7 Free Apps to Lock Phone for Period of Time (Android & iOS)

There is no denying that smartphones are gradually winning our lives. If a person is deprived of a device, he will simply lose most of his life – photos, videos, communication, in some cases, even the source of income or access to money.

In this case, we do not always use phones for their intended purpose – if you remember, their first purpose was mobile communication, that is, business and short communication. In the smartphone of a modern person, you can find most social networks, games, applications, and other services.

We ourselves do not notice how much time we spend on the simple use of a smartphone. A classic morning ritual is to open Twitter, flip through the Instagram feed, reply to messages from friends, and pass a couple of levels in your favorite game.

Sometimes we get distracted from work or important things on the phone without taking really necessary actions. To become more productive and not distracted, we suggest you just give up your smartphones for a while and make it a habit. Here is the list of 11 Free Habit Tracking Apps for Android & iOS to track your habits.

In order that you have no temptations, we found for you 7 Free Apps to Lock Phone for a Period of Time (Android & iOS).

SPACE: Break phone addiction, stay focused

SPACE Break phone addiction, stay focusedYour smartphone has certainly become your regular habit. You should agree that it’s hard to imagine a modern person without social networks and profiles in various applications.

SPACE will help everyone to change their habits, as well as improve their lives – you just need to reduce the time of using gadgets. In order to get rid of the feeling of anxiety, and all the important moments of your life to spend with your loved ones, not your smartphone, we recommend this application.

The service offers each user a small course in 8 days, during which you can find your balance in life. During this time you will be able to limit yourself in the time of use of the smartphone, and maybe even understand that you do not need it.

Only a few types of smartphone users – bored people, socially attached, employed, and so forth. In SPACE you will be able to determine which type of user you are and how to fight this habit. With your progress in getting rid of an addiction, you will be able to share with friends and acquaintances.

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OFFTIME – Digital disconnection

OFFTIME - Digital disconnectionOFFTIME is another application that is designed so that you can focus on real things and tasks. If you notice that you stop listening to your interlocutor and are distracted by the phone, sneak up on social networks instead of doing a project, you are likely to have a digital addiction.

The OFFTIME app will help you take control of your life and make sure that your daily life does not depend on your smartphone. If you admit your problem, this is a great excuse to start solving it.

OFFTIME will allow you to rest from your smartphone for a certain amount of time – just set the time to block applications and calls in advance, and at a certain point the application will turn them off.

Your smartphone will not be controlled by the service – it just blocks your access for a while. You can also plan a “rest from the smartphone” for certain dates. In addition, OFFTIME collects statistics on your usage – you can view them for a day, week or even a year, depending on how long the application is installed on your smartphone.

Note that OFFTIME controls access on all your devices – so if you take a tablet instead of a smartphone, the service will still block your access.

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YourHour – Phone Addiction Tracker & Controller

YourHour - Phone Addiction Tracker & ControllerTelephone addiction can cause many problems. Some doctors associate the smartphone with prolonged insomnia or sleep problems – the human brain simply does not understand that one should rest.

YourHour application will help you avoid excessive use of the smartphone, as well as provide the necessary personal recommendations to overcome the bad habit. So if you feel that you can not spend the day without a gadget – try YourHour.

In addition to a temporary blocking device, YourHour has many interesting features aimed at controlling the use of the smartphone.

First, you can make sure that you always see how much time you spent with the gadget today. In this case, you will always see a time counter in the toolbar.

Secondly, each of the applications can be tracked, and the result will be presented to you visually. You’ll be able to see how the time you spend on social networking sites goes. As soon as the time limit you set is reached, the icon will light up in red, so you’ll realize that it’s time to finish your session.

YourHour - Phone Addiction Tracker & Controller1 YourHour - Phone Addiction Tracker & Controller2


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StayFree – Screen Time Tracker & Limit App Usage

StayFree - Screen Time Tracker & Limit App UsageHave you ever wondered how much time you spend on your smartphone and viewing different content? StayFree will show you how much you really spend on your favorite apps, games, and even your browser.

