11 Free Apps To Check Who Viewed My Profile On Instagram

We all more or less do the Instagram stalking… And what is more, we are always curious to know who is stalking us! However, the app itself doesn’t have the feature of monitoring those who watched your profile. But look what we found here – the free apps to check who viewed my profile on Instagram!

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Influxy is known as one of the best Instagram stats apps on the market. It’s really easy in usage – you just enter the name and the password of your profile and therefore you can see what’s going on with your followers.

The first section is, of course, who looks at you. It’s not a regular “who visited my profile” thing, but a multi-functional tool that will give you a detailed statistics on all the views and visitors. It will show the change of your friends, how many people visit your profile daily – and you can even compile the graphs!

Moreover, you can see not only who has unfollowed you, but also the people who are watching your feed and don’t give you “likes” – how dare they?!

Another cool thing is that Influxy will show you who blocked or unblocked you. Instagram don’t show statistics like this. Apart from that, the app has lots of other features – analysing your most views and popular posts, stories, etc.

If you’re an influencer, this app is highly recommended.


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Follower Analyzer for Instagram

This is a more simple app for checking your Insta stalkers. Moreover, it’s available for Android users only. You connect your profile to the app, and see everything what’s happening behind the curtains. You can see your new followers, unfollowers and so on.

And of course, this app will show who visited your profile, who saw your which post, who watched your videos and so on. In all other aspects this app is extremely simple – there isn’t anything to add here.


Stats Plus for Instagram

This app will be more suitable for professional bloggers. However, it keeps a good eye on your profile’s stalkers and if you want to know who they are THAT bad you can get it. There is a lot of other features which allow to track all activities of your audience – your new followers, unfollowers, who blocked you and so on.

And of course we coulnd’t not to mention the great and beautiful interface design that this app has. Once again, a quick list of features:

  • See who are your biggest fan
  • See statistics in metrics
  • Get reports on the follwers’ activity

The app itself is free, but it contains the built-in purchases which has the avergae price on the market.

Stats Plus for Instagram1

My Profile IG Followers

Another decent Android app for watching your stalkers. Here everything is organized in a more simple way – you just enter the app and see who viewed your profile. Moreover, this app claims that it will show you who watches your stories secretly (though we’re not quite sure how it works).

You can also put on the notifications when there is a new follower or someone unfollowed you. The other features are quite basic and you can find them in the Instagram itself. You can view your inactive subscribers and remove them.

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Reports for Followers

Now finally we have an iOS app for checking the statistics about your Instagram followers. Apart from the classic set of features, among which you will find:

  • who viewed your profile/videos/posts
  • who followed you
  • who unfollowed you
  • who gave you likes

you will also discover a decent interface design that makes the customer journey way better. All you have to do is to connect your Instagram account to the app and you will be able to track the changes any time of the day and night. Reports for Followers itself if free, but it contains in-app purchases.

Reports for Followers1

Reportly – for Instagram

Another Instagram analysis app that allows you to track the total statistics on what is going on with your followers. Traditionally, it tracks the views of your profile. And in contrast to most of the apps in this niche for Android, Reportly is remarkable for its outstanding interface design.

One of the main features that make it different from other apps is that this one gives you a 24-hour free trial period before you can buy a subscription.

Reportly - for Instagram1

Analyzer Plus-Followers Report

We would say that this app could be suitable both for professional Insta influencers and also for regular users who are simple curious. The excellent interface design makes this app pleasant to use and its functionality includes everything you need to find out about your followers’ actions.

Analyzer Plus allows you to figure out who your stalkers are – each time a person view your profile, you will get a notification. Moreover, you can view the overall followers activity on your profile presented as the graph. Once again, all you have to do is to connect your account to the app.

Once again, Analyzer Plus has its in-built purchases, but in comparison to other apps on the market the price is comparatively low.

Analyzer Plus1

MyInsProfile – Who Viewed My Profile for Instagram

If the previous app was more or less for the professional use, which menas it helpt you to track statistics on visits, etc., this one is developed for a regular user who is just curious about other people’s actions towards them.

In a special section you can check out the visitors of your insta profile. However, we noticed that MyInsProfile catches not all the lurkers.

On the other hand, it gives you a chance to track you blocked or unblocked you. You will get the notification about the unfollowers as well. The app has great reviews on Google Play but we suspect they all can be fake.


Visitors Pro

This is a simple app and it’s a little bit messy since it doesn’t sort the followers according to the actions they make towards your profile. You just have a list of your followers in front of you with the note about their last actions. Visitors Pro can detect who viewed your profile, though it’s not always accurate.

The app has the in-build purchases. However, try to install it and at least to use it at a bare minumum because there are many dissatisfied users.

Visitors Pro1

InStalker Reports: Follower Analyzer

If you are looking for a more simple app to identify who your stalkers are then look no firther than this app. With the simple design and the minimum set of sections it makes it easy for a reular user to nacigate in its system and track all the people who visit the account.

Of couse the app is not that precise and sometimes it can miss a couple of people that visited your page. But if there someone on the regular basis who stalks you, sooner or later the InStalker app will show that.

InStalker Reports: Follower Analyzer1

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IG Profile

Basically, this is an analogue of the previous app. It has even a more simple interface design but that what makes it suitable for older devices. By the way, this is one of a few apps on our list that is completely free – no in-built purchases. However, this is not very accurate – and it contains ads.

IG Profile1
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