16 Best Medieval Building Games 2024 For Android & iOS

How were medieval settlements, kingdoms, and entire empires built? How were they protected? What was the life of the people of those times? In the medieval building games collection that we have compiled, you will be able to find answers to all these, as well as many other questions.

And if you feel like the battles in those medieval games aren’t enough, we can offer you to explore this article about the best offline war games.


This is a simulator of city construction in medieval times. There is a certain plot here that will guide you on the path of development of your settlement from a small, unremarkable village to an entire kingdom.

In this game, you will be the creator of the kingdom of your dreams, where you can build everything the way you want.

In Townsmen, you can not only build houses, buildings, shops, and so on but also create strategies for the development of your city. Here you will need to develop your possessions not only far and wide, but also economically and productively.

Build farms so that you have agriculture, build cafes and entertainment establishments, build headquarters for the army, warehouses with weapons, and much more.

Be vigilant, because you will not only have to develop your possessions but also protect them from bandits and neighboring rulers and their armies. You will need to develop the military sector of your city, as well as create an army.

Also, according to the plot, this game provides for natural disasters that can interfere with your plans for the development of the city. Try to expand your possessions so that no attacks and natural disasters destroy them.

In Townsmen, there are also complex chains of economic and industrial development, for which you will need to come up with a strategy for the development to be successful.

In this simulator there are a huge number of options for buildings of different values, designed for different purposes – they will make up and increase your capital.


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Rise of cultures: Kingdom game

This is a game with an exorbitant number of possibilities. Here you can build your cities in various civilizations and develop them to the latest times.

For example, try to start with ancient cultures and civilizations and try to develop your city to the Middle Ages. You can also build several cities at the same time in different age-old epochs.

Rise Of Cultures invites you to become the creator of new kingdoms – build houses, barracks, a building of strategic importance, and much more. Expand your possessions on the world map and become a true creator.

There is also a plot here, which is predetermined by some misfortunes that you will have to cope with in order to leave your lands intact.

Rise of cultures also has a military mode in which you can defend yourself from attacking enemies, as well as conquer new lands and kingdoms on your own. You will also be given the opportunity to participate in online tournaments with real players for the right to a certain territory.

In this game you can also establish external relations: establish trade routes with neighboring kingdoms and increase your state treasury.

Also, your capital will be replenished with money from farms, plantations, entertainment, and strategic buildings. This money can be spent on strengthening the army and developing your kingdoms.

In Rise of cultures, you can write your own history, as well as explore new cultures. Moreover, you will be able to use cultural exchange with other kingdoms as a tool for establishing strategic ties. Maybe it is your partner kingdoms that will be able to help you in the fight against enemy attackers.

Discover new technologies, get involved in science, and use it for production purposes to increase capital.


Forge of Empires: Build a city

This is a game for those building and developing cities Here you can create, equip and protect your possessions from adversity. Travel through the ages, develop your lands from the past to the future and become a true creator.

The meaning of this game is that you will be given a small settlement that will develop under your leadership. You can advance this settlement to the newest centuries by grafting and mixing different cultures at one time. Here you can also establish external links.

Forge of Empires has a multiplayer mode in which you can work on the development of the settlement with your friends. Also, you can cooperate with players around the world and develop inter-land trade to become allies.

There are intellectual moments in this game – you have to develop a strategy to successfully expand your possessions, as well as to repel attacks.

In Forge of Empires, you can participate in battles for the right to own some part of the territories. Also, you will have the opportunity to unite with other users and defend your borders together. Moreover, you can team up with someone, win back the territory of interest, and share it equally with an ally.

Also, you will be awarded game money for winning wars. You can later spend this money to strengthen the army or to develop and expand your possessions.

In this game you can also not only choose buildings and a list of suggested ones but also design your buildings yourself, preserving the identity of your lands. Try also to reach the maximum level of your main castle- this will give you power, and provide additional replenishment for capital.


