10 Best Game Killer Apps for Android & iOS

Surely you have at least one favorite game on Android and iOS, in which there is an internal currency in the form of coins, crystals, and the like. This virtual money is needed to improve the game process and enhance the capabilities of the character.

To get to a really high level, you have to spend an incredible amount of time on the game or buy coins for real money. But there is a third option!

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You can download the application for hacking games on your smartphone and save yourself from unnecessary hassles and costs. There are quite a few such applications. We analyzed them all and identified the 11 best game killer apps for Android & iOS, which we want to tell you about.

Game Guardian

Game Guardian favorably differs from other programs for hacking games into numerical values by the simplicity of the interface and, at the same time, more functionality. In addition to directly hacking, you can slow down and accelerate playing time.


Earning game currency and other resources with time become bored. You want to enjoy more gambling moments, and not waste time on routine. In most games, there are two ways out: you can buy game resources for real money in the in-game store or use programs to break games.

The second solution is more popular due to its free-of-charge. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to realize that it is necessary to give the game a break for a certain time.

However, the Game Guardian application greatly simplifies and facilitates the process of hacking games. With the help of the program, you can change almost any numerical value that does not have software limitations in the game.

How to use the program

To gain access to all the utility’s functions and, above all, directly to hack the games, you must first get root access on the device.

Instructions for hacking games:

  1. Run the program, and then the game you want to crack.
  2. Use the search to find the hacked number (for example, if you have 100 coins, you need to search for 100).
  3. Now change the value in the game (for example, spend 15 coins, get 85 coins, and find the Game Guardian value of 85).
  4. Repeat this way until there are only a few lines with this value.
  5. Change them to the desired number.
  6. PROFIT!


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Donat in games is becoming more intrusive. Developers specifically insert “sticks in the wheel” to those players who do not use in-game purchases. Freedom will be your faithful assistant in the fight against Donat.


This program is as simple as all genius. It will allow you in a few seconds to hack most of the applications from the Play Store. Gold, money, crystals, wood, ore – in short, any game resources and the game currency you can get as if by magic, it’s enough to download and install Freedom.


To get the cherished resources for building, raising the level, buying equipment and so on, you need to do just a couple of clicks:

  1. First, you need to have the rights of the root user. This is the primary task, otherwise, you will not be able to use, perhaps, any function of this program. If the root-rights already exist, go to the second step.
  2. Secondly, you need to run the program. The first launch can be a long one.
  3. Thirdly, you need to allow the application to root-access.
  4. Fourth, you need to find an application for hacking from the list. If the “Free Card – XXX” does not appear when clicking on the desired application, then the application you selected can not be hacked using Freedom. At least for the first time, until the developers add this application.


The Freedom interface is simple to disgrace, navigation is even easier here. The interface is executed in dark tones, for the best navigation all text is presented mainly in shades of white.


Lucky Patcher

This utility is designed to change and expand the functionality of applications. You can easily launch pirated versions of any software you are interested in.

Installation and use

This utility will open up to the owners of mobile Android-devices completely new features. It is designed to scan installed applications and make various changes in them.

So, for example, you can remove the hated function of license verification, which will allow using the pirated software without any problems. The program allows you to bypass all protection algorithms and completely ignores the preset limitations.

Do you want to make free purchases in the in-game store? This program is capable of this. She breaks into stores, emulating the buying and payment processes in a variety of ways.

All applications from the official market are configured to synchronize with the default services. However, thanks to this program, you can install absolutely any applications without problems.

Among other things, this patcher allows you to remove ads from any downloaded games and utilities.

What Lucky Patcher does

  1. Delete the license check.
  2. The ability to completely disable advertising content.
  3. Install patches for system files.
  4. The possibility of “cloning” applications (simultaneous launch of the same utility).
  5. Save .apk and save as modified.


The application is based on advanced Freedom and similar programs but does not require Root-rights. The utility successfully emulates the purchase process in offline applications, allowing to receive free of charge any paid game items.


Most modern applications are free to download but additional game features in them are provided for a fee. As a rule, you can buy useful game items in a virtual store for real money. With CreeHack, you can emulate the purchase process, getting game items for free.


