9 Free Tree Cutting Games for Android & iOS

On the hunt for a fun tree-cutting game? This article got you covered!

We’ve made a list of the 9 free tree-cutting games for Android & iOS that let you experience what it’s like to be a real lumberjack. These games let you cut trees, gather lumber, and go through the entire wood processing act. You’ll even get to use the wood to build houses and develop a wood-selling empire! Take a look!

Cutting Tree 

Cutting Tree

Let’s start with a fun tree-cutting tycoon game.

The concept of this one is quite simple: your goal is to remove all the unneeded, trees from the land. In order to do that, you get to use multiple lumberjack tools and your wits to not mess it up. You start in an open woods territory where you’ll need to pick the right tree to cut. The number of tools will be limited at first, but you’ll get to unlock more further on.

The app comes with a pretty wide range of tools, and each one is more powerful than the other. There’s everything from simple exes to the motorized shredder, so you’re all the way covered. At some point, you’ll get to cut and destroy the trees as fast as possible. Once you’ve collected enough wood, you can use it to build homes and other buildings.

Beyond that, the game covers some extra tasks to develop and test your skills. For instance, you’ll get to process the gathered wood and cut it into pieces for further use. You may also create custom home designs and try different styles if needed.

Cutting Tree
Cutting Tree 1

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Idle Lumber Mill 

Idle Lumber Mill

This is an idle tree-chopping game that lets you go through all the stages of wood processing.

The game takes place in the Lalaska forest, where you’ll need to cut and gather the trees. Get ready to use your axe to cut down the unneeded trees and turn them into wooden planks for further use. Your goal here is to cut as many trees as you can, sell the lumber, and become the richest tycoon of all.

Each piece of processed wood brings gems you can use to get more complex tools and all that. The game covers multiple tools such as automatic shredders and all that. Plus, there are special supplies for debarking and other wood processing. You may also participate in extra challenges to earn more bonuses.

Once you’ll earn enough money, you can hire extra lumberjacks to do all the hard work for you, but what’s the fun in that? We’re here to enjoy tree cutting, aren’t we? Herewith, the game comes with a bunch of ads that you can only disable by paying for a subscription.

Idle Lumber Mill
Idle Lumber Mill 1

Lumber Harvest

Lumber Harvest

Next, we have a harvest sim game that lets you exp what It’s like to be a real lumberjack.

Your aim here is to chop the trees to clean up the forested islands. Then, you’ll need to harvest the lumber and sell it to earn some money. You can then use your profit to get more complex cutting tools and processing supplies, so you could cut the wood faster.

As for the cutting process, you’ll need to use your truck to move through the forests and chop the trees on your way. Along with that, the app works as some kind of business sim as you’ll get to gather the word, timer it to the sawmill, process it, and sell it on the market. Herewith, you’ll need to find a way to do it in the most efficient way to gain more profit.

Besides, the app covers some mini-games to keep you entertained. The mini-games are mainly dedicated to lumber, but there are also some extra missions for you to complete. As the game goes on, you’ll get to explore new islands and lands and try various processing and cutting tools.

Lumber Harvest
Lumber Harvest 1

Idle Lumber

Idle Lumber

This is a colorful lumber game where you can cut trees in order to relax.

This game gets you to build your own wood-cutting business. You’ll get to cut wood, turn it into planks and sell these to earn some gems. As always, you start with pretty minimal resources and basic supplies, and the whole tree-cutting process goes up slowly. But once you’ll earn some gems, you can buy the more complex axes and other useful tools.

Plus, as the game starts you can only cut the cheapest and boost basic trees, which won’t cost that much on the market. The further you go, the more expensive trees get to unlock. There are even some magical and golden trees that bring you extra bonuses. You can switch seasons and explore new locations with different kinds of trees.

You can also level up the speed of the cutting process with time. And once you’ve earned enough, you can hire more workers to cut more trees and process the wood faster. The game lets you play with the background sections and try various themes if needed.

Idle Lumber
Idle Lumber 1

Wood Harvest

Wood Harvest

It’s a simple 3D game that lets you to fell trees and harvest lumber.

