MatchYS App Review

MatchYS is a good quality development game for little kids.

The purpose of the game is to find certain objects in a huge messy pile of toys. The name of the object that you need to find will appear on the top of the screen. Whenever you find it, simply press on it, and you will get points. To complete a level you have to reach a certain number of points.


You have to watch out for the clock in the top left corner as well. Find the needed toy on time, or the mom of the little boy will get back home before the house is clean!

Many distractions will try to keep you away from searching for toys. For example, from time to time a dog will appear. You should pet the dog by tapping on its forehead good enough for it to enjoy it and go away. Be mindful of the time, this cute dog may make you lose.


There are over 100 levels, so there are enough puzzles to solve.

This game is great for developing focus and quickness for kids ages four and older. The graphics and overall quality of the game make it even more enjoyable!

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