7 Best Games Like Rocket League for Android

What do cars and football have in common? You might think that nothing. You are wrong. Try games like Rocket League. Car battles and football are in one app. It is a brand new view on games. Your task is to choose the best racing car and score a goal.

It is like football but there are no people. Only the best racing cars are waiting for you. Enjoy the playful game modes and colorful graphics. Only you can determine the outcome of the game.

If you want to get the feeling of been a professional F1 manager, then check this article.

Rocket Soccer League – Car Football Game

This app will infatuate you. Extreme racing and high speed make the game addictive. Take part in millions of rocket league championships. Become the winner. You will control the racing car. Help your team to be the best.

You can crush, race, slow down sharply and create car accidents. The app has tons of different game locations. You will never be bored. Open the garage to update the car. It is easy to customize the vehicle. Change wheels, lights, and the whole car.

Win matches to get money. You can spend all your money to improve the car. It can become faster, stronger, and more accurate. Every car has got special characteristics such as speed, break, grip, and acceleration. The higher the characteristics the better the car.

Rocket Soccer League - Car Football Game  Rocket Soccer League - Car Football Game

Moreover, the app has real physics and perfect graphics. If you are an artist then you can show your imagination. Try to paint the car in a special decor mode. Do you want to play alone or with real people? You can do both.

Try different game modes and become the number one on a leaderboard. You can simplify the matches by adding powerful weapons to your car. Eliminate all your opponents and win the match.


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⚽ Rocketball: Championship Cup

Do you want new extreme sensations? This app is what you need. Fight in a grand field and score the goals. Check out your driving skills. Every match can teach you something new. Don’t forget about your team. Only together can you win. This is a team game where it is important to be united.

Don’t think that the game is easy. If foes will be too close, they can use weapons to distract or choke you off. Be impertinent and snatch the victory. You can play with your buddies in multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode will be an incentive for you because you won’t be a loser.

⚽ Rocketball: Championship Cup ⚽ Rocketball: Championship Cup

Create teams with professional rocket league players. If you think that your skills are not good enough then try practice mode. Practice your movements and tactics. The app allows you to replay all the matches to find out battle mistakes.

The app has tons of vehicles. Try every car to find the best one. The graphics of the app are vivid. Special effects take the game to the next level. It is worth playing because you will relax and splash out negative.


Rocket Soccer Derby

This retro-style game will stay in your heart for a long time. It is a perfect combination of soccer and racing. Moreover, you can play online and offline. The game is hard. You need to equip your vehicle with weapons.

Don’t forget about protection. Crash into cars to eliminate them. Endeavor to score the goal to get more points and rewards. The app has different arenas to play. Stylish car decor never hurts, right? Choose unique decoration and personalize the car.

Rocket Soccer Derby Rocket Soccer Derby

Can you score 10 or 20 goals? Prove yourself that you can become the champion. Your interest in the game will last long. The developers add new achievements and rewards. Try to get all the achievements. What’s more? All car deformation and harm are realistic.

The physics is breathtaking. It will seem to you that you are in a real race. Use tricks to tease and fool your enemies. Track the leaderboard to know your rank. The more you win the higher you are on the leaderboard. Try this app and crush all the opponents.


Rocket Car Ball

This app combines extreme car fights and a worldwide famous football game. You will love the atmosphere of the game. Drive on the apocalypse fields and defeat opponents. Create the killing machine. Add weapons and update the characteristics of your car.

You can use special attacks and boosters. The main goal of the game is to score as many balls as you can. The app has a huge variety of cars. Every car has unique characteristics. You can kill your enemies to earn money and points.

Can you make a double or triple kill? Don’t blunder. Choose the most successful strategy to win. You must be clear-headed on a battlefield. All arenas have traps. Try not to be caught. In addition, you can push your opponents into a trap.

Rocket Car Ball Rocket Car Ball

The control of the app is intuitive. The left part of the screen manages the movements and the right part of the screen runs the attacks. Watch the time. It is limited. Try to promptly score the goal. You can buy skins for your car in the shop. Choose rhino or monster.

Simulation of movements is realistic. The music helps to increase the perception of the game. All battles are fast-paced. Be quick and attentive. The app has 3 unique game modes and more than 60 upgrades for the killing cars.


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Rocket Car Soccer league – Super Football

Are you ready to take part in a worldwide rocket league competition? You don’t need tickets for it. Just download this game and you will become the participant. Choose the car and begin the battle. Speed up and down, jump, hide, do anything to win.

If you think that you are on the brink of death use the boosters to make the last action. Elude all the danger. This app is excellent integration of football and racing. Open the shop to buy cars. There are more than 50 different cars in the shop.

Try solo mode to train your skills. Train accuracy to score more goals. If you are ready to take part in a real competition then you need to choose the strategy. Smash your opponents. Damage their cars. The more damage you take the more points you get.

Rocket Car Soccer league - Super Football Rocket Car Soccer league - Super Football

It is a must-have for every football lover. It is a new view of football. Drive, energy, and adrenaline will go through the roof as you play. If you win, you will feel proud and energized. The high resolution makes the game enjoyable.

The atmosphere of the game is cheerful. Watch the full stadiums and rapturous fans. The developers continue to update the app. They add new vehicles, weapons, and locations. Try it and become one of the best members of the rocket league.


RL Garage for Rocket League

This app is slightly different from others, There are no extreme battles and hard fights for the ball. It is a customizable rocket league garage. Moreover, the app is offline. You can become a rocket league trader.

Create a brand new car for battles. Search for the best deals on the market and find the best offers. You can also add your offers If you don’t need parts of the car. If you intend to clarify details of the deal write any trader and ask whatever question you want.

Don’t worry if you can’ use the app at the moment. All your deals will be active. You can read news on the market and add comments. Get new experience of rocket league trading.

RL Garage for Rocket League RL Garage for Rocket League RL Garage for Rocket League

The interface of the app is user-friendly. You can choose the theme in the settings of the app. All items have icons. If you are a rocket league fans this app is needed to be on your smartphone.

The app has an active user base and a quick support service. It is one of the best platforms to trade rocket league items.


Turbo League

Meet one of the best HD graphics app. It has cool special effects and wonderful music. Feel the adrenaline during the battle. You can fully express your character through the car. Create unique designs and add boosters.

The garage has lots of decors and stickers for your car. Every car has unique abilities.

The style of the game is future modern. Choose the type of wheel decor. You can become recognizable with neon stylish wheels. It is a great opportunity to find friends. Send messages in general dialogue.

Discuss the latest rocket league competitions and champions. You have 5 minutes during the battle. Use this time right and score as many goals as you can. Choose the team. There are red and blue teams.

Turbo League Turbo League

The flame from the exhaust pipe, the roar of the engine, and the screams of the fans are all in this app. Collect cars to become a famous member of the rocket league.

This is one of the best rocket league analogs for android.


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