertising, which can be turned off for money.

IceRage: Hockey screen 1

SeaBattle 2

This game does not need a wireless connection. You only need to sit next to a friend, who also does not mind spending time in the cult game.

The project supports multiplayer and the game with bots, but to fight on one display is much more interesting. Yes, and you can see the arrangement of ships.

The gameplay is quite simple and clear, in this regard, the developers have almost nothing to change.

The player places the ships on the battlefield, and then chooses different bonuses. After that, you pass the smartphone to a friend and he also places ships as he wants.

After that two fields appear on the display and gamers shoot each other in turn. If you get hit, you can shoot again, if not – the move moves to the opponent. Very fun and time fly by without being noticed.

SeaBattle 2 screen 1

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GlowHockey 2

This game also went into release quite a long time ago and hasn’t changed much since then, although the fans are not disappointed at all.

The project is extremely simple and clear. The playing field is divided into two parts, each player has his own half and he can not go to half of his opponent.

Besides, each player has a goal in which to score a virtual puck. There are no extra rules or conditions.

All you have to do is drive your finger on the display, calculate the trajectory of the rebound and try not to miss the puck in your own goal.

Of course, Glow Hockey 2 has a single-player mode where you can play with the bot at several difficulty levels. On Hard, it is very hard to win, but you can practice your reaction and try different tactics.

In two-player mode, but, Glow Hockey 2 reveals itself completely. Real gamers don’t think like bots.

They make completely different mistakes, they have different attitudes towards tactics, and so on. And, of course, to score the puck to the player sitting opposite you is much more pleasant than virtual artificial intelligence.

The main thing in the rush of battle is not to push the phone off the table.



There is no doubt, that Fruit Ninja is a legendary game.

The project was released in the distant 2010. But to this day gamers all over the world are actively driving their fingers on the display to cut fruit and not to blow up a bomb.

The gameplay is as simple as possible, it is even harder to come up with, but the game is fascinating from the first second.

The developers made sure that it was fun to play together on the same display.

The gameplay itself no one remake, just the authors added a new mode and slightly redesigned the playing field. Do not worry, the ability to quickly cut the fruit is still essential.

If in the standard modes, the player has access to the entire display and the fruit needs to cut with a wide range of movements.

Then in the local cooperative mode on one display, the field is divided into two halves, each of which is reserved for one player.

Then, after the start of the round, everyone must cut the fruit, evade unnecessary items, catch bonuses, etc.

Winner in the battle the player who in the allotted time could score the most points. Given the expanse of gameplay, offer to fight in Fruit Ninja can any player. To cope with the gameplay can be absolutely anyone.

FruitNinja screen 1


This is another legendary game, which at the time of release has collected as many awards and prizes as possible for the mobile project.

The developers took as a basis very simple mechanics, although at that time it had no competitors, and drew an atmospheric virtual world.

Thanks to that Feist won gamers and brought its authors fame all over the world.

Though many years passed since the game’s launch, today Feist is an ideal way to spend time while traveling or waiting for something.

If you have a friend, who wants to play together, then nothing else is needed at all.

In the game, you need to manage virtual characters that look like furry spots. In a single-mode, the user’s finger controls all the characters at once, but you can connect a friend and he will be responsible for his “pet”.

The gameplay is simple, but it requires a certain amount of wit and good reaction. Besides, sometimes gamers can play tritely because they are confused with the characters and don’t know what to do.

So, because of these situations, Feist brings so much positive.

There is no violence, no element of competition, so you can play relaxed and enjoy what is happening on your smartphone or tablet display.

Feist screen 1

Dots Online

The authors of “Sea Battle 2” created another fairly simple and fun game called Dots Online. It allows you to play with a friend on the same device.

It is worth clarifying that the gameplay project is more complex than other casual games. It is very important to tactics and understanding how the game works.

One of the players gets red, the second – blue. Now gamers take turns putting dots on the playing field, capturing the territory.

The task is to capture more territory than the opponent and to do that you need to connect the points around the opponent’s points.

Of course, if with the bot in the single-mode it is quite easy, then in the battle against the real player, who is also sitting opposite you, it is not so easy to win.

You need to come up with a tricky plan and lure your opponent into a trap. Because if you just put points and do not think, you will either lose or find yourself in a very difficult situation.

Dots Online perfectly trains the logic, imaginative thinking, and skills of a strategist.

By the fifth battle, you will have your own personal tactics. But, of course, to fight better with a friend who has already played this game, otherwise, it will be too easy to win.

Dots Online screen 1

12 MiniBattles

The authors of 12 MiniBattles decided to create twelve games in one.

So that gamers could play the projects they are interested in without downloading anything extra.

Competitions in the game are fundamentally different from each other, but they are all fascinating.

What’s best, all games can be played with each other on the same screen.

In the main menu, the player chooses what game he wants to start now, after which the battle begins.

For example, you can play football – a team of one player, the goal on the opposite side of the display and need to score a goal to the opponent. Or you can play a duel on revolvers, training the reaction and accuracy of shooting.

To do this, simply press the key on the display. Twelve games are enough that the gamer is not bored to do the same thing all the time.

Besides, the games themselves are very different gameplay from each other. Due to this, the developers and won the audience.

12 MiniBattles screen 1

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2 Player Games – Pastimes

Do you want to play games with your friend on a single device? Then, hurry up to download 2 Player Games developed by Senior Games.

The application comes with an extended collection of entertaining games – e.g. Color puzzle, Ping Pong, Car fight, Hockey, Ninja Runner, Space adventures, etc.

The integrated games are short enough, so the major task here is to perform everything as fast as possible.

Once you have opened the app, you should select the preferred section on the homepage –  Championship and All games.

Users can also take part in the championship filled with several rounds. The championship mode provides a combination of various games. The player who wins all the rounds will be the winner.

If you select the second section, you should scroll down the screen to check the full list of games.

You can play all the provided games both single and with your friend. In case you have selected a single mode, you should compete with AI.

There is a Setting section on the top of the screen where you can add an appropriate language or disable sounds.

In addition to the aforesaid, the application boasts colorful 3D graphics. All the locations and animations are developed in detail.

However, we have to mention that many users complain that this app hangs from time to time.

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