INSTAD.IO Software Review

Do you want to make your images look hand-drawn? If your answer is “yes”, we have to bring your attention to the magnificent tool – INSTAD.IO. So, let’s have a look!

There is also a way to use your phone to turn photos into sketches – with the special apps it’s feasible.

First of all, INSTAD.IO does not require an installation, so you can edit all your images online. But how should we use this service?


After creating an account, you should pick a picture you would like to sketch. Then, drag-and-drop or upload the image to start sketching a picture. When a picture will be downloaded, you will find several sections on the bottom of the screen: Preset, Colors & Style, and Animation.

So, in the Preset section, you can apply a wide range of effects – f.ex. Pen contour, Pencil, Pen on paper, Multicolor contours, Black on white, and so many others.

In the second section, you can adjust such parameters as style, stroke, fill, saturation, thickness, brightness, hue, text color, font, etc. By the way, INSTAD.IO supports a great variety of input formats: PNG, JPEG, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), PDF, EPS, etc.


So, when your hand-drawn picture will be ready, choose a PNG or SVG format under the picture to save it. We were pleasantly surprised by the magnificent design that guarantees an excellent user experience.

There is no need to have any professional skills to find out the way this tool works. If you open the website, you can also check a wide range of tutorials. So, we can surely say that you will not get confused!

As for the additional options there, the developer allows you to convert PNG to Vector, contact customer service, or turn GoogleSheet charts into hand-drawn art.

We recommend checking also the best free photo sketch apps – they are as good as this software!

To sum up, if you want to draw attention to your pictures, INSTAD.IO is a must-have tool to fulfill this task! The majority of users are fully satisfied with this service and we have not found any disadvantages there. We believe – it will fully suit you!

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