10 Best Measure Tree Height Apps for Android & iOS

We’ve talked about applications that use sensors and other tools to turn your smartphone into real measuring tools. Usually, they use a built-in camera, accelerometer, hygrometer, and other sensors to most accurately measure a specific object.

Perhaps when you see trees near your home or in the woods you wanted to know how tall they are and what their real values are. Since your smartphone is always at your fingertips, you can measure everything with it. For example, by using these best apps to measure air pollution.

Of course, to acquire this functionality, a regular phone will need special applications. We have selected for you the best measure tree height apps, which will help you satisfy your curiosity.

Arboreal – Height of Tree

Arboreal - Height of Tree

Arboreal is one of the best applications designed to measure the exact height of a tree. With it, you can measure the height of anything, especially trees, without having to use a real tape measure or ruler.

The service uses augmented reality technology and sensors, but you have several conditions to meet. First, the user must hold the phone in an upright position. Secondly, on the screen of your smartphone should be clearly visible both the base and the top of the tree.

Arboreal makes measurements in two units – feet and meters. You can even save the recorded data if necessary. Note that Arboreal gives users only 5 free measurements to test the capabilities of the application – you will then need to pay a subscription fee.

Also, developers note that the best result of the application is obtained using a Samsung smartphone.


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Telemeter. Distance and Height by VisTech.Projects LLC

Telemeter. Distance and Height by VisTech.Projects LLC

In order to quickly measure the height of a tree, you can also use the Telemeter service. It is an application to measure distance and height using a camera device.

To improve accuracy, the application may require permission to work with sensors. Also, Telemeter allows you to work in calibration mode if you have a reference object with a known pre-set height.

Before you start measuring, Telemeter provides you with a quick start-up and usage guide. There you will get full instructions on what you need to do and how to place the camera.

You can also calibrate before measuring – you can even use a standard A4 size sheet of paper or a person of pre-determined height. It is best to use a tripod, as this is how you can adjust the angle of your smartphone.



This is an app for getting the height of a tree. You need to enter the distance to the plant, mark the top and click on the button.

The information you need to have for calculations: how many meters to the tree, its diameter, and its name. Measure the data with a ruler and a tape measure and select the name from the ready-made list.

Follow the instructions step by step. First, turn on geolocation to determine the location. Then select the type of plant. Enter the diameter of the trunk.

Aim the camera at the top of the tree, and click on it. Now gently lower the camera to the roots. At the end press the calculation button and save the result.


Measure Height by Deskis OÜ

Measure Height by Deskis OÜ

Some applications do not use augmented reality technology, but rather device sensors. For example, Measure Height uses an accelerometer and various trigonometric equations to calculate the exact height.

Developers immediately say that the application gives inaccurate results, but only approximate because it is adapted for different devices of different quality.

Measure Height will measure the height of the tree most accurately if you know the distance from the camera to the tree. This way, the equation will be more complete, and the numbers that the application gives on the screen will be true.

You mark for yourself where the tree begins and where it ends. At the same time Measure Height calculates the angle of your smartphone when shooting and the approximate distance you are from the tree.


Tree Meter by Inalbyss Technologies

Tree Meter by Inalbyss Technologies

There are other ways to measure the height of trees – and we are not talking about classic roulette now. If you have a reference object whose size you know, you can easily calculate the height of the tree using the Tree Meter application.

Note that this object should be clearly visible on the camera and stand right next to the tree you are going to measure. In this case, you won’t even need to calculate how far you are from the measured object.

Tree Meter is usually used to measure the height of trees with other people. For example, your partner can tell you his height and stand next to the plant, and you will control your smartphone and point the camera at it.

By the way, you can measure not only trees but also other objects – for example, at home. The accuracy of the measurement will directly depend on how evenly you hold your smartphone and how accurate the data about the reference object is. Tree Meter can be used in 2 languages – English and Spanish.


