9 Best Mood Tracker Apps in 2024 for Android & iOS

Being in a good mood is a vitally important thing. Scientists say that it helps you avoid many diseases and live much longer.

Here you will see a list of the best apps that can track your mood. Some of them are free of charge or at least have a trial period, others are available for money.

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Please keep in mind that mood trackers can’t detect mental disorders.

eMoods Bipolar Mood Tracker

eMoods-logoThis is one of the most universal mood trackers for everybody. It is also the most highly-rated application on the App Store, as well as Google Play.

Even though the app’s title says ‘bipolar’, it doesn’t mean you need to have such a diagnosis to enjoy the service, the app is universal and good for everyone. eMoods is worth trying, and let’s see why.

  1. The interface is super simple. You don’t need to spend time learning how to use the eMoods tracker, you might start at once.
  2. Make some notes about your mood every day. This is especially cool as you can use these notes later when you go to your doctor or just want to review your info. What’s more, you can export your monthly report and download it in PDF format.
  3. eMoods cares about your privacy. Your data will never leak to the Internet, no matter what. According to the developer, nobody but you can access the data.
  4. Analyze the data. EMoods can easily build graphs and reports you can study later. This will enable you to see the trends in your mood. There is also a built-in calendar colored in different colors according to your mood.

The app is free with ads. To remove them, go premium. It will cost you 1.99$.

Feel free to download eMoods on the App Store and Google Play and start tracking your mood every day!

eMoods eMoods-1

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Moodtrack Social Diary

moodtrack-private-screenHere comes another mood tracker. In Moodtrack Private, you can easily share thoughts about your day. What is especially cool is that this tracker will work even if there is no connection to the Internet.

However, if you would like to give others access to your data, you will have to be connected to Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot.

Let’s look at the best options provided by Moodtrack Private: 

  1. You can choose out of about 20 options, which include ‘happy’, ‘ok’, ‘sad’, and many others. You may add notes as well. It’s better not to skip days as it will make further analysis harder. 
  2. All the notes are private. Nobody will see them unless you let them do it. If you want your friend or doctor to get access to your info, you can share it with them. 
  3. Enjoy daily notifications. If you tend to forget about making notes, it’s not a problem – the app will remind you to do it. 
  4. The app is secure. You can use a password or Touch ID (if your device supports such a function) to ensure nobody can’t see your data. We recommend to use it.

Users love the app for its simple interface and secure options. To start, you need to create an account. The only thing you’ll need to give the app is your name and email (optional).

Both Android and iOS users can enjoy Moodtrack Diary at no cost.



breathe2relax-logoThis application was initially created to help people increase their emotional intelligence, reduce stress, and improve their physical condition but it also has a mood tracker.

The main purpose of Breathe2Relax is to help you to cope with stress. Here are the best functions you can explore:

  • Track your mood and the level of stress. This function is a bit limited, it enables you to rate your mood by rating the stress by moving the slider. 
  • Try breathing exercises. It is scientifically proven that this type of exercise can help you keep calm and feel a bit relaxed. The principle is simple – you need to inhale for a few seconds (you will see the timer on a screen)and then breathe out.
  • Check the instructions if you get confused. Tap on the ‘show me how’ button on the main screen and you’ll see a detailed guide on how to use the app. 

The application is free of charge. Get it now on Google Play and the App Store.

breathe2relax-screen Breathe2Relax-screenshot

appstore1 googleplay1

Smiling Mind

Smiling-Mind-logoThis application is more about meditation and keeping your well-being. However, you might also use it as a mood tracker.

The small and elegant service is packed with a pretty big number of functions available at no cost. Let’s check all of them: 

  • Track your emotions and write down your thoughts right in the application. You can always go back to your notes and read them once again or delete them. 
  • Make sure you try meditations. They will help you fall asleep, relax after an exhausting working day, or just reduce stress when you are worried about your future. Listen to these soft records and feel your mental state improving. 
  • The Smiling Mind has different modes. There are good options for little kids, as well as adults. 
  • Train your brains. There are some exercises that will help you distract yourself from stress and solve problems. You don’t need to have any special education to enjoy it. Just use logic, memory, and attention.

Smiling Mind is a small application. Having about 30 MB of memory will be enough to download it.

You can get Smiling Mind at no cost on the App Store and Google Play.


appstore1 googleplay1

Daylio Journal

daylio-logoDaylio Journal is a great service that will help you to keep track of your emotional state. This journal is simple and private at the same time.