To successfully crack games using CreeHack, you need to follow the following instructions:

  1. Turn off Google Play. Just stop the Google Play Services process in the application settings.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi and mobile internet.
  3. Start CreeHack, activate the program (press the “ON” key), and collapse it.
  4. Go to the game store and make a purchase. When you try to buy a pop-up window from CreeHack with the word “Buy” and Cancel. Congratulations, the purchases are emulated successfully!


As mentioned above, the program does not need to receive root-access for the program. However, this fact does not allow the program to use all the vulnerabilities of Android applications. Unfortunately, CreeHack does not crack all the games that can be easily broken through advanced applications with root access. Currently, the application allows you to crack more than 120 applications, including very popular games.



The program will open up completely new gaming opportunities.


As you might guess, this application allows hacking games intended for Android OS. With it, you will never have to worry about Donat again. If you wish, you can at any time be able to prescribe the knowledge of coins and experience that you need. Gamers, who often use Artmoney for PC, could not notice the similarities.

Indeed, the application is a kind of mobile analog of the famous program. It allows you to find the values you need and replace them. The program copes with many mobile games. However, in order to use it, you need root-rights.

Installation and use

To get started, you must download and install the program on your mobile device. Start the game you want to crack, and then the application itself for hacking.

Then click on the icon that shows the magnifying glass. After that, you will need to find the value that you need. So, for example, if you have 1000 gold coins, and you would like to increase their number, you must enter the corresponding figure in the search system.

After that, you need to continue to change the number of coins. If there are 500 of them, then a similar number should be entered in the search. When, in the end, only one value remains, you can finally change it in accordance with your plans.



The application allows you to accelerate the process of accumulating resources and experience, as well as directly affect the battle. Another useful feature will be the imitation of a permanent stay on the Web, which will be relevant for the continuous protection of the village in multiplayer games such as Clash of Clans.


XModGames – a tool for hacking multiplayer online games. The application contains dozens of mods for a variety of games. You can find a list of available games in the application. First of all, the application was developed for fans of Clash of Clans.

The program will automatically analyze the file system of the device and display in the list possible for hacking applications that are installed on your mobile device. Simplify the passage of online games and reduce the time spent online!


The XModGames application is constantly updated. We recommend that you install the latest versions of the program’s plug-ins released by the developers.

After all, game manufacturers are constantly eliminating vulnerabilities, which forces the authors of the program to promptly find replacements for them. In addition, the number of supported projects is regularly increasing, new mods are being added, and the opportunities for hacking games are increasing.

Moreover, the need for timely updates is dictated by the possibility of getting a ban for several weeks for detecting the use of plug-ins. Typically, this applies to obsolete mods, which are based on the vulnerabilities already discovered by the developer of online games.

XModGames for Clash Of Clans

As we have already mentioned, most often XModGames is used for legal cracking of the clay of the clans, i.e. for the use of this program you will never be banned, and you will have the following advantages over other players:

  • automatic search for castles – only villages with overcrowded gold mines and an elixir collector will be searched, as a rule, these are villages of inactive players;
  • search by resources – you can specify the number of gold/elixir / dark elixir/town hall level, etc .;
  • copying the layouts – you can copy someone else and do not have to manually do this by screenshots or pictures, especially useful for beginners;
  • a training battle of repetition – is ideally suited for developing a strategy to destroy bases for 3 stars (in this mode, you can also see traps and traps);
  • manual training battle – the same thing only you can most expose the number of troops, potions in his and the enemy fortress;
  • the display of traps and Tesla towers is a very useful case for choosing the best place for withdrawal;
  • a permanent online mode in which you cannot be attacked, which means you do not need to worry about the safety of resources and the expenditure of troops on defense.


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Game Killer

This application must necessarily be for those who love the dishonest game.


Game Killer is an indispensable tool for hacking games. After installing it, you will no longer be stopped by any in-game restrictions. What developers offer users to purchase through donate, you get completely free. You can get as many coins, crystals, and other resources as you need for a comfortable game. In order for the application to work correctly, you must have root-rights.

