13 Best Ballistic Calculator Apps for Android & iOS

Weapons are a really serious decision that an average person can make. According to experts and specialists, a precise shooter can replace an entire platoon in the army.

In real life, accurate shooting can be useful in case of emergency or during training at a shooting range. If you are fond of shooting and have a good rifle, you know exactly what ballistic calculators are. You may also need to measure distance so here are the apps to help you do so.

They help shooters increase the accuracy of the shot and determine the settings of the telescope sight according to the conditions around you.

What makes it harder to shoot is that the bullet that is fired does not fly in a straight line. The trajectory of its movement depends on many factors, which may not depend on the shooter.

Science knows some of the most important conditions that can affect the trajectory of the bullet, but not always the average person can take them all into account. It will take a long time to train for you to become a good enough marksman.

Ballistic calculators were created precisely for training. They will be able to calculate for you what is worth considering at the moment, as well as can be a real sight for the rifle. We have found for you the best ballistic calculator apps for Android & iOS.

Lapua Ballistics

lapua ballistics

Lapua Ballistics is one of the good tools for mobile devices that uses the 6DOF calculation model. This model allows the application to be one of the most accurate tools for smartphones.

You will install different measurement systems yourself (e.g. switching between metric and inch values) as well as record the maximum powder temperature.

In order to most accurately calculate all the indicators for the shooting, you will need to determine the weapon you are using. Lapua Ballistics also combines data on firearms and local weather, which also affects the trajectory of the bullet.

You can quickly and easily change the data right during the shooting process – for example, distance to the target, wind speed, tilt angle, and much more. The result is presented in several views, depending on whether you choose – graph, table, vizier, or even numerical values.


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Hornady Ballistics


If you already use the weather apps to determine the weather or to forecast the weather, you can easily synchronize it with Hornady Ballistics.

In that case, your new ballistics calculator will automatically detect all the circumstances under which shooting is taking place. If necessary, you can always manually enter all the weather data and control it yourself.

In order to synchronize Hornady Ballistics between your iPhone and iPad, all you need to do is enter your personal login and password. After that, you no longer have to enter your favorite rifles and ammunition data all the time.

It should be noted that the calculation application uses an improved 4DOF trajectory and even takes into account the bullet resistance coefficient.

You will be able to try it in shooting long enough distances and immediately see how effective the service is. If you decide to enter weather data yourself, use the information from the nearest weather station.




Do you need accuracy when you shoot? Do you shoot with a sniper rifle? Then you should learn about the iSnipe app. Here you get an excellent ballistic computer that can calculate a target from 6 to 700 yards.

It uses 3DOF solutions for the calculations and also takes into account all the corrections for atmospheric conditions, wind, temperature, and much more. The work uses the ballistic engine Direkon.

You can determine in advance where your bullet will hit by simply using your smartphone. You don’t even have to take your gun out of the holster to start measuring – you enter your gun’s data into the application yourself.

iSnipe is an excellent tool for shooters and officers who really need accurate shots. Your gun information is automatically saved in the app, so you don’t have to enter any additional information all the time. For perfect vision, you can switch between 2 color themes – dark and light.




The BulletFlight application guarantees you the highest level of accuracy – here is the M (military) level. If you don’t need this level of accuracy, you can use simplified versions.

This application will give you a quick and dynamic solution as soon as you need it. You enter weather conditions, pressure, humidity, and more. BulletFlight even displays the angle to the target, which is measured with the accelerometer on your smartphone.

There are over 1,400 different projectiles in the app, and you know the information about them in advance. There are also several built-in profiles for different types of rifles, which speeds up the entire setup process.

According to the developers, BulletFlight was tested in real military conditions with snipers, so you can be sure in its work.

Precision and range measurements can be changed in different units, depending on what is more comfortable for you to see. Weather data can be read by GPS from the weather station closest to you immediately.


Winchester Ballistics Calculator

winchester ballistics calculator

The Winchester Ballistics Calculator is one of the most advanced ballistics calculators on the market today. For accurate calculations, advanced technology is used that is suitable for both hunting and sports enthusiasts.

Hunting conditions are adjusted to different terrain and targets – for example, hunting often takes place in the forest, which requires a lot of data. It is also worth selecting one of the six categories of weapons on display.

Like many other calculators, you should enter specific conditions about wind speed, temperature, and altitude, as well as set the reference marks for the sighting. All information about the shot will be available in 3 versions: Graph, Chart, and View.

In Graph, the user is shown a complete graph of the shot, in Chart – diagrams with accurate data on the flight time and so on, and View shows you a realistic view of the area in which you are shooting. In the Winchester Ballistics Calculator, you will see an almost accurate sniper scope, which you have to replicate yourself.


Sako Ballistics Calculator

This is a handy ballistics and shooting calculator app that offers complete information about the bullet, barrel, weather, and distance to determine the accuracy of the shot and predict the trajectory of the projectile.

The app provides users with the ability to calculate shooting accuracy in different conditions and at different distances. This can include bullet data such as bullet type, weight, shape factor, muzzle velocity, and other parameters.

The program uses this data to design the bullet’s flight path, including corrections for gravity, wind, and other factors that affect the shooting process. This allows shooters to get accurate results and adjust their shots to maximize accuracy.

Gun data including length, caliber, and other characteristics are also available in the app to help the user determine the effect of the gun on shooting.

The calculator also takes into account data on temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind speed, and direction, which allows the app to calculate the impact of these factors on bullet flight.

The app has a simple and clear interface, making it easy to use even for novice shooters.


Ballistic: Advanced Edition

ballistic advanced edition

As you can find out from the name of the application, it is designed for serious and professional shooters. Ballistic can be considered one of the most modern ballistic calculators, which is trusted by real shooters and instructors.