Shadows of Empires

This is a 3D kingdom-building simulator. Here you have to turn a small, inconspicuous settlement into a huge, strong, and rich kingdom.

To do this, you will need not only to work out different strategies and use all kinds of tools for development but also to defend the borders of your lands, because enemies will attack you.

Shadows of Empire is not just a game, but an opportunity to create your own kingdom. Here you will have to earn capital that can be spent on the development of your possessions. Build houses, buildings, and most importantly an army – this will help defend and conquer new territories to expand your possessions.

Wars are an integral part of medieval history, so it’s not enough for you to simply build new buildings to expand your possessions – you will also be bored by neighboring kingdoms to appropriate their territory for yourself.

Also, you can choose with whom to cooperate – to establish external relations through cultural exchange and trade – this will not only provide you with an alliance but also increase your capital, which can later be spent on the development of your kingdom and on increasing the size and power of the army.

Shadows Of Empires also has a multiplayer mode: you can join users from all over the world to participate in tournaments to conquer new territories. Team up with your friends or with other users, and divide the captured territories and profits from them equally.

Try to turn an unremarkable settlement into a huge powerful kingdom.



BlitzKeep is an exciting game for your mobile device with an interesting plot and RPG elements. Here you have to fight with huge troops of invaders, as well as with virtually invincible bosses.

The plot of the game is that your homeland has been captured by enemies, and you, as the most fearless of the war, will have to liberate your lands from invaders. To do this, you will have to go through a long and thorny path to victory.

In this game you have to think carefully about the strategy, collect the appropriate uniforms for your hero for each duel, as well as carefully calculate the necessary weapons for the upcoming battle with an opponent.

On the way to reclaim your territories, you will have to go through five enemy kingdoms that must be defeated so that the invaders of your lands never write to you again.

Moreover, this game has a special sector in which you can compare your combat results with the results of other players, as well as your friends. Try to advance to the first lines in the top of the rating and get a reward for it.


Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

This is a real online simulator for managing your own empire. Here you will be the king, the leader, the owne,r and the creator of your own possessions. You will manage your lands and develop them according to the chosen strategy.

In Rise of Empires, you will get the ruins of a ruined city that has suffered from numerous attacks and defeats. Your main task is to turn these ruins into a thriving empire.

To do this, you need to develop a strategy that will not only develop your possessions, but also protect them from new attacks, and also conquer new lands with the help of a powerful army.

This game has a multiplayer mode that will allow you to cooperate with your friends and fight enemies together. Repel attacks, defend your lands, as well as conquer new territories and divide them equally.

Also, the multiplayer mode gives you access to communication with users around the world, which will allow you to find new allies for joint productive cooperation.

Your fortune will increase from the profits from constructed buildings, farms, plantations, and conquered lands. You will be able to spend the earned game money on strengthening the army, as well as on expanding territories and building new houses.

In the Rise of Empires catalog, there are a huge number of various options for buildings that you can include in your possessions. Also, you can do an individual design of your empire and design each structure yourself.


Elvenar: Fantasy Kingdom

This is a game for creating your own empire, where there are no borders. Everything is limited only by your imagination. Here you can build your own cities according to your preferences, as well as choose those who will inhabit them. To successfully develop your possessions, you will need to create a development strategy.

A distinctive feature of Elvenar is the fact that you can not only build new buildings according to your own design but also carefully choose those who will live on your lands: this game presents an extensive selection of people and creatures who will work for the development of your empire.

Also, you can create your own characters.

Try to establish external relations by concluding trade agreements with the owners of neighboring lands: sell what you have a lot of and earn game money. These funds can be spent both on the development of your own civilization and on strengthening the army to repel attacks from detractors.

In Elvenar, you can team up with other players in a multiplayer mode not only for mutually beneficial trade, but also for joint campaigns: if you want to take over a certain territory, but you do not have enough power – start cooperation with the creators of neighboring empires and conquer territories together.

Also, your allies can come to your aid if ill-wishers decide to attack you and take over your territories.