Main advantages

One of the main advantages of this application is that it can easily crack almost any game, even if it came out just recently. This program will allow you to save a lot of money if you want to get unlimited opportunities in games.

To date, the Game Killer application has no analogs, which could be compared with it for quality and efficiency. Unlike other similar programs, this software works very quickly. This is made possible by the unique system of searching game processes and the exact replacement of the required digital values.

After installation is complete, launch the application in the background and open the game. In the resource store, purchases will be free, and your gameplay will no longer be limited.



For the correct operation of Game Hacker, you must have root-rights, otherwise, it will not work.


To date, this application is considered one of the easiest to use programs for hacking games. It will be understandable and accessible to both the former hacker and novice. The application was created by Chinese developers, so you can say that you have an Asian analog in the wide circles of ArtMani. It works on mobile devices from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Main advantages

Game Hacker has a lot of advantages over a similar software. First of all, it is worth highlighting its simple and intuitive interface, which without any exaggeration can be called unique. However, the way the window of the program is called is no different from the rest of the games for Game Hacker, so in this case, no “strange” surprises are to be expected. The application weighs a little, it works very fast and you can download Game Hacker for free.

The program boasts the following useful features:

  1. A lot of algorithms of work – ordinary search, search for floating values, filtering, multimode, and so on.
  2. With this application, you can slow down and accelerate games, as well as pause them.
  3. You can download and install cheating modifications via the Internet.
  4. You can save and export the value search.
  5. The decryption of encrypted values.


iap Cracker

iap Cracker – analog of the computer version of the program ArtMoney. If you have an iPhone you probably like to play different games on it but you do not want to waste time and go through the game to collect money and buy what you want. For this purpose, iap Cracker was created. It will help to crack any game on the iPhone and wind any value of money in the game for free and easy. The program provides you with hacking iPhone games.

Installation Instructions iap Cracker:

  1. It is necessary through the iFunBox and go to the specified path: Library/MobileDevice/ProvicioningProfiles and move here the file com.myrepospace.urus.iap_0.8-1_iphoneos-arm.deb
  2. That is all, iap Cracker works.
  3. Reboot the device.

A lot of money in iPhone games:

  1. Go to any game, then click get coins.
  2. After you add the right amount of coins for free!
  3. You can buy birds in line with birds.


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Cheatoff is a service for hacking offline and online applications on Android and Apple-devices. Henceforth, any game world, whether it’s the popular online strategy Clash of Clans, the epic thriller Shadow Fight 2 or Ninja Turtles Legends – is completely subject to you.

Tired of waiting for a week for the sake of hundreds of covers and a lunchbox with a new character for Fallout Shelter – Cheatoff will solve this problem.

There is not enough money in Pokemon Go – with Cheatoff and a couple of tens of thousands of coins on the account, your Pokemon Zoo will definitely be better than feeding. Beating over the passage of the impassable level in the Ninja Turtles Legends – Cheatoff will open to you a complete passage.

Tired of obsessive advertising on the floor of the screen in your favorite game – and then Cheatoff will come to the rescue, instantly turning it off. Strategies, quests, simulators – the resource https://cheat-off.com is subject to everything, regardless of genre, developer, mobile platform, and, of course, the essence of the problem.

Interestingly, for hacking applications, you do not need root-rights and generally any complicated actions, typical for other crackers. On the official site of the burglar, you will find a huge database of the most popular applications. Look for the application in the list, download the executable.APK/.IPA file for it – and the path to dpkjv nen has already been traversed.

In the executable file, enclosing:

  1. Anti-ban system that protects you from locks in online applications.
  2. The cracker himself, allowing to open all the closed game content of this application.
  3. And also instruction on breaking and solving possible problems.

Please note that the developers are strongly advised to read the instructions, thoroughly studying all the nuances, and only then run the downloaded executable file. Ready? Well then go ahead!


Thus, these easy-to-use applications allow you to fully enjoy the games without any restrictions. Choose the most convenient for you and proceed!

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