Daylio Journal will help you to meditate, stay calm, and grateful, and track your emotions.Let’s take a closer look at the options you will get:

  1. Rate your emotions and mood every day. You can choose out of a few options. We recommend you do it daily so that you can get a precise monthly report.
  2. Create personal goals so that you stay motivated and remember what you want to get. You might also set a reminder not to forget about your aims.
  3. Add your favorite photos right to the app and then relive memories. You can create albums to separate different topics.
  4. The app is highly customizable. For instance, you can set a dark mode for the night. You may also choose various themes to change the way your journal looks.
  5. The app is secure and respectful of your privacy. All the data will be kept in private cloud storage.

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The app is free of charge with ads and in-app purchases. You can download Daylio Journal on the App Store or Google Play.


appstore1 googleplay1

Tochi – Mood Tracker, Journal

tochi-logoAre you looking for a cute but powerful mood tracker full of cool tools? Then Tochi is a must for you.

In this app, you can do a great number of things but all of them are aimed at comforting you and reducing stress.

What can you do with the help of Tochi?

  • Track your mood and habits. This activity itself is very therapeutic. What’s more, you can then analyze the way you live, including your habits, mood, emotions, and activities.
  • Find what triggers you. You may know nothing about the triggers but they can affect your behavior pretty well. This is why you should discover them.
  • Get reports that enable you to analyze your mood swings deeply.
  • Do exercises to relax. There are many activities you may try but the most powerful one is meditation. Try it when you need to clear your mind.

Tochi is available on the App Store and Google Play for free. There will be some ads.

tochi-1 tochi-2

appstore1 googleplay1


MoodKit-logoIf you are looking for a good and reliable mood tracker for iOS, you should take a look at MoodKit. It combines four functions: mood tracker, journal, thought checker, and activities, enabling you to track your emotions, as well as your thought and ideas. 

In this app, you will be able to share your deepest secrets and problems. No one will get access unless you want them to.

The app’s idea was initially created by clinical psychologists. MoodKit is based on the rules of of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which are used all over the world.

Let’s check the best features provided by MoodKit:

  1. Track your mood. You can choose the emotion out of a list or leave a detailed comment about your mood and feelings. 
  2. Explore over 200 different activities to change your behavior and mental health. All the activities are approved by professionals so you can be sure it is effective and safe.
  3. MoodKit can create the mood charts of the previous month or week and export it, allowing you to analyze if your mental state is getting better.
  4. Customize the journal so that looks the way you want it to. There are 20 free themes you may try.

The app will need about 30 MB to function well. It’s less than most of the mood trackers on this list!

MoodKit is available on the App Store only.

MoodKit-screenshot Moodkit-screenshot-1


Mood Tracker Journal -MoodJour

Mood-Tracker-logoIf you are looking for a good offline mood tracker? Here is it! The tracker can perfectly work offline so feel free to use it wherever you are – no Internet connection is required.

Here are the most useful functions you will get at once: 

  • Mood tracker: choose the emoji representing your mood today. If you feel you lack options, feel free to add your own options. There are no limitations so you can create a wide variety of them.  
  • Track your activities. You can write down what you have done. In this case, the app can serve as a tracker of your habits. 
  • Let your private data stay with you. If you are afraid to lose your data, make sure you set a complicated and long password. 
  • Move towards self-improvement. To do it, make sure you study the graphs based on your mood and activities tracking.
  • Add other people. It can be your close friend, a doctor, or anyone you trust. 
  • Try a gratitude journal. If you start living with gratitude, the level of stress will gradually reduce and finally fade away. 
  • Self-harm journal. If you track self-harm activities, your mood, and your daily routine, you might see a correlation between some factors and find out what triggers you to harm yourself. 

Mood Tracker Journal is available at no cost with ads. However, if you need advanced features for analysis, you’ll need to go premium. 

Mood Tracker journal is available on Google Play only. 



Mood Tracker for Mental Health

mood-track-health-logoThis is a great self-caring application that is aimed at improving your mental condition. There are good tools to keep calm and get rid of stress.

Many people have to face hard times. However, it depends on us how we react to it. With Mood Tracker, you can see the trends and behavioral patterns you stick to.

Here is what you can do in the app: 

  • Think about how you feel today. Then you can select the mood that reflects your feelings. Are you sad? Are you worried about something? Tell the app, don’t keep it to yourself! 
  • Ask the question of the day. Self-reflection is super important so take time to think about what bothers you. 
  • The app is compatible with other apps and services. What’s more, it can be integrated with many built-in apps, such as your calendar. 
  • Keep your privacy. To protect your sensible data, make sure you set a hard password.

The app’s size is very small, it needs about 41 MB to be downloaded. 

Unfortunately, only Android users can enjoy such an application for free. 



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