Elvenar is a free game, but it also contains in-app purchases that will help you develop your civilization much faster, as well as unlock new characters and various variations of new buildings for your empire.


Imperia Online- Medieval empire

This is an online game for building empires, exploring, and conquering new territories. Also, here you will need to use strategic and tactical planning skills to make a huge and powerful empire out of a backwater. In this game, there are several different modes for training, as well as for conducting full-scale wars.

Build your empire with systematic steps. All buildings of any value will form capital for you, which you can spend on purchases in the game, as well as on the development of your possessions, and most importantly – on strengthening the army and weapons.

Team up with other users in multiplayer mode and go on military campaigns together. Also, if you are attacked by a large army, you can turn to your allies and they will come to your aid.

Moreover, you can not only build buildings but also choose those who will live and work in them. Create your own government, court, merchant council, and shopping areas.

Also, to develop foreign trade- create large farms for the development of agriculture, and sell products to other kingdoms to earn money for the development and expansion of their lands, as well as to strengthen the army.

Manage the economic sector of your possessions – ensure that you receive the main resources – iron, wood, and stone, which will later be the basis for the creation and introduction of new technologies into your production.

Also, you can invest game money resources in the development of an alliance of allies in which you are with other users.


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Age of Colonization: Economic strategy

This is a game in which you will become one of the creators and rulers of your own lands surrounded by your well-known states in the Middle Ages. Here you will need a geopolitical strategy to build your own empire and make it powerful and constantly evolving.

For Age Of Colonization, you don’t need an internet connection, so you can play whenever and wherever you want.

Also, this game will feature more than forty medieval states that will be your neighbors, allies, as well as enemies. With them, you can enter into trade alliances, build military agreements, and engage in cultural exchange to unite your nations.

In the Age of Colonization, you create not only a powerful empire, but also an entire civilization with your nation, in which you can choose literally everything: religion, a way to earn money, appoint a government, army commanders, and much more.

Choose layouts of structures from the list proposed by the developers and expand your empires.

Do not forget that medieval civilizations were famous not only for enlightenment and the emergence of new technologies but also for constant wars. This means that you will have to increase the power of your army to protect your lands.

Also, you can engage in espionage in other lands, as well as conquer them in military campaigns. Assign neighboring possessions to increase your empire, as well as colonize new, untouched terrain.


Crafty Town Idle City Builder

This is a simulator of the construction of medieval kingdoms. Here you can turn one small house into a colossal castle, which will bring you a substantial income.

Also, you will not need to limit yourself to one castle, because in the catalog of this game there are dozens of varieties of buildings, both residential and buildings of strategic importance.

Do not forget that each built building is the basis for your income, that is, money will come to your gaming account from each house. In this regard, you need not only to build as many buildings as possible but also to pump them to a higher level so that the income from them is higher.

You can spend the earned game money on new buildings, the development of your kingdom, as well as on the modernization of the army and navy.

In Crafty Ann, you can also take part in various battles that will bring you profit, as well as expand your possessions. In these battles you will compete with real users from all over the world, so you have to think through a certain strategy to win and not lose your lands.


Empire Four Kingdoms

This is a game with a huge number of modes and all kinds of choices. The choice includes characters, buildings, participation in wars, and so on.

There is also a certain plot here: you will become one of the founders and witnesses of the development of four medieval kingdoms, whose existence and development you can change.

Build your own kingdom by obtaining certain resources that will become the basis for the construction and development of new technologies. In this game, there are more than sixty variants of structures that you can build in your kingdom.

Also, you can upgrade these buildings to a higher level so that they bring more income.

Choose different characters: in Empire Four Kingdoms, you will be offered all kinds of creatures with different useful abilities, which you can settle in your kingdom, as well as add to the army. Moreover, you can create different positions in which you will then put different characters.

Don’t forget about strategies. Only with the use of certain tactics will you be able to successfully develop your kingdom in the economic and production sectors. Also, the strategy will help your army to fight off enemies and independently conquer and privatize new lands, participating in imperial duels.


