6 Best Homemade Food Delivery Apps for the USA (Android & iOS)

Have an appetite for homemade dishes made with love? This article has you covered!

There are homemade food delivery apps for the USA (Android & iOS) that will bring you freshly cooked meals right to your doorstep.

The concepts of these apps are all different — some let you order from home chefs, while others deliver products with recipes that you can make a cookbook of. By the way, these apps will help you create your own cookbook right on your phone.

But one thing is the same for all apps — you’ll get to eat healthy home-cooked dishes without spending much!

We’ve gathered together the best apps in that category you may try. Take a look!



Next, we have a food delivery app that lets you order home-cooked dishes.

In case you’re yearning for homemade meals made with love but don’t want to cook — this app will help. The concept of this app is similar to the previous one — you view the list of home cooks in your neighborhood and pick dishes from the ones you like.

Herewith, the app also lets search via filters of your food prefs. There are such filters as vegetarian, vegan, organic, and more. Plus, you may view all the available dishes by categories like breakfast, dinner, and all that. All the dishes come with a detailed ingredients list, photos, rating, and all the other info you may want to know.

Additionally, you’ll get to see the distance between you and the chief you’re about to order from. You may also chat with a cook for special requests or questions. Once your mill is started to cook, you’ll get to track the progress in real-time. The only con is that the app only works for take-outs for now, but it will be improved in the future.


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Another way to get fresh homemade food is by using meal kit deliveries.

This app is the most popular meal kit service, so if you’ve never tried this type of delivery — this app is a safe choice. As for the concept, it’s practically a subscription for food delivery for a week. The subscription includes 5 meals for 2 to 4 people that will be delivered to your doorstep daily.

Herewith, you need to consider that this service won’t bring you cooked meals — you’ll have to get them done by yourself. What you’ll get is an easy-to-follow recipe and a precise amount of products to cope with it. The majority of the recipes won’t take less than 30 minutes to cook, so the process isn’t time-consuming at all.

Besides, the app covers thousands of recipes in its collection for you to choose from. It covers the dishes for all kinds of preferences, so you won’t have issues with that. You may rather pick all the dishes for the week or choose them every day. In case you won’t be satisfied with the food, you get to disable the subscription at any time.


Cookin: Homemade Food Delivery

Easily find and order your favorite homemade meals in the Cookin app.

Do you know a local chef? Then find him or her in the app and explore the menu. You will find dishes from every cuisine.

Using this service is easy. First, find the dish you are interested in. Enter the delivery details and pay for the order online with a debit or credit card. Google Pay is also available.

Track your delivery in real-time. It’s also worth noting that you can order food in advance and even plan your menu for the week. The app is available to residents of Dallas, Texas.


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Green Chef

Green Chef

This is another meal kit app that will get you into eating fresh healthy home food.

This app is all about sustainable eating — it covers thousands of organic meals for all kinds of preferences. Whether you’re on a keto, plant-based, vegan, paleo, or any other kind of diet — there are plenty of dishes for you to try. The app offers weekly menus for 2 up to 6 people.

Plus, the app covers various plans that may include up to 4 meals per week. You’ll get to switch meals at any time needed along with canceling the subscription. You may also choose the delivery day and time if needed. All the meals are easy-to-prep, so even if you’re not into cooking you’ll easily cope with it.

In case you’re worried about time-consuming, most of the recipes in this app take less than 30 mins to make. Beyond that, this service runs in collaboration with organic farmers, so the products you’ll get for the recipes are 100% healthy and fresh.


DoorDash – Food Delivery

The DoorDash app allows you to order home-cooked meals and other groceries anywhere and anytime. You’re sure to find your favorite restaurant or store here.

Homemade meals, groceries, flowers, medicine, alcohol, and more are available for ordering.

You can order delivery in the near future or schedule it in advance. Track your order in real-time.

There are no minimum restrictions. Pay with any payment method you prefer: Google Pay, Venmo, Paypal, credit card, or SNAP/EBT at participating Mx. Contactless shipping is available.


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And lastly, we have an app that will connect you to local chefs ready to cook for you.

This app uses your GPS data to find the nearest cooks you may order meals from. All the cooks offer their unique menus you may pick the dishes from. Herewith, all chiefs go through a strict certification process, so you can be sure the food will be cooked in safe conditions out of fresh healthy products.

Additionally, the app covers various filters that let you mark your diet prefs. There are such diets as keto, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and more. Plus, there are a bunch of allergy marks you may set if needed. You may even order a weekly food plan if needed — all the food will be delivered straight to your door.

There’s also an ability to order dishes in advance, so you could plan your future dinners. In case you’re planning to re-order some meals — make sure to add them at your faves for quick access. The app also lets you chat with the home cook to give special prefs or ask questions.

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