11 Best Speed Dialing Apps for Android & iOS

We are surrounded by the constant pressure of doing everything fast and be more productive. That way when our phones take up too long to make calls we are getting annoyed. Or, there can be a different dangerous situation in life when you need to make an urgent call.

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For these purposes, speed dialing apps come to save you. You can choose one which allows you to add pictures on the contacts and later search members by only looking at images.

Or, if you are a more reading person, you can simply save numbers to your home screen. Some apps will even protect you from spam calls and messages from hazardous companies.

Speed Dial – Smart T9 Dialer

Feel free to quickly get on the phone those who are important to you with the help of this app. You can make calls, send WhatsApp messages, FaceTime audio / FaceTime video calls, and connect them at a glance. This is also really helpful in emergency situations when you simply got no time to negotiate and you need to act quickly.

All you have to do is to choose a contact from your phone and add it to the app. Then you can add it to the speed dial page. The default action is tap to call the contact and long press for SMS/iMessage which can also be changed from the setting options.

For the contact that you use the most you can also set a 3D touch mode and you will be able to access them even faster. By the way, here are some languages which are supported by this app: English, Hindi, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Dutch, German, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Polish, Portuguese.

If you are the type of person who constantly forgets about making a call, the app will remind you of any time. There is a notification function in the app that you need to activate.

There is also an option to create groups and group chats and thus stay interconnected with the big groups of people and always got them on their phone. A new widget in the app allows accessing the app right from the home screen.

You can also send messages using Apple Watch. In cases when you don’t have a photo of a contact the app will display the initials. Moreover, you can edit contacts and easily transfer them from one page to another with the pencil function.


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Speed Dial Widget

We might be comfortable with the way we make calls and contact others in general and the idea of the necessity to make calls faster than it is may seem strange. But have you thought of kids or elders? Technology is not so easy for them.

For kids, there is no need to use the smartphone that much except making emergency calls or calls only to their parents. For elders, obviously, technology has always been a challenge, and rather than explaining hundreds of times to your granma the difference between Whats Up and Facebook just install this app for her.

In this widget, you will be able to add an unlimited number of contacts that will be accessible right from the home screen.

Next time you need to make a quick call or contact someone, do it in one tap. The widget will redirect you to SMS, WhatsApp message, WhatsApp Call, Skype call, Facebook messenger, Google Duo Video calling – whatever you would like to use. You just need to adjust the settings.

Divide your contacts into categories for easier access. This way it will be easier for you to find a number you want to call to. You can change the shape of a widget. The app supports dual SIM mode, which is great for their owners. Each group of contacts that you created – you can add to the home screen.


Speed Dial Widget

Another widget for speed dialing but this time for iOS. We all know there are different situations in life when we need to contact somebody on the phone quickly.

Sometimes it can become fatal and save lives, for example, if your kids are alone at home and the fire started or someone you love walks late at night on the street and noticed he or she is being followed by a suspicious person.

In this case, speed dealing is a great help. This app was high rated by users, probably because of its functionality and easiness in usage. When you install this widget, it will be pinned at the top of the screen of your smartphone, right below the date.

There will be several options for actions that you can make. You can choose to call someone or write a message. You can add numbers for making calls. Just write down and save necessary numbers to these icons so next time you tap on it, they are all there.



Speed Dial

How often do you have a situation when you urgently need to talk to someone about the life-changing issue, but your phone suddenly starts working so slow and it feels like all odds are against you? There is a life hack for a problem like that. Save your nerves by installing Speed Dial.

You can put your important contacts into the app. They all will be displayed as circles. Thus, you will find immediately the contact you are looking for. Tap on the circle and connect in seconds. The app supports many languages, including Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean and many more.

Speed Dial also has multiple SIM support. You can custom column and create contact groups. The number of groups is unlimited. Moreover, you can import files and contacts from Google Drive. Which enhanced customization it is really convenient to turn this app into a widget and never get wrong with accessing somebody quickly.

Users can also add different contact effects. Contact in groups is arranged according to your manual order. And even if your contact doesn’t have a picture it will be displayed as an empty contact – this feature has been added recently. In general, this app contains way more functions than the previous ones, but you have to decide if you are going to utilize all of them.


Speed Dial Lite

For those who are looking for something more extravagant – this app could be a possible choice. This is a speed dialing app that displays your list of numbers using different pictures. You need to fix a certain picture on contact so later you can swiftly find it in the app. You can choose up to 120 contacts so you can reach them easily in seconds.

