15 Best Movie Apps for iPad

If you have an iPad and don’t use it for watching movies or TV-shows I don’t really know why you have it! An obvious advantage of a bigger screen is that it is convenient to watch videos on it wherever you are – on a train, on a bus, in a queue, in your bed. So, go through the best iPad movies apps situated below, download the ones you like most, and enjoy!

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Amazon Prime Video

Even a decade ago no one could imagine that the Amazon platform would grow from a online-store to a producer of movies and TV shows and one of the largest companies in history in general. The scale of Amazon can even be a little scary, however, it does what it does – it provides all kinds of services, including their own movie platform.

Moreover, this movie platform has even become a competitor to Netflix which was considered the monopolist in the streaming industry. Well, monopolist might be a word way too strong, but honestly, other streaming platforms just can’t attract even the quarter of subscribers that Netflix can. And now Amazon has almost got aligned with Netflix.

Moreover, using the Amazon Prive Video is more profitable than Netflix. All you have to do for getting access is to get the Amazon prime subscription and there you go – you get the super-fast delivery of all the products from the regular Amazon website, exclusive sales and tons of movies, TV shows for a small fee!

The app is adapted for all the platforms, including the iPad. You will find all the latest TV shows here, all the latest movie releases, all classical movies, and blockbusters. There is also a section “Amazon originals” that contains all the movies and shows produced by Amazon.



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Well, who hasn’t heard about Netflix? It is probably the most popular source for watching movies online. And yes, there is an iPad app that has all the inherent features of the source. Netflix features original TV-shows, documentaries, and other types of movies. There is a truly large choice of acute in-demand films.

Good news! There are no ads. Bad news! You gotta subscribe and then pay monthly or annually for the subscription. The first month of trial, though, is free. And you can cancel your subscription whenever you want to.

Netflix is an awesome platform because it is able to give you recommendations according to your watch-history and according to your preferences. The more you use it, the better it gets at adapting to your taste. Just like YouTube. Be careful though! – don’t forget to broaden your horizon now and then. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck in your cute little world of familiar genres.

So, if you don’t want to spend your precious time watching ads and want to be able to watch fresh and interesting stuff that is on everyone’s mind, this is your best option!

netflix app

Google Play Movies and TV

So far we’ve overviewed the apps that are either free or have monthly/annual subscriptions so that you could watch movies without ads. This one is different. Google Play Movies and TV works in the following way: all movies are sold separately – one by one.

So, for example, if you want to watch a movie that has come out recently, you need to pay a lot, less than in a cinema probably, but a lot. If you’re looking for an old movie, you’ll find that its price is considerably less. The app contains lots of movies – most of them are popular ones or the ones that are used to be popular.

Why download a Google app on iOS? Well, there is a reason – for example, if you have a Google Play account with all the movies bought there, you can easily log in on your iPad to continue using your purchases, the wish list, etc.

However, even if you don’t, the app might be useful for you all the same (all you’ll have to do is to get it). Ain’t it cool to be able to get fresh movies that have just appeared in cinemas?

google movies

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is one more free apps for watching movies. Besides the movies, there are also over a hundred live channels that you can watch anywhere and anytime!  – of course, if your internet connection doesn’t suck. The channels are diverse – there is something for every taste: news channels, sports channels, even anime channels.

As for the movies, about a thousand movie collection consists of big names – movies produced by famous studios like Paramount, Warner Brothers, and others. Pluto’s rating is really one of the best among such apps. It is one more reason to try it! Why not after all? The app has amazing functionality.

pluto tv app


We’ve all been there. The number of services and apps and websites that offer their content is overwhelming! How to keep track of what’s really important to you? JustWatch offers an excellent solution to this problem. With this app, you can track your favorite movies and shows without googling and listlessly looking through your search results.

The app does not stream movies and does not even offer them for download, but it performs a much more requested function – it collects all the information connected with movies both online and those that have been introduced in cinema.

You can learn where and when to watch that movie that you have so long been waiting for. You can find out info about new shows on Netflix and similar services. And, finally, you can just scroll through an enormous database of the app in order to find movies and shows you’d like to watch and then add them to your special list.

A nice bonus is price drops alerts. So, if you want to be movies-savvy – always knowing what to watch, where to do it, and what is the best offer in your city – leave any doubts left and get this app! It is free after all.

justwatch app


Yidio is one more TV-show and movie guide that will help you to track your highlights. First, you make a personal wishlist of movies and TV-shows you’d like to watch, and then the app will tell you where to watch them, how much it would cost, or would it cost at all. There are over 100 sources supported by Yidio. Just enter a name and the app will give you all the necessary info.

