13 Best Apps For Serious Relationships in 2024

Dating on the Internet has long ceased to be something new: on various social networks, you can meet and communicate with completely different people.

But, in the life of every person, there comes a period when he no longer wants simple acquaintances for the sake of entertainment, but serious relationships are already becoming necessary. Thus, in this article, you will find the best apps for serious relationships.

And more free dating apps for the USA you will find in this article.

GoMarry: Serious Relationships

The developers of this app assure that it is not intended for dating for entertainment, but for connecting users from all over the world for the sake of serious relationships and creating a family.

Here you can indicate your goals in the questionnaire but be prepared for the fact that all users here are in search of a serious relationship. You can specify your criteria for a potential partner when registering your account, and then edit it if necessary.

You don’t have to worry about communicating with users, since each newly registered account is required to complete identification by uploading a photo with identity documents and being in a certain pose.

You can move up the top among all the profiles by purchasing a subscription and discovering more opportunities for dating and communication.

Do not forget that you should think about the information that you enter into your questionnaire. According to the developers’ advice, it is better to indicate your age, zodiac sign, as well as your place of work, and hobbies.

This is done so that new users, before starting to communicate with you, understand who they are dealing with.


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Dating and chat – Evermatch

The developers of this app call it truly unique, as the most thorough analysis of your preferences, desires, and requirements for a candidate for the status of your partner is carried out here.

Also, the most detailed analysis is carried out before providing you with “recommended” profiles of potential partners for serious relationships, so that you do not waste time screening out candidates who are obviously not suitable for you.

When registering your personal account, you will need to go through a detailed questionnaire in which you will be able to reflect all your preferences and requirements regarding candidates for the status of your partner, for example, desired external data, social status, hobbies, interests, and much more.

Moreover, you will be able to enter data about yourself for other users so that your profile is also offered to suitable candidates.

The final step when registering an account will be mandatory identification in the form of a photo with an identity document in a certain pose, in order to exclude the possibility of using other people’s photos.

This step is taken to ensure that you get acquainted exclusively with real people who have confirmed their identity with documents.


Click Date: Smart Matchmaking

Finding your soulmate is not as difficult as you could think. Install the Click Date app and enjoy a new experience in communicating with different people.

The system of selecting partners that you could like is based on science. Psychology and the aid of a real AI – that’s what you needed for all the time.

Take a small test right after registration, so that the service will pick up those people’s profiles that could interest you. Then you will only have to swipe them in search of a unique person.

However, AI will help you not only at this stage. It will closely analyze your relationship with a potential soulmate and tell you when to ask him or her out on a date. Moreover, you will also be able to get help in choosing a place for a date.

In addition, the service will gradually learn about your preferences in appearance and will begin to offer profiles of people who meet your wishes as much as possible. This way you won’t waste your time.

Click Date: Smart Matchmaking1

Mamba: Dating, Meet New People

This is an incredibly popular dating app around the world. Here people are looking for and finding a mate among real users who have been verified in the form of identification through the provision of identity documents. It is in this app that millions of users from all over the world were able to find their soulmates.

One of the main advantages of Mamba is the fact that here when registering an account, you can immediately specify the purpose of dating: communication, friendship, entertainment, or a serious relationship. The same is indicated by other users.

This is done so that the Mamba app system selects for you exclusively suitable profiles of users whose acquaintance goals coincide with yours.

Entering the department of “suitable” users for you, you can choose the purpose of meeting this person again by simply swiping on the screen of your mobile device in the right direction, for example, a heart – for relationships, other symbols-for friendship, a cross – does not fit, and so on.

This will help you and the selected user not to waste time in vain and decide in advance what your communication will be. Users of the Mamba app note that there is an incredibly friendly interface, so users of any level will be able to understand the possibilities of each application function.

Also, the developers guarantee the secrecy, safety, and security of the personal data you have entered.


Love Nudge

This is an app with an innovative format in which you can get acquainted and start relationships with other users, but this is not the main task of the app. Using Love Nudge, you and your partner will be able to move your relationship to a new level or even pull them out of a protracted crisis.

The base for Love Nudge is the bestseller “5 languages of love”. In this app, you and your partner will need to register your personal accounts and synchronize them.

Next, you will be able to explore each other’s true desires in different ways, as well as learn to show more attention and care to each other and form new romantic habits.

One of the ways is a simple questionnaire. You and your partner are provided with a secret questionnaire, the questions of which you will have to answer alone. You can choose the topics of the questionnaire, for example, romance, close relationships, spending time together, and much more.

After you and your partner answer the questions, these answers are provided to both of you so that you can understand what you both want, where your desires coincide, and then draw conclusions.


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Match and Meet – Dating App

This is an innovative app in which the developers have focused on unhindered online communication in any format: chat audio messages, short videos, video chat, and much more. Here you can get to know and start serious relationships with users from your city or country, as well as from around the world.

