11 Best Glucose Tracking Apps for Android & iOS

Blood sugar is a crucial indicator of health changes which can indicate serious illnesses such as diabetes, carbohydrate metabolism disorders, and others.

Constant visits to the hospital are an unwanted prospect. Yet, now you can take advantage of these best glucose-tracking apps for Android & iOS and make it easier to check your health.

Blood Sugar Diary for Diabetes

An electronic log of blood glucose levels. This app has an important place in the control of diabetes. World experts strongly recommend keeping such diaries for all those who have this diagnosis in their medical history.

Such a systematic approach helps control the course of the disease. Knowing at what time of the day your glucose level is maximal, you can avoid critical numbers and reduce the likelihood of complications.

Your doctor needs this information to choose the right therapy and diet. When you take your medications, it is important to determine how well the groups of medications and their dosages are chosen.

The Blood Sugar Diary for Diabetes app can be used at any time of day. It is suitable for patients of all ages. It will be useful for patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes, as well as for users with impaired glucose tolerance.

Preventing the disease is easier than curing it. That is why it is recommended to keep a blood glucose control log for all those who have high body weight and heredity.

You can manually enter data, make copies, and sync many devices. Share your results with family members and your doctor through the MedM Health Cloud.


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Take an important step toward complete diabetes management with mySugr. This app offers you health journaling services. It will be relevant to anyone who cares about their health and the health of loved ones.

The app is developed in collaboration with medical practitioners and helps millions of users to check their blood sugar levels every day.

It is suitable for everyone diagnosed with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It also helps monitor the body of pregnant women when hyperglycemia is detected in tests.

During its existence, mySugr has been ranked high several times by Heathline. The app is suitable for home use for everyone without exception.

Measure your sugar levels at the appointed time and enter the data into your electronic logbook. Don’t forget to note your meals and how you feel. Indicate other tests and medication intake.

The app makes clear graphs based on the data you enter. This helps you determine when your glucose levels are at their highest and lowest levels. Your endocrinologist will find it much easier to decide on therapy and dosages of medications and insulin.

Systematically monitoring your sugar levels is good for your daily routine and helps you gain confidence and peace of mind. Create a backup copy so you can access important data from another device. In addition to glucose levels, you can record blood pressure, heart rate, and weight.



Diabetes:M is a great way to manage your diabetes and avoid the negative effects of high blood glucose concentrations. It can and should be used at all stages of the disease.

Even if your doctor has not prescribed special therapy, you need to keep track of your progress. Record your glucose levels every time you use the glucose meter.

The program is suitable for those who have type 1 and 2 diabetes regardless of the stage of the disease. This metabolic disease affects more and more people every year. It is really crucial to control the amount of glucose in the blood to take measures in time.

Glycemic control is the only way to determine the correct dosage of prescribed drugs. All data can be given to the doctor on the phone or sent by e-mail.

You can also record other important aspects of your life in Diabetes:M. This includes your well-being, other medications, and extra examinations. You have an electronic medical record at your disposal to help you determine your progress and adjust your therapy in time.

Make an accurate calculation of glycated hemoglobin. Its level indicates the degree of control of diabetes mellitus. You can do this with a simple calculator right in the app.


Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker

The Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker helps you keep your sugar levels under control at home.

If you have been diagnosed with elevated blood glucose levels, you need to make several changes each day. This will help you avoid high and low glucose numbers and determine the right dosage of blood glucose-lowering drugs.

To achieve good results, you need to assess several parameters at the same time. That’s why you can record results in the app not only for glucometer. There are separate fields for recording blood pressure, weight control, and well-being.

The calculation of the glycated hemoglobin level shows the average blood glucose content over the last 3 months. You can always track your progress and share your observations with your physician.

Record the exact time when you have taken any medication. Don’t forget to record food intake and insulin administration, if prescribed. Because of its feature-rich approach, this app has been recognized by patients and physicians alike.

Professionals from around the world recommend using Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker daily at home. The app works for you for free. If you like Azumio’s products, you can purchase a premium account. It will allow you to calculate A1C at any time and remove advertising.


Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker

Take care of your health with the Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker. This simple and functional app was developed in collaboration with leading diabetes experts.

Developers used the experience and knowledge of top doctors to create an electronic log to record your blood sugar levels.

Record your glucose reading at different times of the day. Complete the log with blood pressure and weight measurements.

Be sure to record meals during the day and insulin injections for type 1 diabetes. The journal is designed to be used daily for an extended period of time, so you’ll get clear data on disease control.

The app helps you avoid fears and anxiety about this serious disease. Set a reminder so you don’t miss your next measurement. If you have high glucose numbers, don’t put off seeing your endocrinologist. You can share your results by sending them to your email account.

This is where all of your exams, medications, and overall health records are stored. Review charts based on the numbers listed so you can note trends and take action in time. Prevent uncontrolled glucose increases with the Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker on the App Store.


Blood Glucose Tracker

A useful app for monitoring blood sugar levels. Blood Glucose Tracker keeps track of your glucose meter, blood pressure, and weight trends.

Periodically enter your glycated hemoglobin test results. In this way, you take a systematic approach to your health and check several criteria at the same time. You will no longer forget your sugar control log at home when you visit your doctor.