This is due to the accuracy of the shots that are made with the application. Ballistic can teach you how to shoot as accurately as you have never been able to before.

The application has advanced calculation capabilities that take into account not only atmospheric conditions. It is even possible to calculate the gyroscopic rotation of the bullet, which is acquired only after the shot is fired.

Ballistic can synchronize with your weather applications and take environmental data from them. In order to use the Ballistic together with the rifle, the display of the application has been slightly modified for easy viewing of the sight. Synchronize data with the cloud to further analyze your shots.


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GeoBallistics has 2 access levels – free and Pro. In order to actively use the application, you will need to buy the Pro version. In the free version, you can only try out the application once on a specific rifle – to add additional weapons you must have a subscription.

On the other hand, WeatherFlow and Kestrel products are automatically integrated into GeoBallistics. So you can assume that this application is fully paid.

Like other applications, there are several options for working modes. The chart is a common data schema, which takes into account the movement of the bullet. During Map mode, you use Google Maps, which displays all the data.

This mode, unfortunately, affects performance and overrides ballistic data from satellites. Comp mode is a more user-friendly version of the scheme, which helps to maintain a firing course with different azimuths.




Shooter is a service that has already proved itself in many competitions and contests on shooting. It was used by police, snipers, and amateurs, and the application received a lot of good reviews.

The Shooter can be used for precise shooting strategies, as well as for advanced capabilities during hunting. By the way, the application is one of the few that takes into account even the growth of the shooter at the moment of shooting on the ground.

Data about any of your weapons can be easily entered in just a few minutes. In the future you do not need to duplicate the information – it is automatically saved.

Shooter allows you to manage all your data even through your computer, simply by connecting to a shared system.

Data with tables, trajectories, and other charts can be easily sent by email or saved to your smartphone. For night hunting or combat operations, Shooter has a dark theme that hardly emits any light.


Applied Ballistics

applied ballistics

If you only shoot during warm seasons, you can use the Applied Ballistics app. It calculates accurate solutions for your shots, and even considers secondary variables.

You can see the solution in multiple formats – both in tables and graphs and as a path on a particular area. Applied Ballistics is positioned as a professional tool for shooting in certain conditions.

As we have already mentioned, the service works perfectly with positive air temperatures. If it is used in cold conditions, the calculation data may lose their accuracy.

It should also be noted that the Applied Ballistics is designed for long-range serious shots. All your weapons and ammunition will be stored in separate profiles and categories so that you can use them in your next training.

Allow Applied Ballistics to access your GPS and the app will ask you for the necessary data from nearby weather stations.


Mil-Dot Ballistics

mil-dot balistics

Despite its simple design, the Mil-Dot Ballistics application is efficient enough to work with and perfectly fulfills the task. The application combines the speed of action and shot evaluation, and is also a complete ballistics calculator.

Even the novice shooter can cope with the calculations with its help. A simple interface allows you to manage the service with just one hand, and synchronization with other applications eliminates the need to enter all the data yourself.

Atmospheric conditions are automatically updated with Kestel, while point-based ballistics is handled by the 3DOF model. You can enter ranges in different modes – for example, calculate the distance to the target or enter approximate values.

The data required for the shot will immediately be shown on the screen. It can be a ballistic graph or a ballistic map – it is up to you.

Start the Mil-Dot Ballistics training mode and start training precisely. You can change the color scheme of the application or adjust the brightness for different conditions.



Ballistics is a unique mobile app designed for users who want to learn the basic principles and rules of shooting.

Here you will be able to make ballistic calculations using a fairly simple and easy-to-understand interface. Even beginners will be able to immediately understand the principles of the app, as it has detailed instructions and help with calculations.

You will be able to take advantage of convenient tables and illustrative drawings that will allow you to quickly obtain and analyze the results of calculations. Also, for convenience, you can customize the app yourself according to your requirements and preferences.

Besides, in the app, you will be able to select suitable ammunition or add your own options to the list. External factors are also taken into account in the calculations. For example, atmospheric pressure, zero altitude, angle of shot, and others.

You can enter this data manually in just a couple of seconds. In the calculator, you can get the most accurate ballistic coefficient, which will help you achieve the best results in shooting. The program will also calculate the trajectory for you, the data which you can find in a simple and clear table.


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Ballistics Calculator

Ballistics Calculator is a modern mobile app developed for hunting enthusiasts, shooters, and professional sportsmen who want to accurately calculate bullet flight parameters and predict its trajectory at different distances.

It is a reliable tool that will help you improve your marksmanship and increase the probability of hitting the target. The interface of the app is pretty self-explanatory, which allows even beginners to start using it.

The app offers a wide range of features that will help you take into account all the factors that affect the flight of the bullet. From the very beginning, you can select the type of cartridge you are using and specify all its parameters. The characteristics are bullet mass, muzzle velocity, and drag coefficient.

The app also allows you to take into account external factors in the calculations: atmospheric pressure, wind direction, and shot inclination. You can manually set the parameters you want to calculate, after which the calculator will do everything for you.

After the calculation, the app will give you detailed information about the accuracy of the bullet’s flight, including trajectory details and other data.


If you choose to use your smartphone as a scope, you may need separate mounts for that. So during the shooting, you will not be distracted by your phone and will always see the target strictly in front of you.

Even if you decide that you need a simple ballistic calculator, you will still need to keep it near the rifle at all times. We do not think it is necessary to say that rifle and any other weapon requires careful handling, as well as special permission to use it.

However, sometimes you do not need to buy your own rifle: to practice shooting it will be enough to rent a weapon at special firing ranges or shooting ranges.

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