11 Best Bridge Construction Games for Android & iOS

Building bridges is a rather complex but interesting process that attracts the attention of adults and children. To many people, this construction is incomprehensible and sometimes even seems like a miracle of engineering, but you can understand how each bridge is built through a game.

Playing these best bridge construction games for Android & iOS you can build your project, which then will start driving cars. They are also great time-killers, so you can play anywhere, anytime. 

Do you want to try more games of this genre? If so, then try these free construction simulator games.

Bridge Construction Simulator

With the Bridge Construction Simulator app, you can try your hand at being a real builder – an engineer. Try your construction skills at inventing a bridge. Cars cross it, so your task is to make a quality construction.

Apply your knowledge of physics and logic, develop strategies and create your products in the Bridge Construction Simulator app.

High-quality graphics allow you to simulate the bridge construction in full compliance with reality. You can also pass several levels on the platform, allowing you to develop and improve your construction skills. The puzzle game will help develop your brain and thinking.

You will definitely be able to create your own construction because the app has tips and help from the developers. Effects and excellent graphics will guarantee you an interesting game, intellectual tasks, and the development of your thinking.


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Bridge Constructor Stunts

With the Bridge Construction app, you can try yourself not only as a builder but also as an extreme racer. You only need to make a track in the form of a bridge to be able to ride on it.

Earn points and points for stunts performed in motion and record everything on video. You can share them with your friends and acquaintances. Quality graphics, special effects, and simple functionality will allow you to enjoy the game.

You can also collect bolts that are hidden in the structure. These have extra points for them. In the game, you can pass different levels of difficulty, achieve your goals and earn points.

You can share all your skills and acrobatic pants with friends and acquaintances through video clips. They are recorded online during your game. Just download the app and develop your thinking, logic, and dexterity.


City Bridge Builder Simulator

In the simulation game, you can go through all phases of construction from start to finish.

Try yourself as an engineer, and control special tools and machines for construction. With them, you will be able to build a real bridge over which the cars will be crossed.

Graphics is of maximum quality and nice, so you’ll definitely enjoy the whole process of the game. Develop your logic and construction skills by choosing the most convenient ways to build city bridges.

The app has different levels, reaching which you increase your skills and abilities. The simulator allows you to try yourself as a builder, engineer, controlling machines to build structures, and so on. Go through missions and develop your logic.


Build a Bridge!

The app will allow you to show your imagination and construction skills. Use special materials and tools to create your own personal bridge on which different cars can drive.

You will also be able to view the result of your work in 3D mode. To improve your skills and abilities, pass more difficult levels, and there are about 86 of them.

A clear and simple interface will not cause difficulties during the construction of construction.

Just download the app and show your imagination in the construction of bridges. You can make them of any size and kind, and then watch how cars will move over them.


Bridge Constructor Demo

The Bridge Constructor app will allow you to show your imagination and construction skills. It will give you the tools to create real bridges, which will be crossed by cars.

You can build bridges with different materials that you can choose from within the simulator. You will also develop your skills and abilities by approaching levels and overcoming obstacles.

Different territories are offered for building bridges, on any of which you will be able to put your construction from scratch.

For achievements and completed tasks, you will be awarded bonuses and points. Just download the app and improve your construction skills.


Bridge Constructor Playground

The Bridge Constructor Playground app will help you create your own bridge structures. To do this, you will have access to different territories, materials, and tools.

You will get bonuses and points for completed levels in the app. You will be able to develop your imagination, skills, and abilities.

They get to create a truly unusual design, which will move cars. For these, you will be able to watch in 3D mode.

The game is great for all ages and genders. It will help make your fantasies in the construction of bridges into reality. You can also learn the instructions, which will present all the stages of construction, and its features.

Different locations and ways to build bridges will allow you to enjoy the game and the process of construction.


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Bridge Builder Adventure

Bridge Builder Adventure app will allow you to improve your construction skills and try many different tools for building bridges.

In the service, you will be able to access the materials from which to make the bridge of your dreams. Exercise your imagination, fantasy, and logic to get a really unusual and original construction.

Here you can go through 60 levels of varying difficulty, each of which will be rewarded.

The game is captivating and addictive, so you in a short period of time will be able to master all the necessary skills for the construction of high-quality and reliable bridges.


Construction Simulator 3

If you have long wanted to try yourself as a builder, then you should download Construction Simulator 3 Lite Edition. You can start by playing the incomplete version and then subscribe.

It will allow you to get all the other features and use the full interface of the app. Construction Simulator 3 Lite Edition gives you the chance to build structures of any complexity, using different techniques and tools.

Thanks to the excellent graphics in the game, you will be able to visit the machines that help in the construction and feel like a real engineer. For you, the construction of bridges will be one of the most interesting activities.

Working on the roads will only be a joy because you will be able to achieve your goals and objectives. To pass the full version of the app you need to complete all 70 tasks.

During this time you will learn construction skills and you’ll be able to try yourself as an engineer-constructor.


Bridge Construction Sim 2

In this app, you will feel like a real builder and constructor. You will be faced with unusual tasks that need to be solved.

To do this, you can use machines and tools. Graphics and special effects will make you feel like a real engineer controlling construction equipment. Go through missions and achieve your goals.

In the app, you will be able to build your bridges on different sites and territories, which will allow you to develop construction skills, imagination, and logical thinking. In the simulator, you will have access to control machines for construction.

The game gives the opportunity to use an escalator, crane, and so on.


Epic Bridge Builder

Build your dream bridge in this app. Various tools and machines will be available for you to build. With them, it will be much easier to create a solid and reliable construction.

Also, you can test your finished construction by launching the movement of cars on it. Passing each level or mission you will earn rewards in the form of points or scores.

In total, you have 24 tasks that need to be solved. By acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge you will be able to complete them in a fairly short period of time.

Anyone can use the stimulator, regardless of gender and age. Develop with the game your logical thinking, construction, and construction skills.


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Bridge Builder Simulator

In this app, you will be able to create bridges and try yourself as a builder. To develop your logical thinking and skills, you will have access to new lessons and different levels of difficulty.

You can choose any of the 4 locations to build your bridges. All of them differ in terrain and complexity of tasks.

Use your imagination and fantasy to create your bridge, but don’t forget that it has to be strong and reliable.

Modern graphics, simple and clear interface – all this will make your game more exciting and interesting.

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