In addition to timing statistics, you’ll also be able to learn the details of service usage, see the history of each app, and much more. We can also note that StayFree has an excellent and understandable interface for all users, which will please literally everyone.

The statistics that you will receive are extremely accurate – up to seconds. While tracking, StayFree barely uses up your battery – and you’ll use even less because you set certain limits for yourself.

For each application, you can set a certain amount of time that you can spend there, with limits that are set only by you. StayFree will also send you notifications when you should turn off your smartphone and mind your own business.

For the most radical users, there is a temporary application lock feature: for example, a friend can set a temporary password for you and tell you only after a certain period of time.

StayFree - Screen Time Tracker & Limit App Usage1 StayFree - Screen Time Tracker & Limit App Usage2


Screen Time – Restrain yourself & parent control

Screen Time - Restrain yourself & parent controlIf you like graphics, strict numbers, and statistics, the application Screen Time will suit you best. Service helps people get rid of digital and mobile addiction, using different methods.

Some of the people may realize the problem on their own immediately after viewing the graphs, someone should start to set a certain time period of using the gadget. In any case, Screen Time will help to better understand the reason for your regular use of a smartphone and make changes in your life.

The application will allow you to set a certain daily limit on the use of your smartphone or certain applications. You will also be able to change it regularly yourself – for example, on weekends, allocating more time to your smartphone.

Screen Time can completely block your device – you simply can’t start any of the apps until the end of a certain period of time. During this period, only text messages and phone calls will be available – these will be your emergency communication tools or when needed. All other services will be unavailable during this time.

Screen Time - Restrain yourself & parent control1 Screen Time - Restrain yourself & parent control2


QualityTime – My Digital Diet

QualityTime - My Digital DietDiet can be not only about food. Diet is a limitation, but you can limit yourself in many ways. The QualityTime will help you stick to a digital diet and even make it your lifestyle.

A simple and attractive application is designed so that you can keep track of all the time you spend on applications and services. It does a comprehensive analysis and draws conclusions based on your activity – not only what you did in the applications, but also the trite time you turned on the screen.

Your habit may stop hurting you – you only need to limit the time you use the gadget. QualityTime offers several ways to do this – alerts, scheduled breaks, or a reminder to take a break.

If you can’t just turn off your smartphone at work, the most convenient system will be alerts – so you can decide for yourself whether you have the opportunity to take a break.

On weekends or holidays, QualityTime recommends setting scheduled breaks – this is the period of time when you can not use any services. For more detailed settings, you can also use other features that will help you adhere to a digital diet.

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Stay Focused – App Block & Website Block

Stay Focused - App Block & Website BlockEven the name of the application already contains a call to action – Stay Focused. You really should focus on real things and tasks, rather than constantly taking your smartphone in your hands without a specific goal.

The application will help you develop self-control and increase productivity simply by limiting the time you use your sites and applications. Stay Focused is an easy way to limit the time you spend online or chatting with friends on social networking sites.

The application offers you to temporarily block all applications installed on your smartphone, as well as the sites you visit most often. Thanks to the restrictions, your dependence on the gadget will decrease over time, and your focus will shift.

Stay Focused will allow you to follow the restrictions even in case if you have weak self-control – a system of QR codes and a strict mode of blocking action is provided for this purpose.

Not only the applications will be disabled, but also the notifications from them – in fact, Stay Focused sets the “Don’t disturb” mode without the possibility of premature access permission.

Stay Focused - App Block & Website Block1 Stay Focused - App Block & Website Block2


The applications, which we have found, are designed for people, who would like to do their time management. You have to learn how to properly allocate your time and not to be distracted by social networks or Internet news.

Short-term blocking of your smartphone for a certain period of time will allow you to finish the work in time, spend time on your own training or do something really important and necessary. Some people can even use them to abandon the habit of using a smartphone before going to bed.

You should just try this service – you will immediately see how much time you have left. We hope that our article has helped you, and you will be able to better organize your working time and reduce the use of a smartphone.

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