9 Best Apps To Buy Likes On Instagram in 2023

If you often use Instagram, you might like to boost your development. Luckily, now there are many good apps to gain additional likes and reposts on Instagram.

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In this article, you will find the best tools to gain likes on Instagram. There are great options for iOS, as well as Android users.

Bosslike: Do tasks, get likes

bosslike-logoDo you want to get more likes but you are running out of money, this is a great chance for you! In Bosslike, you can buy like but not for real money.

To buy anything, you will have to use special coins you may gain doing tasks from others. These tasks can be quite different – to follow some pages, put likes on posts, and so on. After you gained enough coins, you can start buying likes and stuff.

Here are the best things about Bosslike: 

  1. This isn’t a boosting tool. If you try to boost likes for money, you are doing a prohibited activity. But if you are doing tasks for digital coins, you are not breaking any rule and still, you get likes. 
  2. The app works just like a social network. You can choose the tasks you like and communicate with new people.
  3. A small size. You will need less than 100 MB to install and use Bosslike. This is an amazingly small size for such a big set of options. 

Bosslike is a great app to boost your activity by buying likes without paying a single penny for it.

Both Android and iOS users can get the app for free.


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HikeTop for Followers & Likes

HikeTop-logoIf you use Instagram for your business development, you know how hard it is to increase the number of likes and followers. Sometimes your metrics might disappoint you greatly. 

This is why you should try to boost your activity. HikeTop will help you greatly with this. Let’s see why this tool is worth trying: 

  1. You can move up in the search line. When people are finding somebody on Instagram, they get a list of the most popular accounts that match their search. Become one of the top accounts. 
  2. Create a mind-blowing bio for your account. As you might already know, it is vitally important to make your bio cool. This is one of the first things your future follower will see. 
  3. Gain more likes on your posts. In fact, this app is more about gaining likes on posts that boosting other metrics. HikeTop will tell you how to craft your feed on Instagram and what types of hashtags to use. 

However, if you also plan to use the app to gain followers, you might get disappointed. Most followers, according to the comments from users, tend to unfollow them after a day or so. 

The app is free with in-app purchases. If you want fast growth of likes, go for them, it costs 0.99$ per item.

HikeTop is available on Google Play. 


Fast Followers & Likes for Instagram

fast-followers-likes-logoIt’s high time you started gaining followers and likes! With Fast Followers & Likes, you can do it simply and effectively. How does it work? 

First of all, you have to register in the app, and then link your account to the app to let the likes and followers be delivered. 

Here are the best features: 

  • Get the best tips for Instagram. There are great pieces of advice about hashtags, posts, reels, as well as your bio. 
  • Buy followers and likes. They are delivered quite fast. However, according to the reviews of users, the followers tend to unfollow too fast, leaving you with a fewer number of people. 

Fast Followers & Likes is rated 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play, meaning it is a trustworthy app.

This application is available on Google Play only.


Real Followers & Likes for Instagram

real-followers-likes-logoAre you dreaming of becoming a superstar on Instagram? Now it is easy! With Real Followers & Likes, you can do it in a few minutes. 

The application provides you with functions that are absolutely legal to use. Don’t be afraid to get blocked as everything is done properly, without boosting. 

Here are the best features of Real Followers & Likes: 

  • Gain some new followers. They will be unique and real as if people would have followed you. 
  • Get more likes. Once you have bought these likes, you will get them in a few minutes. 
  • Receive comments. As you may have already known, if you have a lot of comments under your post, your posts will be promoted by Instagram. 

The problem is that there are too many ads that will distract you from enjoying the app’s options. 

The app is rated 4.8 out of 5 on Google Play meaning it’s a trustworthy and effective tool.

Real Followers & Likes is free with in-app purchases, each purchase will cost you 0.99$. Another cool thing is that the app needs 12 MB to be installed on your device. 