There is a big advantage in the Match and Meat app – all chats can be translated into your native language for additional convenience.

That is, if the user writes to you in an unfamiliar language, you will be able to communicate with him in your native language and you will understand each other without obstacles.

Also, there is a built-in voice translator, as well as a translator of short videos, or a function that translates your video chat with another user, displaying his phrases on the screen of your mobile phone in the form of subtitles.

Also, the developers guarantee the security of the data you have entered. This data is needed to verify your identity so that you and other users can be sure that communication is taking place with real people.


Serious Relationships

This is an app that is designed for those who crave an exceptionally serious relationship with serious, mature partners, with similar life goals, hobbies, and interests. It is in this app that you will be able to find exactly such users as your like-minded people.

In Serious Relationships, you can not only identify the criteria for the intended partner, for example, external data, interests, hobbies, social status, age, etc., but also clearly indicate which date you would like to visit with a potential partner.

It is thanks to this that the app system will be able to select the most suitable potential partners for you, screening out those who do not meet your needs.

Do not forget also that you should enter as much information about yourself as possible so that the app system can pick up as many suitable provincial partners as possible. The most important points are external data, hobbies, interests, and age. It is these criteria that users pay attention to in the first place.



This is the most popular dating app and the acquisition of a serious partner for a romantic relationship in 2024. Here you can meet more than ten million users of the opposite sex, as well as twenty million users of all genders.

In this app, you will need to register your account, and then act on the principle of any popular social network: add your photos so that other users know who they are meeting. Next, write some information about yourself, for example, age, hobbies, work activity – this is done in order to find more matches for you.

Coincidences occur when the app system finds a partner for you that is suitable for your hobbies and requirements, which can be specified when registering an account.

Next, you get a list of users with whom you have found common criteria and start communicating with them. If for some reason you do not want to take the initiative to get to know someone, in this case, you will be able to express sympathy to a suitable user by giving him a “like”.

Further, by communicating with the user, you will be able to read information about him, and then make an appointment with him through the site to keep your safety. Each user, as the final step of account registration, must be identified using their identity documents.


Divorced singles in the USA

This is a specialized app for dating experienced people who have already had a serious relationship and ended their divorce. The advantage of this app is the fact that here you can find partners in adulthood when the search for at least a potential parterre is extremely difficult.

The main function and system of the site is a general free chat, in which you can look at a much larger number of users, and then choose from a large number of potential partners with whom you would like to chat in a personal chat.

Also, another advantage is the fact that you can get acquainted with potential partners in chat rooms where users profess the same religion.

For many people, this is extremely important, since religion presupposes certain cultural characteristics, and often people want to get acquainted with a potential partner who is their like-minded person in this matter.

Of course, you will be able to choose chats by other criteria, for example, by a certain age period, certain goals, or interests.

All users are verified before authorizing their account by uploading a photo with an identity document. This photo is checked by the system and is not published anywhere else. Such a step when registering an account is necessary so that all users can guarantee that they are real people.


Serious dating & long – term relationship

This is an app with a narrow specialization: it is intended for people who are ready to get acquainted not only for the sake of entertainment but also to build serious relationships, as well as to get married and have children in the future.

In this app, you will find a huge number of serious, experienced, and mature users who will be ready to build long-term relationships.

When registering an account, you will need to add some information about yourself, pass an identity check, and also identify criteria and requirements for a potential partner so that the app system can find profiles of suitable users for you.

After registering your account, you will get access to a free chat in which you can already start meeting new people. After communicating in a general chat, you will be able to communicate with interested users separately, in a personal chat, where you can already get to know each other better.


Yoomee: Dating & Relationships

This is an app in which you can choose your goal for dating users when registering an account: friendship, communication, entertainment, serious relationships, and so on. Based on this, the app system will select for you only those user accounts whose dating goals coincide with yours.

There is a chat translation function in which you can communicate in your native language, while your interlocutor will communicate in his own language and you will understand each other, as each message will be automatically translated.

Also, you can choose countries and nationalities if you have such preferences for a potential partner.

About twenty thousand people every day in this app are a couple and make personal appointments. It is because of such incredible statistics that people who are in search of a soul mate choose this app.


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Lovely: Meet and date Locals

This is an app with more than fifty million users, in which people meet, communicate, meet, and finally find their soulmate every day.

Users choose this particular app because of the most detailed system that thoroughly analyzes your preferences, correlates them with the questionnaires of other users, and only after that selects the recommended accounts of real people with similar goals and life positions you.

This app is known for a huge number of different kinds of criteria, thanks to which you will be able to find your soulmate. As a criterion, you can specify the external data of a potential partner, hobbies, social status, age, interests, compatibility of zodiac signs, and much more.

Do not forget that each user, when registering an account, is obliged to pass an identity check by providing the app’s security system with a photo with an identity document in a certain pose in order to exclude the substitution of identities and use of fake photos.

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