7 Best Goth Dating Apps in 2023 (Android & iOS)

There is an opinion that Goth is a certain style of dress and nothing more. Yet, in fact, it is quite a large alternative community, which is spread around the world. Its members have their own topics of communication, common interests, and types of entertainment.

Despite the rather large number of goths, sometimes it is quite difficult to find a like-minded person. You can visit various forums, and thematic communities on social networks and other platforms.

But it is long enough and rarely brings the desired result. Instead, we recommend you try these best Goth dating apps in 2023 for Android & iOS. At first glance, they may seem ordinary, but they actually have the right functionality for the purpose. 

If you want to try some new ways to get new acquaintances then try these best dating apps without pictures.


Hinge is a dating app that has a special section for goths. The app is free but has paid features – the ability to work with the experts of the app and others.

The main goal and mission of the app are to help users to organize such a virtual acquaintance, which will grow into a real date.

To achieve this result, the app examines your personality by analyzing your responses. After that, the most suitable partners are recommended.

The app also has features that aim to help users keep the conversation going, recommendations, and voice prompt. 


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The Boo app is a chat room for romantic dating and friendship. The app is free and designed for people over the age of 18. There are paid options that offer users extra features, such as viewing any number of profiles.

It appeared on the market relatively recently. This service is popular and has a high rating among users.

It takes into account all the wishes and requests of people who get acquainted and creates relationships with the help of dating chat.

In addition to the technical organization of dating, the app helps to find suitable partners. To do this, the user needs to answer four suggested questions.

After analyzing your answers and preferences, the app will recommend you the most suitable partners. This will allow you to save time and effort, aimed at acquaintance and communication with those who are not suitable for you. The app is convenient, easy, and interesting to use. 



OkCupid is an app for online dating with the help of which you can find like-minded people among goths.

Here you create your profile, choosing from a mass of suggested gender identities and orientations. Next, you upload your photo.

The app doesn’t limit dating to building a romantic relationship. It helps you find a partner by showing you user profiles that reflect your preferences and the answers you provide.

The app has been on the market for over two years and has earned the popularity and loyalty of satisfied users. This is confirmed by many positive reviews. 



Zoosk is an online dating app. It is designed for adult users. You can use the free version or get a paid subscription with advanced features and functions.

The app doesn’t limit your dating goals. Use it to find a casual partner or professional interests. There are also no restrictions in terms of sexual preferences.

Moreover, the app will help in choosing exactly the partner you need. For privacy, the service checks the avatar matches the real photo. It provides account confirmation.

A distinctive feature of the app is the organization of the live 24-hour broadcast. It is available, among other things, for the free version.

The app is developing, regularly delighting users with new features, taking into account their wishes. If you like the philosophy of the app, join and become one of three million active users.


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The Tinder utility is designed for romantic dating and socializing, great for the goth. Users can make long-term and short-term relationships.

Dating can be done by swipes. It is offered to view the profiles of several candidates and choose the most suitable one.

If users mutually show interest, you can proceed to further private communication. There is an opportunity to go through the registration procedure using Facebook.

Users can also provide a cell phone number to create an account. Here you can browse profiles and correspond in private chat. You can view the most popular profiles, which will help you find your soulmate faster. 



Badoo is the largest dating portal where you can find new friends or partners for a relationship.

With this app, any single person can find friends to communicate with, you only need to register by filling out a special questionnaire.

One of the important features of the Badoo is the built-in social network, which is designed to communicate with strangers. You can write to a girl, post a publication, or create a group-themed chat.

You can also send multimedia messages such as photos, videos, or music. Another interesting feature of the app is the presence of a dating search function based on your current location.

Once activated, the system picks you up people of the opposite sex who are near you and don’t mind dating either. Using this feature allows you to find a company for a fun evening out at any given time.

Considering the total number of registered users, it is likely that there is a free girl or guy near you. In case there are no such users, the system will suggest increasing the radius of the search for a positive result.


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With the Topface app, you can communicate with people, send virtual gifts, express sympathy, and share photos. It is also available to find companions nearby.

To use the app, you need to create an account with your email address. You can sign in with your Facebook account.

Next, you should fill out a profile by adding an avatar and providing information about yourself. To find people in your city, you need to allow access to tracking the location of your mobile device.

Also, users can choose the preferred gender and age of the future partner. After that, photos of other users will appear on the screen.

There is an opportunity to reject a profile or to like it. If the sympathy is mutual, the utility allows you to write a text message and start communicating. Users can exchange photos and view the history of dialogs. 

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