At the moment, the app is available for Android users only. 

real-followers-screen-2 real-followers-screenshot

Likes for Insta

likes-for-insta-logoHere is another good and simple application for Instagram users to gain likes. To buy likes, you will need the coins. To gain coins, do various tasks, such as liking other people.

Once you have enough coins, feel free to buy likes on Instagram. They will come from real people who also aim to get coins.

However, there are many disadvantages. For instance, there can be problems with the number of delivered likes. Some users complain there can be issues, and they got fewer likes than they paid for.

Another point is safety. There are also users who say that their accounts have been hacked after they started using the app.

However, they provided no proof that shows the link between these situations. Maybe the attacks aren’t connected with Likes For Insta.

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You can get the application on Google Play at no cost.


Like4Like — Get Likes

Here comes a special network where you can get as many likes as you need. The principle of work is quite simple – after you create an account, you can start putting likes on other people’s posts. In exchange, you will also get likes. 

The system is primitive – if you have put 10 likes, you will get 10 likes on your post. No money is needed to be paid. 

Let’s see what you will get right after the download: 

  1. Get and withdraw likes at anytime you want. Likes will be delivered very fast, in a few minutes. 
  2. No extra fees or necessary subscriptions. It means if you have downloaded Like4Like, you can get started at once. 
  3. Use Like4Like on almost any device. There is an application for Android, a desktop soft, or even a Chrome extension. Unfortunately, there is no app for iOS but it might be created soon. 

The application is free with some ads. Make sure you try it and get free likes and unique followers. 



If you want to grow your audience on Instagram, you need to take a look at Likes.io. This is a good service if you have money but lack free time. 

This service doesn’t have an app but you can visit the official site and get all the features there. 

Let’s see why Likes.io is worth trying: 

  • You can gain as many followers as you can buy. They will start following you almost instantly enabling you to see the dynamic of your account. 
  • Buy likes and auto likes. This is a truly safe and cool tool, as you will get likes from real accounts. In fact, it isn’t boosting so you aren’t breaking the rules of Instagram.
  • Get support from the Likes.io team. Things can go wrong at times and these people will always be there to assist you. For instance, if there is a drop in your likes, the specialist will solve this problem. 

There are no apps, this is why it doesn’t matter if you have iOS or Android. Make sure you try this trusted and effective tool!


Media Mister

If you need to receive instant likes, Media Mister is what you need to try. This site is a great tool for all people who want to develop their social networks.

However, the site has some downsides. One of them is its UI. It contains a huge set of functions, and it might be a challenge to find what you need.

This big number of options, mixed with an old-fashioned design typical for the 2000s, can confuse you.

However, let’s focus on the best functions provided by Media Mister:

  1. The service can help you boost your promotion on various networks, including Instagram. It can also be Tik-Tok, Twitch, YouTube, Clubhouse, and many others.
  2. Set your target and let people from Media Mister Help you. It is a perfect chance to get help from professionals. Once you have set your aims, you will be able to determine the number of likes you will need to buy.
  3. Buy Instagram followers. You might know that it is quite dangerous to increase your number of followers as you can get blocked for boosting. With Media Mister, the followers will grow gradually.

At the moment, there are no apps available for downloading. Still, you can visit the official site and get all the features there. The only thing you need is to create an account.

media-mister-screen-1 media-mister-screen

Social Viral

Do you want to get more followers and likes but you are afraid you’ll break the rules and get blocked? Then you will appreciate Social Viral! This is a site where you can buy likes, followers, or views.

Please note there are no free options at all but the service offers pretty good and affordable prices. What can you get in Social Viral? 

  1. Buy likes. All the likes are from real accounts run by people, not by bots without photos. These likes will appear almost instantly. 
  2. Get new followers. If you choose to buy followers on Social Viral, you will get unique ones. 
  3. Always have support from the team of Social Viral. They work all the time, even at night. This means you will get the answer almost instantly. 

Another cool thing is that there are many options, and many subscription plans allowing people with any budget to buy likes on Instagram. 

To start using Social Viral, you need to go to the official site and create an account. 


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