20 Best karaoke apps for IOS & Android

All of us like to have fun from time to time. Some people go to a bar with friends, others to the movies, but there are lucky ones who can catch good vibes by just using their phones. If you want to master this art of making yourself happy, you got to get a good karaoke app. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 20 Best karaoke apps for IOS & Android.

Rejoice, amateurs of singing, and masters of vocal art! Now you can sing wherever you wish, using the latest karaoke applications. With these apps, you get an opportunity to shine like a star every day and, what’s more, hold friendly competitions in singing.

Karaoke will brighten any holiday party and bring joy to any Sunday family gathering. It is a great opportunity to choose your favorite song from millions of songs that are available on the internet and sing it with all your heart without the necessity to go to a club or buy an expensive karaoke system!

Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Sing! Karaoke by Smule is a karaoke app for your device, which will help you to record your precious songs and to share your recordings with friends. Also, you can keep your performances as souvenirs. This application contains hits of popular artists of different genres.

All the songs are divided into the following categories: pop, children, classic, funny, new, free, all in a row. The new songs are constantly added to the different categories. You can search for songs by title or by the artist.

In our view, the most interesting function of this application is the possibility to record a duet performance. One singer can record her on top of the already recorded part of the other singer. Thus, you can record songs together with friends, family, or anyone you like.

Recently added performances are shown in a separate tab. There is also a subcategory that consists of the most popular recordings. Your own recordings, as well as the ones that you liked, are also kept in a special place.

The motto of this application: “Get the love and recognition of the whole world”. Get points and add friends to your profile. What is more, you can calibrate (automatically adjust the volume of music and voice) all of your recorded songs.


  • convenient division of songs by categories and search by artist or song title;
  • the possibility to sing for free, on top of someone’s record or solo – this latter possibility requires money;
  • saving favorite speeches for yourself and for all members of the community;
  • the possibility to record songs together with friends, relatives and so on;
  • easy sharing of your performances in any social network you choose;
  • the possibility to evaluate favorite records of other users and add them to friends;
  • special filter to improve the quality of your recording;
  • constantly updating the catalog of songs.




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This is a program with a huge library of songs, which will help you to show the world your singing talent. The first thing you notice when you open the app is a large number of tracks, divided into convenient categories.

Here is everything – from Christmas songs to hip-hop. Initially, only 20 credits are available, which allows you to record only one track. Later on, you will need to listen to the song without the possibility to save your voice in order to make currency.

For each audition, you are given 4 credits. You can get open access to all the content by paying a monthly or annual subscription.

Everything else is standard for karaoke: the display shows you a text and you need to sing it. The created record can be shared via a social network like Facebook. The program has convenient navigation and interface; proper sorting helps to find your favorite songs easily. The sound quality is very good, which is a big advantage for a karaoke app.

As a result, we get one of the most high-quality entertainment projects for mobile devices with a variety of licensed songs. This app is indispensable for those who always want to demonstrate their abilities and become popular as well as for the fans of humming international hits in the kitchen.





Show your talents by singing karaoke with this application. There is a huge catalog of songs. A wide range of effects allows you to edit records, which you can share with your friends in the future. Become a new pop star!


  • a wide range of special effects, which allow you to edit audio tracks;
  • improvement of voice with new technologies;
  • flexible songs recording.

We are pleased to welcome you to the community of StarMaker. Select a song from a huge collection of hits and make new friends from all around the world!




Karaoke Anywhere

This application allows you to record a song for a soundtrack. Share your voice with friends in a karaoke community. The app supports the streaming of a huge variety of songs. Buy a song from your library and get access to more than 40,000 hits. Millions of people have already made their choice in favor of this application.

karaoke-anywhere-3 karaoke-anywhere-2



Sing Karaoke With MyStage®

If you want to organize a karaoke battle with your friends and see who is going to get more scores, then this is a perfect app for a party like this. First of all, this app is available in several languages.

It has not so big a database of songs, but all the popular hits are included for sure. The quality of music is more than decent. Each time after you’re done singing the program will give you points.




SingPlay Karaoke Your MP3s

Singing songs in MP3 from your mobile device is easy now. Just download this app! Upload music from your phone and the program will convert it into karaoke tracks while maintaining the quality. There is an opportunity to share your favorite records with your loved ones.

You can capture your performance by pressing the record button. Create tracks in two modes. The program allows you to adjust the sound to the voice using the volume control. Show off your results on Youtube, Facebook, etc.


  • sing along the original vocals or without it;
  • record your performance with the original playing in the background;
  • the possibility to adjust tempo and tact;
  • recording of only your favorite song segment;
  • there is no need to be connected to the Internet.

singplay-karaoke-your-mp3s-234_2 singplay-karaoke-your-mp3s-234_3


The Voice: On Stage

Have you ever watched the popular TV-show ‘The Voice’? This is the mobile version of this program. Feel like a star and sing on stage with The Voice: On Stage application. Easily record your performance. Audio recording and video recording are both available.

There is a convenient search by genre or artist. Share your performance through social networks. The application also offers a subscription to new songs. Do not miss the chance and download the app The Voice: On Stage.

voice-on-stage voice-on-stage-2



Karaoke Mode

Do you like singing? Do you want to feel like a star? Is karaoke your favorite kind of entertainment?

Finally, it is possible to sing in karaoke using your smartphone and Karaoke Mode application. A great variety of modern and classical compositions will be at your service for free. Sing as much as you want to and feel like a superstar of the world stage.

You can create a list of your favorite songs to get quick access to them. The most interesting part is sending the recording to your friends after listening to it. A word of advice – use headphones for better quality recordings!