After all, all the data are electronically stored in your phone. If you lose it, the data can always be recovered thanks to a backup.

Besides, in the app, you can select the time period of interest and build a graph. This will help you see trouble spots in your diabetes management and adjust your therapy.

Choose a time when you usually perform glucose testing at home and enter your results. Add important information: what your breakfast and dinner consisted of, how you felt before you went to bed, and what medications you use other than blood glucose-lowering drugs.

Choose convenient units of glucose concentration: mmol/L or mg/dL. Email reports to family members and your doctor. Set reminders for when you need to check your sugar levels. Blood Glucose Tracker makes diabetes control almost invisible in everyday life.


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Glucose tracker++

This is a free blood glucose tracker specifically for iPhone. Get an experienced assistant for daily glucose monitoring.

Now your notes are always at your fingertips – no need to bring a notebook so you don’t forget to enter your measurements. All the work is done automatically.

The app is designed in a convenient format and allows you to pay attention to all important body functions. In addition to glucose levels, you can record glycated hemoglobin and tonometer readings.

Track your weight, because it is an important prerequisite for the absence of complications. Record data from other tests and functional examinations.

Your daily glucose meter with an electronic logbook will not affect your normal daily routine. If you’re worried about forgetting to check your sugar levels, just set a notification for that time.

The app will be an important criterion for proper treatment. Glucose monitoring is especially important the first time you take a new medication or when you change your dosage.

Be sure to indicate your observations and well-being, as well as symptoms of hyperglycemia. Glucose Tracker is designed to make it easy to take care of your health without investing.


Glucose tracker-Diabetic diary

This glucose tracker is essential for a comprehensive approach to diabetes treatment and prevention. You don’t need training or to be a healthcare professional to use this app.

It has a simple menu and an attractive medical-themed interface. You will find many useful tabs and tips on how to use the app.

In addition to data on glucose content at different times of the day before and after meals, you will be able to record the presence of symptoms of hypo and hyperglycemia. This will help your doctor in choosing the drug and its dosage.

Separately designed tabs with the calculation of bread units consumed per day. This information is more needed for patients who are insulin dependent. Depending on the bread units, the correct insulin dose is calculated.

To make it easier for you to find the category you are looking for, provide the entries with clear tags. The benefit of the app is that you quickly get used to taking measurements and recording them. This helps reduce psychological pressure and health anxiety.

This app offers more than 10 indicative graphs for the dynamics of glucose, blood pressure, weight levels, and other laboratory tests. More than 100,000 users successfully monitor their diabetes with this journal.


Diabetes App – Diabeto Log

If it’s difficult for you to keep a permanent record of your blood glucose levels, Diabeto Log makes it easy for you.

Every patient diagnosed with diabetes should check their blood glucose concentration several times a day. This is necessary to bring the course of the disease under control and improve your quality of life.

The app will fit perfectly into your daily schedule and reduce the inconvenience caused by glucose testing. It’s convenient because it requires no effort on your part and is free.

Fill in the fields each day and get an accurate graph based on the last 4 days of data. This example will help you see a trend and see a specialist in time.

Note your blood sugar levels before and after meals. Indicate separately what you preferred for that meal. Don’t forget to note the medications you take on a regular basis. It will take you a few seconds to find your results for any day or a specified period of time.

Just add tags to your records. This option will speed up your doctor’s appointments. Take your weight control seriously and note your daily physical activity. This can be yoga, swimming, or walking classes. Bet on your health with Diabeto Log.


Glucose: Blood Sugar Logs

Meet the electronic log for anyone diagnosed with high blood sugar. Glucose: Blood Sugar Logs is so easy to use that it is virtually invisible in everyday life.

Don’t worry about losing your data, because this app is a safe place to keep your medical records. To make a new entry, just touch the screen where you want it and enter the data.

You can add an easy-to-understand tag to each measurement: on an empty stomach, after lunch, or after an insulin injection. This sorting will help speed up the search for sample data when you visit your endocrinologist.

The log can be easily copied in its entirety or select the categories you want. Send finished reports to your physician or your loved ones. Create backups in case you lose your phone. Choose the units of measurement used in your clinic.

Set up notifications so you won’t miss your next measurement. Expand your records and enter data on blood pressure measurements and weight trends. Pay attention to the A1C fluctuation. This figure indicates the average blood glucose content over the past 3 months.

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that requires constant monitoring. With Glucose: Blood Sugar Logs, it won’t give you any extra hassle.


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Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar is a convenient way to track your blood sugar levels. This app will become a desk log for anyone with diabetes. It can also be used by pregnant women who have been diagnosed with elevated glucose levels.

The app is also suitable for monitoring the health of those users who have a predisposition to metabolic diseases. Install the app and keep all important parameters here.

If necessary, your readings can be copied, printed, and emailed. You will be able to determine how well the prescribed medications are doing in reducing sugar.

Blood Sugar is not associated with medical equipment and is only suitable for recording glucose meter data already obtained.

There is no reference information about diabetes treatment and required examinations. It is your electronic log in your phone, which allows you to be aware of your health situation. The app works on any electronic device with Android 5.0 or newer and requires less than 18 MB to install.

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