Sid Meier’s Civilization

This is a mobile game for the step-by-step creation of your own powerful empire. Here you will find an exciting storyline that will provide you with ways to develop. Battles are waiting for you, the development of various tactics, as well as the development of the economic and industrial sectors.

Sid Meier’s Civilization is a game not only about building, wars, and improving cities.

There is also an opportunity to establish external relations: you can conclude trade agreements, enter into an alliance with other users, and exchange developments with each other, as well as conclude military alliances and go on military campaigns together to seize other lands.

This game also has an apocalypse mode in which you will have to deal with natural disasters. This will help you choose the right strategy for building and protecting your possessions from the misfortunes of the weather and various enemies.


Simple Sandbox 2: Middle Ages

This is a game designed to create your own pixel world according to your individual strategy. Here you can try on any role: ruler, farmer, warrior, and so on, as well as come up with and create various characters who will work for you and develop your lands.

In Simple Sandbox 2, new maps and worlds with diverse terrain and resources are waiting for you, where you can build your cities. Also, you can choose layouts of structures from the catalog offered by this game or build buildings according to your individual design preferences.

In this game, there is a multiplayer mode in which you can cooperate with your friends to build new cities together, as well as for military campaigns in order to conquer new lands and neighboring cities, which can increase your possessions to record sizes.

Remember that different worlds involve different terrain, resources, and threats. Here you have to be ready for anything. Other users may want to take over your city or destroy it: in this case, your goal is to repel the attack and make the opponents powerless.

You can do it alone or by cooperating with your friends and other users from all over the world.



Have you ever wanted to play strategy with action elements and RPG with interesting in-game gameplay happening in the Middle Ages? Conquest is the app that will allow you to plunge into this dangerous, but also exciting and atmospheric world of battles.

The game has the following characteristics:

  • the ability to play together with other players or against them in real time
  • a unique system of pumping and upgrading absolutely all the player’s skills as his level increases, as well as a unique opportunity to access rare spells, the number of which exceeds 20
  • choosing a path from one of 6 different player classes (magician, vampire, barbarian, fighter, clergyman, vagabond), each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages
  • track your progress by synchronizing data, as well as special emblems issued as you stay in the game
  • a huge and unexplored world with three continents and twenty-five cities
  • the possibility of designing an ark in 8 different variations for exploring the depths of the sea and not only
  • building a universal army consisting of units of various types and purposes, such as gladiators, centaurs, golems or even Nosferatu

Can you become the best commander with an ideal economic plan and a competently trained, invincible army? Download and try!


Stronghold Kingdoms Castle Sim

This is a cross-platform game with the development of strategies for the development of the kingdom and the introduction of war. Here you will become the ruler of your lands, on which you will build your own powerful kingdom.

There are also quests in this game, for example, unconquered castles, which you can attack with the help of the strongest army and a specially developed strategy.

Your main task here is to build your kingdom so that it can withstand attacks from other powerful rulers. Also, you will go on military campaigns yourself and privatize other people’s lands. This can be done either alone or in an alliance with your friends and other users from all over the world.

Stronghold Kingdoms has a world map that will show you where other kingdoms are located. Thanks to this map, you can also find out where the most fertile lands are located or the entrance to the sea in order to privatize them and make them part of your own kingdom.


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Lords & Knights- Medieval MMO

This is a kingdom-building simulator based on your own preferences and strategies. Remember that every building here will be of strategic importance and bring income to your gaming state treasury. You can then spend this money on expanding your lands, modernizing the army, and military campaigns.

Build a powerful fortress so that the approaching enemies can see your strength. Also, do not forget about the economic and manufacturing sectors: develop agriculture and trade relations with other users to make game profits.

Also, set up the production of missing resources to become an independent kingdom capable of supporting itself.

Assemble a powerful army of all kinds of soldiers: archers, infantry, mounted divisions, and so on. develop a strategy for waging war and go on military campaigns to conquer and defeat foreign lands. This will give you extra profit and various rewards.


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