11 Best Gematria Calculator Apps & Websites

Gematria allows you to analyze the meaning of words and phrases based on their numerical values. This is most often done by an expert who has been studying the topic for a long time.

Yet, now there are new services that are available on various platforms and allow you to get the answers yourself. These best Gematria calculator apps & websites have all the tools you need to understand the meaning of any set of letters. 

Find more subtle messages of your destiny with these best name meaning apps.

GEN Gematria Calculator

The subject of numerology is really interesting for many people, as everyone wants to know the meaning of their name or the name of their soulmate. Also with the help of numerology, it is possible to encrypt any textual value into a digital cipher.

This app with a lot of functions and convenient tools is designed for this purpose. All of them help to get a whole cipher from an ordinary text, which has its own sacred meaning and interpretation.

You can learn about the components of the word in the form of numbers in any format convenient for you.

The service offers several variants of interpretation of the same data you entered and you can study each of them.

Also, you can give the information received from the service to your numerologist to get the most accurate analysis and forecast.


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Gematria Calculator by CmTiger

Recently, many people began to use services to calculate numerological data. They also allow you to find out the values of your names, birth numbers, the dates that are most important, and so on.

With this app, you can get the most detailed prediction and interpretation of any text article or phrase.

The text is converted into a format of numbers because each letter of the alphabet has its own index and value. According to them, you will be able to interpret the received data and learn something new about the phrase or text that you entered into the app.

You will get the data quickly enough as the program calculates everything in a couple of seconds. You can save them or send them to someone you know as a numerologist.


TheMysteryOfZion | Gematria

This app will be of most interest to members of the Jewish nation, especially those who are fond of numerology.

Most people who adhere to this hobby know about gematria. Gematria is a method of converting single words or their totality into a numeric format.

This is due to the fact that each constituent letter of a word has its own number. It in turn has its own sacred meaning and interpretation.

Now you can even get several variants of expressions that correspond to the same numeric code.

In this app, you can search for absolutely any words and phrases in the Hebrew language and get the most accurate results in the form of gematria.


Advanced Numerology Calculator

Numerology is interesting enough for many modern people. After all, most of us want to know our destiny, the interpretation of our name, for example, or the meaning of our date of birth.

In order for people to be able to get all of this data, this app was created. In it, you can enter the required values and get an instant result in the form of predictions and informative articles about your numerology chart.

You will be presented with predictions for any period of your life. You can read what you can expect in the nearest month, day, week, or year.

The advantage of the app is also the calculation of your natal chart, thanks to which you can learn much more about your destiny and even possible chronic diseases.

All predictions and forecasts are based only on numerological data, so you can ask an expert in this field for more information.


Gematria Calculator by Grayt Apps

If you are fond of geometrics, then this app will definitely be of interest to you. It will allow you to calculate the value of text files, converting them into numbers.

You can choose the format of the calculation that is most convenient for you. This app is for people who know Hebrew, but foreigners will also like it.

Now you can find out the meaning of your name and surname or the numeric composition of any phrases and sentences.

Gematria is a process of converting text into numbers, as each letter corresponds to a certain number. According to them, you can determine the meaning of any text and sentence.

All obtained data in the calculator can be saved cause after the calculation they are automatically moved to the archive of your device.

A simple interface and many built-in tools for the most accurate calculation will allow you to get your data in minutes. Become a true gematria expert with this calculator.


Numerology Calculator

Many people really trust numerological predictions, analyses, and predictions.

Even mobile apps have been created based on this system of calculations for people who want to know much more about their destiny, their ideal profession, and even predictions for the near future.

In this app, you can finally make your dreams come true and get all the information you need about yourself, according to your date of birth. It determines the values of the numbers, the final prediction, and the analysis of your personality.

You can easily identify the most favorable sphere of work, profession, and even a life partner. It will also give you a rough prediction for the near future, which will allow you to make only the right decisions.

This app will help you to save a huge amount of money for a numerology expert because now you will be able to do all your work by yourself.


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Gematria by Jack

Many people who are really into numerology don’t even know what Gematria is all about. In fact, with this app, you will become more familiar with it than ever and can even try to calculate with it the meaning of your name, surname, or any other text.

This Jewish method of numerology allows you to transform and decipher a text with numbers.

Long ago it was believed that each constituent unit of the alphabet has its meaning in the form of a number. Now you can use this app to calculate the gematria of any phrase or word and even find similar values for it.

You can use all the data in any way you want, including consultation with a numerology expert.


Gematrinator NX

Most people do not even know that their name has a sacred meaning in the form of digital characters. In fact, they can be easily found out, because, for this purpose, there is just this online service in the form of a calculator.

It will allow you to calculate the numerological data you need in seconds. You can search for information in the calculator not only by your name but also by any phrase, code, and interpretation of which you want to know.

This online service provides the most accurate data, thanks to which you will easily make any numerological prediction. To do this, you can turn to an expert, who will study the data you received and provide an understandable interpretation.

Now you will know more about yourself, your name, or any phrase that you meet on the way much more than you knew before.


People who believe fervently in numerology and the magical values of numbers will definitely adore this online service. It quickly and easily calculates the values of the names, phrases, and just a set of letters of the alphabet.

You can use the resulting data to decipher and get an interpretation. With the help of obtained numerical values, you can learn about your destiny a little more than by other numerological indicators.

They will be calculated most accurately and correctly, so you can definitely count on them. Another advantage of this service is that it gives out values, regardless of the language in which the name or other phrase is entered.

English Gematria Calculator

Many people who are interested in divination by cards, stars, numerology, and other similar activities will definitely be interested in this online service. It is a numerological calculator, which will allow you to calculate the gematria of your name or your motto in life.

In this calculator, you will receive data in the form of numerical values. The system reads them from the entered alphabetic values because each unit of the alphabet has a certain number.

Already after you receive the cipher in the form of numbers, you can decipher it from an expert as well as from any numerologist. It is possible that this data will allow you to learn much more about your destiny and destination in life.

You can save the received information to share it with acquaintances or professionals in the field of numerology to receive various prognoses.

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Gematria Calculator – Gematria Decoder

Now you can easily develop your esoteric skills as well as develop in the field of numerology. You will certainly be helped by this online service, which is a Gematria calculator.

Its work consists of the fact that it calculates numerical values from the text. This is possible because numerologists believe that each letter of the alphabet corresponds to its sacred number and, accordingly, its value.

Now you can convert any sentence, phrase, or proverb into a code of numbers in a matter of minutes. Each of these ciphers will have its own meaning and interpretation. For it to be the most accurate and correct, you can apply to a professional numerologist.

Also, you can study the received data on your own by entering them on the Internet. This online service is the most convenient, fast, and easy. That is why you can find out all the information that interests you literally in a couple of minutes.

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