7 Best Money Counter Apps for Android & iOS

If you have had a situation at least once in your life that you suddenly stay with only a few dollars in your account – then you understand how important it is to control your expenses.

It’s okay to count your own money because that’s how you can always know how much you have at the moment. In general, mobile applications are so advanced in their development and functionality that one of them will easily replace your usual old notebook with budget planning.

With one of these apps, you will be able to track all your finances, save money, or plan any major purchases. Some of them even allow you to take or consider loans that will help you financially. You can take a look into the list of 9 Best Payday Loan Apps for Android & iOS 2019 if you are interested in loans.

If you’ve thought about planning and allocating money clearly for a long time, we want to tell you about 7 Best Money Counter Apps for Android & iOS.

Walnut: Money Manager App & Instant Personal Loans

Walnut Money Manager App & Instant Personal LoansWalnut is a great application to organize all your financial data. It will ensure that you always stay within budget and do not exceed it, while not being in debt to friends or the bank.

In Walnut you will find out to the last cent how much you spend on rent, food, and clothing per month. Perhaps this approach will allow you to get rid of unnecessary and superfluous expenses, as well as help you save large enough money.

It is worth noting that Walnut is not such a simple application. Here you can also get personal loans for large purchases. We recommend you to be more careful with this system of loans and credits: do not take them thoughtlessly or if you can not repay the loan on time.

If you just use Walnut to track your funds, the application will become your financial helper. You will receive the answer to the main question – “Where did the money go?”.

Walnut Money Manager App & Instant Personal Loans1 Walnut Money Manager App & Instant Personal Loans2


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Money Manager Expense & Budget

Money Manager Expense & BudgetMoney Manager fully displays its functionality in the title itself. Once the application is installed on your smartphone, you get constant personal consultation about your money resources and needs.

The most convenient feature of the application is that you can edit all data and information from your personal computer. Connecting via Wi-Fi, you can easily edit, sort, and add transactions with your finances.

Statistics are generated every month. The month can be either calendar or from the moment you start using the application. All budgets and expenses can be divided into categories (e.g. food, accommodation, household expenses) or you can watch the whole flow of money.

Money Manager has a simple and intuitive interface, so it may well be your first financial application where you will understand absolutely everything. If you don’t want anyone to see your notes, just password-protect the application and no one else can access the data.

Money Manager Expense & Budget1 Money Manager Expense & Budget2


1Money – Expense Tracker, Money Manager, Budget

1Money - Expense Tracker, Money Manager, BudgetIf you like a bright interface, lots of charts and other useful information – 1Money is what you need. Clearly and simply, this service displays all the accounts and purposes for which your money is spent.

No more sitting around with your notebook and scrupulously writing down the details of each receipt – everything is easily automated right in the app. Any transaction can be added to 1Money in just one click – you only need to enter the amount spent or received recently.

Since the application has many charts, you can clearly see your expenses in a certain period of time. Even at the end of the day, you can see how much you have spent on taxis, coffee, or anything else.

1Money will allow you to save as much money as you need – just set a goal and in time you will achieve it. If you live in more than one country or have foreign exchange accounts, 1Money can handle it. The application updates currency rates in real-time, and you can monitor the status of any of your accounts to the last cent.

1Money - Expense Tracker, Money Manager, Budget1 1Money - Expense Tracker, Money Manager, Budget2


Monefy – Budget Manager and Expense Tracker app

Monefy - Budget Manager and Expense Tracker appMonefy is an application for people who have already tried planning their finances and want to digitize data. It gives you complete freedom to add and delete expenses and transactions in your account, as well as you can record any expenses.

For example, by buying a cup of coffee, you can add its cost to the general account in a couple of clicks, and then find out how much you spend on coffee for a month. Monefy is great for those people who do not understand why by the end of the month he has absolutely no money left.

For quick access to adding data and the Monefy application itself has its own widget. You can display it on your desktop and see the data even when you have not planned to run the application.

For families or couples with a shared budget, there is a device synchronization feature so you can see your shared account and keep it under control even when you are not around. All family members in Monefy can add and edit entries, as well as see statistics and popular categories.

Monefy - Budget Manager and Expense Tracker app1 Monefy - Budget Manager and Expense Tracker app2


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Goodbudget: Budget & Finance

Goodbudget Budget & FinanceGoodbudget has long been providing its services to users who want to be financially literate. Previously, the application had a different name, but the functionality has remained the same and even improved.

Goodbudget is a modern interpretation of the old division of funds in the form of cash. You may have seen your mother or grandmother put up envelopes for different purposes – for example, payment of rent, insurance, food, and so on. Now you can do it all right in your smartphone!

If you have a budget partner, Goodbudget allows you to synchronize data between devices (even if you have Android and iPhone). The synchronization will then be done automatically over the internet, so the partner will see the changes immediately after adding any item.

In the future, you can easily save money by simply saving in a virtual envelope. All your cards or bank accounts will be displayed in Goodbudget, so you can see the overall status of your finances.

Goodbudget Budget & Finance1 Goodbudget Budget & Finance2


Financial Calculators

Financial CalculatorsMoney counting is not always a simple budget planning. Often people take out loans, mortgages, or loans, not quite understanding how the banking system works. The Financial Calculators application is a collection of all the financial calculators that will help you to get a more detailed picture of the money.

The easiest thing you can do with the application is to transfer money from one currency to another, calculate income tax, and much more.

One of the great functions of Financial Calculators is to calculate a mortgage or loan. If you are still wondering whether you should do such a transaction, just look at the full details in the application. This way you can see how much you will save on paying for your home if you buy it instead of paying the rent.

Financial Calculators allows you to calculate even your future pension – for example, how much you can postpone if you start to deposit a fixed amount into your account from today. In addition to this extensive functionality, there are other calculators in the application – for example, car loans, stocks, credit cards, and much more.

Financial Calculators1 Financial Calculators2


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Expense Manager

Expense ManagerHave you ever wondered how much money you actually spend? It is possible that this amount is even higher than your salary – it is time to fix it. Expense Manager will be your easy-to-understand expense and revenue manager, and its intuitive features will be immediately clear.

Everything you need to calculate your finances is at your fingertips at any time of day or night. Expense Manager is a stable application that won’t even require you to pay for a subscription.

In the Expense Manager, all information is presented visually. You can choose a certain period of time and see how much you have spent during this time. You can also open a calendar in Expense Manager, where you can see the details of your expenses or income by day.

If you often forget what a purchase involves, you can even add a photo to the calendar. To make sure you don’t lose your data over time, just sync Expense Manager with Google Drive or Dropbox, so you can get all your data even when you change devices.

Expense Manager1 Expense Manager2


It is worth remembering that it is much better not to save on everything you buy or dream about, but to try to earn more. At the same time, at any amount of income is always important to know where exactly your money goes.

Perhaps you order home delivery of food too often and spend huge sums of money on it. With one of the applications presented in our article, you systematize your income and expenses by completely moving your wallet to your smartphone.

In the digital age, this approach is very convenient and most practical, because all data and statistics will always be clearly displayed on the screen.

We hope that we were able to help you choose a good Money Counter, and you will immediately download the application to your smartphone.

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