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Tree Height Measurement

Tree Height Measurement logo

The Tree Height Measurement app is great for your question. It will give you quick results based on accurate data. You will have two methods of measurement available. Choose the one that best suits your interests.

Judging by the reviews of other users, the app works perfectly. The interface is made qualitatively, all the necessary sections are in sight, so you are sure not to get confused.

Moreover, the design of the app is made in a basic style and pleasant colors that do not distract from the main purpose. All the necessary information is located right on the main screen. Given all these advantages, we can definitely recommend this service to you.


ImageMeter – photo measure by Dirk Farin

ImageMeter - photo measure by Dirk Farin

If you do not have the opportunity to use the camera yourself during measurements, the ImageMeter application can help you. The application is designed to measure with photos – you can not only know the height, but also the length, angles, and even the area of a certain area in the photo.

You do not need to make sketches or measure everything manually – upload the image to the application and get the result instantly.

ImageMeter can also work with various laser distance measuring devices. Modern laser meters can use Bluetooth technology, which is exactly what this application requires.

Like some other services, ImageMeter supports measurements with the help of a reference object – but in this case, it is already necessary to use your own smartphone camera, not a finished photo. In this case, the most convenient and accurate way is still a clear quality photo with trees, items, or objects depicted on it.


Height Measure by Hireface

Height Measure by Hireface

Trigonometry is great science. If at school, while studying it, you thought that trigonometry will never be useful to you in life, the application Height Measure will change your mind.

This service uses the trigonometric formulas to calculate the height of the trees and other objects, in which you will insert the values. The same indicators can be calculated using the sensors of your smartphone.

Height Measure measures the distance to an object, its height, and width. If you decide to know the parameters of an object other than a tree, you can also calculate its area.

The main condition to obtain data is to point the camera initially at the base of the tree so that the service can calculate your distance from it.

The rest of the instructions for use or the answers to your questions Height Measure provides in the application itself – but you may not even need them, because the functionality is simple and clear.


AR Ruler App

This is an app that works with augmented reality technology. It will allow you to take measurements and help with repairs.

Working in the app is intuitive. Measurements are not one hundred percent accurate, but really close to the truth. In everyday life, this is enough.

To avoid fatal mistakes, measure three times and then use the average. Get results in millimeters, inches, meters, and centimeters. Find the distance from you to the desired point in space. Get the degree of an angle.

Measure the area and perimeter of the room by moving the camera until the line closes on the screen. The volume is found in a similar way, the main thing is to position the camera correctly.

The app is also useful when traveling. It remembers the distance traveled in kilometers and shows the trajectory.

The classic altitude measurement function is there as well. To do this, move the camera from the top point to the bottom point. The app is constantly being improved so that you forget about rulers.


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Height Measure App by Space Infotech GH

Height Measure App is a program for measuring the height of various objects using your smartphone or tablet.

The app uses machine learning algorithms to calculate the height of an object with a high degree of accuracy. After following a few simple steps, the app can determine the height of an object using your device’s camera.

You have to find a point on the object where its height ends. The app will set the focus between these two points and calculate the height of the object based on the angle of view and the distance to the object.

Here, you can customize the measurement parameters yourself and even download them to your device for later use. To avoid losing data, you can save it on your mobile devices. To measure the height of any objects, you can use the camera that is built into the app itself.

You can point the scope at the measurement point and get accurate height data in any units you like. For maximum accuracy, you can turn on the flash on the camera or, on the contrary, turn it off.


Applications that are used to measure the camera smartphone is much more convenient than a standard ruler. Even if you already have a special utility that visualizes a ruler with divisions on the screen, you will try to measure the height of a really high object or tree for too long – it’s just impossible.

Programs initially work by focusing the camera or loading an image that approximately determines the scale and distance from a certain tree. Note that none of the applications guarantee you perfect accuracy – but you will definitely get approximate values.

We hope that our article has become useful for you and you were able to find the application that will be with you in the forest and will measure the height of any tree.

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