5 Best Irish Music Apps for Android & iOS

Traditional music is often underestimated, thinking that it is a thing of the past. In fact, this is not the case at all – among the national and traditional music you can find amazing motifs that will appeal to almost everyone. You may like some of the 9 Best apps for classical music radio (Android & iOS).

Irish music is no exception – it’s all literally steeped in the culture of the people, and you can tell right away by the sound of it what region it’s from. Although traditional music is best played live on instruments, you can also listen to it on your smartphone. We bring you the 5 Best Irish Music Apps for Android & iOS.

Beat – Irish Dance Feis Music

BeatDo you think that Irish music is limited to national tunes only? We’re ready to surprise you and tell you about the Beat app. This app provides users with Irish dance music that can be used for parties, performances, championships, and even just as part of a playlist.

Each track can be downloaded to your smartphone and listened to even without internet access. New tracks are added to the Beat library every day in addition to the thousands available.

The app’s library has many different sets for dance routines, the speed of which you can adjust depending on your needs. You can also create your own playlists in Beat, which you can then play during your workouts or sports outings.

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Radio Ireland: Radio Player App, Irish Radio FM

RadioIrelandRadio Ireland is a radio player app that allows you to listen to various Irish radio stations live, no matter where you are now. You can choose the topic of the stations you’d like to listen to – it could be sports news, music, podcasts, and more, depending on your interests.

You can connect Radio Ireland via Auto or Chromecast to other devices for easy listening. You can also set an alarm clock that will turn on the radio at a certain time and you will get up to it.

Conveniently, Radio Ireland supports playback in the background, whether or not there’s another app currently running on your device. Save your favorite radio stations so you can quickly and conveniently switch to them later.

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TuneIn Radio: News, Sports, Music & Radio Stations

TuneInRadioIrish music can be listened to not only through specialized apps. For example, there’s the TuneIn Radio app, which has a variety of themed radio stations with news, music, podcasts, and more.

You can even listen to broadcasts from sports matches and events from the comfort of your home or car! TuneIn Radio has one of the biggest catalogs of audio content from around the world, and great Irish music can be found in it.

Live broadcasts are available on some exclusive music channels that you won’t find in the public domain. The music and news you discover on TuneIn Radio can make a lasting impression and leave only positive emotions.

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Irish Radioplayer

IrishRadioplayerIrish Radioplayer is a stylish and convenient app for listening to music on your smartphone. You can listen to the radio by tuning local Irish radio stations or you can choose among all of them to your liking.

With the Irish Radioplayer app, you have access to all RTE services and many national radio stations.

In the app, you can tune your smartphone to different radio stations, listen to podcasts and different programs later on. As with any radio listening app, Irish Radioplayer has stations on a variety of topics – pop, rock, indie, sports, news, and more. Listening to Irish radio will now be an enjoyable part of your entire day.

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Irish Radio – Radio Ireland

IrishRadioThe developers of the Irish Radio application have gathered in one place all the popular Irish radio stations. With this service, you can quickly and conveniently listen to songs, news, and more.

In total, Irish Radio has more than 200 radio stations on a variety of topics. Folk traditional songs, Christmas tunes, music of individual cities and much more can be easily found in the application.

This player is very simple and easy to use – you can turn on each radio station in a couple of seconds. While using Irish Radio, you can do anything you want, even take calls and answer messages.

We also recommend that you create your own list of favorite radio stations so you can listen to them much faster and more conveniently.

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There’s no substitute for live music – but mobile apps can help you experience traditional melodies or connect to culture. Such music is especially atmospheric on St. Patrick’s Day. You can just get energized in the morning by listening to music, or you can diversify your playlist in everyday life. We hope you found our article useful and entertaining.

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