More than that, the app will keep you updated on all the recent news about your favorite shows and movies as well as give you personalized recommendations based on your watch history. So, if you tired of jumping from one service to another to learn what’s new, make your life easier by getting this app!

yidio app


Popcornflix is a true discovery for any cinema lover. The app has hundreds of independent titles. You can search movies by name, by actor, or by genre. Comedy, drama, documentary – whatever you prefer – you’ll definitely find something worthwhile.

The app is free to download and the movies are all free to watch. There are no new blockbusters, however new movies (like not brand new, but new for the app) are added every day. So, if you don’t mind watching old stuff, Popcornflix is a very good choice.

popcornflix app

Show Box

Another convenient app to watch movies on your iPad. One superior feature of the Show Box app is that has an extremely user-friendly interface and all the movies are arranged strictly by categories in a clear order which makes it easy to view the movies you are looking for, explore new movies that you could possibly like and finding the movies you want to watch.

This is really an advantage because some apps do include tons of movies but they are presented in such a chaotic way that you get a headache after a while of using it. What is more, in the SHow Box you can not only watch movies but also buy tickets to movie theaters, watch trailers of the upcoming movies. TV shows are also presented here.

One more really cool thing about this app is that it contains detailed information about each movie – the cast, length, country of origin, and so on.



Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one more app that can offer lots of different movies in lots of different genres. The app contains about 40 categories including ‘Not on Netflix’, ‘British TV’, ‘Korean dramas’ or, for example, ‘Highly Rated On Rotten Tomatoes’. Everyone can find the necessary content.

The app’s advantage is that it can be easily synced between devices – and not just Apple’s ones, but also Roku, Xbox, Amazon. So, if you are up for diversity, this is a great choice!

tobi tv

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Watch ABC

ABC studio has its own app for streaming original series. With it, you can watch full episodes of your favorite shows using both the iPad and iPhone. There is no doubt that the iPad is preferable – you don’t want to ruin your eyesight after all!

The app also has special highlights so that you could discover new shows more easily. There is also live TV, so if you don’t want to miss anything important like the NBA finals, for example, you can watch it on the go.

All in all, this is more of a TV shows app that features materials created by ABC. If you like ABC, why not to get their app?

abc movies


If you are tired of western entertainment, you may try to switch to something else – something new and unusual, like… Asian entertainment! Viki is the app that includes a lot of Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwan movies and shows. Are you keen on K-pop? This one is for you!

New movies and shows are added all the time and most of them – with subtitles. The subtitles are created by fans of the genre – it is possible to find them in over 200 languages.

The app enables you to communicate with other users just like you, which is, of course, cool, because if you have an interest in something unpopular, it may be hard to find like-minded fellows. The app is free but it is full of ads. If you want an ad-free version, you can buy a premium. All in all, the world of Asian movies is waiting for you!

viki app


Plex is an app that can help you to access all of your media libraries including videos, music, and photos in one place. If you like to keep things in order, why not organize your digital space as well? Easy access will make you enjoy the content more and search for it less.

Since we’re talking about movie apps, Plex here is for another reason – far from its organization function. The app gives you access to hundreds of podcasts, mostly news ones from such sources as CBS, Financial Times, Euronews, and others. As for the movies, they’re there as well.

More than that, you can watch and even record broadcasting movies, programs, TV shows. So, this is quite a thing! Not only does the app keeps your mind clean by presenting media in a handy way, but it also increases your opportunities to get new media. You are welcome!

plex app


Flixster is not for streaming movies, it is for finding the movies you like. The app is extremely helpful in searching for what to watch. It contains information about shows nearby, timetables of your favorite movie theaters, prices, and so on. Besides, the app is full of movies descriptions, trailers, reviews, and other useful information.

If you want to know the recent news about the cinema world, this one is definitely for you! And if you are always out of ideas for what to watch, definitely get this one!



Vudu has appeared in the industry not such a long time ago but already gained huge popularity (in fact, right now this is one of the most trending app on App Store for watching movies). Vudu is equally good enough both for watching movies and TV – just choose what you like!

The latest hits, blockbusters, classic movies, cartoons – you can find anything you want in Vudu. The app is perfect for your iPad. If you feel bored and you have a WiFi connection then you can easily switch to the TV section. In total, there are more than 10000 titles.

Vudu is compatible with all devices, including Airplay, Apple TV, and so on, so feel free to connect it anytime to your TV.



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This app is, first of all, made for watching live television. And if all the standard TV apps usually include around 500 channels and if you want to have more then you must pay a fee, then here you will discover more than 200 channels absolutely for free! There is a big chance that one of them will find a nice movie to watch.

Some people still like watching movies on TV, e.g. they like to give control over movies to the channel and like that effect of unpredictability.

What is more, Sling allows you to save around $800 on not paying for your home cable television by using just this app. And, of course, there are more than 85000 various TV shows and movies that you are able to watch any time you want!



That is it for the best iPad movie apps. I hope you liked this article! Enjoy watching movies & be smart in choosing apps.

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