SingSnap Karaoke

This app provides the possibility to sing more than 1000 of the most popular hits and it is absolutely free! Sing, record, and play your recording at any time. You can also find and listen to other users’ recordings and leave your comments. You can block access to your own performances or decide to share them with the world.

The online version of this app is already used by thousands of singers and they definitely have no time to get bored. Join now, they are waiting for you! Communicate, share your experience, comment, take part in competitions. You have a great chance to meet a like-minded person in the SingSnap Karaoke community.


  • record audio and video clips;
  • synchronization with Facebook, Twitter, etc .;
  • privacy settings;
  • creating duets with other app users.

singsnap singsnap-2



Karaoke – Sing What You Like

There are many instrumentals and karaoke versions on YouTube but not all of them are good. In fact, there are only a few channels that are distributing really high-quality melodies that everyone can sing to. This app represents exactly one of those channels, so now you don’t have to browse YouTube just to find “that exact version”.

And if on YouTube you can’t really record your voice then this karaoke app lets you record your singing. You can both make a video and an audio record. The search system is more or less convenient. In general, this is a simple, but a really cleverly-made karaoke app.



Magicsing Karaoke

One more great karaoke app that honestly is underestimated. It has a decent database of more than 200000 songs and even the ranking system after you sing. The search system is very convenient and all genres of music are included. In addition, the app has an internal equalizer so you could adjust the sound better for yourself.




Karaoke 2020: Sing & Record

If you like singing (it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional singer or not) you have mostly already tried karaoke on YouTube. There is one really good and popular channel that makes high-quality karaoke to all the songs of famous (and not so famous) artists.

This app is basically that channel, just like a unique app. In terms of convenience, it is a good one, but all the melodies are the same as on YouTube.



Singing Machine Karaoke

You will probably notice from our article that Android has way more karaoke apps than App Store. No idea, what it has to deal with, but we have what we have. Singing Machine Karaoke is another fun app that you and your friends can use to sing your favorite songs.

The database includes more than 14000 tracks, and new songs are added every Frida- this is one of the few karaoke apps that can update their database so fast. Plus, it is completely ad-free.



Karaoke by 28 media

This is a new karaoke app on Google Play but it is an extremely nice one. Even though there might be some problems with translation because originally this app is developed in China.

It includes a very wide database of songs and lyrics appearing gradually on the screen when you are singing. If you want to try something non-mainstream – this one is a good choice.



Midifun Karaoke

For all of you who like the old-fashion midi style karaoke – this is a perfect app for you. It is extremely simple, but it has a nice database of all the most popular songs of all time. All the melodies are accompanied by lyrics which is very convenient. Midifun is compatible with Bluetooth microphones.

Moreover, this app can be a guessing game too. You guess the song based on the lyrics displayed or being played. You have 4 song choices, get a score for every correct answer. Answer fast to get bonus scores and beat the high score in no time.



Red Karaoke Sing & Record

This is the app in a very classic karaoke-style with a database of more than 200000 songs! Remember the days when we were singing karaoke from the screen of our TV and the karaoke DVD was containing all songs ever released in this world? This app will give you a similar vibe, but just this time it is 10 times more convenient.

Here you can sing alone, in duet, in a group – in other words, have fun as you wish. Moreover, if you still want to transfer this Red Karaoke to the screen of your TV like the old-time it is possible. The app is compatible with Apple TV so if you got one – you will be able to do that immediately and throw a big party with your friends.

You can record your singing with or without the video, and the app will autotune your voice automatically. Also, Red Karaoke is similar to Smule in the sense that here other users can see your singing as well and subscribe to your channel.




This application is a great karaoke player that permits you to open and play karaoke songs. It also has an editor for creating exclusive and funny performances.

The main advantages of the app are rich online content and fully customizable tracks. They fill up part and parcel of the playlist, which is organized by categories.

You can choose to browse all the songs or navigate only through new releases. You can also search by style (country, jazz, rock, pop, disco, funk, world music) and much more. In addition, you can import your own songs and produce your own tracklist.

Playback can be adjusted in the main tab. The tempo can be increased or decreased. It is also possible to regulate the volume, backing vocals, or vocals. The synchronization panel is displayed in the view section. You can customize the text, set the background brightness for a clearer display.

KaraFun is an excellent karaoke app with constantly updated online content.

karafun karafun-2




Want to sing your song out in the karaoke but afraid that you’re going to sound like a swan? Well, if it calms you down, then most people have the voice no better than yours and still sing their hearts out in the karaoke.

Secondly, the Voloco app is famous for its fine voice filter that will make you sound like a pop start even if you ever been doing vocals in your life! From the technical point of view, this is the best app to “clean” your notes and improve the tone of your voice.



Baby Karaoke

Kids want to sing too! Actually, they might want it much more than adults. Bring them joy by downloading this Baby Karaoke for them. All the favorite songs, like “Let it Go” from Frozen can be found here.

All the lyrics are accompanied by funny pictures so the kids wouldn’t get bored or confused during singing. There are many songs for little kids – like folklore ones, which are essential for the development of a child.



Karaoke Online: Sing & Record

One of the most popular karaoke apps on the market that has gained its popularity during the last couple of years. What is it so good for?

First of all, it has a really decent database of songs and there is basically no track that you wouldn’t find. Another thing is that here you can sing together with your friends. And you don’t have to record your song simultaneously, breaking each other’s schedule.

You can record a track at one time and the other person can join later, whenever you have time. All this algorithm is really similar to the Smule app, with a difference that Smule demands the payment for the possibility to record duets and Karaoke Online doesn’t.



 All the songs have been sung, all the vocals have been recorded. Now you can just listen to good music. And where can you get it? Take a look at Top 22 free music download apps for iPhone and Android. Listen and enjoy!

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