This is a wood master sim where you’ll need to move around multiple islands and cut some trees. To do that, you get a tractor that lets you harvest the words for further processing. Once the wood gets gathered, you’ll need to move it back to the base and process it for sale.

As the game starts, you get the simplest tractor o all, but you can give it an upgrade with time. You may also get some extra saws to quicken up the process and speed up the transport as well. The game covers multiple locations that are fun to explore, and the further you go, the more expensive trees you’ll get to cut.

You’ll also get to hire new workers for multiple positions to post your wooden empire. It’s a casual game with no timer or smth, so you can just relax and move at your pace. There are a bunch of ads that you can’t get rid of for free, but that’s nothing new.

Wood Harvest
Wood Harvest 1

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Lumberjack Challenge

Lumber jack Challenge

If you wanna feel what it’s like to become a lumberjack, you’ll have fun with this game for sure.

It’s a 3D game with pretty solid graphics that will get you through all stages of tree cutting and wood processing. The game is pretty realistic as well: you get the close-up of tree cutting, chopping, debarking, and all that.

Your goal here is to earn as much money as you can to build your logging empire. Another fun thing about this game is that you can cut the trees at any angle, which you won’t get in the majority of similar games. Then, you’ll need to knock the tree over, put it into your track, move to the base, chop, process, and see.

Besides, you can use the gathered goods to build houses, which is also a source of profit. Once you’ll start earning the money, you’ll get to buy new cutting and processing tools along with faster transport. You’ll also get to hire more workers to get the job done faster.

Lumberjack Challenge
Lumberjack Challenge 1

Wood Cut Master

Wood Cut Master

That’s another wood-cutting game that lets you become a wood-cutting master.

The idea is pretty standard for the genre. You’ll get to become a lumberjack who moves through the islands and cuts trees on the way. Your goal is t collect enough wood for the buildings, and the more wood you gather, the more money you’ll earn.

As always, you start with the basic axe, and the process of tree chopping goes up pretty slowly. The further you go, the more money you get that can be exchanged for more complex tools and all that. Then, you can sell the axes and tools you don’t use to get more money for new supplies.

Plus, you can use the wood to build your own village on the island, which opens up some extra game features. The game covers various kinds of trees that require different supplies, which adds up to the fun. The graphic is pretty nice as well. It could use some improvements, but it doesn’t distract from the gameplay.

Wood Cut Master
Wood Cut Master 1

Cut the tree

Cut the Tree

It’s a tree-cutting game that lets you gather wood to build houses.

The game covers multiple levels (over a hundred for now), and your goal is to complete them all and build your own village. You’ll get to move through all the stages of wood gathering and house building. You start by cutting the trees, chopping them into pieces, and processing the wood.

Then, you’ll need to use the gathered lumber to build the house on a tiny piece of land. As the game starts, you get the most basic tools and one piece of land for the house. Once it’s done, you’ll earn some money that can be spent to buy new land, more complete tools, and all that.

You’ll get to buy new processing and tree-cutting tools along with faster transport. Plus, the further you go, the more complex houses you’ll be able to build. The game is free to play, but you’ll need to pay to turn off the ads.

Cut the tree
Cut the tree 2

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Wood Inc.

Wood Inc

And lastly, there’s a lumberjack sim that lets you cut the trees and gather lumber.

It’s an idle simulator that lets you become a real lumber tycoon that earns millions by selling gathered wood. Herewith, the game is here to help you relax and take your mind off of things, so there’s no timer or other limits: you can play at your pace. You start as a small wood-selling business ad your goal is to automate production and boost your empire.

It’s not just a clicker game, it works more like a manager simulator. There are plenty of things for you to do here: you’ll need to build a lumber factory and make all the wood processing stages efficient. You’ll get to hire lumberjacks, get powerful tools, automated sawmills, and more. You can hire up to 10 workers at once as soon as you have enough money to pay them.

Make sure to level up tree cutting speed and optimize the process to get more profit. As the game goes on, you’ll get to explore new lands and tree types that cost more on the market. The game runs offline, so you can reach it wherever you are.

Wood Inc
Wood Inc 1
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