You are making a phone call or another action by long tapping on a contact icon. In the setting, you can choose what exactly you would like to do when you tap: call, send a message, or just view a contact. Create groups of contact. Use the animated grouping feature to make groups of your family, colleagues, friends, and so on.

Customizable click options make this app really convenient in usage. Now you are choosing what you are doing by tapping on the contact, not the app. If you noticed that the app doesn’t work properly you can always find the main of the developers and test them.

If you have a set of shortcuts and reduce the number of buttons, the shortcuts will not be deleted, only hidden. After increasing the shortcut count, the shortcuts will be visible again.


Speed Dial Pro

Back in the early days when phones even had buttons there actually was a function of a speed dialing as well. You were supposed to fix a certain number on a button and then held this button for a long time to make a call. That’s why there were cases when people simply forgot that they fixed someone on a button and were making accidental calls.

This app is like the old version that we had back in the days but in a more contemporary design. Instead of the buttons with the numbers, you now can see the photos of your friends and family, or maybe just the people from your phone book. This app also provides multiple SIM card support.

Another cool aspect that you can manipulate all those speed dials easily, dragging them in the main menu from place to place. Moreover, this speed dialing app is available in several languages.

It can be converted into a widget as well. You can also create different groups according to certain themes so it is more convenient for you to search for numbers.



This app allows you to choose more than 36 contacts for quick access. You can customize the app work for various purposes, however, you need to do it via the website. Those can be any type of functions – starting with displaying a picture to the way how the app actually works.

Customize the interface of the app. There you will find 6 beautiful design options and also a theme creator. Suppress the annoying call log after you hang up. When adding the picture, you almost get a full photo-editor in the app, so now you don’t have to worry if you or your friends get a bad pic of them.

In general, this app is not that simple in usage, it contains all the main functions of a speed dialer, however, here you can only add 36 contacts for the quick access. And you also should decide whether you need all these extra options or not.


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One of the greatest problems for phone owners nowadays is that your number constantly gets in the hands of different spam corporations. Calls from different banks with suggestions to take a loan are really annoying. No idea how these companies get your number. Well, this app will help you to solve this problem as well.

You can make speed calls right from the app, by searching contact inside the base. You can monitor when your friends are online and then call them when they are available. There is a chat messenger and you can talk to your friends and family there all the time. The chat also allows sending pictures and videos.

Functions of privacy are extremely helpful here. Now you can see the information about any number calling to you, even if they are calling you for the first time. Moreover, there is a blacklist of more of 250 companies compiled and constantly edited by users so these companies won’t reach you anymore.

You can also see more information about contacts which are already put in your phonebook. So with this app, automatically identify spam, fraud, and Robocalls before you pick up!



GoDial – Speed Dial/Call, Group Text, Group Email

When you start using this app, you can see that this a second home screen inside your phone. When you launch the app you can choose backgrounds. The app also includes the group SMS function so now you can not waste your time choosing the numbers one by one and sending a text.

Sometimes, when you are sending your CV during your job search to companies’ emails it can be exhausting. When you are writing third or fourth e-main it is really hard to percept everything adequately and really demotivates you for doing it at all.

With this app, you can affect Facetime calls and create smart groups. Each smart group has it’s speed dialing system and thus you can stay connected all the time and receive messages at a glance. The number of contacts and groups are unlimited and you can do it as many numbers as you wish.



Speed Dial

If you are that someone who has always been struggling with dialing phone numbers and that’s why you use texting, then this app is for you. In emergency cases it is irreplaceable. Here you don’t have to care about making the right setting and adding images to contacts. If a contact originally had an image in your phone book – it will be transferred to the app.

There are no limitations for adding contacts, you can even all the contacts you got. When you swipe to the left – it will remove a number from your speed dial contacts. When you swipe to the right – you will be able to edit the speed dial contact.

In general, this app is more simple than the previous one. With an easy interface and simple functions, it will be a good choice for them who just want a light app on their phone without wasting too much time on understanding how it works and settings.


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Even though it might seem like there are more speed dial apps for Android, you can find some gems for iOS in this category as well. Like this app – it is a multi-functional speed dialer, that you can convert into a widget as well. What is more, you can organize the speed dialing even for SMS messages and groups using Dial+.

Another cool feature of this app that many users will probably appreciate is the fact that the interface design is customizable in this app. Plus, there is such an option as “favorite number”.

You can mark one of the numbers as your favorite and whenever you are searching for a contact, this number will always be displayed at the top on the screen.



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