13 Free Apps to Check Who Viewed My Profile on Instagram

We all more or less do the Instagram stalking… And what is more, we are always curious to know who is stalking us! However, the app itself doesn’t have the feature of monitoring those who watched your profile. But look what we found here – the free apps to check who viewed my profile on Instagram!

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Influxy is known as one of the best Instagram stats apps on the market. It’s really easy in usage – you just enter the name and the password of your profile and therefore you can see what’s going on with your followers.

The first section is, of course, who looks at you. It’s not a regular “who visited my profile” thing, but a multi-functional tool that will give you a detailed statistics on all the views and visitors. It will show the change of your friends, how many people visit your profile daily – and you can even compile the graphs!

Moreover, you can see not only who has unfollowed you, but also the people who are watching your feed and don’t give you “likes” – how dare they?!

Another cool thing is that Influxy will show you who blocked or unblocked you. Instagram don’t show statistics like this. Apart from that, the app has lots of other features – analysing your most views and popular posts, stories, etc.

If you’re an influencer, this app is highly recommended.


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Reports for Followers

Now finally we have an iOS app for checking the statistics about your Instagram followers. Apart from the classic set of features, among which you will find:

  • who viewed your profile/videos/posts
  • who followed you
  • who unfollowed you
  • who gave you likes

you will also discover a decent interface design that makes the customer journey way better. All you have to do is to connect your Instagram account to the app and you will be able to track the changes any time of the day and night. Reports for Followers itself if free, but it contains in-app purchases.


Who Viewed My Profile to IG

To find out who was interested in your Instagram profile today, install this app. It allows you to keep statistics of your page views. Now you can see how popular your new post is. You will also find out which of your subscribers unsubscribed or blocked you.

You will find out who subscribed to you in return and who rejected the request. All data is displayed in a clear form, which allows you to keep statistics of your personal or work profile. Request a graphical display for a day or a week.

This app is suitable for anonymously viewing other users’ stories. If you want to be aware of what is happening on another user’s page but don’t want to be caught, this program is for you.

To make monitoring your account easier, allow the app to send you notifications. As soon as there is a change on your page, you will know about it immediately.


Who Viewed Profile – Profeel

Profeel allows you to make working with your Instagram profile more professional. You don’t need to spend your time on getting statistics or hiring specialists. You will get the most important information quickly and for free.

The app is designed specifically for Instagram. All the nuances and complexities of controlling the activity on the page are taken into account. Be aware of who accepted your invitation and subscribed to the page.

Find out how many subscribers unsubscribed or blocked your account. Determine how popular each post was, and how many comments and likes you received. Profeel is suitable for anonymous viewing other people’s stories.

Download interesting stories in HD quality. You can set up notifications for each action: subscribe, unsubscribe, or block your account. You will know if someone takes a screenshot of your post or account.


In Stalker – Profile Tracker

Maintain your Instagram page with a professional assistant from ITAmazons Apps. The app contains all the tools you need to get the job done. View the stories of any users in incognito mode. In seconds, make a list of followers who have blocked your account or unsubscribed from your page.

Find out who was interested in your account but wanted to hide their presence. You can also keep your interest in other people’s pages secret. Unsubscribe with one click from everyone you are subscribed to without a reciprocal subscription.

InStalker will automatically make a selection of the most popular stories and posts. This approach will help you understand how to increase the number of subscribers and keep their attention. You can set tasks an unlimited number of times.

InStalker is a set of the most useful and efficient tools for productive work with subscribers.


xPro – Who Viewed My Profile

xPro allows you to forget about the manual calculation of statistics. It is the easiest and most efficient way to increase the number of likes and views of posts. Choose your target audience and find out exactly what they want to see on your page.

Scan your posts and stories and identify the most popular among them. After detailed research, you will understand why the number of unsubscribes and the number of users who blocked you has increased dramatically. This app will be relevant for both business and personal pages.

Get data on users who have visited you and unsubscribed. Count how many new subscribers came in and how many people did not subscribe to you in return.

Use xPro to see other stories and posts without a footprint. You will receive a notification after every action your subscribers take. This will help keep things under control.


