11 Best Thermal Camera Apps in 2023 (Android & iOS)

Thermal cameras or night vision cameras are used to be expensive to buy. In 2023 you don’t have to buy any additional software except your smartphone, and with the adjustment of several filters, you can get yourself a pretty good thermal camera. There are various apps for that, and, depending on what you need your thermal camera for, you can choose apps with different abilities.

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In the list down below we tried to pick up the most diverse thermal camera apps that can record anything even when the lighting is low and transmit all the images precisely.

Seek Thermal

Let’s start with the best app of the year like it said in the magazines  Popular Science, This Old House, and Field & Stream. It is one of the best products, which you can use anywhere using your mobile phone and without any other additional gadgets. With the help of this free app, you can simply explore thermal energy in all parts of the world.

Measure the level of the heat from the dark blue color that means that in this area the heat is low and then it is going to green, yellow and the hottest one is red. It means that the thing is really hot.

With this app, you are like a predator and see the same as them. It is comfortable and easy to explore anything that it gives off heat and you can spot it from tens of meters. Or you can just use it for fun with your friends, make experiments with different things and cheat in the hide and seek games.

Also if it is not enough for you and you want to use the full version of the app and all the functions can be, you can use a paid version and there are also opening special functions like the range and the degree of the heat. Anyway, you can download it right now for free it doesn’t matter if you have Android or iOS.


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Thermal Camera VR Simulated /Prank

The second app is Thermal Camera VR Simulated is a cool app for a good time spending alone or with your friends. The best of it is that it is made to use as a VR app and the heat in the app is simulated and is not true, so you can use it as a prank for your friends.

You are going to see your familiar room or any place you know but from a heat scanner side in 720p video, which is a good quality for such an app. And the other good feature of this app is that it has 2 camera effects Inverse classic, Neo thermal for a change in the playing process.

The goodness of the app you can see in the comments, all of them say that the app is awful, but they do not understand that it is a prank app, like is written in the title of it. Everyone thinks that it works not correctly, but it does it like it needs to be.


Night Camera Photo & Video – HD 4K

The next app is a Night Camera Photo & Video with the best HD 4K quality of the picture. Here you can use your camera with this app to unlock new capabilities to make thermal photos and videos in real-time. And there are tons of features for the app.

The first feature we are going to consider is an Auto timer selection. This fantastic function can solve the common problem when always anyone needs to take a photo and he misses the opportunity to be with others in the photo.

Or when you ask someone to help you with the photo taking and this fantastic thing can help you, just put the timer to the camera and it will make a photo itself in a time.

The other good feature is the diversity of the thermal effect and its customization. You can make the effects more expressed and more contrasting or vice versa. It helps to make better photos as you want.

The next bunch of features is 1-8x digital zoom, switching front and rear camera, recording and saving photos to your phone, and the comfortable library in the app with the storage of all the photos and videos you make with the function of photo slider and the photo or video sharing.

All of these features would be fantastic for your usage of it. And the things mentioned here are not all, there are lots of others in the app, which you can try anytime.


Thermal Camera FX: HD Effects Simulation /Prank

In contradistinction to the previous simulation app we have noted, this app has the same goal and the whole app is a prank, but there are some good features here which the VR simulation one did not have. There are objectively tons of good stuff to use and to try it all you need to use it yourself but to point out the best let’s give some examples.

First of all, is the support of the front camera and camera flash. The next one is a real-time effect for your video or effects for the pictures, images you make. The zoom effect in the app is quite good, too and if you do not have a zoom in your phone, this app can help you.

The other good thing is that you can record videos instead of just looking for a real-time one, so you can record a video with thermal effects and save it in your storage to share to show to your friends. At the top of all, it also has multiple thermal camera profiles of effects sets to share with the others.

The last feature we would consider is the option to pick the quality of the video you want in the settings from 240p and up to 720p. Really good addition to the app.

The developers thought about the possible problems with the special phones, which can lead to problems during the use of the app, and tested most of the app for Android and iOS. So you can be almost sure about it.


Thermal Scanner Camera VR

Another good thermal app to use is a Thermal scanner camera VR, which you can use as a normal app and turn on a Virtual Reality mode. This app is made to turn your video or a photo to a thermal style, this does not scan as the real thermal scanner and is made only for the funny time spending and cool pictures you can make.

It has lots of effects and the settings to customize the resulting photo as you want with any gradients, colors, effects like smooth color shimmer or add noise to your custom effect. So with the app, you can make nice photos with the effects from the multiple color palettes or create one and save them to use next time.

More than just adding filters you can make photos and videos in real-time, add the effects to them in real-time, or even save them with already added effects.

