11 Best radar gun apps for Android & iOS

A large number of new programs appear daily in the application market. If you go with the times and can not imagine your life without gadgets, this selection of radar gun mobile applications will be very relevant.

These mobile applications can be found both on the iOS platform and on Android devices. In the App Store and Google Play, hundreds of applications for measuring the speed of moving objects are collected, the functionality of which is expanding from year to year.

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Below there are those of the applications for the iPhone and Android smartphones that are really useful and are considered one of the best.

Speed Gun App

speed gun

Speed Gun application is a special addition to the Smart Tools series. It is one of the most popular apps in this category. It is proved by a lot of positive reviews of those who have already tried this app. With the help of this program, you can measure the speed of moving objects with one touch.

The tool is very easy to use. Enter the distance to the target as accurately as possible, touch the screen and lead to it with your finger, accompanying the target. If the measurement results are inaccurate, you can calibrate the instrument yourself.

With the help of this program, you can measure the current speed of movement both on foot and while in the vehicle.

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Ball Speed Radar Gun App

Ball Speed Radar Gun Baseball

With the help of this app, you can measure the speed of baseball, softball pitches, it can be also used in cricket, bowling, football, golf, hockey, volleyball, basketball and so on. It can recognize the ball from the video automatically. The recognition is based on the color of the ball, and then the speed will be calculated.

Ball Speed Radar Gun application is the most accurate radar gun app for measuring the speed of moving objects. You are just to record a video of a moving ball. Then you can play the video and make pauses when you want to know the speed of the ball. You can choose the color of the object for measuring and the app will easily and fastly calculate its speed.

How to start measuring the speed of moving objects:

  • You should make a quality video of a moving object
  • The next step is to play the video with the help of a start button
  • Then make a pause when the ball start moving and find the button “Find Speed”

Radar Mobile Speed


Another radar gun app which doesn’t only measure the speed of objects, but also determines the distance between them, enters the shortest distance to a target and can follow the target. For example, you came to a horse race, you made a bet and you are anxious because you really want to win.

You can use this app to follow the speed of the horse and a jockey during the race (if that helps you calm down) because this is the perfect app for that.

Moreover, unlike many other radar gun apps, this one proved all the videos and measurements in the top quality so it is actually possible for you to detect the objects on the screen of your smartphone while the app is doing measurements. What is more, the interface design is pretty nice which is another bonus of this app.


If you need to measure speed, whether your own one or of some vehicle, you don’t need to buy a special device for it anymore! Just download one of these speedometer apps and Bob’s your uncle! Simple and easy.

Speed Gun


Well, this is the app that is really simple. It simply does what it says – measures the speed of objects without any extra features, what makes this app lightweight, thus, you can store it on your phone without even a necessity to remember about it until you will need it again.

The main menu is extra simple. The only option that you can choose os to start recording. When determining the speed, the app first will analyze the distance to the object (you will need to establish the focus on it), then it will pitch the map, and then will measure the speed.

The only thing is that the interface of the app is not really user friendly, and, to be honest, could have been designed better.


Speed Reporting Radar Gun


This radar gun app might be looking like it’s the most simple app on the whole list but in fact, it can be most versatile radar gun app on this list. If other apps have their own specification considering measurements – they are usually for measuring the speed in sports, like for balls in tennis of baseball, or, on another case, for measuring the speeds of auto, then here you can measure literally everything.

This app is able to detect cars as far as 100m (328 ft) away or people up to 20m (66 ft). Along with that, you can choose the type of measurements that are more convenient for you – mph, kmh, m/s.

Another feature here is that you can connect this app to the speed measuring sensors around you. Depending on the sensor, they have a field of view between 20 to 78 degrees wide.


Pitch Counter & Radar Gun


Another app for measuring speeds of objects in baseball, but this time we have an app for iOS. It will provide you will the detailed measurement of the speed and you can also save all the data in the app and review it later as a list. Thus, this Pitch Counter will be especially useful for trainers.

The interface of this app is simple in usage  – in order to measure the speed just focus on the aim and the app will measure the speed automatically. It is essential to mention that the measurements provided here are pretty accurate. The app has a speed unit measured in MPH or KPH.




Velo is the new app on the market that also helps to measure the speeds in such sports, as, for example, tennis or baseball. Moreover, here you can not only measure the speed ob objects, but also measure the distance between them. You can use Velo both during the live events or on video recordings.

While measuring the speed in the real-life it doesn’t always work correctly, so keep that in mind. In general,  Velo app is very simple and doesn’t have any extra features. It is also simple in usage. However, if you prefer to have more functions in the radar app, then you should probably go for something else.


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This app is developed by a web portal Scoutee.com. This is a small, but very useful radar gun app that allows you to measure the speed of objects. It will be especially useful in sports because its state of the art technology provides accurate and reliable measurement of speed.

You can use Scoutee not only during the real-life events, but also apply it to the videos and it will measure the speed of objects moving there. With Scoutee app you can share your annotated videos and performance data with friends, coaches, and scouts worldwide.


Athla Velocity App

Athla Velocity

This radar gun app for iPhone devices has a lot of positive reviews of its users as it is one of the latest versions. Now you no longer need to tap the screen or ask somebody to hold your device. It works hands-free.

How to start measuring the speed of moving objects:

  • You should launch the application and place your smartphone 20 feet away and so you can start
  • The speed will be shown on the screen of your phone

In the app, there are five sports available for today: Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Cricket, and Soccer. After measuring you can share the result with your coach to let him know your results. Also, you can compare your results with friends.

Baseball Radar Gun High Heat App

Baseball Radar Gun High Heat

This Radar Gun app is created for those who are fond of baseball. It can measure the pitch speed of a baseball player and his opposing pitcher during their pitch outing. The use is very simple: just press the button at the starting point and at the end. Then the accurate measurements will be shown on the screen of your smartphone.

It can be used everywhere: in the park, at the stadium, etc.

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The Speed Gun application can not be used as a professional speed measuring instrument as it has not got such functionality. It can be used only for entertainment and fun time. 

How to use the app:

  • You should direct the camera of your phone to the street perpendicularly
  • Then press the “calibrate” button and start measuring the speed by following the car for example

Now you can measure the speed of moving objects with the help of your smartphone choosing one of the presented apps. You can also share the result with friends.

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