11 Best Call Waiting Apps for Android & iOS

In life, there are often situations when you need to call customer support, and do not want to do this because of a weary waiting for an answer. Or imagine the situation – you are talking on the phone and you receive another call.

What are you doing? Correctly, remove the phone from your ear to see who is calling you, while completely skipping part of the conversation of your interlocutor. In the first and second cases, you will be helped by mobile applications that probably “know” what the call watring is and how to deal with it.

For all of those who are always busy we recommend using these best auto-answer call apps.

Call Waiting Enabler

If you want to stay connected and receive all incoming calls at all times, the Call Waiting Enabler app will give you that option.

The multifunctional app allows you to quickly set up the forwarding of incoming calls and enable call waiting on a second line.

Through the program, you can change the Wi-fi settings and enable screen locking. A separate section contains customer service numbers to help customers with any questions. Note that working numbers are subject to change and some require payment.

Call Waiting Enabler takes up only 4.7 MB on your phone and is completely free. You do not need to register or enter any personal data.

Use the app for its intended purpose immediately after installation. You no longer have to worry about missed calls: set up call forwarding or waiting with one touch.


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Easy Phone: Dialer & Caller ID

Try this simple and convenient mobile assistant from LSM Apps. Easy Phone: Dialer & Caller ID app will help to solve several urgent tasks at once. Block unknown numbers and blacklisted callers.

Find out who’s calling you before you even pick up the phone. No more spam or cold advertising calls. Once the spam has been rejected, you can view the call list.

Thanks to smart search, you’ll find the right recipient faster than usual. Put the contacts you communicate with most often into the quick access list.

In seconds you’ll get up-to-date information about all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls for a certain period. Decorate your phone with bright themes that are frequently updated.

The program can be used by residents of most countries. Easy Phone: Dialer & Caller ID supports 15 languages including English, French, and German. With this mobile secretary, your phone will reach a new level.


Easy Call Forwarding

This mobile app will do all the work for you. You won’t have to constantly change settings and spend time searching for the options you need. The app focuses only on forwarding incoming calls.

Use this app even if you are using 2 SIM cards on the same phone. A separate contact list will be created for each card.

A big advantage is the complete absence of advertising. A free trial period of 30 days allows you to evaluate the functionality of the app and decide on further cooperation.

The app uses USSD codes in its work, so check with your provider whether your tariff plan is suitable and whether you need to pay for this service. Before installing the program, make sure that your mobile operator is on the list of allowed providers.


Advanced Call Settings

An intuitive app for controlling total calls. Advanced Call Settings contains the most advanced tools for configuring incoming and outgoing calls.

Compared to basic settings, the app offers a much larger selection of useful features. Before you start using the app, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the terms of your contract with your mobile operator.

What can you do with Advanced Call Settings? First, it’s multi-channel call forwarding. Send incoming calls to one number and incoming faxes to another number to which the machine is connected to receive messages.

Mark the waiting time, after which the call will be forwarded to the specified number. Block sending SMS messages and leave incoming calls available. This porgram helps users optimize call settings and expand the capabilities of their phones.


Truecaller: Caller ID & Block

Don’t you like being disturbed by numbers you don’t know? Are you tired of endless spam and empty calls from advertising managers? Truecaller can help you with this problem.

Modern caller ID identifies the subscriber of different operators. No need to guess who’s calling you and whether you should pick up the phone. Accept or reject incoming calls at your discretion.

You stay in touch with your family, colleagues, and friends. But unwanted people won’t be able to reach you and won’t waste your phone line. Truecaller contains a chat room where users can communicate with each other like in other messengers.

The basic features of the app do not require payment. For more features, you must buy a Truecaller Gold or Premium package.


Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

You just need the Blacklist app if you want to limit the range of incoming callers. You will be able to be selective and make a complete list of undesirable recipients.

Block suspicious calls and SMS messages so you do not get distracted. You can restrict both calls and messages at the same time or select one category.

Configure how calls are handled manually. Mark numbers to be blocked instantly. You won’t get notifications about these calls. If you want, you can see the list of blocked calls in a special section.

The app works independently and does not require the installation of any extra programs. The free 30-day period requires a subsequent Google Play Pass subscription. You won’t have to be distracted by endless ads. Let every phone conversation be pleasant with the Blacklist app.


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Jolt: Call Background & Screen

Stylish design, user-friendly format, and many valuable features in Jolt: Call Background & Screen. Become more noticeable with bright themes and cute screensavers.

Choose the best image or photo for each caller in your phone book. Use the function to block spam and calls from unknown callers. Expand the capabilities of your phone and enjoy comfortable communication.

Give each call a personality. Every day Jolt users get access to different images and photos. Now you’ll know who’s calling you just by looking at your phone screen. While making a call, you can also change the usual won to a colorful wallpaper depending on your mood.

Mark in the settings the phone numbers that you want to be blocked. Mark times when no one should bother you. All of the features the Jolt app provides for users are free of charge.


CallerID: Phone Call Blocker

Are you busy and need peace of mind? Tired of guessing what unknown number is calling this time? The simple and effective CallerID app will help you take full control of your phone.

It combines caller ID, personal assistant, and answering machine capabilities. Instantly get information about the person calling you. Reject incoming calls and messages from blacklisted numbers. Get rid of a lot of spam and ads.

The app is suitable for users of all ages. All features are freely available. CallerID will be relevant for residents of more than 20 countries all over the world. The program has access to a worldwide database of over a billion phone numbers.


Call waiting setting app by Bluemind enterprises

Expand your cell phone’s capabilities with the Call Waiting Setting app. Here you’ll find the latest tools for handling incoming and outgoing calls, SMS control and call forwarding.

You won’t have any difficulties or problems with the app, as it is designed for a specific purpose and does not contain many functions. Use Call Waiting Setting to solve numerous problems. Automatically block calls from unfamiliar numbers.

The anti-spam system will help you avoid dealing with annoying advertising agents. You can forward calls at the touch of a button. Some features may interfere with your phone. Besides, some providers do not support work with USSD – codes, which is necessary for call forwarding.

In addition to basic call features, WiFi and Bluetooth settings are available to you.


Call Divert – Forwarding

A great app for call forwarding. Call Divert is designed only to redirect incoming calls. It does not contain unnecessary functions and complicated instructions.

Manage your calls with a single tap. Select the numbers for which you want to activate this option. Deactivate and reactivate the app when needed.

Use special USSD codes to redirect the call. Make sure your ISP allows this option before you start. Don’t forget that some phone companies charge for call forwarding at their rates.

In addition to forwarding incoming calls, you can use the standby feature. Use several lines simultaneously by putting one of the interlocutors on hold.


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Call waiting settings app by Comic tech

Nowadays it is important to stay connected but avoid unnecessary conversations. The Call Waiting Settings mobile app is perfect for this purpose.

Turn on call forwarding for incoming calls, use call waiting, and get up-to-date bank data for free.

Turn on call forwarding to be able to forward an incoming call to another number. This is a relevant function for users who have several SIM cards. Receive notification about an incoming call when the main line is already busy. Now you will not miss an important call.

To contact an employee of the bank, click on the image of the company. You’ll get phone numbers, email addresses, and location information.

Use Call Waiting Settings to regulate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The app does not require a constant Internet connection.

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