Who viewed my profile by KhánhLHT

Master social media statistics with this app. This program is suitable for monitoring your Instagram and Facebook productivity at the same time. Here you will find all the features to maximize the effectiveness of each post.

It doesn’t matter if you are an active social media user or if you conduct professional activities here. If you want to increase the number of subscribers and gather an engaged audience, this app is for you.

You will be able to understand how to attract new subscribers and reach the top. Go to the menu of the app and choose the option you want to use. You will find out which of the other members were interested in your page but did not subscribe.

Easily calculate how many subscribers canceled their subscriptions in a day, week, or month. All options are free of charge. Once you have a premium subscription, you will be able to access premium features and not be distracted by ads.


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InStalker – Who Viewed Profile

InStalker will help you find answers to many questions related to extraneous activity on your Instagram page. You don’t have to personally determine which post subscribers liked more than others. You don’t need to count the number of likes, comments, and sent users yourself.

Entrust this laborious work to the InStalker app. Get access to pages whose owners did not want to subscribe to you after viewing your account. Remove suspicious users and bots from your subscriptions. Communicate with your subscribers directly.

As soon as the number of subscribers or comments changes, you will be notified. The dynamics of views, likes, and subscriptions are displayed on the screen in an understandable format for users. You can get exact figures for a certain period or see a graph.

You can use InStalker without payment or sign up for a premium account. A paid subscription is renewed every week, month, or 3 months.


Profile Viewers for IG by Anıl Uzun Apps

This app combines multifunctionality and stylish design. Here, every Instagram user will find useful options for themselves. If you want to stay on trend, you just need to keep analytics of your account. This applies to the number of followers, likes, and comments.

You should know the exact number of users who have blocked you or are engaged in suspicious activities. It will be relevant if you want to be aware of who visited your page but did not subscribe. You can specify any period for which you want to see the data.

Don’t leave any weaknesses in your account to get even more subscribers and become a celebrity. Now secret fans will no longer be able to escape your attention.

All profile information will be freely available at any time. This will save you time and money so you can create even more interesting posts and stories.


InLook – Who Viewed My Profile

InLook will become a daily assistant for Instagram page management. More than 100 thousand downloads, good reviews, and free installation. Discover all the secrets of your account. Now you will know exactly who most often visits the page but never subscribed to you.

Use the app if you’re curious about which post has gotten the most reviews. Check your subscribers for honesty. Count how many users have unsubscribed or blacklisted you.

With this information, it will be easier for you to fill your account with interesting things that are guaranteed to attract the attention of new subscribers.

You can even try InLook for personal use. Find out what kind of relationship people have. Find out if your boyfriend is communicating with an ex-girlfriend. The app allows you to analyze two different accounts at the same time.

Make your Instagram page popular and in demand without financial investments.


Who Visited My Profile – xLog

Bloggers, popular Instagram users, and entrepreneurs can’t do without xLog. The app, with the help of artificial intelligence, analyzes what’s going on and helps promote the account by making it popular. It will help bloggers get new subscribers.

Businessmen will be able to promote products and services without the help of experts in this field. Catch users who visited your page but would like to stay in the shadows. Find out how a new publication has affected the number of subscribers.

Unsubscribe from those who have not subscribed to you for a long time. You can always set up alerts for any category. Get only verified and up-to-date information.

Another useful feature of xLog is the secret fan. You can visit other users’ pages and they will never know about it. The app will require 8.7 MB of free memory to install. It is available for devices with Android 5.0 and above.


Analyzer Plus-Followers Report

We would say that this app could be suitable both for professional Insta influencers and also for regular users who are simple curious. The excellent interface design makes this app pleasant to use and its functionality includes everything you need to find out about your followers’ actions.

Analyzer Plus allows you to figure out who your stalkers are – each time a person view your profile, you will get a notification. Moreover, you can view the overall followers activity on your profile presented as the graph. Once again, all you have to do is to connect your account to the app.

Once again, Analyzer Plus has its in-built purchases, but in comparison to other apps on the market the price is comparatively low.


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IG Profile

Basically, this is an analogue of the previous app. It has even a more simple interface design but that what makes it suitable for older devices. By the way, this is one of a few apps on our list that is completely free – no in-built purchases. However, this is not very accurate – and it contains ads.

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