You have no restrictions in using the portrait or landscape mode of the camera, make the photos and videos how you want from all the cameras.

Also, the app allows you to upload your edited pictures to Facebook or Instagram from the app, which, uploads to the cloud or even sets it as your wallpaper to your phone.


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Thermal Imager Camera Photo Filter Simulator

Thermal Imager Camera Photo Filter Simulator is a great tool to make the photos and pictures or anything you want in a thermal style and to customize it. You can set the cold blue zones the warmer green zone or yellow and red warm and hot zones in the picture simply turn them into thermal ones.

If you need to make such a photo and do not know what instrument to choose, it would become one of the best options because it is a comfortable mobile app for Android. Do not use a lot of your gadget memory, free to download and to use. And this how you can make serious photos with high quality or just take photos for fun.

About the funny part of the app is a possibility to turn on the camera and add the heat to the video or photo in real-time, which can be an ann to your friend, when you will turn the camera to the hot objects or self and the screen would be fully cool.

Saying about the main program functions that we have not mentioned, they are three color gradient map schemes and three-pixel light detector algorithms.


Color Night Vision Camera Simulator & VR

This app is a night vision tool. It does not give you a super cool result of the process and does not say that you will receive a good result like in the real professional cameras and gadgets with t vision. And it turned out not too bad and pretty decent. They use special phone functions, lights, noises to reproduce the picture in the darkness.

Except for an algorithm that is used in this app it also has settings to customize the view of the picture and customization of the colors, contrast, and shades. And tons of other functions in the app like the zoom, silent mode, effects for the picture, Virtual Reality mode, which you can use if you have a VR headset to completely dive into the screen.

The app has the ability to use front and rear cameras, focus functions, automatic brightness adjustments. In addition, here you have lots of professional functions like a vertical and horizontal compass.


Thermal Night Vision Color Filter Effect Camera

This is rather a tool for your camera than just an app because it opens the full opportunity of your camera to make better photos and videos. It helps you to make a better zoom than the restrictions on your phone. It helps you to take photos during the night or in laces.

The app makes them brighter and allows you to customize the photo how you want, add your effects, set the brightness level, colors. You can select the photos and videos in the app and work with them and also and take pictures in the app, too. It is easier not to change the app and make all you want in one.

As the app uses the full opportunity of your phone, it also makes your photos with the best quality available with your camera and adds the digital and high-quality video stabilizer to your recordings. Except for the common zoom that this app provides it also has a function of the macro zoom, which helps you to take photos of the small stuff.

The functions photo editor and photo cropper are built in the app and you can operate with your pictures like a professional on your mobile phone with only one app.


Thermal Camera FX

The next thermal simulator is the Thermal Camera FX. This is a regular joke app without a real thermal camera and just the effect and simulation of it and it gives things randomly colors and you can prank your friend or anyone with the help of this program because no one would believe that the screen is right.

And you can play with this tool, too. By just looking for how can it set the colors in the pictures and making your settings or even effects. You can always change the colors, effects, brightness and make from a real photo, picture a real photo with the editor in the app of the effects and color palette.

The palette starts from a dark blue color and goes straight to a bright red color. Save and share your result to prank or show your creation to your friends and followers.

You can use these HD effects and the photo editor anywhere because it does not need the Internet to work as the app is offline and all functions would be installed with the installation of the app. Have fun and turn any photo into a thermal one.


Night Vision Thermal Camera

This app is another tool for your photos to zoom the camera, turn on the night vision camera effect with the simple video and photo editor, and other effects for good quality pictures.

If you took a photo in the darkness and you want to make it at least a little bit brighter, so you need to turn the night vision mode in this app and the program would try to make it as bright as it can without a big loss of quality and the other appliances.

It uses every ability your mobile phone has and this why you can make photos in the app to make it more comfortable to use, change between the portrait or landscape modes of the camera, and use the flashlight. Above the special features, the app has it also has the main functions of the camera like auto mode, daylight mode, cloudy day, fluorescent, advanced modes, and much more for every situation.


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VR Night Vision for Cardboard

The last app on this list is a Thermal scanner camera VR. A special  Virtual Reality program for simple VR glasses like the Google Cardboard. It is a gaming VR app, a simulation of night vision. Includes a 3D Augmented Reality (AR) and Heads-Up Display (HUD) with the data from a real-world and your phone.

Except for the fact that the app was made for the VR headset if you do not have it the developers made a special mode for such situations and you can turn it on to use just a mobile app.

Anyway, the creators recommend playing it exactly in a VR headset, because you can get the full feelings of it only in them and it is not hard to make them yourself from home stuff, so after looking on the Internet for a manual you can rapidly make your one.


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